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lil Emma's Home Page

Hey yo! I finally got my web page up! I'm gunna dedicate to all my friends! Lynnette/Doni-I really look up to you guys, and always want to make you guys happy. I really hope you are together forever and if not I'll cry. You are both like an older bro and sis to me and I would do anything for you. Hannah-You are like my little sister. I always want you to be happy and I won't let anything or anyone ever hurt you. I really hope that you find that one special person just for you. Jen-I really hope that, like Hannah, you will find that one special person just for you. I know we have had our rough times but I will always care about you. I really hope you find a way to be happy and get away from your evil family. Chelsea-You are one of the coolest people I've ever met. I love that your are willing to stand up me when the time comes. I would do the same for you, even if I knew you were wrong. Kyle-I don't know you very well, but I do know that you are one of the best guitar players I know. I love listening to you play. You are also one of the nicest people I know. Jake-I really don't know what you think of me anymore. You've made me really depressed with the way you say I broke up with you. I just can't tell how you feel and really wish you would tell me the truth. I really hope that you all have a chance to read this. Luv, lil Emma
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