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Attention new members:
In case you were wondering, your rank is not a melon, mellon means friend in Elvish. The other ranks are Elvish as well. Edan means human, Ohtar means warrior, elandili means elf friend, and edhel means elf.

Table Of Contents

Want to learn Elvish?
New Contest
New Stuff
Web Site News
Guild Jobs
Ally guilds

Donation Contest...Prize posted soon...

New Stuff:
We will be starting a news paper for the guild at the site, not quite yet though. If anyone has an article of any kind they may want in any issue, neomail verycrazychick (the leader)........Also, Nokomis doesn't seem an elvish-enough nick-name for me, being an elvish guild leader and all so I will now be Lantaraana...

Web Site news:
Click here for the guild site. It is just starting, so remember, it will get better.

That's right, we've got jobs for any member who can do them... First, we need articles for the voice area, so neomail them to Lantaraana Or VeryCrazyChick. More jobs later...

Ally Guilds:

Allies Inactive

To learn Elvish, contact the guild leader.