Wanting Forever

By: Cathy
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Highlander, but sometimes I wish I'd own Methos. Then I could have my wiches way with him.
AN (IMPORTANT!): I will have Faith as the resident slayer in Sunnydale, but this will not be a second „Shades of forever“ I love the story but this will be going different. And I respect the author too much, to steal her ideas.
This story is not beta read, so if you find any mistakes, please say so. And if somebody would want to be my beta reader, I would be really thankful. Than also Enligsh is not my mother language. So I could need all the help I can get.

Challenge Requirements:

What if Buffy was really one of Methos first students? (making her 3500 years old)? She lives in the shadow, killing the vampires and demons in the city's where the slayer did not reside. At times when she was needed she would assist the slayers (without the knowledge of the watchers [slayer's watcher]). Buffy's immortal watcher is „Adam Pierson“ aka Methos. Perhaps she was the first slayer or something (you can make Methos older if you want as well).

Some places/people Buffy could have trained (with):
*with the amazons
*the horsemen
*the maggi's from the Mummy Returns
*perhaps she was part of the rebellion of RA (crossed over with Stargate)
*trained in Egypt (with the dagger things that woman used)
*perhaps in british/english mythology she is portrayed as Guinevere and Methos as Arthur ( or something)
*with the musketeers (or somewhere where guns where used)
*druids, witches
*and just for fun, maybe she knew jack sparrow and/or a character from Underworld

*none of the other scoobies (Xander, Willow;Giles) are immortal or immortal watchers
*Buffy has known Tara for awhile (perhaps they both studied under Methos or Buffy trained Tara)
*Buffy does not ever pair up with Angel, Parker or Spike (maybe Buffy came across Angelus, Spike, Dru and Darla in the 1800s and dusted them all)
*get Methos in Sunnydale in season one instead of Angel
*at least one head hunter (evil) a season attacks Buffy (but she wins)
*the scoobies witness Buffy dieing (and see kendra suddenly back from the dead) during the fight at graduation


The bus station bustled with activity. Everywhere people where pushing and showing to get to their bus or to a taxi that would take them home. Buffy just stood in a corner and observed. Her bus wouldn't take of in another twenty minutes or so and she really didn't like so loud places. Here in the shadows nobody would notice her, only if she wanted to be spotted.

Her bag with the few possessions she had with her lay beside her. Leaning against the wall, she thought about her destination. Sunnydale. The hell mouth. Home for hundreds of vampires and Demons, but also of the Current Slayer and one of dangerous vampires in existence. But until a few days ago, she thought he wouldn't be a problem for the next few years. She had been wrong. A few days ago, one of her many sources came to her to show her a prophecy about this vampire, the Master. He would be back and that was something she couldn't let happen. Buffy didn't now if Faith, the Slayer in Sunnydale, was strong enough to stop it. So here she was.

Buffy had no idea what she would do, when she was there. Should she work with the Slayer together or alone. Where she would stay. Maybe a motel or a cheap apartment? But she would decide that when she was there. And she would have enough time to think on her bus ride.