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glossary of that crazy Jon slang

If youve ever talked to Jon for more than five minutes youve probably sat down afterwards and thought to yourself "What the hell did he just say?" Well with this handy glossary you can at the very least pretend you understand him!
Ima go hit the pisser- I have to go urinate in the bathroom
Ima drop a few pounds- I have to go excrete some feces into the toilet
halfwhipe- an insult; someone who doesn't no whow to whipe themself
cranker- another insult
\nn/ - chat room sign for "rock on"
nnlln - chat room sign for flipping you off
JFWU- chatroom lingo for "just f*cking with you"
antinondisintercoagulationatopiaterianism- a nonsense word made by jon so he can have claim to creating the largest word ever
dumpn' nuts- Jons imaginary pet sqirrel assistant
bajijilij- an animal of Bogardian folklore resembling a large pecker gnat
mastaloon- an animal of bogardian folklore resembling an ox
Bogardian Mafia- a group of 3 individuals including Jon who spent a large part of there lives in Bogard and build their lives around bogardiabn values
holt- a mysterious creature of bogardian origin that travels in LARGE packs and smells horribly. known for its lack of hygeine. Rumors state they has moved on to Kansas City.
glunted- stolen, example: "he glunted my stereo!"
perrywinkle- a homosexual
homoflexible- a bi-sexual
trisexual- someone who will try anything; example: dennis rodman
berries- police lights
"the eagle has landed!"- be careful the teachers back in the room!

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