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Welcome to History Revisited

       We the members of the modern day, reenacted, Coppens' Zouaves, are dedicated to keeping the memory of those who served during the War Between the States alive.    We are not a racist group or militia unit, nor do we promote political views.   We strive to, as accurately as possible, provide an insight into how these men lived, and died, during the War.

        Ours is a family oriented unit, meaning that we act as one large family, and encourage participation from all age levels.   Every member has an equal say in the function of the unit, as we continually strive for a better portrayal of how it really was.  

        We do not strive for a 100% campaign unit image.  We choose to allow members to select their own style.  Some choose to be "on campaign" sleeping in dog tents or under the stars, while others represent the "winter quarters" style with tents and supplies.  This allows members to portray the level that they are comfortable with and gives the public a taste of all aspects of a soldiers' life.

        Our unit is a Zouave unit, we encourage all members to wear Zouave uniforms, but we wear a mix of uniform patterns and trims to represent the normal wear and tear uniforms suffered.   

    We are constantly seeking and welcoming new members and their families to our own 'family'.  Our goal is also to gather as much information as possible on Coppens' Zouaves.  If you have a desire to join us or have information to share, please contact us.








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