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"He is Master and I am slave. He is owner and I am owned. He is to be pleased and I am to please. Why is this? Because he is Master and I am slave."
~Page 184 - Explorers of Gor~

                                                           Birthplace: UnKnown

                                                           Height: A petite 4'11 (Earthen measure)

                                                           Age: Stabilized at eighteen en'vars

                                                           Weight: 12.5 stones of sleek muscles

                                                           Eye Color: Deep emerald

                                                           Hair Color: Long golden blonde curls

                                                           Brands/Piercings: None at this time

                                                           Her Master: Rork Daeg, Administrator of Port Cos
                                                                                *Pirate Daeg*

                                                           Date of Acquisition: February 15, 2004 (mun date)

                                                           Skills: Pleasure, domestic duties, dancing

                                                           Silk Status: Red (reserved, His En'safora)

                                                           Temperament: Highly intelligent, wild, untamed, sassy,
                                                                                   wanton, sensual, outspoken

*A Pirate's Possession*


...History to come...




"I slipped on the bit of silk. I looked in the mirror and shuddered. I had been naked before men, many times, but it did not seem to me that I had been so naked as this. It was Gorean pleasure silk. Not naked, I seemed more than naked."
-Captive of Gor, pg. 322~




~Blackened steel hammered firmly around slender neck,
circled with spikes. She is owned fully by Master Rork Daeg.
She is His En'~
"When more than one slave girl stands in a relationship of slave girls, as when they serve in the same shop or house, or adorn the same rich man's pleasure gardens, it is common for the master, or masters, to appoint a "first girl." Her authority is then to the other girls as that of the Master. This tends to reduce squabbling. The first girl is usually, though not always, the favorite of the Master. There is usually much competition to be first girl. First girls can be cruel and petty but, commonly, they attempt to govern with intelligence and justice. They know that another girl, at the master's whim, may become first girl, and that they themselves may then be under her almost absolute power. In my house I often rotated the position of first girl among my slaves who were native Goreans. I never made and Earth-girl slave first girl. This is fitting. Let them be always as the slaves of slaves."
-Explorers of Gor, pg. 78~

Mistress Kera Burke gifted this golden bracelet to the girl for being helpful and serving well. Thank you Mistress, it will be cherished forever.

A Pirate's possession, she learns quickly the strict ways of her Master,
surrendering all herself to His whim. The blaze within her belly is
stoked to burn always, by His merest touch, His gaze, His very presence.

~The girl's Mistress~

~OOC Notes~

1. VoltaiOutlaw and company are ignored.

2. Panther girls and their insta-kills are ignored as well. Stay in your territory!

3. The world of Gor is harsh, live with it, or go elsewhere.

4. The mun is claimed RT, so don't even think about it.

And lastly and more importantly--
To ALL women, free and slave alike, that feel they should be the
only women in a Man's life,
THIS IS GOR-Men are allowed to have FCs and
more than one slave, it's not up to you, so live
with it or get out of Gor!

~This is strictly a roleplaying profile.~
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