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BABailey's Rebel 250 Project #2

Drain Tube Plug Replacement

After getting tired of having my hands splurted with that gunk when i open the plug off the bottom of the carb breather drain tube every month or two - i decided to replace the clamp/plug set up with a valve - went to the hardware store - the only valves i could find were brass - not being comfortable with metal possibly flopping around the paint on the bottom of my frame i decided to go with plastic and a threaded cap set up - the electrical crimping pliers are to make manipulating the hose clamp prongs easier and the wd-40 is to lube the end of the new insert to help it go in easier ...
the result is below - got a big suprise along the way too - seedy shop practice

barn mice or rats is my thought as to how it happened

the dealer simply failed to inspect the bike or service it
just saw that it ran - wiped it down - put it directly one the sales floor
no oil change or filter check or any kind of inspection at all apparently

blame my mid-west upbringing for recognizing the darned things - just two types ...
the small round ones (canola = rape seed) and the 'white sunflower' ones (saffron)
i suspect it's from someone planting their fields for oil crops
definately the bike's previous owner was on a farm somewhere in north central indiana

THANK GOD it wasn't popcorn - as i had put in over 1000 miles since i got it last fall til discovery
(LMAO - dis-cover-ry = air cover removal - LMAO)

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