Bush Sucks
King Abbasi
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Welcome! I am here to tell you why and how "President" Bush sucks. Well, first I want to start off an oxymoron about Bush. "President Bush" itself is and oxymoron, considering a Republican can't be a president.

Bad Jokes

Bush is so dumb, someone asked him what 2+2 is.
He answered 22!

Why is Bush dumb?
Because he's from Texas!

Why did Bush cross the road?
Because he saw Saddam.

Why did Bush catch Saddam?
Because Saddam surrendered, no one caught him.

Bush's IQ Test (very funny)
Bush's Propoganda Tour (very funny)
Bush or Chimp?
Bush Jokes, etc.
Would you like to bomb Iran?
Kerpal (not for young-ins)
Stuff by John Mei
This is what I have so far, I will add more, so sign in at my guest book with any comments.

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