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DIY Bishounen

How to create different kinds of Bishounen, Manga and anime's beloved pretty boys. From Yuki Sohma to Dilandau Albatou, Bishies come in all shapes and sizes. This site is gonna tell you guys how to identify a certain type of bishounen!!! Exited? Well you should be. These are some things to remember when constructing your very own bishounen. 1. The eyes. Bishounen will always be distinguished by their eyes, pretty in one way or another. They can be big, and almost femenine, or they can be quite slitty, and usually in that circumstance quite high up on the face. That would be the more sexy bishy type. When the eyes are bigger and rounded, the will be lower on the face. These bishounen can be either very shy or appealingly over confident. 2. The nose. Noses, (I find writing this really funny ^_^;;;) will vary depending once again on the kind of bishounen. If they are the sexy silent type, it will most likely be longer and thinner. But not too exaggerated, more descreet, or they'd end up ooking like some kind of wizard...? On the other end of the spectrum, the confident cute bishy will have a smaller nose that is shorter and curves more. This will emphisize the playfull personality. The shy bishounen will have a nose similiar to that of the confident bishy. 3. Limbs. The limbs of the sexy bish will be longer. He will be tall and probably a bit muscular. XD The confident cute bishies tend to be short annd a little bit more on the porky side, but no flab, and certainly no lard on show. I mean that they would be stocky rather than lanky. They would possibly have bigger feet and hands, being slightly awkward. The shy bish will probably be very thin, and have longer fingers (usually with over hanging fingers). These bishounen by the way are supposed to be the prettiest and are usually the most often mistaken for girls. Poor things... 4. Hair. One of the best bits of bishies. Depending on the style of their backgrounds, their hair can be really any style at all, although the hairstyle may reflect their personalties. For example, the sexy bishounen would probably be a little on the arrogant/vain side, and would want hair that they could show off. Unless they were more on the serious side, in which case, hair would either be ultra-practical or completely out of the way. As for the shyboys, they wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves and would try to blend in with the crowd, so they would usually have short hair. One of the most common hair attributes with the shy bishounen, is the long fringe to hide behind. The confident and excitable bishy would usually be quite sporty, and would so want a hairstyle that interferes with his abilities. When thinking of a design for a bishounen, keep these points in mind. But you can pretty much mush them around to suit your character.