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Cameron S.E.A.L.S. Ops Page

The Team
Usefull Places to Find Gear or Intel

Brandon - Captain
Wesley - Sargent
Justin - Private/Medic
Keagan - Private/Cook
S.E.A.L Intel and Gear
Find Most Any Gear Here
Airsoft and Other Equipment
site for S.E.A.L. or S.W.A.T. Gear
Join the NAVY Make Somethin of Your Worthless Self

Upcoming events
August we will be trying to schedule an Airsoft war. We are also looking for information on if you would like to have another large camping trip to Buzzard Hill for a weekend. <bgsound src="C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon\My Documents\My Music\AC-DC\Back in Black\01 Hells Bells.wma"100p=infinite>

S.E.A.L. Info.