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GLTB Activism

This Websight is a refuge for those of us in minority communities. I am a 23 year old black, lesbian, and I am standing up. A man named Rev. Grant E. Storms is trying to ban Southern Decadence because it's a gay celebration. And I say to you, why hasn't he tried to ban Mardi Gras? Why didn't he try to shut down the now infamous brothel in that same area? Why isn't he leading his church to feed the hungry? Or to clean up the drugs in the ghetto of New Orleans? Because he doesn't care, becuase he is homophobic, because he has homosexual issues himself. Maybe he feels like if he tries real hard to get rid of gays that his homosexuality will disappear as well. And I have an even bigger issue with that. And that is, as a supposed "man of God" why does he want to get rid of the homosexual completely, instead of trying to save thier souls? (If we in fact are sinners) Why does he hate the person and not the sin as God does? Hatred in itself is a sin, how can you love God whom you have never seen, and HATE your neighbor whom you have the power to influence? A man like this would argue that he is doing Gods work, but i disagree, anyone that loves the lord and wishes to do his will, would listen to Gods will and would follow Gods righteousness and not thier own righteousness. Here is part of an article that talks about Southern Decadence where pastors are concerned with the souls of people more than they are about making a statement and being on t.v. "But some pastors are reluctant to join in on the protest. Pastor Kevin Cox is more interested in reaching the participants for Christ than making a statement. Cox says the homosexual community basically "nails you" and says those opposed to the festival are more concerned about how it looks to the city than about caring for homosexuals as individuals." Pastor Kevin Cox is a man of God. And I tell you what, when Rev. Storms passes away he will be among the most surprised people in hell, the others will be the people that he led there. Thats all for now, but be sure to check back as I always have a lot to say.

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