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If you wish to get into contact with me, the Web master, or with the 1st Louisiana Coppens (WCWA) re-enacted, then you may e-mail me at  Make sure you put Zouaves or WCWA as the subject matter.

If you wish to get into contact with the Washington Civil War Association, then go to the Washington Civil War Association (WCWA) at .

On the WCWA web site there are links to both Yankee and Confederate units located in Washington state.


Web Master Biographical Information

I have several ancestors who served on both sides during the Civil War.  My Great Grandpa on my motherís side served with the Missouri infantry in the Union Army Western Theater.  Two of his brothers also served in the Union Army.  They all survived the war.  Three of the brothers joined the Confederacy and apparently did not survive the war.


My Great Great Grandpa on my fatherís side served in the Confederate Army Ė Mississippi infantry.  At least one of his brothers served with him in the same unit.  Two of his brothers were in the CSA Mississippi cavalry.  They all survived the war.  My Great Great Grandmaís first husband was also in the Mississippi infantry and was captured by the Union Army.  He was sent to Pt. Lookout, Maryland prison camp. 


After having survived several battles and at least one battle injury, he did not survive the kind care of a Union Army POW camp!  After his death my Great Great Grandma married my Great Great Grandpa.  Deaths in Union POW camps were nearly as high as in the infamous Andersonville (CSA) camp.  In fact the book Andersonville was actually based on records from a Union POW camp.


Many Civil War re-enactors re-enact to honor their ancestors, both North and South.  Others do so because they are interested in that period in history.


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