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Extreme Teens

Little Extras!

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Exetreme Teens


Extreme Teens are a group of teens who get together after school and do the dumbest things....Need an example???? Well here is one!~~~ Box Sliding! HaHa! I'll post pics soon about that. Anyway we do alot of dumb things, but even though we do dumb things after a day of acting out and ahving fun we all get together and sit around at the green box or the hill and chill together....some leave and go home (curfews) others just sit and wait until everyone starts to leave then they go....We have the greatest of times!

We have lots of different ages in our little group! anywhere from 7-17!

Meet the Group!

The Goody-two-shoes~~Kalaeb....14 He always tells us the right things to do! But when it comes down to it he will do just about the dumbest things with all of us!

The Rebell~~ Jenn....14 (Nurse)....Jenn is called Nurse cuz she helps everyone when they're hurt. You get hurt she comes running. But Jenn isn't a force to screw with, she will hurt you if you piss her off! She desn't take any crap from anyone!(there is a sweet side to her....beneath her cold heart and black lipstick!)Jenn is such the little punk!Just ask Adam out already! you little weirdo! God stop denying that you two need to date and go out!

Bad Boy~~Daniel(Dan)....16 Dan mostly rides his Atv....We don't see him that much!

Tomboy~~Brianne....12 The biggest tomboy in the neighborhhod! She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty(or any other part for that matter)She like Jenn will kick butt to!

Sport~~Stephen....10 Stephen is the inventor of Box sliding and also the love of Brianne! Go Stepehen! Go! Well anyway don't let his size fool you he will give you some trouble if you hurt Bri or any of the girls for that matter! He is like Jenn's little brother and he isn't to be touched or she will bite!

The Hobo~~Jake....11 Jake is always saying he is a hobo and he is always building homes out of boxes or umbrellas! He and Stephen can be found chasing people around with sticks and box sliding!

Snuggle Bunny~~ Dustin....N/A Dustin is Bri's snuggle bunny and he is Stephen and Jakes Best Friend! God Grand Theft Auto wouldn't be the same without him!

Corpral~~Adam....15 Adam is in ROTC at White Station High school with Jenn and he is her platoon leader....They get along to a point but they can hate each other too! Of course I think they should go out~HaHa sorry Jenn! No offense Adam she can do better! Anyway he just got a new dog named Samantha and he has a sister named Alex! ironically his initials are ABC!Adam doesn't come out much! Prolly just watchin T.V. and torturing his lil sis with knock-out!(rotc game)or obrady says(another rotc game)He needs to get his butt outside and lose some weight! Sorry again Adam....Just pullin you chain! well next weirdo!

Little Thug~~LJ....13 Not much to say about LJ except big additude problem! And he needs to watch hitting girls!

Big Butt~~Shelby....11 Well Shelby has a big attitude and butt! LOL...No offense hun!Shelby used to like soooooo many people who will remain nameless! ^^^^^^^^!She is the assistant NURSE! Most of all she makes the guys NURES'S patients.She used to like Adam! sorry hun had to tell it! slipped! LOL!Big Flirt..big horse freak

Shelby's Crush~~ Michael....10 You guys really don;t care about him he is annoying and I hate him, but Shelby loves him so here ya go hun!

Thing 1~~ Dane.....10 He is Shebly's lil bro and he is prolly the most annoying thing in the world! Well no there is one other person who is worse! Well anyway Dane you got your section happy??????

Thing 2~~ Kyle.....11 Now this is the most annoying person I know and I dispise he alot, but the reality is he is around alot(of course he is)....Anyway He is Shelby's ex and she hates his guts now! Makes ya kinda wonder why he is even in here doesn't it?....Well it is a page for people who act there ya go!

Goody-Two-Shoes 2~~Hannah....13 Like her bro she is very good! She loves her dog speckles....Its mean and it bites!

The Weirdo~~ Rachel....10 The biggest flirts and always annoys Stephen....she has the biggest crush on him and can always be found trying to go out with him or touching him.....same with kyle as well!

Frizz~~Zach....11? Well I don't know much about him, but he is in our group and I do see him sumtimes!

Little One~~ Nick....7? I don't know much about him either so here ya go and he is zach's lil bro!

Lil Corpral~~ Alex...10? Adam's little sis ....oh poor alex she has to deal with that buthead everyday! She has to go through those stupid games after school! Luckily everyone else can get out of it! Man poor alex! Well anyway....she has a great personality and she is very nice! well there ya go hunny!

Smart one~~ Laura....14 The smartest one of us all! lol hey girl!

P.S Jenn and Shelby do not do stupid things! they watch and laugh!