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intelligence retreat
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  • we are a retreat for the intelligent
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'intelligence retreat' is where i post my opinions about whatever i feel like at the moment. it may be usefull or entertaining to you. it may be anything as important as current political events, or what i have to say about hilary duff (evil...)The current article is about Avril Lavigne and her negative effects on the world. contact me via the below email address.

i.r. webmaster

avril lavigne: who she is and why we hate her
avril lavigne, the now popular singer has been gaining fans across the world. but what the fans of this "punk rocker" don't seem to realize is that in actuallity she is a poser. wearing a tie, flipping people off, and doing those stupid "bull horn" things does not make you a punk, it just makes you look stupid to the intelligent people who agree with me. her music is a mixture of pop, country, and is the absence of anything "punk". she is a disgrace to real punk rock bands, and needs to be stopped. this article is a short introductory to "the avril crisis". for more information follow the link:Click Here