Sunnyhell's Wolves

Author: BloodEater
Rated: R

AN: This story is Au and a Harry Potter crossover . I don’t own toffee.


The night was just beginning , the clear full moon had just risen . A large wolf like creature loped along the streets of LA , large wet black nose sniffing the air for the best target . It round a scent , three delectable sweet scents , female and young . The creature set of at a fast pace following the scents that where mingled and twisted together .

Three teens , not even fifteen , walked along the back roads of LA arm in arm . The middle one talking about the new ‘hottie’s’ , while the other two listened .

“Buffy, I really don’t do parties !” The girl on the right stated , brushing her free hand through her blood red hair .

“C’mon Alex , just this once !” The blond in the middle party pouted .

“Buffy’s right Lexie , I mean it’ll be fun !” The girl on Buffy’s left smiled , flipping her cherry brown hair

Over her shoulder “And my cousin Mya’s in town she’s meeting us there !” She added .

“Oh no , another Lilly , how ever will we cope !” Alex shuddered in fake horror .

“Hey , Hermione’s cool , just bit geeky !” Lilly shrugged .

Buffy stopped short , halting the other two , she looked behind them a frown on her face , she looked at her two companions .

“Did you two hear that ?” She asked , still frowning .

“What ?” Alex frowned . Then frowned and looked back , sure she herd panting .”Dude , you can come out now !” she called unlinking her arm from Buffy . There was a shuffling in front of her .

“Alex , I think we’d better go !” Lilly whispered .

“Lilly’s right !” Buffy nodded , grabbing Alex’s wrist , “C’mon Lexie !” Buffy tugged on her friends arm pulling her slowly away .

Buffy looked at the creature in shock as it tackled Lilly to the floor , Lilly shrieked and tried to escape . Buffy grabbed the nearest thing , a broken broom handle , and began to beat the thing . Alex ran forward and jumped on the things back , brandishing her army knife . The knife and stick sunk into the creatures back , spraying them with blood as Lilly crawled from beneath the momentarily stunned beast . Then the thing howled and swiped at them slicing their shoulders arms legs and chest . Buffy and Alex continued to hit the thing , unaware of the blood mixing as the blood from the creature sprayed into their wounds , Lilly stood shaking and started throwing things at the creature. Finally the beast howled again , it shook its self off like a wet dog , spraying the three bleeding girls in more blood before loping off .

“What was that ?” Buffy asked , tears running down her cheeks .

“No-I-Fuckin’-Dia !” Alex panted .Lilly fell to the floor heavily , a deep stab wound to her thigh .

“I don’t feel well !” Lilly whimpered .

“Lets get you to the party and call home , we should be safe there !” Alex walked toward her fallen friend . Buffy walked forward as well and the two girls helped their shaking friend .

Buffy banged the front door of Devon’s house open , startling all the present party-goers . Alex helped Lilly through the door , A girl their age ran forward , fuzzy chocolate brown hair like a cape behind her .

“Lilly , Merlin , what happened ?” The girl demanded . Buffy and Lilly froze , never good at vocalizing lies .

“We where attacked by some loony whack-jobs in Halloween masks !” Alex supplied , knowing they wouldn’t believe the ‘Giant freaky dog ‘ story . “Garb this !” Alex gave the girl her army knife .

“I’m Lilly’s Cousin , Hermione Granger !” The girl took the knife then cursed as it cut her , flakes of the dried red substance embedded in the cut . “Put her on the couch , Harry , Call an ambulance !” she ordered a raven haired male with gassers .

Buffy got Lilly a glass of water as Alex sat her on the couch . Buffy shivered and fidgeted , she itched all over , probably due to the blood all over her . Alex took the knife back and wiped it clean on her leather pants .

“My mom’s gonna kill me !” Lilly moaned , looking at the stab wound on her leg . Lilly looked at her two friends and they all began to laugh at the irony of it .

Willow Rosenberg sat with her two best friends in the high school courtyard . She looked at all the students walking past .

“Do you think any of them know ?” She asked them , her two dark haired male companions looked at her.

“doubt it Wills ….. WOW!” The taller breathed looking past Willow at the short blond girl looking around the courtyard . “Who is that ?” He asked

“Xander , can’t you think with your ….. !” The other guy stated , stopping once he caught sight of the petite blond . Willow turned and looked , then rolled her eyes .

“She’s probably one of them new transfers , the schools just got about six of ‘em !” Willow stated .

Buffy looked around the courtyard , she couldn’t believe Giles had made her go to school , she looked at all the humans around her , hazel green eyes memorising every face . She walked further into the fray , eyes sweeping around like a predator , looking for its pray . She sighed , wondering when the others would turn up . She walked over to a bench where another three people sat and took a seat .

Willow looked at the girl , her two friends Xander and Angel where watching the girl with male interest , but Willow could sense something , she subtly sniffed the air , with out warning a feral growl , not even human came from her chest , the blonds head snapped to look at Willow , hazel green eyes changing becoming more green ,pupils changing shape to diamond slits , Buffy growled back . The two girls stood , sizing each other up .

“Don’t even bother , I’m older than you Red !” The girl stated .

“The name’s Willow !” Willow stated , still sizing the blond up .

“I’m Buffy !” The blond stated , her eyes became human once again . Buffy held her hand out and Willow shook it . “So , how many is in your pack ?” She asked as the two sat down , “’Cuz , I’d hate to start fighting for territory again !” She pouted .

“We don’t have a pack , but , theirs six of us in this school !” Xander stated “I’m Xander , Brood-boy hear is Angel !” He added

“Well , as you know , I’m Buffy !” She smiled she cocked her head to the side to watch as two CBR-600 motor bikes park up . Two leather clad biker girls climbed off the motor bikes drawing quite a few stairs from the males . “The one with blood red hair is Alex , the others Faith !” Buffy stated as the two bikers made their way toward Buffy .”Their part of my pack !” she added . The two tall girls stopped in front of the four on the bench , their features where similar to a point they looked partly identical .

“Hey B , how’s it hangin’ ?” Faith asked , draping an arm over Alex’s shoulders .

“Well, I just made three new friends !” Buffy smiled “How are you two ?” She asked , Alex and Faith looked at each other then back to Buffy

“Five by Five B !” They grinned at her .

“So , who’re your pal’s ?”Alex asked.

“This is Willow , Xander , and Angel !”Buffy pointed them out .

“Nice to meet you !” Willow smiled , the red head suddenly glared over Alex and Faith .

“Oh , grate , the ‘Plastix‘ ! “Xander groaned as three overly made up living Barbie dolls walked toward them , The leader glared at them , sticking her nose up .

“Well , if it isn’t the Dork-squad !” The leader spat .

“What’s up Cordelier , booty sleep not working?” Angel snickered “Maybe , you look like you need your nose re-doing !” He added , Cordelier’s mouth hung open and students walking past snickered .

“Shut it Brood-boy , your not one to talk !” Cordelier smirked nastily “Hell , I’d be surprised if you got a date in the next four hundred years !” She added

“Cordy , Angel runs circles around you in that department !” Xander snorted “And in saying that , you wouldn’t even know a circle if it bit you in the ass then waved a neon sign in your face !” Xander added

“What would you know freak , you couldn’t get a date if you where the last boy on earth !” Harmony -Barbie #2 - sneered .

“Actually , tall dark and handsome is taking me out tonight !” Faith slunk forward and sat on Xanders lap , “Yhea , he’s taking me out to that club y’all are so into !” She added

“The Bronze ?” Xander supplied faintly.

“Tha’s the one !” Faith nodded .

“Really ?” Cordelier asked sceptically.

“We’ll see you there Frankin-slut !”Faith smiled innocently Cordelier glowered

“Why you little skank !” Cordelier hissed .

“Don’t make me go Big sister on your ass !” Alex glared at the Barbie’s

“Pu-leaz !” Harmony sneered “A ‘hoe like you couldn’t even swat a fly !” She added , sensing the treat Alex was about to become both Willow and Buffy stood and stood behind Alex , ready to hold her back if she lunged .

“What-ever , you three ain’t exactly the smartest silicone in the box are you ?” Willow asked

“What ?” the three Barbie’s frowned .

“Exactly !” Buffy smirked

“What-ever !” Cordy walked away in a huff .

“That last re-mark made no sense at all !” Alex frowned one they where out of ear shot .

“They didn’t know that !” Angel smiled innocently .

“So , Xander , what time you picking me up ?” Faith asked

“you mean , you actually want to go with me ?” Xander squeaked

“Well Yhea , your’ kinda’ cute !” Faith smiled

Chapter 1

Sunnydale , the worlds best spot for demons of all ages and breeds , from Vampires , to large Tanka’s . The place was the centre of all dimensions , the ’Boca del inferno ’ , translated to , the ’mouth of hell’ or simply the Hellmouth . Sunnydale was perfect for demons , the humans took no notice of all mysterious deaths , large scaly demons or typical Vampires , chalking it down to gangs on PCP .

The Bronze , the local teen hot-spot was buzzing , people where dancing , without a care in the world . A group of teens sat on the Sofa’s , all looking at each other and the people on the dance floor . They where quiet , not talking , a small petite blond sighed .

“So !” She began , not quite sure how to word it .

“What B is trying to say is , this place is shit !” Faith stated “There’s no ….. fun !” Faith added .

“And what would you call fun , all ye’ grate LA stumpers ?” A guy with bleached blond hair asked , lighting up a cigarette .

“Well , for one , the music is boring , its too Peppy!” Lilly stated “ there’s no beat !“ she told them .

“Not to mention the norms cant move !” Hermione added .

“Easy fixed !” Buffy stood “Girls , why don’t we show ‘em how to move , You too Will’s !” Buffy stood She looked at Willow and bit her lip “Lilly , please tell me you brought extra cloths like usual !” Buffy stated .

“Yhea !” Lilly smiled and stood , holding her black satchel up . “C’mon Will’s !” Lilly ordered , Willow reluctantly followed the stunningly hot cherry brunet into the girls toilets .

“I’ll go talk to the DJ !” Alex smirked evilly , she stood and walked to the DJ , leather clad hips swinging invitingly .

“We’re gonna knock their socks off !” Faith smirked “First one with ten boners wins !” She added standing up .

“What ?”Angel frowned . Buffy and Hermione smiled innocently while Faith snickered .

“It’s a game we play , Faith and Alex where always doing it , well , ever since they knew what men where for !” Hermione grinned , Alex walked down to them .

“He’s spinning it in two minutes !” She told them .

“The limits Ten !” Hermione told her , Alex raised an eyebrow .

“I can get more with a lolly pop !” Alex stated face blank .

“Get more what ?” Willow asked , jaws hit the floor , she was wearing a short black mini skirt and an emerald green shirt that complimented her hair , which was now wavy , making her look like a gothic wet dream .

“Wow Will’s , where have you been hiding ?” Xander looked her up and down , Willow fidgeted .

“So I look OK ?” She asked nervously .

“Hell Yhea !” Faith grinned “Lets play !” They began to walk to the dance floor , a now deep, heavy, fast, primal beat struck up .

Rupert ‘Ripper’ Giles stood on the cat walk above the dance floor , his black shirt open at the top . His eyes where locked upon his daughters and their red headed friend dance , a small smile slipped across his lips . They where seconded by hormonal guys , grating against one before pushing away and moving to another , the small red head who he could tell was new to his daughters games , was doing very well , he could tell she was less than two weeks old , still coming into her new life . He remembered how it had been on his packs first ever full moon .


Ripper looked at them , the six where curled up on the floor in front of the roaring fire , they where naked, the five girls and one boy , their skin to sensitive for cloths . The blond girl , whimpered slightly as she moved .

“It will get easier !” Ripper told them “That was your only involuntary shift !” He added , they looked at him .

“Da’ how did it happen !” A girl with dark brown almost black hair asked from the floor .

“Where any of you ever attacked by a big dog like creature ? Though it may have been more cat like !” He asked . The small blond girl , the girl with blood red hair and the girl with cherry brown all became pale .

“Yhea , about a month ago , Me , Lilly and Alex got jumped !” The blond frowned .

“That was one of us in his first full moon .” He told them “Did you three share blood with the others ?” He asked

“I know I didn’t !” Hermione stated “ The only time I’ve bled is when Alex’s bloody knife cut me !” She stated “The one she stabbed the thing with !” she added .

“Then you where turned that way !” Ripper told them .

“Me and Lexie made a blood oath last week !” The red heads twin stated

“so did me and Draco !” the blond added looking at the only male teen .

“Then that’s how , we aren’t werewolves , we are Ferrell’s , a bit will not change a person , only an exchange of blood !” Ripper told them . “Don’t worry about changing like that again , it only happens the once , now you have all become full Ferrell’s , you will be stronger faster , you will heal almost instantly , I will teach you how to control you selves , as you are now , my pack !” He finished .

Giles looked at the dance floor after shaking the memory from his mind , he was the Alpha male at the moment , but Draco was soon going to take his place , among all of his pack at the moment , Draco was the strongest , but , he suspected they would get a few new additions soon .

Draco looked at the dance floor , a small smile on his face , he looked up and saw Giles , their Da’ , he caught Giles’s eye and Giles nodded , Draco nodded back .

“So , what would you say to joining our pack ?” He asked , seven heads looked at him , “We need some more guys to even the numbers , Willows allowed as well , but its currently Me, Giles and Sabastian against them five , it’ll even out the sides !” He added

“I dunno’ !” Xander bit his lip . “What would we have to do?” He asked .

“Nothing really , you’d just live with us , if we move you move , but that’s highly un-likely!” Sabastian stated . “We’re a family basically !” He added as the girls walked toward them .

“Can you believe it , Willow hear won !” Buffy grinned as she sat down next to Spike .

“Little miss Red is a Vixen !” Faith smirked sitting next to Xander .

“Well , who’d a thunk it !” Andrew smiled .

“We where just extending an invitation for all of them to join our Pack !” Draco informed them .

“Sweet !” Alex smiled “Whadda’ y’all say ?” She asked , silently hoping for a yes , which she got .All of the Sunnydaler’s agreeing.

Chapter 2

Sunnydale high school was quiet in the middle hour of the day , all students where in class , teachers trying to fill the young malleable minds with knowledge to keep them going after their school days .

History found a class of thirty odd sixteen year olds listening to the substitute teacher continue to talk about the second world war , focused on Hitler rise to power .

“Can any one tell me one way Adolph Hitler rose to power at the beginning ?” The teacher asked ,hands rose, the teacher looked to her seating plan .

“Err .. Miss. Rosenberg ?” The teacher looked at the small red head , looking in place with the six other gothic wearing students at the back of the room .

“Hitler rose to power by playing on the currant depression of the German people , he won them over with promises of more work and more money , then later once holding a seat of power , he began to prosecute the Jewish population , saying they oppressed the Germans , holding all the Germans jobs !” Willow stated .

“Very good miss Rosenberg !” The teacher nodded , a little unnerved by the seemingly predatory gazes he was receiving from said girl and her six gothic friends . The teacher was about to say something else when the bell for brake rang , the seven gothic students where out first , speeding from the room as the if said room was about to vanish from the face of the earth .

Buffy walked into the library flanked by the rest of the pack , all having met up in the hall ways as students poured from the classes like drones .

“Hey Giles !” Buffy greeted the Packs Alpha

“Good morning Kids !” Giles looked up from his book , he had a strange look to his eyes .”We have a small problem !” He added , the teens tensed slightly , the older Ferrell’s of the group sniffing the air .

“The Slayer is in the school !” Giles stated .

“Slayer ?” Xander frowned .

“Yhea , one girl in all the world with the superpowers to fight Vampires and all evil !” Buffy stated she relaxed a little , she had fought a Slayer before , and won .

“Yes , well the girl is hear , her Watcher Merric has paid me a visit , both he and his Slayer will be hear momentarily , to talk of course !”Giles stated , he sighed as he saw the twins become even more tense .

“Alex , Faith , there is no need to worry !” He stated . Faith growled , the deep inhumane growl of their demon species .

“Easy for you to say Da’ !” Faith bit out “Talking means a completely different thing to us !” Faith added , Xander frowned , he seemed to be able to read Faith like a book , working on instinct he wrapped his arms around her waist , giving her comfort and protection , Alex suddenly smiled knowingly despite her own feeling of impending doom , as Faith strangely relaxed against Xanders chest .

“Just know Da’ , one move , and we will cut her down !” Alex stated , walking with her Mate Sabastian to the large table , taking an almost military position that gave the best view of the whole room , the rest of the pack followed , the newby’s looking a little confused .

Buffy watched the Slayer as she entered the room in front of a thin greying man at least fifteen years older than Giles . The Slayer , a girl their age with soft Coffee coloured skin and deep dark brown eyes , had a no-nonsense attitude , even though to most she looked relaxed , all in the room could tell it was an act , she was in a slight fighting stance .

“So ‘dis is ‘de pack !” The girl spoke with a heavy Jamaican accent , her dark hair pulled back from her face tightly .

“We are !” Giles stood , leaning against the table , his black silk shirt open at the top , showing , while he was in his late thirties , he was still a very nice specimen of man hood .” I am the Alpha !” He added , his gaze was narrow , watching all their movements so closely he could predict their first move of attack if one should come .

“’De Alpha ?” The girl frowned .

“Their leader , Kendra , while the females are stronger , faster , more powerful , the men still lead !” Merric stated with a self assured knowledge .

“’Den T’is a pleasure to meet you !” Kendra stated “I am Kendra , de Vampire slayer !” She stated

“Like wise , I am sure !”Giles nodded “You must understand first , that we where approached by your watcher, Merric , hear and we are still unsure of the threat posed by this meeting !” Giles stated , ever the diplomatic English gentleman .

“There is no threat, Mr Giles , we merely need to ascertain you are not hear to cause impending doom across the world !” Merrick stated sincerely .

“Have an apocalypse , nah , we like the world !” Draco snorted at the thought .

“’Den your not here to use de Hellmouth den ?” Kendra asked .

“Good heavens no !” Giles shook his head “We merely needed a change a scenery !” Giles informed the two humans “And Sunnydale provides a good cover from rival Packs and demon hunters who don’t see the difference between evil and survival !” Giles stated .

“That was the first thing I taught Kendra , while most demons are evil , there are those who only wish to live their lives !” Merric nodded .

“If you are not hear for evil , I would be honoured if you would help me patrol de cemetery’s after dark den !” Kendra stated , seemingly knowing nothing of tact .

“You mean , help you pound demons into the next millennium ?” Sabastian asked hopefully .

“In a matter of speaking !” Merric nodded

“Would sharp, pointy and very deadly weaponry be needed ?” Buffy asked , literally bouncing in her seat .

“De only ones worth using!” Kendra smiled knowingly .

Geana Malloy walked through the Farrnedale Road cemetery , listening to her personal walkman , heavy beats herd five foot away . She stopped to look through her bag , most likely for some sort of sweet .

A heavy shadow ran towards Geana with only one thing on is mind , food , it ran towards the pregnant girl , salivating like a rabid dog . Geana was taken un aware as the figure jumped her , she couldn’t even scream at the shock of the thing in front of her . ‘It’s dead !‘ she thought as she moved back , trying to get it off her .

Buffy sat in a tree with Alex, Faith and Lilly, all watching the zombie chase the girl , finally they jumped down , silently hitting the floor, knees bent slightly. The three girls worked in perfect unison , from two years practise from hunting together . Buffy held point , in front of the other three in a diamond formation .

“Alex , Faith , Lilly , cut off its retreat !” Buffy ordered in a soft voice , so only their advance hearing could just pick up the request .

The zombie , the only word to describe the thing missing an arm , along with a large gaping hole through its stomach and the fact it had half of its face missing , was currently chasing after the pregnant teen , it had all ready scratched her arm and with the smell of blood in the air it wanted to have a bite . The four girls approached it silently keeping up with the hungry , walking dead as it ran after the terrified girl .

The four girls sprang , Alex grabbing the girl and placing herself between the girl and the walking dead . While Buffy Faith and Lilly caged it in , the zombie , a large dead man , had stopped short, as if wondering which to go for , or as if he maybe knew anyway he went he would be dead , the four girls where all betting on the former .

Buffy pulled a short sword from its sheath on her back , Lilly pulled out a kitana from its sheath on her hip , Faith pulled two long bladed daggers from their holsters on her biceps and Alex pulled out a pair of Japanese sai’s from their holsters on her leather clad thighs .

“What the hell is that !” Geana demanded , breathing hard , one hand on her chest , the other on her bloated tummy . The zombie made a guttural moan and took off towards her . Buffy reacted immediately , springing at the thing with a cat like pounce while swinging the short sword at its neck , it was cleanly decapitated .

“Dead !” Alex stated , she looked around the grave yard “We’ve got company !” She added , the other three nodded , each hearing the almost silent rustle of wind against flesh . The four girls made a tight diamond formation around Geana , each holding their weapons at the ready .

Faith rolled her neck as seven vampires surrounded them , the bones popping noisily , she seemingly relaxed slightly .

“And I thought we where gonna’ have trouble !” She tutted rolling her eyes .

“Never know , could be fun !” Lilly cocked her head to the side as the Vampires advanced , all seven in game face .

“Look , the little girls think their big an tuff !” The smallest smirked .

“Look , they have toys !” Another remarked , chuckling at the thought .

“Is it me or are the un-dead getting dumber ?” Buffy asked

“I’d say their getting dumber , they can’t tell their foot from their ass !” Alex shook her head in pity .

“Red thinks she’s a smart arse !” Another one shook his head “why don’t we teach them a lesson !” He stated .

The seven jumped at the ready girls . Faith jumped at the two vampires coming toward her , swiping with the two daggers across their necks as she flipped in a low summersault . The two vampires where dusted easily .

Buffy regarded the two vampires coming towards her with boredom , she held her sword , her eyes locked on her prey mapping them , she watched them both , waiting for the tell tale twitch of a muscle , finally one came , the tallest of the two Vampires darted towards her , she dodged to the side and slice the air with her sword , a crescent moon, blood red light slipped through the blade and cleanly sliced through the vampires neck .

“What the hell !” The shorter gasped .

“Neat ain’t it . Willow did it !” Buffy told the clueless vampire . In one swift motion , she sliced the air again , another crescent moon, blood red beam left the weapon it flew towards the vampire , he managed to duck under the attack , the beam hit a tree , cutting it down cleanly , it continued on through two more trees before it vanished .

“Holy shit !” Every vampire there and Geana where gaping . Lilly and Alex used this to surprise them , Lilly set off in a spinning motion , dusting two vampires , a large cloud of dust spinning around her one she stopped moving . Alex pounced on the last two , she did a hand spring , wrapping her legs round the first vampires neck mid air , before using her forward moving momentum to sit up , she remoistened her sai’s in a nano second before ripping the vampires head off with her bare hands , she landed on her feet as he became dust beneath her . The second , she swiftly decapitated with the claw that grew in a matter of seconds .

“Good show !” A tall robed figure walked from the trees .” My mistress will like you , ta at . !The robed figure left in a glimmer of light .

A short woman sat on a throne of human skulls , dark glossy brown hair falling half way down her back , her tanned skin was a deep contrast to the pale almost translucent white of her minions , a robed figure appeared .

“My lady !” The figure bowed deeply

“Is it done Garret ?” The woman demanded green eyes glowing with dark power .

“The vessel is infected !” The figure , Garret nodded standing , glowing teal eyes the only feature in the shadow of his hood.

Chapter 3

Buffy walked in to the packs den , the large Claycore manner perfect for the large yet small family . She walked into the living room , her eyes strangely seeking out the bleached blond , she hated to admit it , but she was drawn to him , like a fly to honey .’And damn is he the honey - even if he is arrogant ‘ Buffy thought as she walked over to the seat next to him , she dropped into the seat and stretched , she could feel his gaze as she stretched and then curled up , the heat of the fire relaxing her .

“How did your first patrol go ?” Spike asked , shifting in his seat to take a better look at her small petite form .

“Same old , same old !” Buffy yawned “We saved a pregnant girl from a zombie Alex is now dissecting , then we killed seven new vamps , all boring really !” Buffy frowned “Except for that weird dude , full robes went out with the Dodo bird !” Buffy sighed , she shifted again into a comfortable sleeping position .

Alex looked at Giles then back to the corpse on the stainless steal table in the centre of the basement .

“So , this is a real zombie ?” She didn’t look impressed .

“Well , yes , given his rate of decay , and the fact he did actually stop for a few seconds , I estimate he was around thirty minutes old !” Giles stated .

“Which means , that girl may have been a set target !” Alex bit her lip “There was that Merlin-gone-evil reject , do you think it could have been him ?”Alex frowned

“It could be , we can’t rule anything out , this could become a very bad thing !” Giles pulled a sheet over the body “I’ll have Draco and Oz dispose of the body in the morning !” He stated .

“wait !” Alex chewed her tongue a moment “If it was created by magic , could we trace the magic ?” She asked .Giles smiled at her question but shook his head .

“Zombie’s as you like to call them , are created more by minions , and a lot of them , if it was the “Merlin-reject” we would not be able to trace him , he would have used several lower minions . Creating these Zombie’s can require a lot of energy , if you saw him , with the zombie being so young , he would have been tired , on the brink of exhaustion , that’s why zombies are really called upon !” Giles stated . Alex thought for a moment .

“I understand , resurrecting a person fully can kill even a coven of full powered witches , so even to partially resurrect a corpse could either kill or severely exaughst the summoner , easier to use several lower minions with threads of power joined with the sacrifice of their existence on top than to waist your own life !” Alex theorised

“Correct , you easily put my old roommate to shame . It took him six years to grasp that concept , he could not understand the sacrificial power input at all !” Giles smiled as he pulled off the blood covered latex gloves on his hands .

“Theoretically , would it be possible to … !” She paused searching for the right words as she placed the surgical equipment in the sink . “Would it be possible to create a viral strain to create a zombie , I know it seems to be a wide concept used by the movie industry , but , would it be possible to create a virus that - I’m sorry if this sounds like resident evil hear - reanimates a corpse ?”She asked removing her own bloodied gloves .

“Personally I think it could be possible , but given that knowledge is limited ,it is unlikely a virus could be created to create them !” Giles answered “If you understand that !” He added , she smiled and nodded .

Ripper walked into the living room to see his kids curled up around the fire . By human standards the room was like an oven , but his kids simply purred in contentment . Ripper looked at the clock on the wall and swore .

“Bed time !” He stated loud enough to stir the napping teens in the group .

“Bed time ?” Spikes jaw dropped , he looked about ready to kill Giles .

“Big bare , just go with it !” Faith smirked standing up with a feline grace , her well toned muscles rippling beneath her flawless skin .

“Big Bare ?” Buffy snorted

“Shut up Goldilocks !” Spike leered as he stood , he looked at the clock and frowned “And since when was it four in the morning ?” He added

“Since twenty minutes ago , now bed , breakfast is at seven !” Giles left the room .

“oh well , I’m tired !”Lilly yawned “Night Willow , oh and we’re going sopping tomorrow !” Lilly added before walking out , everyone in the room groaned at the prospect of shopping with Lilly .

“May what ever god or powerful being out their save your soul Willow !” Buffy yawned “She’s worse than me !” Faith shuddered at Buffy’s words .

“I’m going to have night mares !” Draco shuddered walking out with Hermione .

Buffy twitched in her sleep , the smell of raw blood assaulting her senses . Her eyes snapped open as she sat bolt upright , her eyes where no longer green , rather blood red , and only blood red , no other colour could be found , nothing but deep crimson . Buffy stood and let the covers simply slip from her body , she stood as if listening for something before walking to her room window .

Buffy jumped from her bedroom window on the third story of the house to land neatly , as if she’d simply hopped into the air before running into the sunrise towards the forests , closely followed by Willow , Faith and Hermione . The hunt was on .

Chapter 4: The Hunt

Buffy was crouched low on the crypt, she was the Alpha female , the strongest of the female’s in their pack. She surveyed the layout below her. Six demons playing kitten poker. She looked at the three beside her and retreated. Those demons where no good for a trophy.

Buffy led the search for a good target . She walked a little further down the street and stopped. She could sense a large cluster of demons just over a block away, she was about to set of after them when a pulse of power erupted near the high school, the pulse ran through them like a war god calling for his armies.

Garret ran through the halls of the high school with a large bronze amulet. He nearly tripped over the heavy hem of his robes as he fled the large attack dogs from inside the library. Finally he reached the exit, he crashed trough the doors and ran towards the black car waiting for him. He barrelled into the car before it sped off, leaving rancid smelling hot sticky tracks in its wake.

Buffy watched the car speed off round the corner from the abandoned bell tower, her conscious mind bubbled to the surface with the revelation of who them man was, banishing the need for the hunt. She turned to her pack sisters, watching as they too came forth from their hunt educed daze.

“That was the creepy robe dude!” She frowned “We have to know what he’s got !” She added

Giles walked into his library, his arms around a stack of beige files. He was closely followed by his young pack. Giles looked up and frowned as he saw the four girls huddled over the large table, scouring his books on the occult.

“Buffy, could you please tell me why you felt the need to enter this school early ?” He asked with amusement.

Buffy looked up, she’d grabbed her spare cloths from her locker, as well as her weapons, she looked exhausted as she ran her eyes over her family.

“Robe mans taken the Amulet of ren’iye!” She ran a hand through her hair, wincing at the sound of the folders impact against the floor. “We were on our hunt, he took the amulet from the cage, Damsin managed to take a chunk from his arm. He’s some sort of high level minion demon!” Buffy reported as Giles went to inspect his security cage.

“That’s not all!” Giles slammed his fist into the wall “He has the scrolls of Oleanar!” He growled.

“Damn!” Hermione cursed “He’s gonna open the Hellmouth.” she said in dismay.

“Not conventionally, with the scrolls, he can not only open this Hellmouth, but open them all, while calling fourth their inter galactic potential!” Giles brought his right hand to his face and rubbed his eyes.

“And that’s bad !” Xander guessed.

“Try, end of the universe as we know it !” Alex nodded “First we need to know who he’s working for and what he is.” She walked to the table “Do you have some of his blood ?” She asked Buffy looking for a book.

“Yhea why ?” Faith pointed to the pool of drying blood on the floor.

“Good thinking my dear !” Giles allowed a small smile “Hermione, Willow you’re going to have to combine your magic for a spell !” he told them as Alex opened a small red leather book that was falling apart.

“Sabastian, Angel, you’re going to have to go back to the den , we need another book !”Giles ordered as he walked into his office. “It’s the pages of Grebania, thank god he didn’t get his grubby hands on them!” Giles sighed.

Garret handed the Scrolls and the amulet to his lady, bowing his head slightly avoiding eye contact. He was in the bad books after his most prized minions failed to bring the vessel in.

“You seem to have redeemed yourself Garret, the Vessel was brought in an hour ago. It looks like I may just have to reward you after all !” She swept back up to her throne , her heels clicking on the cement floor.

“My lady, the Pages where not there, I am unclear weather this Feral pack actually have them in their possession.” Garret looked up at her.

“I have no need of the pages now, with the vessel in my possession, and these two artefact’s, I can easily correct the world.” the girl looked at Garret “And finally make big sister Buffy pay!” She grinned sadistically.

Chapter 5

Buffy stood by the library windows, her arms crossed over her chest as she watched both the scenery outside and the spell the two girls where working on the table. Buffy shuddered with the remarkable resemblance this had to their first encounter with a bad demon.


Buffy sat on the hard wooden chair as she watched Hermione and Draco manipulate a bright red ball of energy. Her skin felt as if thousands of insects where marching over her golden skin. Buffy stood and walked to the widow, it was her favourite place when she felt this way.

Giles walked around the two chanting, glancing back and forth from the spell to where Lilly lay on the couch, still sweating as the demon tightened his grip on her body.

"Da' I don't like this!" Faith whispered lightly, shivering slightly from her place by the hallway door. "What about Lexie, she's all alone down there with it's body!" She added.

"Sabastian's with her just out side the door." Buffy stated, eyes dull as she looked outside of the window. She watched the rain pound the earth outside, mud splash up ever so slightly as more and more water fell to the ground.

"Lilly looks too pale, I don't like this at all!" Faith began to pace

"Non of us do Faith, non of us do." Buffy sighed.


Buffy shivered a little and turned back to Hermione and Willow. She closed her eyes a minute before opening them feeling a little calmer, only she cold feel it. Something big was going to happen.

"Oh SHIT!" Faith ducked as a bright blue orb shot from the wooden bowl.

The orb hit Buffy in the chest, making her cry out as she fell to the floor, the blue orb making her blood burn as if her veins where on fire.

Buffy stood dazed as she looked around the cold stone chamber. She knew by the light feeling she was incorporeal, as a demon she was more intuned to the magic's around her. She looked around wondering why she was in this place until she remembered the spell. They wanted to know what the robe-dude was and who he was working for.

Dawn walked into the throne room, heels clicking violently as she dragged the pregnant girl with her, the girl was crying in pain as something- no her baby- tried to tare out of her.

"Garret!" Dawn barked, throwing the girl to the floor. "The vessel is in labour." She told her most trusted minion as he scuttled towards her. "I want the puzzle piece alive and unharmed!" She added walking to the throne. She sat down watching as Garret and other minions held the screaming girl down.


Garret pulled a deadly dagger from somewhere inside his robes as the others tied her to the alter that had been built earlier. He advanced slowly, basking in the girls screams, her fear and her tears as if it was an aphrodisiac.

"feel free to scream Poppet!" He took high delight in the primal scream showing her the knife caused.

Garret pushed a minion to the side roughly so he had more access to her. Slowly he cut her shirt away, exposing the large moving swell of her abdomen. He ran his hand over the faintly tanned flesh, smiling at her shudder. He place the tip of the knife against her skin jut above the swell. Slowly he applied pressure drawing a small bead of crimson liquid.

Slowly, he moved the blade, slicing into her abdomen at an agonizingly slow pace, drawing screams and unintelligible words from the young mother. Blood ran in rivulets, felling from her sides to the table, she would be thrashing about but she wanted her baby to be safe. Finally he place the blade by her thigh.

Garret waited a moment to listen to her screams and her fast heart beat. Grinning with the sick pleasure hurting gave him, he stuck his large clawed hands into her. She screamed for all she was worth, the pain unbearable as he tore her baby from her.

Garret held the small grey skinned infant, watching as a minion secured the umbilical cord, which just for the fun of it Garret tore it from the girl. The teen was hemmeriging now and would be dead within the hour. Slowly the baby was wrapped in a black silk cloth before Garret took the child to Dawn.


She carefully took the infant from her minion, looking at the tiny, wailing, grey skinned baby. Its colouring was unnatural. Dawn smiled at the child.

"Surprising, how something so small is the key to something so incomprehensible!" she looked at the child with something similar to a mothers pride. "Mommy's going to take good care of you my little one. Your going to be MY key to power." She cooed

Buffy entered her body with such force that if she where to be standing she would have flown back. She was pale and clammy.

"Buffy, Buffy You ok?" Faith helped her up. Buffy fell against Faith shaking.

"Dawnie, Dawn." Buffy retched before leaning over and emptying the contense of her stomach over the floor.