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The Hans Island Liberation Front

hans island liberation front

The people of Hans Island yearn to breathe free! Free from the oppression of Canadian and Danish interlopers!

Well I have to say I am a bit upset right now. More than a bit upset, actually.

My brother was just surfing on the so-called "Inter Web" - which is not easy considering our state of telecommunications, let me tell you - and he discovered a website of people pretending to live on Hans Island!

We got excited for a second there, because there was a picture of a lovely lady in a skimpy bikini. And they said that Hans Island had brothels and booze! But after searching the entire Island very carefully - it took us over an hour - we could find no ladies, no brothels, and only one old half-empty bottle of aqvavit, which we'd lostmisplaced in a game of Hansian Airborne Bowling.

Not only did these pranksters get our hopes up with their pictures of women, but their "funny" site pretending to be from Hans Island will discourage real women from ever coming to visit!!

Help us please!! God, I am so lonely.

Please come visit, and bring your sister. It doesn't matter what she looks like. Meanwhile, please show your support by signing the guestbook.

Yours in solidarity,

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