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Age of Empires:
The Conquerors Expansion



Death Match


Beginners Tips

Adv. Tips




THE DRUSH- (Dark Age Rush)- In the Dark Age build a barracks with one villager, chop wood with another, and gather food for with the third. Start pumping your first villes, also. Once you have enough wood build a house, and put your villes on food and gold. One on wood. Start making militia units. (You should have found the enemy by this time) begin raiding enemy lumber camps and hunting zones.
**If not done properly you will most likely lose**
Good Civs: Aztecs, Huns   

THE FLUSH- (Feudal Age Rush)- Make about 19-20 villes, advance Feudal Age (9-11mins). Once Feudal Age make two archery ranges (you should have a barracks up). Begin making skirmishers and spearmen. Upgrade your armor for your troops at the blacksmith. Go in around 20 minutes (the sooner the better) with around 15 troops. Attack enemy lumber camps and possibly food supplies.  Most opponents will not be able to hold their ground.
**You can use Scout Cavalry too**
Good Civs: Huns, Byzantines, Goths

THE TRUSH- (Tower Rush)- Make around 19-20 villes, advance Feudal Age (9-11mins). Have your economy based on wood and stone. Find your enemy, and put a tower a little ways out from their town. Keep advancing more and more towers closer and closer to the enemy. Try to surround enemy town center with towers. Advance Castle Age, and go in for mop-up.
**Pull in a few archers, just in case of ville fighting**
Good Civs: Teutons, Huns, Koreans

THE CRUSH- (Castle Age Rush)- Have a normal economy set-up, except you go castle in about 17-19 minutes instead of average 22-25. During the time from a normal castle and fast castle have stables ready to pump out knights or camels. Five or ten of these mounted units can probably finish the job. If not keep more units on standby.
**Try to start up a forward base to make the attacks more swift**
**You can also use Calvary Archers if you want (but you have to raid)**

THE (S)MUSH- (Saracen)(Monk Rush)- using minimum villes, build a house, chop wood and get food. Go Feudal Age, while going Feudal Age put half of villes on wood a fourth on gold and the remaining on stone. Should try to reach Feudal Age in seven to eight minutes. Once Feudal build a market and blacksmith. Sell all wood and stone for gold. Buy food and keep some gold. While going Castle, keep most of villes on wood and gold, a few on stone. Once Castle (14-15 minutes) build a forward base of monasteries and a two towers. The gold you have mined should have come in handy, start making monks. Once these monks are finished go converting enemy villagers, and start gathering more supplies with them.
**Very hard to do properly**
**CAN be done with other civs, but Saracen market is a plus**
**Another civ to use is the Aztecs, because of powerful monks**

BOOMING- (building up your economy)- the all time usual, staking it out, building up an economy so you become rich and plump in wealth, then to go for the kill with masses of troops. Dark Age population is 25-30 villes. Feudal Age population is 40-60 villes. Castle Age population is 80-100 villes. Then maximum population in the Imperial Age.
** All civs are good for this technique**