Buffy and her Knight

Author: Sunniva
Rated: PG13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or King Arthur. Nor do I own the characters in the show or Movie and make no profit on this.
Summery: A spell gone wrong sent Buffy back in time.
Pairing: Buffy/Gawain
AN: Don’t have an exact timeline for Buffy only that it is after Dawn came but before Glory. For King Arthur it will go through the whole movie. So Spoilers!


Chapter 1

“Are you sure this is safe?” Buffy asked her redheaded friend. They sat in the dorm, on the floor opposite each other with candles in a ring in between.

“Of course it is Buffy,” Willow answered, “what could go wrong?” She didn’t let her friend answer, “come on lets do this.”

They began reading the Spell Willow had written. As the words were spoken the candle fire grew higher and began twisting into a spiral. When the last word was done they both looked on wondering what would happen.

The spiral of fire began bending towards Buffy and surrounded her with fire. Then suddenly it disappeared, taking Buffy with it.

“Giles is not going to like this,” Willow said to herself in shock.


Nighttime at Hadrian’s Wall usually meant few things for the Sarmatian Knights; drinking, gambling, fighting, taking a willing girl back to the room and some more drinking. This night wasn’t different.

Lancelot was playing dice with some Roman soldiers. Galahad, Tristan and Gawain sat around a table, with a girl on each lap, bragging drunkenly about some of the many battles they been in. Well it was more Galahad and Gawain, Tristan didn’t drink that much and spoke even less. When he did it was to correct his fellow Knights stories.

The two oldest, biggest and meanest looking Knights, Bors and Dagonet, stood by the counter, Bors holding his toddler Nr Eleven and Dagonet doing funny faces to the child.

They were all interrupted when a spiral of fire appeared in the middle of the room. While everyone moved towards the walls the Knights, suddenly sober, moved forwards with their weapons ready.

They weren’t prepared for the dazed blonde that sat on the ground when the fire disappeared. She slowly stood up checking herself while muttering stuff like, “that’s the last time I allow Willow to do a spell with me in the room.”

The Knights inspected her and her strange clothes. She wore tight dark blue pants (jeans), a blue shirt without sleeves but with straps over her shoulders and it showed her stomach (a tank top) and blue socks with a dog with an overly large head (Snoopy).

The young woman looked petit, like a wind could blow her of her feet’s. She had long blond hair, although not as long as Gawains. To everybody else she looked like a normal woman with strange clothes that appeared out of nowhere but the Knights knew a warrior when they saw one.

Maybe it was the way she stood, confident but ready for anything, or maybe the way her eyes moved around the room, calculating and experienced. But they knew, as absurd as it sounded, this was not someone to cross.

“Well, Toto, I guess I’m not in Kansas anymore,” she said looking at the Knights and the girls further back.

“If this doesn’t happen to be a costume party can someone tell me where I am,” she asked looking around.

Before anyone could answer one of the Roman soldiers apparently found her a threat and decided to attack. With a loud yell he rushed towards her with his sword in the air. The stranger stood calmly facing the man and when he was within reach she jumped and kicked him right under his chin. The soldier was stopped and stood still in a daze. But when the woman was back on the ground she did another jump but this time with a spin and kicked him on the side of the head. The man fell down unconscious and the woman picked up his sword and held it out.

“Does anyone else wants to try?” she asked warningly looking around, “Please,” she said with a feral smile. Nobody moved and the Knights had pleased grins on their faces. They didn’t like the Romans and seeing one getting his ass kicked, by a woman no less, was almost to good to be true.

“Please, My Lady, put the sword down,” all turned and saw Arthur standing there with Jols, the Knights personal… not servant, but close. He had obvious run to get Arthur when Buffy appeared.

“No one here is going to hurt you,” Arthur continued.

“Really?” Buffy asked, “This guy…” she said and kicked the unconscious man lightly, “… gave me the opposite impression.” She looked down with a mock sad smile, “he attacked without giving me his name. How rude,” no one knew what to say. Bors was laughing; the woman mocked the Roman, that made her OK in his book.

“I’m Bors,” he said and walked slowly towards her with what he hoped was a no threatening manner, “Let me buy you a drink for the most perfect one sided fight I’ve ever seen from a woman.”

Still with the sword out Buffy raised an eyebrow at the mans attempt of being friendly, “I’m Buffy. Tell me where I am and I might accept that drink.”

“You’re by Hadrian’s Wall, My Lady,” Arthur replied as he walked a little closer.

“Harry’s what?”

“Hadrian’s Wall,” Arthur repeated ignoring the tries his Knights were doing at hiding their laughter, “In Britain.”

“What?” Buffy asked, “I’m in England?” she was so shocked that she lowered the sword, “Giles would be so proud,” she muttered, “Can I borrow your phone?” she asked Arthur. The blank stares told her one thing, “you have never heard of a phone, have you?” she asked slowly.

“No, I’m afraid not.”

“What year is it?”

“It is 467,” Arthur said.

Buffy swore and even Bors lifted an eyebrow at her choice of words. She calmed down but was speaking to herself, “damit Will, your spell sent me to the Middle Age.”

She took a look around and then turned towards Arthur again, “You don’t happen to have a Witch or a Wizard do you? That could send me home?” Apparently that was the wrong thing to say as all the Roman soldiers drew their swords at her. Buffy was immediately ready for an attack.

“Everyone, lover your weapons. Now!” Arthur commanded. The Romans slowly did as he told them but Buffy kept her sword up.

“My Lady, please!” Arthur said.

“I don’t think so,” Buffy said, “these guys leans a little to much towards the Attack First Ask Later.”

“If you come with me we can talk in privet,” Arthur said. Buffy thought about it. He seemed to be a reasonable man who wasn’t gun, eh, sword happy. She nodded and carefully walked backwards never letting the Romans out of her sight.

“Lancelot,” Arthur said and one of the Knights walked towards them.

“Wait,” Buffy said, “your name is Lancelot?” he nodded. Buffy turned to Arthur, “and you don’t happen to be Arthur with the sword Excalibur?”

“Yes I am, “Arthur answered.

“Great,” Buffy muttered and continue walking, “not only have I gone back in time I’m also meeting legends.”

She never saw the curious look Arthur and Lancelot shared behind her back.


Willow rushed inside Giles apartment scaring the poor man senseless.

“Giles we have a problem.”


Chapter 2

“Giles, we have a problem,” Willow said when she rushed inside the old librarians apartment. Immediately she went to one of the many bookcases in the living room and began looking for a book, any book that could help.

The older man frowned at her from where he stood in the kitchen with the spilled tea he had been about to drink when she barged in.

“A problem with what?” he asked and began wiping the tea away with a towel. The redhead didn’t answer, she didn’t hear, and began stacking book after book in her arms.

“Willow, a problem with what?” Giles asked again more concerned.

“I screwed up a spell, Giles,” she said turning to him almost about to cry, “I don’t know how but I did and Buffy disappeared.”

“Dear Lord,” Giles said shocked, “She disappeared to where?”

“I don’t know.”

“What was the spell?” he wondered and began searching in books like she did. He decided to get angry at her later; getting his Slayer back was the important right now.

“To see if the theory of pass life was true. We wanted to see our own if we had any.”


Buffy watched Lancelot and Arthur as they walked through the halls. Arthur, apparently not King but a commander for the Roman army, was handsome in a rugged kind of way. He had dark hair and dark eyes and held himself very confident.

Lancelot was as handsome as Arthur but in a more charming way. He had a goatee, dark curls, mischievous eyes and almost always a smile on his face. Buffy guessed he could charm any girl he wanted and decided to be a little weary towards him.

“My Lady, in here,” Arthur said and opened a door. The room looked like an office with a desk and a bookcase.

They all walked inside and Lancelot closed the door.

“What was your name?” Arthur asked.

“It’s Buffy,” she replied. Seeing that it was strange to them, heck it was strange in her own time, she said, “If it to strange call me Elisabeth that’s where it came from.”

“Miss Elisabeth,” Arthur said, “How come you appeared in the tavern in what they say a spiral of fire.”

Buffy sighed. How to explain about your friend who is a witch if they killed her only by mention it? And her explanation would sound a little far fetch to them.

”My friend Willow is a Wicca,” Buffy began slowly, “she wanted my help with a spell…”

“You’re a witch?” Lancelot asked.

“No, I’m not. She just needed my help. The spell would let us see our pass life if we had any but something most have gone wrong and sent me here instead.”

“Do you have any way of getting back?” Arthur asked. He knew the Roman way of dealing with her would be burning her at stake for being involved in witchcraft but Arthur, luckily for Buffy, didn’t think like most Romans do.

“No,” Buffy replied, “I hope Willow is working on it.”

“I guess you will be staying here until then,” Arthur said. Buffy thought it was a little strange that they accepted her just like that; if she remembered correctly they weren’t too accepting of the abnormal in the Middle Age. But she wasn’t about to complain.

She was given a room for the night and after making sure the door was locked she fell asleep almost at once.

The next morning she woke up feeling sunrays on her face. She got up from the bed and looked out the window. Down below the small town were already awake. Soldiers were yelling orders, riding around on horses, taking care of their weapons and armors. Outside of the inner courtyard the townspeople were buying food, trading stuff and admired the soldiers that walked by (mostly women and children).

Further away she saw some men training. Looking closer, with help of her Slayer sight, she saw it was the men from yesterday whom had seem to approve her fight with the Roman soldier.

“The Knights,” she murmured and remembered the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

She quickly, so not like her, made sure she was presentable and walked out of the room. She was eager to see the Knights train. The corridor was empty and she walked out as fast as she could without running.

When she was about to exit the building she stopped. To get to the Knights training area she would have to pass all the Roman soldiers in between. And they would probably remember her from yesterday. She took a deep breath and walked out trying to make herself as small and invisible as she could.

It worked, halfway, then she ran into trouble.

“Well, what do we have here?” a voice said in front of her. She looked up and saw four Roman soldiers; one of them was the man she fought yesterday, she recognized him of all the bruising.

“It’s the little witch,” the man that stood in front of the other three said. He and two other tried to look as mean as possible while the man with the bruises looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but there.

Buffy wasn’t impressed by the three, she had seen and fought far worse things and wasn’t scared at all. More amused and she let them know that with a smirk.

“Well look here,” she said, “four idiots who share a brain and want to have their asses kicked.”

“Now you listened, witch,” the leader said clearly agitated that she wasn’t covering in fear, “we’re Roman soldiers and deserve respect. You better be careful or we might have to teach you a lesson.”

“Are you done?” she said inspecting her fingernails as if she was bored, “I have a place to be, far more fun then standing here chatting with you.” She began to walk around the little group when the leader thought he teach her that lesson. He grabbed her shoulder and attempted to turn her around. But Buffy had been prepared and when she felt the hand on her shoulder she grabbed it turned around twisting the arm making the man turn with his back towards her. It was a painful grip and she could easily break his arm.

“Do we have a problem here?” a gruff voice asked from the side. All heads turned and the Knight who wanted to by Buffy a drink, Bors, stood there with an amused grin on his face.

“Not at all,” Buffy said not letting go of the mans arm, “we’re just getting to know each other.” She brought the arm up a little making the man hiss in pain before she let go.

“Now, go on and play,” she said to the soldiers as if she was talking to children. They quickly help the soldier and walked away as fast as they could.

“Sorry you had to see that,” she apologized to Bors.

“Don’t worry. Remind me to buy you two drinks now,” he said back. Buffy raised an eyebrow.

“We Knights don’t think so highly of the Romans,” Bors explained and began walking away. Buffy followed hoping he was going to the training field. It turned out he was.

At the field Buffy saw the other five Knights. One was up on a horse shooting arrows at targets in full speed. She saw Lancelot and a man with long dirty blonde-brown hair, longer then her own, engaged in a fight. Lancelot fought with two twin swords and the other man with just one. The last two, a large bald man and a shorter man with curly hair and goatee, were fighting with an axe and a sword.

“Hey!” Bors yelled to get their attention. When he had it he said, “guess what our mysterious visitor did just now,” he said nodding towards Buffy who stood by the side a little embarrassed, “She was about to break the arm of one of the Romans who was pestering her.”

“Well done” and “They deserve it,” came the calls from the others before they went back to their training. One of them came to her; the one with curly hair and goatee, Bors had taken his place.

“It is clearly that you can fight,” he said, “want to spar?” he asked holding out a sword.

“Why not,” she said taking it, “I need a work out. What’s your name?”

“Galahad,” he answered. Another name she recognized from the tale of Arthur.

(AN: I don’t know anything about fighting with a sword so I won’t write it.)

Galahad and Buffy began to spar. Without knowing it the other Knights stopped and watched. The fight went on for about ten minutes and Buffy won because she cheated in the end and kicked Galahad, not so it hurt, but enough to gain the upper hand.

Surprisingly he wasn’t pissed about it. Instead he said it would have been something he should been prepare for. The other Knights were impressed and told her so making her blush a little. After that they also wanted to spar with her.

When the training was over Buffy had won over Galahad, Lancelot and Bors but lost to Tristan, Gawain and Dagonet.

Instead of going back cleaning up all of them went to the stables. It was the Knights personal stable, the Romans had their own.

“Horses are very important to Sarmatians,” Gawain explained to Buffy when she asked.

“Sarmatians?” she wondered.

“Yes, that’s what we are,” Gawain explained, “You didn’t think we were Romans did you?” he asked with a dramatic shudder.

“Sarmatians are horse lords. We lived on large fields moving around as we pleased. Then the Romans began to take over,” Gawain told her their history while he brushed his horse, “there was a big battle in Sarmatia and the Romans won. They spared the men and horses that survived, but enslaved them instead. That was over two hundred years ago. Since then the Romans come every fifteen years to Sarmatia and takes the boys in right age to serve them as Knights. I was twelve when they came for me.”

“So you are like slaves?” Buffy asked horrified.

“You can say that,” Galahad said, he had been listening like the others, “but luckily for only one more week, then we’ll be free.”

“Our fifteen years of servitude is up then and we can do as we please,” Lancelot said.

“I understand why you don’t like the Romans,” Buffy said.

“How about you,” Gawain asked, “why can you fight and who taught you?”

Buffy decided to tell them since they were honest with her. (AN: Probably out of character but its too much work coming up with excuses, it will be easier this way.)

“Like you I didn’t have a choice,” Buffy began, “Where I come from its a dark world. Most living in it ignore the danger or don’t believe its there. Some thousand of years ago a bunch of cowards got together and decided that a girl would take care of it instead of them. They gave her powers and forced her to fight. When she died the powers transferred to another girl and so it continued.”

Buffy took a deep breath and began what Giles liked the best only modified.

“We are Slayers and are called as soon as the previous died. Slayers are called young and they die young, most don’t live pass 17. I am 20 and have already died once. I was called at fifteen and absolutely hate was I have to do. But I don’t have a choice.”

The Knights were shocked they hadn’t expected that.

“You said they gave you powers. What powers?” Lancelot asked.

“Well, super strength, super hearing and eye-sight, we are naturally good at handling weapons and fight hand to hand combat,” she counted, “Oh, and fast healing.”

“How fast healing?” Bors asked.

Buffy looked around, saw one of Gawains knives and took it and cut her palm. She held it up for them to see and the cut healed up without leaving a scar.

“Superficial wounds heal at once and deeper takes a day or two,” Buffy said.

“That would be very useful to have,” Tristan stated.

“Knights!” Arthur called out when he walked inside the stable interrupting their conversation, “we have been given another mission. The Bishop of Rome is on his way and we will be meeting him and give him a safe journey to the Wall.”

“He has our release papers,” Galahad said.

“That he does,” Arthur smiled.

“What are we waiting for?” Bors said.

“We wont leave yet, Bors,” Arthur calmed him down, “we ride tomorrow. So get plenty of sleep tonight and be ready.”

Arthur turned to go but turned back and looked at Buffy.

“Miss Elisabeth, three soldiers came to me claming you attacked them,” he began but got interrupted by Bors.

“That’s a lie,” he said, “they started it.”

“Yes, I know. Like you I saw it too. I also saw your sparring with the Knights and believe it’s for the best if you come with us.”

Ok, now Buffy really suspected something was up and by the look of it so did the Knights.

“I trust you to find her a horse,” Arthur said to the Knights and turned to leave.


Xander slammed down the book on the living room table in frustration.

“I cant find anything, I don’t know what we are searching for!” he exclaimed. They had been researching for hours and Xander, Anya and Tara had come to help Willow and Giles when they found out what happened.

“I-I believe Xander is right. This is pointless,” Giles gave in.

“So what should we do?” Willow wondered guilty.

“The first we should do is locate her,” Giles thought out loud, “we do that easily with a spell… that I will do,” he said with a pointed look at Willows eager face. He really was concerned about her magic use, “we’ll see where we go from there,” he finished.