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I just wanted to use this space to give a whole LOTTA thanks to everybody who gave me so much support in my mission to become CHS janitor! I heard about the flyers, and I gotta say, you guys fucking rock!The school may view the whole ordeal as immature and childish, but it was the single most mature move Ive seen the student body make since the formation of SASL! By stepping up and using your right to freedom of speech and press to choose who YOU want as your facultie you perfectly practiced your democratic rights, and if they can't see that, then frankly screw them, because I support you 110%! I just wish I coulda saw the fliers at the b-ball game, but they tore them down (I think the current janitorial staff fear a little competition!JFWU). I know that odds are frankly against me when it comes to getting the job, and it may seem like a shot at the moon, but there is that chance, no matter how small, to get the job and become YOUR CHS janitor and I will no give up until I have taken every opportunity to try to fill the role you all so obviously think I deserve! Rock on guys! Keep it up!
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Jared Glover passes away. RIP 10-14-03
Jon got a new job at Carrollton Specialities! Somewhere around the first of October
Jon moved out and got a house! 10-11-03
Jon slang glossary added 8/20/03
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removed that awesome middle finger backdrop to make sure nobody has an excuse for blocking the site 8/15/03
things of the month updated 8/14/03
Jon got a job at sonic! 8/10/03

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