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Hmmm. What should I write? If your bored you can check out my blog while you wait for me to update this site. Click here to get there. Also please hceck out the roleplay boards I created. LOTR/POTC. Its not that great yet but I'll hope you will like it. I have zero members :(

I don't know what else to say. I'm not sure what this site is going to be about! I hope I can make this site into a place where you can get userlookups and such, but that will take a lot of work. But I'm surprised somebody actuallty took the time to come here! Anywayz, peoples I also hope you can see the image at the top, it's not working on mine. There might be a problem.

Something about me, is that I like neopets, which was what inspired me to create this webbie. I like music and writing. I watch TV alot, even if there's nothing good on. He-he.:) I LUV Pirates of the Carribean and Lord of the Rings. So, don't ever say a word against them.

Yu-Gi-Oh!-I don't really like yu-gi-oh but its my friend's. It's made using freewebs.

LOTR/POTC Coards-this is my rp boards.

Neopets-Neopets is great, even if it is a little childish. Neomail me, I'm lirslae.

Evenstar-a website me and my friend are working on, its made using freewebs.

My Guild-It's not the best, but with a little work it'll be great.

Quizzes-some quizzes for you guys!

Ok, I've finally gotten quizzez up!The Quizzes!

Soon, I'll get more pages with html help and stuff. I've been interested in html ever since I was seven!
Weird. With a little work it'll be great!