Fire Child

Author: Bellashade
Rated: PG
cast: cast member that have been changed

from Buffy: Buffy summers aka fire nay (fear-nay) methos calls her the fire child/girl a 4 thousand 900 year old immortal, has special abilities faith the slayer Kendra was the original slayer but she was killed, killing the master angel kierny is human but his family has a hidden secret

in highlander: Ritchie is still alive

Disclaimer: don’t own any of em Buffy an crew belong of ME an joss, highlander belongs to rysher entertainment I’m just borrowing em for a while

AN: I live in England and have never visited America so I have no idea how long it would actually take to drive from Seattle to LA nor do I know how much a pizza would actually cost

Part one: moving out

"hey fire girl you ready to go" methos asked as he came into Buffy’s house to see if Duncan, Ritchie, and he had missed anything, not that Buffy was actually taking much and anything she'd missed could be sent up to her

"Yeah, methos" Buffy said appearing in the door way.

"When are the tenants arriving?"

"In 2 days Duncan ’s already promised to meet them."

"Ok checklist."

"Go ahead" Buffy said shrugging.


"All packed and in the van."


"Check, swords crossbows, long bows, knives, guns all in the van well some of them the rest is being taken by mover."

"Magical parifinalia??"

"Check there was no way I'm leaving that stuff behind."

"Art work."

"Check, a lot of it's in storage I’m not taking much"


"my cd's, flute, saxophonee, guitar's, amps, and some of the recording equipment, is either in the van or being specially moved tomorrow, and you promised me 2 weeks ago you'd over see that, the rest is staying."

"Sure of course Buffy."

"What’s next on the checklist?"


"In a specially made box in the van."

"You’re 2 stereo's vcr and DVD."

"Same as computer."

"Shrine models?"

"Artemis, mielikki, aries and pan are all wrapped up securely in bubble wrap and boxed in the van."

"Keys for the new house?"


"Have you informed everyone of your change in name and address?"

"Everyone who needs to know does."

"That sounds like everything then"

"Yeah, Ritchie’s driving my car down to sunnydale, and I’m taking my bike in the van"

"I still don't understand why you’re leaving Seattle for a small town in California "

"It isn't that small Adam sunnydale is sat on top of the hellmouth, do you remember me telling you about that?"

"Of course but why now?"

"Because my source in sunnydale says the slayer can't handle the rising numbers of demons, so I’m going to cut the numbers down, now do you have my new address and phone number written down?"

"Yes Buffy I do, now get going or ya gonna get there after dark"

"Like it matters" Buffy smiled "but I’m going, call me on my mobile"

"Will do, I’ll come down and see your home in a few days once your settled"

"Your welcome any time Adam" Buffy hugged him and as the 2 left the house she locked the door behind her

"Have a nice drive" Buffy nodded and got into her van waved and pulled out of the drive way and headed on her way to LA where she was gonna spend the night before heading to sunnydale.

9 hours of driving plus stops later Buffy arrived in LA after checking in to the Hilton and eating a large meal for her dinner, Buffy got changed into a white halter top, black leather skirt, knee high boots with a 6 inch platform heel and her leather duster Buffy got a cab to one of the clubs after a couple of hours of dancing Buffy patrolled looking for vampires she only staked 3 before she hailed a cab and headed back to the Hilton for a few hours of sleep at 8 the next morning Buffy checked out of the hotel drove on to sunnydale and Buffy’s new home 1630 revelo drive.

Part 2: moving in and new friends

Buffy unlocked her new front door and walked in, the walls had been painted to her specifications and the furniture also looked right Buffy nodded in approval as she looked around she then headed up stairs to look at the bedrooms, once she'd seen they looked great then Buffy headed out to the van to start unpacking, the first thing to come out was Buffy’s shrine statues, which she carried in and put on the large dining room table after the statues came 4 small tables, 2 of which she took down into the basement which she'd had conversed into a large gym, she set 2 tables there, one for artemis, and the second for aries, one other went into the garden for mielikki, and last went into the room Buffy was going to use as her music room, next to come out of the van was her instruments which she took into her music room, next was Buffy’s sound systems, one went down in the basement and the other went in her living room

"Err hello?" Buffy looked around the backdoor of the van and saw a red headed girl and a dark haired boy both teenagers around the age Buffy looked

"Hey" Buffy answered back

"I’m xander and this is willow we were emm walking past when we saw you would you like some help?"

"I'd love some I’m Buffy" Buffy stuck her hand out and both the teens shook it

"Just grab a box" Buffy said and they did so she led the way into the house

"Ok I’ve got plates and stuff" xander said looking in his box

"Kitchen is through that door" Buffy pointed

"oh err I've got bathroom stuff" willow said and Buffy directed her to the bathroom then took her stuff down to the basement then they all met back at the van Buffy pulled one box forward "this is for the kitchen again" Buffy said handing the box to xander "this is for the living room" handing willow the DVD player, and carrying the vcr Buffy walked into the living room passing xander who was on his way back to the van he pulled out a large box containing Buffy’s computer monitor

"Oh xander that goes in the study", Buffy showed him where

"Buffy this is a box of knick knacks" willow called from the door

"Just put it in the living room I’ll sort through it later"

"Buffy where do ya want the bike?" xander called

"In the garage" Buffy called back

2 hours later they were all unpacked and the 3 were sat on the couch in the living room and the van was in the garage

"Thanks for all your help, id still be unpacking from the van if I weren’t for you"

"How come your parents aren't helping you?" willow asked

"my parents are dead, but they left me with enough money to buy this house and see myself through school and college and I now run my fathers company"

"So you’re like rich?"

"Yeah but most of the moneys tied up I can't get to it till I’m 20" Buffy lied

"Bummer" xander said

"Do you guys want pizza? I can order one?"


"Thanks Buffy"

"Kay whata ya order?"

"Meat lovers" xander answered

"Pepperoni tripled cheese"

Buffy nodded and xander told her the number so a pizza place

"Angenner pizzas, may I take your order?"

"yup id like a meat lovers, a pepperoni and triples cheese, a Hawaiian with extra pineapple, 3 portions of chips, 2 salads, 1 portion of chicken wings, and a liter bottle of Pepsi"

"Is that all?"


Buffy gave him her address and number and hung up

"They’ll be here in about half an hour"

"Ya want to watch a movie while we wait?" xander asked

"Sure just pick one and turn it on" Buffy answered snuggling down in an armchair

"How about errrm labyrinth?"

"Sure" willow said and Buffy nodded of xander put the video in the VCR and fast forwarded through the adverts and they settled down to watch the film.

When the doorbell rang Buffy got up and grabbed her wallet and paid the delivery guy and carried the food back to the living room and put it on the table. Everyone dug in while watching the film when the film had finished they threw the rubbish away then looked at the time "I’ve got to go my boyfriend and I are supposed to be meeting me in a hour and I’ve got to get ready" willow said "but hey were all going to the bronze tonight how about we meet up there and you can meet our other friends"

"Sure what time?"

"Err about 8?"

"Ok I’ll be there"

"I’ll meet you there too but I’m going to be late meeting my girlfriend cordelia, but saying that I’ll probably still get there before her" xander said and the 3 said goodbye and willow and xander left

Part 3: Scooby meeting and bronze dancing

"I like her" xander said as he walked with willow towards the high school

"Yeah I know so do I though I’m betting you fancy her too"

"Well she is gorgeous" xander said "but don't tell cordy she's kill me" he added and willow laughed and they walked the rest of the way about Buffy

"What are you 2 chattering about?" Giles asked as the 2 came in with willow giggling about when xander found some herbs in one of the boxes and telling Buffy they stank of course Buffy replied that they tasted lovely and had given xander a piece to try his face was hilarious because Buffy hadn't mentioned that the plant was very very spicy

"New girl just moved in on revello drive we've been helping her move stuff all morning" xander told him

"Yeah she's really nice I invited her to join us at the bronze tonight"

"Is she cute?" angel asked

"Totally gorgeous" xander told him

"So what’s the meeting for Giles?" faith asked

"A prophecy well actually 2"

"Great just what we need"

"Actually these are good prophecies"

"What are they Giles?"

"basically the prophecy tells of the fire child or fire nay she or he seems to have 2 names, fire nay shall come to the valley of the sun to help keep faith alive, she will join with the one and seal the mouth, theirs more but it's written in an old dialect of druidic I don't understand as is the 2nd prophecy, I did manage to uncover a date though and the fire child is supposed to be appearing on the hellmouth this week"

"Buffy" willow said

"Excuse me?"

"She’s just moved here she may be the fire child"

" Willow the fire child wouldn't be a teenager"

"Why not?"

"Because from what I’ve read the fire child is old"

"Older than you?" cordelia asked

"Yes" Giles answered with a scowl

"Wow that’s old" she said and Giles glared

"Keep faith alive what's that mean, I mean it's a prophecy so it wouldn't mention me by name would it?" faith asked

"It may well do faith, it may very well be your name in the prophecy, and in fact I’m sure it is"

"so is that it cos we're going to the bronze tonight and willow needs so much work" cordelia said and got up then dragged willow out the doors to her house to get ready

while that was going on Buffy was standing by her closet and chest of drawers putting clothes away and also trying for figure out what to wear tonight "ok 17 year old girl look, not 24yr old looking for a good time" Buffy muttered and lifted up a blue silky mini skirt Buffy put that to one side she also put a pair of leather trousers to one side as well as a few tops and a tan colored dress she put all the other stuff in the draws or on hangers in the closet she finally decided on the blue mini, with heeled strapped shoes, a white tank top, a very pale blue shirt, and she also pulled out her long white coat then shook her head and put it back in a couple of hours later Buffy hid her sword on her self and walked out the door locking it behind her

Buffy paid the cover on the bronze and walked in spotting willow and xander with 4 others she walked over to them as se neared them she realized one of them was pre-immortal

"Hi" Buffy said

"Hey Buffy" willow said gesturing to a seat by a dark haired girl "guys this is Buffy, Buffy you already met xander, but this is my boyfriend oz" she gestured to the man beside her with blue hair

"Hey" oz said

"Hi" Buffy said back

"The girl next to you is faith"



"Cordelia is sat next to xander and that’s angel"

"Hey angel" he was the pre immortal

"Hi Buffy"

"Faith is the wild one of us just to warn ya" cordelia said

"cordy's the one with no tact" xander added "and is a rich bitch"

"willows the book worm" faith told her

"xanders the joker to the pack" angel put in

"angel is a brooder, loves books, and is rubbish when it comes to pop culture"

"and oz is the quiet one he's in a band called dingoes ate my baby"

"oh what do you play?"



"do you play Buffy?"

"yeah I have 2 guitars, 1 acoustic, and the other electric"

"you play other instruments?"

"yeah, flute, sax, piano, and the song horn"

"you play the saxophone?" willow asked

"yep" Buffy nodded

"cool" oz said

"hey do you want to dance?" a guy asked Buffy


"Buffy you don't want to dance with a guy like him he's only after one thing"

"I can look after my self thank though faith" Buffy smiled and stood taking the guys hand

"I’m Percy by the way"


"your new right?"

"yeah I’m starting sunnydale high on Monday"



"so am I"

"so why'd they warn me off?"

"don't pay any attention to them"

"oh come on I come from Seattle , and before that I lived in new York I know a player when I see one" Buffy laughed

"oh you do do ya"


"and what do you normally do with these players?"


"on what?"

"on what sort of mood I’m in and of course which country"


"yeah, in England id be half drunk by now and seeing which guy would be the best fuck, but here well I’m a law abiding citizen, unless I find my other id which isn’t gonna be happening for a while seeing as I can't find anything at the moment" Buffy shrugged

"why would you be looking there for a fuck?"

"in England it's legal" Buffy said and then turned and walked back to the Scooby’s

"did he say anything that I got to beat him up for?"

"no faith, I just gave him a piece of advice"

"oh and what was that?" angel asked

"move to England "

"huh?" willow and cordelia said while angel started laughing

"what’s up with you laughing boy?" xander said

"nothing" angel said as he stopped laughing

"fine god I’m hungry, I’m gonna go find someplace to eat" Buffy said

"I’ll show you wherever you want to go" angel said standing up

"ok sure, I’ll see you guys on Monday at school" the 2 walked away

part 4: Buffy’s secret revealed to one yet still hidden

"so where are we headed of wise one" Buffy said sarcastically as angel down another dead end

"nowhere" a voice said from behind them and Buffy and angel turned and saw 7 vamps blocking the alley

"god blocking people in alleys don't you know that trick stopped working long ago"

"you do not know who we are"

"no you don't know who I am, and I was looking for a good fight"

"and we were looking for food" the vamp answered

"who are you?" angel whispered as Buffy summoned her sword and lit it with fire

"presently I’m Buffy summers, but I was born with the name fire nay, the fire child I was born in volcano eruption 4 thousand 900 years ago, and protected and raised by wizards, and sorceresses, trained by druids, medicine women, gypsies, shapshifters, gladiators, amazons, ninja's, shambalah priest's, I trained with the best fighters I could find the best and strongest magic users, I trained with Merlin in Camelot, xena in Greece, Hercules, I even trained with artemis herself"

"Giles mentioned a prophecy about fire nay, about her coming to the hellmouth to help faith and to join with the one"

"the one is here?" Buffy gasped finishing off the last vampire

"you know about the one?"

"no only that I will one day meet with him and he will become my mate and we would protect ct the world together as one"

"well theirs a part of the prophecy that Giles can't read it was written in druidic or so he says but maybe you could read it?"

"what was the book called?"

"it was in the coinak I think"

"thank you angel, now forget this ever happened" Buffy said then muttered a few words in Latin



"well what?"

"geese men where are we going you've been leading me in circles, and now I know why, your heads in the clouds"

"no it wasn't" angel quickly disagreed

"well whatever I’m hungry, lead on to food" they walked for a little longer when Buffy spotted a restaurant "ahh food"

"Buffy that place is expensive, and we can't go in there looking like this"

"fine, find me some where to eat then"

"yikes, you get testy when you haven't eaten" Buffy just looked at him and then spotted a Chinese place

"I’m eating there"

"but they one serve people that can speak Chinese"

"I can speak it" Buffy said making a beeline for the food angel followed her and they entered

"hello" a woman said in Chinese

"hello" Buffy said back in the same language "do you have tables free?"

"of course most people who come here do not speak Chinese"

"I was told that"

"I will get your order in a little while"

"sure" Buffy and angel sat at the table they were shown

"what would you like angel? I’m paying"

"oh err egg fried sweet and sour and a few spring rolls you?"

"peiking duck, with king prawn rice, stirfry vegetables, spring rolls, prawn crackers, and spare ribs" the Chinese woman came back and Buffy gave her their orders

"so tell me about your self Buffy how come you came to sunnydale?"

"well it's in easy reach of LA and nimen Marcus, no one knows me here, and I liked the house here, mainly that’s why ii decided to move here"

"willow told us you’d lost your parents"

"yeah my mom died of cancer 4 years ago my dad never really paid any attention to me but he died in a plane crash leaving me with everything, in Seattle 4 guy looked after me they are my surrogate brothers they helped me with everything"

"id love to here about them"

"sure well there's Duncan McLeod he's an antiques dealer specializing in weapons particularly swords, but he also runs a dojo, Adam Pierson, he's a private detective he's quiet good too, Connor Macleod Duncan's cousin he's also an antiques dealer but he lives in new York, Ritchie is the youngest he doesn't really work but he helps out in Duncan’s shop and whatever he feels like doing, Duncan’s trying to persuade him to go to college but rich hated school" Buffy smiled thinking of her best friends "you’ll be able to meet Ritchie in a few days he's driving my car down, and Adam will come once I’m all settled in"

"they sound like nice guys"

"they are" Buffy nodded "so what about you?"

"well I live with my parents, we moved here from Ireland when I was 4 you already know my best friends" Buffy and angel continued talking until they'd finished their dinner and the walk back to Buffy’s house

"thanks for walking me home"

"it was my pleasure" angel answered then left

part 5: meetings with wolves

half an hour after he left Buffy came back out side dressed in leather riding gear with her helmed and gloves in her hand opening up the garage Buffy rolled her bike out then closed and locked the garage again and Buffy started up the near silent bike, and she rode to breakers woods once their she hid her bike with magic and stripped off her leathers revealing a knee length simple white shift dress leaving her stuff magically hidden Buffy looked through the forest looking for a clearing once she'd found one she sat down cross-legged and mentally and magically consecrated this clearing so no evil could enter then she transported mielikki's shrine to the clearing she then let her mind wander the forest she came into contact with sleeping animals and then a pack of wolves who wanted to know why she was on their territory, she told them she wasn't there to hunt just to meditate with the wildlife the wolves came to talk to her and she opened her eyes to look at them

"my your all so beautiful may I run with you?" she asked and received permission and Buffy let her body transform into the shape of the wolf and the pack and she ran all night with the wind blowing through their coats and the moon shining on their back when it started to get light she bid the pack farewell and ran as wolf back to her leathers and there she changed back into human form smoothed out her shift and pulled on her leathers gloves boots and helmet and started on her way home

part 6: first day at school

Monday morning Buffy woke bright and early and grumbled about it, putting on low riding leather trousers a red tank top that said 'bite me' in black on it and grabbing her grey white and black leather bike jacket which had a logo on the back and her school bag an keys Buffy left the house shrugging on her jacket she put on her gloves and helmet before starting up her bike and riding to school as she parked it in the lot she got a few appraising looks as she took off her helmet and unzipped her jacket, she locked her bike with a wheel clamp, plus chains, and a few other security devices

"hey Buffy, is this yours?" faith asked

"yep it's mine"

"cool, I wish I could afford a bike" faith say sighing

"tell ya what I’ll let ya have a ride if ya promise not to crash it, it's the only transportation I got till one of my friends drives my car up" Buffy shrugged at the last bit

"that’d be fantastic thanks buff"

"it's ok" Buffy smiled "ya want to show me where the office is?"

"sure" faith said and led her to Snyder’s office "oh and don't mind Snyder he's a little troll"

'a troll' Buffy though 'hm I wonder if she means literally' she mentally shrugged and went into the secretary's room "hi I’m Buffy summers, I’m new"

"yes Buffy Mr. Snyder is waiting for you" the secretary pointed Buffy towards Snyder’s door

"ah Buffy summers sit, I’m the principal here and my word is law" Snyder ran through a huge list of rules and Buffy mentally scanned him just to see if he really was a demon 'nope no demon in there just very annoying human mortal' "now go get your schedule and locker number and combination from Mrs. Jenkins" Buffy nodded and went back out to talk to the secretary who gave her the stuff Snyder told her to plus a map, a rule book, and a guide on how things work at sunnydale high as soon as the door was closed behind her Buffy let loose a giggle and walked off to find her locker

"Buffy" willow called and Buffy turned

"hey willow, cordelia, xander, faith, angel and oz" Buffy said in one breath

"do you need any help finding stuff?"

"yeah my locker, I need to stow away my helmet and jacket"

"yeah faith told us you came on your bike" xander said "she's a beautiful machine by the way"

"thanks she was designed by an old friend of mine, there's only one of her in the world"

"wow" willow said

"what happens when she needs a tune up?" faith asked

"I do it, but if she's really messed up I have to ship it to him and he sorts it out for me, it's the same with my car"

"what sorts of modifications has it got?" xander asked as they led Buffy to her locker

"well they both have very special security systems they also both have nitro boosts"

"what’s does that mean?" cordelia asked as the guys and faith nearly drooled

"well the nitro goes straight into the engine and doubles the raw power"

"how fast can that baby go?"

"on flat terrain with no traffic and no laws, I've had her going at 400 miles an hour"


"yeah I know the problem is staying on the bike at that speed" Buffy said

"here's your locker"

"thanks" Buffy said as she put her helmet and jacket in the locker then locked it "ok next library to get books"

"oh Mr. Giles is really cool, you’ll like him"

"Giles? Rupert Giles" Buffy started smiling thinking of a way to get into the Scooby gang without telling them who she was

"yep that’s our librarian"

"I wonder how many Giles' there can be in the world"

"what do you mean?"

"oh an old mentor of mine used to speak of a Rupert 'ripper' Giles but I don't know if it can be the right one because he lives in London "

"when Giles was a teenager he used to be called ripper and he did used to live in London " willow said and looked wide eyed at Buffy

"yipes, what a coincidence" Buffy said looking amazed as they entered the library

"hey Giles ya here?" angel called flopping down into one of the chairs round the table

"oh yes hello"

"hi I’m Buffy summers"

"Buffy thinks she knows someone who knew you in your college days"

"well I don't know if it's the same ripper Giles"

"did you say ripper?"

"yeah willow already mentioned that I just can't believe the coincidence"

"who was the friend’s name?"

"jack dency"

"I knew him; he was my flat mate in college"


"he told you everything?"

"yes he taught some, to me before he died"

"how did he die?"

"that is for your ears only Mr. Giles"

"they know about the supernatural Buffy"

"why?? how??" Buffy asked

"how do you now about it?" xander asked

"I was brought up in the middle of it" Buffy answered truthfully "my mother was a natural wizardess she helped a lot of people before she died"

"faith is the slayer Buffy" Giles told her

Buffy nodded at her with a slight smile "Buffy willow is a witch, she hasn't been practicing that long though and is still learning" Buffy nodded and smiled at willow

"oz is a werewolf"

"a wolf?" Buffy’s eyes shone

"so what are you Buffy?" faith asked

"well like I said I’m a magic user"

"you mean a witch?"

"no more like a wizardess, the guy that brought me up isn't my natural father he was a shape shifter that my mom fell in love with I didn't even know until I was 15 just after my mom died and I shifted for the first time, I wished I could howl my anguish for my mom sing the pack song for her and I transformed into a wolf I always have a soft spot for wolves now because of that" Buffy told them mixing lies with the truth

"what’s the difference between a witch and wizardess?" angel asked

"power level" Giles answered "id be considered a sorcerer"

"there are spells I can do which Giles and willow have no hope of doing well maybe in about 15 years for willow maybe 4 for Giles id don't know, but I’ve been doing magic since I was really little"

"how little?"

"7 months old, I err created snowballs or so I’ve been told"


"why snowballs?"

"it was summer" Buffy shrugged "I wanted something to cool me down only the snowballs were too cold" the bell went so all the teenagers plus Buffy left for classes


Buffy walked into her new homeroom all talk stopped "ahh miss summer right?"

"yep that’s me"

"class this is Buffy summers she's new, can you introduce yourself?"

"sure, I’m Buffy in 18 my parent are dead and I live on my own, before moving here I lived in Seattle and worked part time at an antiques store appraising and I run my fathers business though my PA and conference calls"

"what’s appraising?"

"appraising is when you work out how much something is worth"

"thank you Buffy, why don't you sit next to willow she can help you around the school" Buffy nodded and when and sat with willow

the rest of the day went just as Buffy knew it would, with Buffy bored out of her mind

"do any of you have a car?" Buffy asked

"yeah I’ve got mine with me why?" cordelia asked

"I need a car to carry my grocery shopping" Buffy answered

"sure, I’ll carry it, but I’m going to the mall today"

"how about I come with you I need some new clothes anyway"

"sure, come on then" cordy started walking off and the others plus Giles watched in amusement as 2 guys bumped into Buffy knocking her helmet out of her hands Buffy turned and snapped out a long sentence in another language she carried on muttering in that language as she scooped up her helmet and gloves Giles' jaw dropped as he realized what the language she was speaking in was

"Giles what’s wrong?" willow asked noting he was in shock

"yeah and what language was that?" xandar asked

"that was a very ancient language that was lost 3 thousand years ago" Giles said softly "the only copies the watchers council have of it are written and no ones been able to translate them"

"adds onto my Buffy is the fire child theory doesn't it" willow said

"no it doesn't her mom was a wizaress right well her family could have passed that language down" xander argued

"no the name she mentioned jack once told me that he knew a girl who he thought was the fire child in fact he knew she was he told me he would ring me back with more information"

"and did he?"

"yes except he's forgotten all the information"

"a forgetting spell?"


"so it may be possible that one of us may have seen something and Buffy made us forget?"


"is there a remembering spell?"

"no but hypnosis may help"

"well I’m the only one that’s been with her on her own" angel said

"ok lets try" Giles said and the gang headed for the library

part 7: hypnosis and shopping

"ok angel sit down and relax" Giles said and pulled a pocket watch out of a drawer and walked back to angel "now keep your eye's on the watch" Giles put angel in a deep meditative state

"now angel who is Buffy summers?"

"fire nay"

"how do you know this angel?"

"she told me"


"we were trapped in an alley by vampires, she made a blade appear out of thin air and then made it seem like it caught fire"

"how old is fire nay?" willow asked in a soothing voice

"4 thousand 900 years of age she was born in a volcano eruption and protected and raised by wizards and sorceresses" he answered and willows eyes widened

"who trained her?"

"the best of the best"

"more information please"

"druids, amazons, wizards, sorcerers, Merlin, artemis, shambalah priests, shape shifters, ninja's, gypsies, gladiators, xena, Hercules, medicine women there are more but she didn't tell me"

"why is she here?"

"I don't know"

"ok angel when I snap your fingers you shall waken" Giles said and then snapped his fingers and angel jerked in his chair

"did you get everything you needed to?"

"yes it seems out miss summers is in fact over 4 thousand years old this is quite strange and unprecedented"

"but she looks our age"

"geese and I thought cordy could shop" faith said looking at all the bags Buffy was carrying

"hey faith where'd you come from?" Buffy said "and don't worry most of my stuff is getting sent straight to the house"

"oh right anyway I err came to moon over a pair of leather pants"

"ahh" Buffy said smiling

"and of course wishing I could ride your bike"

"look it's parked in the car park, and hopefully cordy will give me a ride home so why don't you take my bike back to my place"


"yeah, its not like it's easy to damage and it's insured for other drivers, just do me a favor and don't get in a car crash"

"you got it b"

"good ok here's the spare house key, and the garage key, and my bike key" Buffy said handing faith 3 keys

"I’ll see ya back at yours b"

"sure faith" Buffy chuckled at the younger girl raced off looking like she'd won the lottery

"I’m about done here, so lets go get your groceries" cordy said and Buffy nodded so the 2 took their shopping back to cordelia's car before driving on to a large superstore where Buffy could buy everything she needed

part 8: investigation, visitations, and confrontations.

faith wanderer around Buffy’s home after putting the bike in the garage first she wandered into the living room and took a gander at all Buffy’s DVD’s and videos then she wandered into Buffy’s music room and saw the shrine to pan "cool statue" faith said then turned and walked out, the next room she went into was Buffy’s study she saw pictures of some really cute guys, one picture had Buffy physically wrapped round one of them faith carried on snooping in all the rooms, before walking down into the basement and her eyes widened at the sight of the gym, she wandered around down their looking at all Buffy’s weapons faith was impressed with the range of weapons she had she was still looking round the house when he doorbell rang and she headed to the front door to open it, on the porch she saw 2 guys both of them were from Buffy’s picture

"hi, I don't know whether this is the right house I’m looking for Buffy summers" the younger looking of the 2 said the older just looked bored and faith recognized his as the one Buffy was wound round in the photo's

"yeah this is Buffy’s house; I’m faith a friend of hers she asked me to bring her bike back for her"

"I’m Ritchie Ryan, I brought her car down from Seattle for her and this is Adam Pierson, do you now when she's likely to be back?"

"no idea she went shopping" at that both guys groaned clearly knowing how much Buffy could shop

"you mind if we come in and wait?" Adam asked

"sure" faith said stepping back to let them in

"thanks I’ll just get our bags from the cars" Ritchie said

"grab the presents to Ritchie" Adam called and Ritchie waved back in acknowledgment


an hour later Buffy and cordelia pulled up outside Buffy’s house and Buffy felt the buzz of 2 immortals then she spotted her car and muttered "looks like Ritchie and Adam are here" as she said that the door opened and the 2 men came out followed by faith "Adam, Ritchie" Buffy smiled and hugged them both "I’m glad your here you can unload the car for me"

they both groaned but knowing Buffy like they did the went to get the stuff out of the car "cordelia this is Adam Pierson, and Ritchie Ryan, guy this is cordelia chase and you've already met faith"

"hi" cordy said looking the 2 over "so how long have you known Buffy?"

"I’ve known her 4 years" Ritchie answered

"most of her life" methos said with a slight smile

Buffy faith and the guys brought in all Buffy’s shopping and started putting the groceries away

"so guys did you bring the rest of my stuff?" Buffy asked as she sat in the large armchair

"yep, the movers should be here in about an hour" Adam said also sitting at the others followed is example sitting in the comfy chairs/sofa in the living room

"thanks guys"

"what’s getting moved Buffy? I thought you had everything here" faith said

"oh I do, well I have the essentials, what’s coming in now is extra stuff, like recording equipment, when I was in new York I did work at each of the companies my father owned to get to know the people and learn about what they were doing there, and I found I had a talent for recording sounds so I did some of their recording for them so I’ll probably have singers coming round to record their tracks"

"wow, so does this company have famous names on it's books?" cordelia asked

"sure, you heard of kalian jams?"

"yah sure he's a rising star his latest single went straight to number one"

"we'll we're his record label and I met him when he first signed on and I recorded is album for him"

"what other jobs did you do?" faith asked

"well I spent a year at the recording studio, moving around from job to job there"

"what sorts of jobs I mean I thought a recording studio just recorded singles and albums"

"some are but we do voice training, dance choreography, we shoot videos so I helped out on all of those"

"so what other jobs?"

"2 garages, 1 a normal one where you take your car in and the other, is racing cars, and other special cars, like mine, I actually helped build it after my 4 months there, and the last job I did was on a TV set"



DINGDONG the door bell went and Buffy got up to answer it


"Buffy summers?"

"that’s me"

"we're the movers we've got stuff from your other home"

"bring it in, Adam, Ritchie come help the movers"

"we're coming" methos groaned

"come in and I’ll show you were I want everything" Buffy said leading the 3 guys round, "any blue tapped boxes go down stairs in the basement, music equipment come in here, the recording equipment wants to be put in this room and I’ll set it all up myself" Buffy said opening a door in music room "that’s where most of the stuff will be going anyway, any other stuff just give me a shout" and then Buffy left them too it.