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Mark of the beast 666, we are entering the 5th and most dangerous level of hell. The age of technology, an age where zombies are made from glass boxes, an age where you can see who is calling you from youíre television, an age where everything is intertwined and in order to buy you must have the mark of the beat. Buy in to hell now space is limited, and when all the space runs out hell will continue to grow here on earth. Antichrist one true government crap stuck on this techno babble. A generation of button pushers hitting keys in protest of the one everyone loves to hate. No mythos weíre down the drain in a handbag. The commies are coming new world order neo America emperor leading the sheep with a mechanized shepherdís staff. In to our little dwelling cages flashing lights and news to keep us comfortable with what they are doing. Well Iím not comfortable damn it with all this time on my hands what else am I supposed to do but bitch at those with powers. We must forsake the comforts of modern life for tribal glory. People were so much happier they knew what they had to do and they were free tribal nomads. Wanderers wandering from town to town, the root of all evil greed and envy, how can we speak of revolution when everyone is stuck in this sentence structure. Viva la revolution. We need to get things done but not like those fucking hippies that just smoked herb and did drugs and got nothing wrong good job asshole putting flowers in guns. Pump up the volume and pump up the drugs. These counter culture kids will think they are getting something done. Just give them a media no one will agree with them they are just a bunch of stupid kids. JOIN THE ARMY. On to death, on to glory. Getting life on track practice what you preach shit. Boycott corporations and they will go away but its just so much easier to shop at Wal-Mart and drive around instead of using youíre god given legs. I mean that is if god does exist. Iím done with all this technology opiate of the masses roman empire coliseum when will the true death matches start. Running man as the great prophet Steven King prophesized the running man will return. Death matches for entertainment the ultimate reality Television. Not if Capitol G-O-D Trademark has anything to do with it. Loosing faith and religion to these big wig media moguls what is there to believe in, in this modern society. Nothing there is nothing left to believe in science has disproved anything. Even faith is no good anymore. But what about small pop hypothesis things keep changing nothing stays constant good by universe itís the collapse of reality brought on by black hole creation technological nightmare. -Lackís Luster