Author: Bellashade

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: Author only owns fics, not fandoms.


Spike, Willow , Xander, Dawn, Anya, Tara and Giles all stood round Buffy's grave saying their goodbyes.

"Hey Buff I hope you have the peace you never had in life and I'm sorry for being a jerk to Angel even though he sometimes deserved it," Xander carried on talking and Buffy, who was watching in a pool in the higher realms, sighed.


"Buffy," a voice called and Buffy looked up to see a redheaded messenger come running toward her, "the bosses want to see you." the girl told her and Buffy stood knowing that this must be important she gestured for the young girl to lead the way.

"Welcome Buffy summers," a voice said.

"I'm happy to be here do you mind me asking why I have been summoned?"

"It has been decided that earth needs true Guardians," a male strong deep voice told her.

"And you've picked me."

"Yes you Buffy are the best of my slayers you are what the slayer line was meant to be you will be the first the others will be revealed in time," a beautiful female voice said, "and you will not be going back alone."

"Yes we will send one of our Guardians with you," a quiet male voice said.

"His name is Sebastian his form for the most part is a house cat," the female voice who had welcomed Buffy explained, "his coat is pure black with a silver star on his forehead silver paws and silver eyes which glow orange when angry or protective same with his star. Sebastian has another form same characteristics just the height of a horse so he is easily ridden and has enough strength to help fight demons and other creatures of darkness," the female finished speaking and one of the males took over.

"He, you, and the other's will also be immortal unless you choose to die and even then you must have a very good reason not just because you hate the newest fashion." Buffy giggled at that and she got the impression the other beings smiled.

"Now Sebastian should be here in a minute so we will tell you more you will now you will now have the power of telekinesis also other powers will show themselves when you are back on Earth."

"When you have practiced be able to master and have certain control over the elements."

"You mean fire, air, Earth, and water?"

"Yes but you will be able to see but not control spirit."

"Yes that is something we cannot allow you to do," the strong female voice that had claimed the slayers as hers told her, "you may see what is in a spirits heart whether it be good or evil in it's intent."

"And a creature must have free will," Buffy commented understanding and the beings smiled again.

"These are for you," the quiet male voice said as a sword, knives, bow, quiver and other weapons and a suit of amour that didn't look like amour appeared in front of her.

"No thing of evil may touch the knives or sword least they be hurt badly put them on," the voice urged and Buffy stripped to put on the amour once done with all her weapons in various places.

"There will be more amour like that when you call a place your home," one of the female voices said this a giggle in her voice.

"It doesn't feel like amour," Buffy commented.

"It is not supposed to," the deep male voice said, "but nevertheless the clothes will not get torn and will stop bullets from impacting on your skin."

"Your healing powers will be increased by 20 times you will be stronger and faster then ever"

"and she'll have me" a male voice said behind her and Buffy spun on her heels and found herself facing a very large cat "hi I'm Seb"

"Buffy" Buffy said introducing herself

"well as Seb is here it's time for you to go back to the world" Seb knelt down so Buffy could got on his back which she did and a portal opened several meters in front of them

"good luck Buffy" the voices said as one and Seb raced forward and leapt through the portal


Dawn had just finished speaking her peace when a portal opened near their friend’s grave

"what the bloody hell is going on" Spike said and everyone got their weapons out and got ready for a fight and 2 seconds later a huge cat leapt out with a woman on his back the woman was wearing a silver pair of trousers a white tank top and silver shirt and a black cloak and the woman's hair once she dismounted the huge cat everyone saw was down to her knees the woman turned to face them with a smile "hi guys missed me?"

"B-B-b-b-Buff-Buffy" Dawn gasped then raced forward to huge her sister

"I've missed you Dawnie"

"missed you too Buffy"

"hey we missed you too" Xander exclaimed

"well I missed all of you" Buffy sniffled

"so who's your friend?" Xander asked once all the hugging and greeting had been done

"this is Sebastian my err partner" Buffy smiled "Seb this is Xander Harris Willow Rosenberg my sister Dawn Rupert Giles Anya, Spike and Tara maclay"

"it is nice to meet you all and I will be happy to give you a ride on my back young Dawn" Sebastian purred and laid down at Buffy's side

"so how come your back amongst the living luv?" Spike asked

"I'm earth's new Guardian or one of them" Buffy went on to explain what the powers had told her

"I think I've heard or prophecies mentioning the Guardians I must consult my books"

"oh god Angel thinks I'm dead"

"don't worry Buff we'll go to LA after you claim your home"


"claim your home?" Dawn asked

"yeah Dawnie how would you feel about moving into the mansion hmmm you can all come" Buffy smiled

"the mansion?? cool" Dawn smiled widely

"how about we meet you guys there and me and Dawn go on Seb's back I know she's dying to ride him"

"we all are Buffy" Willow said looking at the great beast "can I stroke you??"

"of course I am a cat you know" Dawn Anya Tara and Willow all started to pet and stroke the huge cat and Seb purred loving the attention

"what are ya gonna do for money Buff?"

"I don't know yet will run a dojo? and gym? create wooden statues? I can work with wood easily do recreations and stuff"

"sounds good Buffy" Xander said "so when do we move in?"

"when every you want to but tonight I want to get some of my new stuff inside then tomorrow night go visit LA"

"what about me?"

"well you have 2 choices come with me to LA tomorrow or stay here with the others"

"go to LA"

"shall we adjourn to the mansion hmm?"

"sure but we all can't fit in the car"

"me and Dawn can go on Seb's back that ok with you isn't it Seb?"

"of course hop on" Buffy help Dawn up on Seb's back then climbed on behind her "so see ya there?" Buffy smiled and she Dawn and Seb galloped off not going straight to the mansion but first just running around letting Dawn feel what it was like on Seb's back then they headed for the mansion still getting their before everyone else

"Buffy would you mind if I changed my form other wise I am not gonna get through that door" Buffy laughed and gave permission as she and Dawn jumped down and so Seb shrank to normal house cat size

"so Seb how do I claim this as my home?"

"you say I want this house as my home and presto it's yours no demon or evil presence will be allowed with in it'll be completely safe"

"cool then I claim this place as my new home the place where I will eat sleep bathe and other homely things now I just got to get rid of the dust and stuff, Seb will the elders be angry at me if I use my powers on my home instead of elbow grease?"

"nah they use theirs for skipping corners in their homes"

"cool then I call the winds of spring to help me do spring cleaning" Buffy called in a ringing voice and wind sprung up all over the mansion and started to get rid of all the dust and rotten wood and stuff

"man Buff what's with all the wind in here" Xander asked

"Buffy's using her powers to et rid of the dust" Dawn explained

"where's Seb?"

"I'm right here" Seb answered and Willow looked down

"weren't you bigger?"

"yes Willow I have 2 forms, Buffy would you mind if I went to find my family they are still on earth and I would like to see them"

"sure Seb you can invite them to stay here if you want to we have plenty of room and Sunnydale won't mind a few new cats specially one's that can help patrol"

"thank you Buffy" a blue portal like the one that took Buffy from heaven appeared in front of Seb and he walked through it every one watched at the winds became dust devils that paraded out the door "all done" Buffy sighed and collapsed on the sofa "now I know why the elders didn't mind me doing that"


"it works on concentration will and on upping my overall power level and my ability"

"so doing that was a good thing?"

"yep and so will designing woodwork and furniture and stuff"

"oh cos of concentration?"

"yep and cos it's wood and ok if I sell it afterwards it's still practicing my skills right"

"right" said Seb's voice from the corner as he came out of a portal with 13 cats behind him "Buffy this is my family"

"it's good to meet you all"

"this is my mate Isabella" Seb said rubbing his head against the white cat which had a black star on her fore head and black paws

"hello Buffy thank you for welcoming us to your home" Isabella said

"it's ok and it's nice fore you to be here the mansion's very large it would be lonely without company"

"you'll have lots on company Buff" Xander said then greeted Isabella

"and my brother Zachary"

"hey guys" a fire patterned red and black cat said "how's it swinging" Dawn giggled at Zack's accent he sounded like a hippie

"his mate Aphelia" she headed straight for Anya's arms not saying a word "err she doesn't say much" Seb explained as Aphelia purred as Anya stroked her

"the rest are our children Snake, Kammi, Robin, Raison, Electra, Jam, Dizzy, Gray joss MJ and Carla"

"you have a nice family Seb" Buffy commented as she hugged him

"so do you" Seb answered back

some of the cats had obviously chosen owners as Aphelia refused to leave Anya's arms and Zack had seemed so be settled in Xander's lap, Isabella joined Seb on Buffy's lap, Snake had climbed onto Spike's shoulder and seemed content to stay there, Raison had fallen asleep curled on Dawn's lap Tara was petting Carla who seemed to be content their Willow had MJ in her arms and the cat was purring up a storm and Grayjoss was in Giles' lap

"Seb you didn't just bring your family here for a home did you?" Buffy asked suspicious

"no Buffy the powers asked me to bring my family so yours would be protected it you had to leave the other children will go to your family when we go to LA tomorrow"

"thank you"

Seb just purred in reply

"Buffy I must warn you about Seb first though before join your mate in LA tomorrow"

"what's that Isabella?"

"his nickname from his family was jinx"

"Izzy" Seb warned and Isabella just reached out with a paw and pushed him off Buffy's lap which sent everyone who had been watching into fits of laughter as Seb tried to stay on Buffy's lap and failed the laugher doubled as he glared at them

"why was he jinx Isabella?"

"you can call me Izzy Buffy in fact you all can he was called jinx because he always used to get himself and everyone else in trouble, if there was trouble anywhere he could always find it so we all used to say he was jinxed and that's where his nick name came from"

"what about you dreamer" Zack's voice floated over to them "you say Seb's nick and forgot your own, miss Izzy over there had a nick all of her own we used to call her dreamer cos that what she would do most of the time she even walked into things"

"humph I never walked into anything" she said insulted

"ok guys enough with the insults" Buffy laughed she then noticed both Dawn and Raison had fallen asleep and she picked up both Seb and Izzy and put them on the arms of the chair then lifted Dawn in her arms with Raison still on Dawns lap and took her into Angel bedroom and tucked her into bed she kissed Dawn on the forehead then left the room the cats that hadn't claimed owners followed and they all arranged themselves on the bed with Dawn and Raison Buffy smiled and wished them all a goodnight

"were gonna head home Buffy and we'll come round in the morning or when we wake up"

"I have classes in the morning but I'll be here when their finished" Willow said

"you want a lift back will?" Xander asked

"no thanks Xand MJ is giving me a ride"

"a and Carla's taking me" Tara smiled and both she and Willow left the 2 cats changed form as soon as they had cleared the front door

"Gray is taking me home Xander so all you have to worry about is getting yourself Anya and the 2 cats’ home"

"and not let my parent catch the cats"

"oh don't worry Xan-man we're good at hiding" Zack smirked "well most of us are" he said looking at his son Gray

"are you insinuating I can't hide father"

"we'll see you in the morning Buffy" Giles said and he and Gray left the latter in a huff Zack chucked as he and Aphelia followed Anya and Xander out and got into Xander's car

Buffy smiled as she waved everyone off then headed to find herself a bed to sleep in for the night Izzy and Seb followed her and snuggled down together on the pillow next to her once she'd found a bed


the next day Dawn was the first up and she set about exploring her new home with the cats she went into the first room and was amazed to discover that the closet and draws of that room where still filled with clothes she guessed they came from the vamps that were living their she rifled through the stuff finding just men's stuff but the stuff looked the right size for Xander

"what do you guess think it looks right for Xander doesn't it and he does need new clothes" Dawn said and the cats all agreed Dawn then spotted a locked box on the shelf and she picked it up and looked at it shrugged and kept looking while still keeping a hold on the box she also found jeweler, some money but only a little and she found a few books happy with what she'd found in the first room Dawn took her loot to the living room where she found Buffy just getting up "hey Buffy"

"morning Dawnie whatcha found?"

"oh I was looking in one of the other rooms and I found loads of clothes"

"your size?"

"nah guy clothes, but I also found jewellery some money and this" Dawn showed Buffy the locked box which Buffy took and snapped the lock and Dawn lent over to see what was inside as Buffy opened it and revealed a large amount of 100 dollar notes


"I think we'd better look in the other room and see what we can find" Buffy smiled

"we'll I found that lot so it's mine"

"Dawn how about we use some of this to rent a van so we can move all our stuff from the old house to here hmm?"

"ok but the rest is mine right?"

"yes you can have the rest"

"cool" Dawn celebrated

"what's cool?" Xander asked from the doorway

"Dawn found some money in one of the room's ok a lot of money we're gonna use some of it to rent a van"

"that is cool" Zack announced from the floor "what else did you find?"

"clothes for a guy I though Xander might wanna have a look at them"

"sure lead the way"

"I'll show you" Raison said jumping from Dawn's shoulder

"thanks Raison"

"ok shall we head over to the house and start getting things ready to move?" Buffy asked

" Willow and Tara started to last night I think they did most of their stuff so that just needs to be moved" Xander said coming back into the room "Giles and Anya have to work today so it'll be just us"

"ok Dawn can skip school today as she's gonna have to pack her own stuff" Buffy said smiling at Dawn who jumped up and hugged her "don't get excited honey your doing hard labour today"

"were moving Buffy it's to be expected" Dawn told her

"ok Xand can you drop me off at the rental place and you and Dawn go to the house and start getting the stuff in the main room and Dawn's room ready to go" Buffy ordered then looked at Dawn again "maybe you'd better find a room in this place you want as your own" Dawn nodded and stood and raced off with Raison by her side "we'd all better find rooms" Buffy said smiling

"I'm gonna look around down here while you two look for room's I don't wanna decide until Anya and Affie can look"


"yeah Aphelia she told us to tell you to call her Affie" Xander explained Buffy nodded then she and Seb and Izzy left to find a room to their liking Buffy soon decided on a huge room which if the windows hadn't be blacked out would have a gorgeous view so she threw the windows wide open so sunlight was let in the room was 3 times as big as her old one at her moms and Buffy smiled knowing that this room would be hers once she got the stuff in it, in the room already was a red wardrobe that Buffy wrinkled her nose at and sent Seb to get Xander to help her move it and the other stuff out of the room while he was gone Buffy looked inside and saw some gorgeous gowns and she decided to keep them the wardrobe though would have to be repainted and designed which Buffy would happily do herself "Buff Seb said you wanted me"

"yeah will you help me take this downstairs? I really don't like it but I do like the room" Buffy said

"what about the bed?"

"that'll go down too but I want to keep both things to work on them make the bed into a 4 poster and stuff" Buffy smiled and Xander nodded

"you gonna help cats?" Xander looked at the 4 gathered cats who all nodded

Buffy and Xander each grabbed an end of the wardrobe and carried it to the stairs laid it down so it would just slide down Buffy stayed at the front end to stop it going down too fast and once at the bottom the 2 lifted it again and took it into on of the downstairs rooms Buffy had decided to be her workshop they repeated the same thing with the bed and the same when Dawn came to get them about the stuff she wanted removing in her new room and once the 2 rooms were empty they headed to the summers house to start packing their stuff which they spent all day doing and at night fall Buffy and Dawn left with Seb, Izzy, Raison, Electra, Kammi, Jam, Robin and Dizzy all in full sized huge cat form and Seb opened up a portal to the lobby of the Hyperion hotel where they were met by Angel fighting with a boy of about 16 and Cordy Wesley and 2 people she didn't recognize

"err this can't be good" Buffy heard Cordelia mutter then the boy tried to leave and Angel tried to call him back neither of them noticing the large cats 3 of which stepped in Connors way

"who are you?" the boy asked

"I'm the Guardian of the earth boy why were you fighting Angel?" Buffy asked in a ringing voice laced with the utmost authority

"because he's a murderer"

"and who are you to judge what a demon did a hundred years ago a soul should never have to feel the guilt and suffering Angel does, so I ask again why do you judge him"

"he's my father I have the right to judge him"

"your Connor" Buffy gasped "my I've heard some things about you good things though it's not your fault holtz set you against your father now id better close that tear before anything else jumps out" Buffy jumped off Seb and noticed Dawn was fast asleep on Raison she then walked to the centre of the room "Angel I really hope you didn't open this tear other wise I am not going to be happy"

"it wasn't me" Angel answered not realizing it was Buffy standing in front of his as she'd kept her face turned away from him Buffy stood beneath the tear and gathered her magic around her and pouring it upwards to the tear closing it and Buffy slumped to her knee's and Angel raced forward to help her up Buffy lifted up her head and Angel froze "b Buffy" Angel stammered wide eyed

"yeah it's me"

"Buffy? but your dead" Cordelia shouted

"yes Cordelia I noticed"

"so your the Buffy chick the girl who died when we came back from Pylea?"

"yep that's me seems the power's weren't done with me yet"

"if you've been dead how did you know about me?"

"oh I was dead before you were born and the gossip in the higher realms you wouldn't believe Angels are worse gossips than Cordelia in high school it was all over the place that you'd be born then of course you were kidnapped we all thought Angel was gonna do something really drastic like rip his way into the world you got put into I'm just glad I'm around now so I could close the tear not that I'm not glad that your back cos I am, you have a long future ahead of you" Buffy said and stood then looked at Angel who appeared to be frozen in shock so Buffy hit him upside the head and he immediately sank to his knees sobbing into her stomach

"Cordy could you and wes help Raison to put Dawn on one of the couches"

"Dawns here?"

"yeah on Raison's back" Buffy answered as Raison walked toward the couch and the other cats nudged Conner into sitting down and Electra put her head on his knee "I'm claiming him" she called out to the others

"claiming me?" Connor asked

"yeah see Seb claimed Buffy, Izzy's claimed Angel, Raison's claimed Dawnie, and I've got you"

"what does it mean?"

"it means you'll never be lonely again" Seb answered quietly

"I will protect you, help you fight, but I will never attack anyone of the light or of my family we don't claim those who have evil intents" Electra explained "oh my name is Electra by the way"

"vision girl's mine" Robin called

"vision girl??" Cordy asked irritated

"hi I'm Robin" Robin shrank down to house cat size and jumped into Cordy's arms

Jam approached Gunn and looked at him reared up on his hind legs and put his paws on Gunn's shoulders "hi I'm Jam"


"blame Seb over there for my name he's my father my real name is Jam bongo"

"oh right"

Jam settled back down on all fours then shrunk down to his other form and jumped onto the counter then to Gunn’s shoulder

Dizzy approached Fred "hi I'm Dizzy"

"I'm Fred"

"cool" Dizzy said and shrank down and jumped on Fred's lap as she'd been sitting opposite Connor

"hi Wesley I'm Kammi full name Chameleon"

"it's nice to meet you" Kammi giggled and shrunk

"Angel honey are you ok"

"your alive" was the only thing he said hugging her tighter

"yeah Angel I'm alive"


"the powers needed Guardian's on earth and they choose me to be the first"

"missed you" Angel whispered

"I know honey I've missed you too"

"don't leave me again" Angel begged like a child "never, never leave me"

"my lord I never realized he was still missing you so badly" Wesley muttered in shock

"so who are you really I mean you say your the Guardian but they're calling you a different name"

"Buffy summers is my real name Guardian of the Earth is my title"

"so how do you know my father and why is he crying all over you?"

"I met Angel when I was 16 on my first night in Sunnydale we became friends then fell in love he left when I was 18 and came here I died 9 months ago and got sent back to earth last night"

"so who's she?" Connor asked pointing at Dawn

"I'm Dawn Buffy's sister" Dawn answered

"Angel honey come sit on the couch I've been on my feet all day" Buffy said coaxing Angel to move with her to the couch where he curled up with her Seb and Izzy

"Buffy I'm hungry"

"do you guys have any food here?"

"no sorry Buff"

"ok Gunn would you and Jam mind taking Dawn and Raison for some food" Buffy asked

"sure Buff" Gunn said and Jam nodded in answer

"Dawn you can buy whatever you want just bring some back for the rest of us" Buffy said and handed her some money

as soon as they were out the door Jam and Raison grew to their full size and Gunn and Dawn jumped on their backs and headed for food

"I really have to look at my books about this" Wesley muttered and he and Kammi left the room

"Angel honey are you ok?"

Angel nodded still not letting Buffy go "been so long since I've held you"

"shh I know"

"even Angelus missed you" Angel whispered and Buffy let her vision slide into the astral plane and saw 2 Angel's both crying though the lighter human version didn't seem as sad seeing as Buffy had been comforting him the last 10 minutes "Angelus" Buffy called as she approached the vampire version of her love

"Buffy" Angelus whispered and gathered her in his arms "mate" he growled out

"yes mate forever"

"love mate" Angelus whimpered

"love you too both of you" Buffy told him and Angel and the 2 Angel's clung onto her "give me your hands" Buffy asked and when she took them she placed them together "soul to demon I bind you demon to soul I bind you, soul to body I bind you, both to heart I bind you never one without the other I bind you, never to be separated until death I bind you no more curse will come between us I bind you demon will only come out when the soul lets it I bind you, balance between both light and dark good and evil soul and demon sun and moon I bind you" Buffy chanted then faded back into her own body leaving Angel and Angelus to talk


in the real world everyone had watched as Buffy folded in on herself

"what's she doing?"

"talking to Angelus" Izzy answered

"and binding Angel's soul" Seb added

a couple of minutes latter Buffy collapsed back on the seat and Angel hugged her tighter "Angel I may be immortal but I still need to breath" Buffy said

"sorry" he muttered and released her but still kept contact with her body

"it's ok love" Buffy smiled and hugged him

"can I leave now?" Connor asked

"where ya gonna go Connor? this world is a lot different than the one your used to at least if you stay here your gonna have a bed to sleep in then you can decided if you want to stay with Angel or move on maybe come to Sunnydale with us we have plenty of room"

"and I'll be there" Dawn added as she came though the door with Gunn carrying bags of food which she put down on the counter before walking up to him and Connor looked at her confused "friends?" Dawn asked as she stuck out her hand for Connor to shake which he did very hesitantly

"what did ya bring back Dawn?"

"Chinese” Dawn answered "have you got plates and stuff so we can dish this stuff out?"

"sure I'll get em" Fred answered and she went into the large kitchen to find plates a couple of minutes later she came back with cutlery and bowls for the cats she was also carrying a large bottle of milk

"got em"" Fred put the stuff on the counter and she and Gunn dished the stuff out and brought the plates over and gave one to Buffy, one to Dawn and one to Connor Cordy grabbed a plate from the counter and then Fred poured milk into 3 bowls which the cats gathered round and drank from all thanking Fred and everyone ate

"so Buff what's the Guardian thing all about?"

"well I have to protect the Earth it'll mean traveling which I really don't mind”

"traveling?" Dawn asked

"your coming with me on weekends and school holidays but your not gonna miss school"

"fine" Dawn said sulking

"but saying that Sunnydale and LA will always be my base my home"

"would you guys mind if you showed me somewhere I can sleep I've been packing stuff in boxes all day, not to mention moving stuff to the van then into the mansion" Dawn said yawning

"sure Dawn I'll show you to a room, Connor do you want one as well?"

"sure" he said hesitantly

"on that note I need sleep too" Buffy announced and stood and Angel stood too and tugged her towards his apartment not wanting to let go of her and the cats followed


Buffy Dawn and the cats spent the rest of the weekend in LA and on Sunday night Buffy Angel Dawn Connor and the 4 cats left for Sunnydale mansion they found that Willow and Tara's stuff had been moved in and some of Buffy's and Dawn's stuff "Connor you can have any room In the building" Buffy said





A year later at the halliwell manor

"what do you mean we need special rings?" piper "why cant we use normal wedding rings?"

"because you aren't normal?" phoebe asked and piper and Leo glared at her

"what's so special about these rings?" Leo asked

"it's not really the rings it's who makes them and blesses them" the girls’ grandmother said

"so where do we find this ring maker?"


Leo’s eye's widened "oh no” he muttered

"Leo what is it?" piper asked

"Sunnydale is sat on top of the Hellmouth, why would the ring maker be there?"

"you know who she is Leo you met her in the higher realm"

"she's a white lighter?"

"no she's the first Guardian"

"Buffy??" he asked

"yep that's her; I think she'll be happy to see you Leo"

"I'll be glad to see her I knew she was coming back to Earth as the Guardian but not when"

"Leo needing back story" phoebe said

"Buffy summers was the chosen one, she was a warrior she died when she was 16, downed by a master vampire 2 of her friends found her and brought her back with CPR at 20 she died again she jumped into an inter-dimensional portal opened by using her sisters blood Dawn wasn't really her sister but she had been made using Buffy as a template sort of but they shared the same blood and Buffy jumped in Dawn's stead about 5 months ago she was chosen to become the Guardian of the Earth but she's met all of the warrior's Guardian Angel's and all the witch's white lighters including me"

"and now you must go see her"

"does she know how to make the rings? I mean I heard she was still learning all her powers"

"oh she mastered the making things pretty easily she uses Dawn's name to sell jewellery, she uses the name Alex Harris to sell furniture, and to do repair and restoration, and she uses the name ellisif hunter to supply weapons to warriors of the light and athame's and cauldrons and stuff to witches of the light our miss summers uses a lot of her powers for personal gain but she balances it out and she puts blessings on every item against evil or anything that wants to do harm to their wearers, bearers or owners"

"so were going to Sunnydale?" pru asked

"looks like"

"you guys don't have to come" piper said

"nah I wanna see what the mouth of hell looks like" phoebe said and piper and pru just looked at her

"ok well I'm going to go pack a bag for the next few days" pru said leaving the attic phoebe and piper followed leaving Leo to talk with their grandmother about the location of Buffy in Sunnydale


7 hours later i.e. at 9 in the morning pru pulled up outside Buffy's mansion "nice place" she commented there was no bell and the door was open so the 3 walked into the foyer and called out "hello anybody here"

"hi I'm Xander Harris I live here how can I help?"

"I'm Leo watt I'm here to see Buffy"

"you know Buffy?" another voice asked and a red head came into view "I'm Willow Rosenberg"

"I met Buffy up in the higher realms I'm a white lighter"

"white lighter?" Xander asked

"Guardian Angel for witches" Willow elaborated "Buffy's with a client at the minute but you can all come through into the lounge"

"so who are you girls?"

"I'm piper halliwell and my sisters’ pru and phoebe"

"the halliwell sisters?" Willow asked wide eyed

"will what's so special about them?"

"they the charmed ones the 3 most powerful white witches in the world"

"wow, so why are you guy here?"

"wedding rings" Leo answered

"we were told we could only get married if we had special wedding rings made by the Guardian, with her blessing on our marriage" piper explained

"well I'm sure Buffy will give it to ya her blessing I mean, but word of advice ask later once she's calmed down this newest client is driving her up the wall cos she can't decided the design of jewellery to Buff's making the stuff then the damn woman decides she wants something different Buffy's gonna pop soon" Xander told them and as soon as the words were out of his mouth

"will you make up you damned mind I don't care how much money you have to spend on my work but I do not have the time not the resources to keep making the rings for you to refuse now either choose one I've already made or go away and thing long and hard about the design you want" Buffy's voice bellowed and 4 cats appeared from one of the doors all of them sniggering

"are they laughing?" phoebe whispered to Leo

"yeah their special cats they have 2 forms both cats but one is the height of a horse and they can speak English"

"oh" phoebe said they heard the front door slam then a tired looking Buffy summers walked in and slumped in a chair saying "hi Leo" before closing her eyes and flopping back less than a minute later she sat bolt upright realizing who she'd said hello to "Leo what are you doing here?"

"I brought the charmed ones to meet you and I have a favor to ask of you"

"what's the favor?"

"a pair of wedding rings for me and piper"

"ahh so your finally getting hitched hmm?"

"you knew?" piper asked surprised

"of course Angel's gossip worse than teenaged girls do" Buffy laughed "ok let me get you a catalogue of our designs and you can choose"

"ok sure" piper agreed

"what about you two?" Buffy said looking at pru and phoebe

"we just came to meet you actually" pru said

"and I want to see what the mouth of hell looks like"

"how about I take you to see it while those 2 look through the cat."

"ok sure" phoebe said

"we I have a class in 20 minutes so I have to go" Willow said standing

"yeah and I start work on a new house at 1 so id better head off to" Xander said so saying bye to piper and Leo they all left

and 10 minutes later pru pulled up outside the burnt out husk of the high school

"this is the mouth of hell?"

"yep the old high school" Buffy said grinning and they got out the car and she led the way inside to the library


an hour later Buffy pru and phoebe arrived back at the mansion still trading stories

"hi guys did ya find a ring?"

"yeah this one" piper answered pointing to a plain gold ring which was engraved with symbols

"cute, you do know what the symbols are for yes?"

"yeah Leo explained them to me"

"where is Leo anyway?" pru asked

"ok he's looking something he said he's give it was for Buffy and she'd know what to do with it"

"oh well we'll see when he gets back"

"we're gonna go look round town"

"oh would you do me a huge favor?"


"when your in town can you stop by a shop called the magic box it's run by a friend his names Giles anyway he should have a few order forms for me do ya think you could pick them up for me?"

"sure Buffy" phoebe said

"thanks" they said bye as the 3 witches left and Buffy headed into her workshop to make a wedding gift for piper and Leo seeing as she really did like them both so she gathered her energy's and grabbed up some oak wood and 4 types of metal (gold, silver, bronze, and titanium) which she combined and worked into an athame for the charmed ones she then blessed the weapon under 4 gods, Artemis the goddess of the Moon and patron of Amazon warriors, mielikki finish goddess of the forest, Oberon the king of the Fay and hecate she also blessed the athame in 2 faiths, Christian, and wiccan she also cast a spell on the athame so it would absorb magical energy sent from enemy's and could use that energy to help with spell's or send the energy right back at the sender

"that's a beautiful athame, who's it for?" Leo asked

"the charmed ones actually, I like helping the forces of light and they've done such a good job so far" Buffy smiled as she examined the blade for any faults

"I take it it's one of your specials"

"yeah, the handle it gold and bronze combined which makes that pattern it also has a bit of titanium which makes it a lot stronger and the blade is titanium and steel which makes it very strong it's coated in silver, with oak inlay's so it can be used to stake vampires the symbol it gold outlined with bronze and the athame is blessed under 4 gods and 2 faiths and a spell on it which will absorb evil magic's and use them to either boost the spell or send the magic's back at the sender it's mostly a passive weapon though that's the only attacking thing to do with it but it sort of follows the do unto others thing, or the 3 fold rule so piper said you went to get something for me?"

"yeah, this is kestil; it's a metal that's only found in the higher realms I thought you could maybe use it to make the rings"

"sure, I've heard about this stuff it's supposed to protect it's wearer's from demonic energy's"

"yeah" Buffy smiled and took the metal from him.

3 days later Buffy gave the rings to Leo who's come to pick them up




a month later


"I've found something" Giles shouted surprising Buffy and Seb who were playing with a ball of string

"whatcha found?"

"descriptions of the Guardians"

"cool I'll call Angel and get the LA gang over here" Buffy said and Seb dashed off to find everybody else 20 minutes later all both the Scooby and fang gang's were sat in the mansion's main room

"well Giles were all here"

"ok it's amazingly descriptive" Giles noted"

"just read it"



2 witches, 2 watchers, the key,

the slayer she was, the first she shall be,

3 warriors, 1 seer, 1 demon,

2 vampire no light can harm,

the last is she, who knows,

and with them always are their partners"


"ok so we know who they are right?" Willow said

"yes of course, you and Tara would be the witches" Giles said

"I'm the seer" Cordelia added

"me Gunn and Connor would be the warriors and Anya is the demon"

"Fred would be the one who knows, cos you know knowledge" Willow said

"2 watchers that's you and Wesley Giles, the key is me and the slayer is Buffy" Dawn said

"2 vampires are Spike and Angel" Buffy commented

"and the partners are us" Izzy piped

"so were all Guardians, cool” Xander said with a huge smile

"there is something else here too" Wesley said looking at the book over Giles' shoulder

"what is it?"

"well it says


once those who are the Guardians know their title to each a place must be set,

2 to guard at the mouth of hell,

3 stay in the city of Angels ,

2 to go to the school of magic

6 to wander the world a whole

more will join the ranks of Guardian,

teachers must learn and learners teach,

switch and swap, swap and switch,

dimensions will not be a barrier to them


it's very confusing"

"no it isn't" Buffy said and everyone stared at her "what? look 2 people stay here, 3 in LA 6 wander the world and go were there needed, 2 are going to a school that I'll admit I don't understand, more people are going to become Guardians, switch and swap means we can swap jobs"

"there are wizarding schools all over the world" Angel said “the best is Hogwarts in England the headmasters name is Dumbledore, I don't think he'd mind us going there"

"I rather think he's going to welcome us" Giles said

"why?" Dawn asked

"well in the wizarding world there is a very big evil his name is lord voldemort, he wants to kill a boy at Hogwarts and so I think he will want 2 of us to go and help protect Harry Potter"

"ok so who's going where?"

"we'll id prefer it if Dawn could stay here and finish school"

"I have a job here so I'll stay" Xander said

"and I'm staying with Xander"

"me an Fred will stay in LA"

"as will I" Wesley said

"me and Tara will be the first at Hogwarts" Willow told them.

"and the rest of us will wander"

"Giles do we need any special equipment for Hogwarts?"

"yea you do luv" Spike answered "I was there when I was a kid, ya need wizard robes, a hat, and a wand, and we can get all that stuff in diagon alley in London "

"cool thanks Spike"

"s'ok pet how about we all go to diagon alley now? it should be daylight in England "

"and we're sun-proofed"

"ok, Seb are you and the other up for a port to England ?"

"sure thing Buff"

"ok lets go" Buffy jumped on Seb's back as the others did on their partners and Seb opened up a portal to a normal alley in London

"we have to go left and find a place called the leaky cauldron" Giles told them and led the way once there they first went to gringots and changed 2 thousand dollars into galleons, sickles and knuts. then they went to ollivanders the wand maker

"ahhh yes I've been expecting you" he said when they had told him their names

"Buffy why don't you go first here try this one, oak, 12 inches and dragon heart strings whippy" Buffy took the wand and waved it causing the lamp to blow us "nope not that one, how about you try it Tara" Buffy passed it to Tara who waved it and some of the filling cabinets burst open and she passed it to Dawn to waved it and a light shone from her and fixed all the damage

"how about we try this one, maple, 10 inches phoenix tail feather, supple" Buffy waved it and the ladder exploded and she passed it to Willow quickly who waved it and shattered the window, se passed it onto Xander who waved it and made of stack of boxes of wands fly everywhere and he passed it to Fred who waved it and fixed everything, this kept going until all and a wand

next they went to madam malkins and bought several robes each.

"Hogwarts here we come" Zack said and everyone laughed

"so who's porting us??" Willow asked

"I will" Raison cried out and jumped off Dawns shoulder and grew to full size and Dawn jumped on her back the others slung their backpacks on their back and jumped on their partners backs as Raison opened a portal to Hogwarts



Harry, Hermione and Ron were sat at the Gryffindor table when a portal opened up. "Err Hermione I thought to one could apperate into Hogwarts."

"they can't"

"then what's that?" he asked just as a blond woman on a large cat came running out and had to stop very suddenly to keep from running into the tables stopping that suddenly made the rider go over the cats head and she amazed everyone by landing on her feet she turned back to the portal in time to see another rider and cat come out they also had to stop suddenly within 5 minutes there were 13 new people in the dining hall and the eldest man stepped forward "albus Dumbledore?" he asked approaching the headmaster "my name is Rupert Giles I'm a watcher, and these are Buffy summers the slayer, her sister Dawn, Willow Rosenberg and Tara maclay both witches, Angel and Spike, Connor Angel's son, Fred and Gunn and Cordelia chase, Anya and Xander and Wesley wyndom price another watcher"

"may I ask why you are here?"

"we are the first of the Guardians" Buffy answered

Dumbledore looked stunned "I was not informed that you would arrive in my time as headmaster but you are all welcome"

"2 will stay to teach and learn" Angel said

"and to protect" Connor added

"me and Tara will be the first to stay that is if you don't mind" Willow explained

"of course not you Guardians are always welcome at Hogwarts"



part 2




"It seems weird not have Willow and Tara around." Xander said sitting at the kitchen table in the mention with Dawn and Connor

"And with Buffy and Angel gone on some mission"

"Wonder how long it'll be before we find more Guardian's"

"What do we even look for, how are we supposed to find them is a world that’s got billions of people in it and also that prophecy said something about dimensions, does that mean we've got to go searching in other dimensions, soc I’m sorry but we have enough to deal with without having to go to other dimensions."

"Dawnie it's ok stop babbling we'll find them when we need them"


meanwhile in morocco

"Are you sure this is where were supposed to be??" Buffy asked looking around the small deserted town, "I mean there's no one here"

"yeah but they sure left in a hurry" Seb said looking at the damage that looked like it had come from stampeding people, crushed pottery, torn pieces of clothing a doll, and a small girl peeping around the corner of a building.

Buffy walked towards the child slowly talking to her all the way in a soothing voice but as she was 1/2 way to the girl, she turned tail and ran and Buffy ran after her but when turning the corner the child had disappeared, but then Buffy heard a giggle and looked up to see the same little girl sat on the roof of one of the houses.

"where is she?" Angel asked coming up to Buffy's side with the cats by his feet.

"up there" Buffy said pointing.

"how the hell did she get up there so quickly?"

"I have a feeling she isn't human." Izzy said

"shaeshifter? Or just an illusion??" Buffy asked

"well shape shifter would narrow the name down a lot, not many demons can actually shape shifter the problem is if it's illusion there are a lot more that do it" Sebastian told them

"I know, so the question is how do we find out." Angel said then thought of something else "what if she's harmless I mean she's just a little girl" Buffy and the 2 cats stared at him in disbelief

"riiiiiight and she's just hiding here for the bigger nasty thing to come and catch her" Isabella said sarcastically

"Angel, demons make themselves look sweet and innocent to draw prey into their web, I can't believe you forgot that" Buffy said shaking her head in confusion.

"who are you?" Angel asked looking at Buffy.

"Angel, you know who I am. I'm Buffy, your girlfriend. If this is a joke it's a really bad time for you to gain a sense of humor."

"who's Angel?" Angel asked.

"ok something really weird is going on. your name is Angel" Buffy told him "I’m Buffy, and the cats are Sebastian and Izabella. Can you remember anything at all?"

"no the only thing in my head is a little girl. She's calling me; I have to go to her." Angel said and started walking off leaving Buffy stood stunned.

"ok this isn't good, Seb can you port to the mansion get Xander and Dawn and anyone in the vicinity to start researching this. At the min I think were dealing with either an illusionist, or shape shifter that can take control of a mind, even a vampire one, and seeing as it didn't take both of us I would say it prefere's men"

"ok I'll get them right on it," Seb said and opened the portal to the sunnydale mansion and hurried to find Giles Xander and anyone else there.

"I get it" Izzy said as the 2 of them started after Angel.

"Get what?"

"why you sent Seb instead of me, cos usually you would send me 'cause Seb's your guardian, and seeing as Angel's been.....err kidnapped, sort of, and we're thinking it only goes after men, then it might grab Seb." Izzy

"Exactly, I wonder where all the woman are."

"The whatever it is probably ran them out of town not wanting any competition." Buffy said then thought of something, "you know it's probably and succubus."

"Or something like her." Izzy said and those were the last words spoken as they followed Angel out of the small town and threw a small grove of orange tree's and into a large open glade with a small hut in the middle of it, Buffy and Izzy stopped at the edge of the tree's as Angel went into the hut

"Well there's no way all the men from the village are in there so it could be just Angel and the thing in there"

"it's a succubus" Sebastian said coming up behind them, "we think."

"well how do I kill her?"

"with our help?" Willow said coming out of another portal with all the female cats and all the female guardians

"Seb you can go back now, "izzabella ordered "I’ll look after Buffy"

"you sure you want to be here Dawn?" Buffy asked.

"don't you trust the training you and Angel have been giving me?" Dawn asked

"I was just making sure you waned to be here."

"hey it's time to prove my master's worthy" Dawn told her smiling and Buffy smiled back

"so I take it you made he guys stay at home?"

"eah they grabbed me and Tara from Hogwarts" Willow said "cos you know no guys, but Giles and Wesley took our place."

"ok cats can you go and find out how many people are in that house" Buffy ordered and 7 female cats split you and each approached the house from different directions "so where's MJ will?"

"with Wesley I’ve got Kammi."

"Snake's here and rasions with Spike, I miss him already"

"you've spent time away from rasion before Dawn every time you go to school" Buffy said

"well yeah but she's usually within calling distance."

"we'll I’m happy Xander isn't here" Anya said which got her some strange looks "well I don't want him to give anyone else orgasms"

Everyone was happy to hear the cats call the all clear signal thus stopping Anya from elaborating "lets go" Buffy said and the 7 women ran as quickly and silently as they could across the grass to the house

"there's no one in there" Kammi quickly reported.

"yeah they musta skedaddled before we checked"

"well if no ones here then we can look around then can't we" cordelia said

walking nonchalantly up to the door and opening it. the other girls followed

more slowly, that soon changed when cordelia screamed. That was all it took for

the girls and female cats to come running

"cordy what’s wrong?? what happened?" Buffy asked looking around for danger.

"look up" cordelia instructed and they did.

"cordelia it's only a painting" Dawn said "you've seen them on the ceiling


"I have never seen a painting of, of, that."

"What’s wrong with it? I happen to like seeing naked men on the ceiling. I'll

have to persuade Xander to paint some for me." Anya said walking more into the

room to look closer at the picture "hey Buffy isn't that Angel??" she asked

after a while.

"where??" Buffy asked

"their right near the thrown with that child sat on it."

"god this is too much like where's waldo for me" cordelia complained.

"I think these are men from the town. It doesn't look like were dealing with a

succubus here."

"so the demon makes them come here then traps them in a painting where it looks

like their worshiping her." Willow commented

"not just her there are other females there." Tara said

"there is no way MY honey is gonna worship anyone else but me." Buffy growled


"wow Buffy that’s a good imitation of Angel" Fred said.



"so Buff get with the guardian powers and get them out of there" cordelia said motioning to the portrait with her hand

"I can't" Buffy growled

"what?? why not?" Dawn asked she had been under the impression that Buffy could now do any thing she wanted to

"as the first guardian I have a lot of powers but even mine have limits"

"you've never told us his before. Explain" Dawn ordered.

"ok I have minor versions of the powers the other guardians have so I can help train them to use em, but my main powers are in nature, strength, and bindings, I have some wiccan powers too but not enough to break that spell, Willow and Tara are the only ones strong enough to break it"

"Buffy we've had to deal with something like this I’ve got no clue where to start"

"it's alright will I can talk you through it I got the knowledge but I just don't have the power to do it"

"lets do this then"

"right, ok I want you both to stand facing each other with your hands clasped" the two wiccans joined hands

"now reach upwards with your magic and feel your way around the spell, you hold see 4 knots of magic that’s holding the spell in place, on the other hand the first 4 knots could be just holding part of he spell, if that’s so then you'll need o go a layer at a time and undo all the knots"

"Buffy you never did get round to explaining all our powers" Anya said still curious as she did not know her power yet

"ok sure, you know mine, now Willows and Tara's are very similar there centered in wiccan magic, they'll both have their specialties and no I’m not going to tell you they'll work it out for themselves"

"what about me?" Anya asked impatiently

"you can teleport your self any distance, sadly you can't take other people with you, you also will develop an Affinity with fire and possible wind too, I’m not to sure about that but if I’m right they you'll be able to get information from the wind and also use both elements, oh and all the guardians gets enhanced strength, agility, speed and reflexes"

"ohh me next" cordelia said putting her hand up with got her a strange look from the others

"ok you got your visions, they probably be more of those because there's more of us, you'll feel no pain from them and know instinctively where the vision took place and in some case the demon which did it err is going to do it, once your fully trained with it you'll be physic and telepathic"

"what like that crazy ho Drusilla?" corelia cut in horrified that she would have to go insane for those powers"

"no cordy you'll be in full control of your mental facilities you may also get a slight soul reading ability"

"a what?"

"you'll be able to tell if someone is good or evil, if they mean harm to you or anyone you care about" Buffy then turned to Fred "mental stuff again, you got slight telekinesis, photographic memory combined with perfect recall, you also have techno powers which once your all trained and if your powerful enough with it, which I’m don't know yet, you may be able to use the computer and internet with just your mind which will make getting information and hacking into computers a lot easier for you"

"and mine?" Dawn was the last to ask

"mass transport over any distance and even through dimensions, and control over the weather elements, which include stuff like lightning, rain, snow, hail all that stuff."

"wow what about the boys?" Dawn asked

"well Xander got an upgrade of his soldier boy memories, he'll know when new stuff happens in the military and he like you Anya has wind and fire potential, it seems all 'partners' have powers in common"

"what about you and Angel?"

"he's got nature elements too as well as a large dose of telepathy and he can actually levitate stuff, he can't move it but he can lift it straight up"


"sounds strange that he can lift things but not move them" Fred cut in.

"yeah, but it'll still be useful"

"ok this is interesting and all but when the hell are those two gonna be finished with the damn spell" Snake snapped bored

"shouldn't be too long Snake and anyway I thought cats like to sit and relax"

"I’m bored"

"ditto here, and there no males to annoy" Aphelia agreed

"isn't that a good thing?" Dawn queried

"noooo it's so fun to watch the men get annoyed, I mean have you seen how red Wesley’s face can get?" Kammi snickered "he may be my partner but that guy get embarrassed so easily"

"I’ll tell ya whose worse for embarrassing stories, and that is Gunn it's not that he gets embarrassed easily 'cos he doesn't but when he does it's hilarious" Jam giggled

"well don't keep us in suspense" Izzy said rolling her eyes

"geese ruin the drama why don'tcha"

"what drama?" Izzy asked settling down for a nap

"guy threes just one more knot to do and I’m not sure what untying it will do so be prepared to have a couple of hundred men fall at your feet" Willow said still looking at Tara

"falling at my feet I could get used to that" Anya commented as the people and cats who were not Willow and Tara moved to a safer location rather than right under the portrait.

and within seconds there was a bright neon flash and the sound of bodies hitting the floor.

Willow and Tara had managed to get almost all the way to the doorway, and Buffy and Fred dragged them the rest of the way to safety. cordelia and Anya may have helped too if they hadn't been too busy drooling over the naked men and ignoring Jam and Aphelia trying to tell them they had perfectly good boyfriends and they really didn't need these guys.

"but Affie threes hundreds of adonis's all in one room............NAKED" Anya stressed the last word and cordelia nodded dumbly agreeing, finally rolling her eyes Dawn lightly slapped both of them around the back of the heads making the two women glare at her for breaking there concentration at the ferocity of the glares Dawn took a few steps back just in case female on a rampage was something Dawn didn't want to be the focus of.

"err Buffy I see men but I don't see the 5 women"

All 14 females started to look around and were stunned to find there was no trace of any of the female demons.