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Siena Life and My Own By
Dan Lomanto

Welcome to my website! Thatís me in the middle right there. This probably isnít the best website youíve seen but it gets the job done. Right now Iím a student at Siena College and Iím loving every minute of it. Iím a sophomore and soon half of my college career will be over. This is going by way too fast. The best part about college is definitely hanging with my friends every night, whether weíre paying cards, eating pizza, or just sitting around watching TV. Soon though my friends and I are going to start a band called Perfect Chaos. Iíll be the drummer and a few of my other friends play guitar and another plays the keyboard. It should be a good time.

This is my roomate Brian who is going to be a guitar player in the band!

I grew up in Gloversville, NY but now I live up in Queensbury, which is right by Lake George for those of you who go there during the summer for some vacation time. Lake George is a nice little town to relax in but when you live up there it gets old pretty quickÖhaha. When I was growing up I enjoyed a whole bunch of activities. In high school I played soccer and basketball. In my free time though I played a whole lot of wiffle-ball and football. Also when I got the chance I would go up to my camp and have a relaxing day of fishing and boating. Sometimes I would bring some friends along with me and we would cook up some hamburgers and hotdogs and just enjoy the day on the lake.

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