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"I'll put the damn ace o' spades and the 5 o' clubs on ya, and I don't think you'll be gettin' up!!"

I'm Jim Underwood from Kentucky, bitch boy. Straight out of the trailer park. I will fuck anyone up that thinks they can fight me. You think you can whoop my ass? Try it, boy. I'll slice you up and feed your ass to the hogs. You can't fuck with Jim Underwood mother fucker. Take your hacks and shove'em up your ass cuz if you have to resort to that then you ain't worth my time.

Jim's Picks:

best dip ever

the ultimate damn beer

Kerry Dean's Trailer Park. great place


Reason: having no fight except saying that I would run away and cry to my crew. so boring I didn't bother much with him. still a bitch.

The Reaper crew

having, and siding with non-fighting mother fuckers like the one listed above. Welcome to Jim's shit list you hack using pussies.

Redneck Seal of Approval