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This is a Bob Long Intimadator
A Spyder E-99 (my gun for now)
The famous "Angel"

         Experts say that your gun is only as good as you are, but in my experience, your equipment can make all the difference! Your basic equipment are: 1)Goggles, which protect your face and eyes, 2) Paintball Gun which does the obvious, shoots paintballs, 3) Air tank, either CO2 or Compressed air that fires your gun, and 4)Hopper which holds all of you ammunition. You can have other accessories like paintball grenades and ammo packs.

         The most important piece of equipment is your gun. The picture below is a simple diagram of a basic paintball gun. Basically, compressed air is fed through your gun and pushes back a spring loaded striker. It then releases, shooting air out, and hopefully a paintball!!! There are two basic types of guns, semi-automatic and electric. Semiauto fires a shot every time you pull the trigger back. Electric guns require just a tap to shoot, and some even come with fully automatic modes. The paintballs are round and are roughly .68 inches wide. They have a gelatin coating and are filled with colored vegetable oil. They are washable and do not stain clothes.

You must have a tank, either Co2 or Compressed air. This hooks onto the back of your gun and provides the air nessesary to fire your gun. You can get tanks of different sizes.

You also have a hopper which holds your ammo. I reccomend an electronic hopper which feeds the balls so they don't get chopped by the striker coming down.

Most guns come with their own barrel but you can buy nicer ones. The longer the barrel, the more accurate it should be. Some barrels don't fit on certain guns though.

You MUST have nice googles that are comfortable and allow for good vision. Remember you will be wearing them all day! I reccomend either DYE or JT masks.

For clothes, you can buy a jersey to look like a pro, but many times just plain old camo works. Sometimes a nice jersey can be a disadvatage as it makes you stick out in scenario games.

You can buy paintball grenades that can look like water ballons, or real mines. They usually spray paint while spinning around all the while powered by compressed air.

You also want to buy nice paint. Don't get the most expensive kind, but get nice enough paint so you don't constantly have to worry about the balls exploding in your barrel.

The final piece of equipment that I would recommend would be a pack for extra ammo. These packs hold tubes of about 150 balls. The packs hold around 3-5 of these tubes. These are nice so you aren't constantly running out of ammo in the middle of your games!!!