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Car Chick's Blog
Tuesday, 30 September 2003
Yep it worked :)
I am building a web-site, It's a collection of information about cars, slowly I'll add more and more to it. I work from 5 in the morning to about 7 at night. So it doesn't lead too much time b4 or after work to get much done. Beside the fact that know I will have to wake up 4 to do my exercise so I can fit into my blue-jeans again. Shorts all summer and sweats plus or minus some junk food has not help me at all!! *pinches tummy fat* :x B/c winter is on its way and I just don't think shorts will help me out too much up here in the North. Anywhoo my web-site will carry bumper stickers, car lingo, car models, some pictures. My car and it's "fix up". It needs some rust-preventive and a little love. Actually a lot of love. :) I named her Salli Sentra, she has a 113,284 miles as well. ^O.O^

Well it's almost 8:00 and I must be leaving my friends.

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Posted by rebellion2/carchick at 7:38 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 30 September 2003 7:39 AM EDT
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Well who knows if this type of thing is for me.
Blog sounds like some sorta "alien" thingy. You know? Or Bog slurred? In that sense a bog isn't all to enticing either. I am at work, of course, where most of this is going to be written at. It is 7:21 in the morning, and my coffee is now cold. My dad is doing brakes on a '00 Silhouette. -- If you couldn't tell my Dad owns a car-garage. I am the "Parts Manager" aka "Parts Girl". I have a younger brother, (15) his name is William. A major pain in the butt. He thinks he knows everything to be known. Like it's okay to jack up MY car by the oil pan. :| >.< My mother is the manager she runs the actual office. Writting out invoices and bills, checks and all that type-a stuff. My dad is the the owner/head mechanic. Dana is the other worker we have and he is my dad's cousin. I deal with a lot of part stores which in the end mean men. :) *laughs* Well I mean more like boys. There were a quite a few that didn't believe that I would know anything about cars or could understand cars. But I am quite interested in the whole bit. I own a 90 Nissan Sentra, she is black, front-wheel drive, a/c and power steering and with a mighty :p 1.6 for a engine. Now there were a quite a few "men" working on my little Sentra (her name is Salli) and they could not find and fix the antifreeze leak nor the engine oil leak. The other weekend I (a female) managed magically to fix it! :p All I need to do now before I register it and inspect it is the belts back on. I miss power steering!! I am 18 and no license. :{ But at 16 I couldn't afford it, so at 17 I could but I couldn't get into a driver's school b/c I homeschooled in highschool. Now once I was only a few months b4 I turned 18, I decided to wait. But that was b4 we owned the shop. So driving has been itching away at my soul. I love to drive the cars around. I have learned alot about cars and what are a lot of faults in them and their "bad years" and "good years". Want to know some?? Early '90s for Pontiac Grand Ams with the 2.3 Quad 4. That also goes for the Berrettas with the Quad 4. Chevy van in the mid-'80s the brake light does not like to go off despite new brakes. VWs any year - windows don't always function. Plus the kids who try to put in their "security systems" and their "super sound systems" their hack jobs mess the car up majorily. Believe you me we have dealt with a lot of mess ups with that type of stuff. I have a new kitty, her name is Emily-Elizabeth. She's a long hair patio kitty. My mother has a older cat who is a short haired patio cat, named Furball. Now Emily and Furball DO NOT get along. At all. Emily likes to play Furball does not. Do you think Ems' would leave Furball alone? Of course not. :! Now lets see if this posts.

Posted by rebellion2/carchick at 7:27 AM EDT
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