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Voldemort's Heir

By: Celestialwitch
Rating: Pg-13
Summery: Set in season 2 of Buffy and after book 4 of Harry Potter. Buffy gets an unexpected letter from Hogwarts saying that she has been excepted with the 5th years.HP and BTVS crossover!

Chapter 1: The Letter

A little girl shouldn't be walking around at this time of night, said a voice which seem to be behind the girl. Well if I was just a little girl I would think the same thing, replied the girl. She pulled out a stake and turned around to be looking at a vampire. Slayer, said the vampire. Dust, replied the girl. The vampire lunged at the girl, she took two steps to her left and held out the stake, before the vampire had a chance to stop himself he landed on the stake, which was now threw his heart. Oh shit, said the vampire. Oh yes, said the girl. And with that she just walked down the empty street to her watcher's place.

Giles, the girl walked into her watcher's house. Yes Buffy? Why is there an owl trying to get in here, asked Buffy while pointing at the owl which stood outside of Giles window.An owl? I haven't seen an owl since I went to Hogwarts, thought Giles. Let it in Buffy. Buffy walks over to the window and opens it while the owl flies right in landing on Giles. Giles look's at the two letters on the owl's leg, and carefully takes them off. He stare's at the on addressed to Buffy. What is Albus thinking? The Ministry and The Council agreed not to let Buffy know who she really is. (A/N apart from her being the slayer duh!) thought Giles. Earth to Giles, said Buffy. Giles hands Buffy the letter. What's this Giles, asked Buffy. Just read it, replied Giles.

Elizabeth A. Summers

We are pleased to inform you that you have been excepted to are school of witchcraft and wizardry, To join the 5th years. The is a supply list of all the things you will need, we will await your answer

Albus Dumbledor

Buffy look's up from her letter.

WHAT IS THIS, came a screaming and very angry Buffy. Buffy please sit down, bloody hell where do I begin, Buffy not only are you the slayer but you are also a witch, a very powerful witch at that. Buffy's jaw dropped. Then she came back to her senses. HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN THIS, said Buffy. -silence- HOW LONG GILES! Since you were first activated as the slayer, said Giles. Great, just another thing I have to deal with, said Buffy. Now since I know all that what does your's say? Giles opened his letter and started reading it.

Rupert Giles

As I am sure you know about Miss Summers being the only heir to Voldemort, I very much advise you to bring her here to Hogwarts, were she can take control of the powers that she holds. I have also come to learn that Miss Summers is the Slayer, which means she has even more power,please bring her to Hogwarts. As I'm sure you have heard that Voldemort has risen again, which means we can also use Miss Summers help in defeating him. We are also in dire need for a DADA teacher and I would like you to teach. Please except are requests.

Albus Dumbledor.

So what,asked Buffy when Giles had finished reading his letter. Look Buffy, since you got back haven't you noticed anything different about yourself, asked Giles. Buffy thought back to when she came back from L .A . a week ago, her mom and friends still thought she was still gone at who knows where. I haven't noticed anything unusual about me apart from the fact that I battle demons and vamps almost every night, replied Buffy in a dead sarcastic tone. Look Buffy I am just saying that you really need to go to this school, you are a very powerful witch and if you go to this school you will be able to control your new powers, said Giles. Why me! you think the council would have a little sympathy for me because I do there dirty work and now they bring this on me! GIVE ME ONE DAMN GOOD REASON WHY I SHOULD GO TO THIS SCHOOL, screamed Buffy.

Buffy! calm down! I know you have just gone threw a lot and now you have this being told to you but you are going to have to deal, replied Giles. You have to except, so will you, came a little bit angered Giles. What about my mom, my friends, asked Buffy. All of that can be taken care of, now will you except? Fine, said Buffy

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron

"Come on Buffy! the plane to London leaves in two hours!", said Giles. "I'm coming", said Buffy.

Buffy run's out of Giles's house caring one luggage."Is that all you'll need Buffy?", asked Giles. "Yeah, it's just all the clothes and stuff I will need, plus you said I am going to get stuff there too, you know i didn't think my mom would get so teary when I told her I got a job in London", said Buffy. "So I took care of my mom, what did you tell my friends?", asked Buffy. "Nothing they still think your away", replied Giles. "Gee thanks Giles you really took care of that", said Buffy

"By the way Giles I need to make a stop before we head to the airport", said Buffy. "Sure Buffy I'll drive you there on the way to the airport", replied Giles. "No I need to go there alone, it's something very important that I need to do", said Buffy. Buffy starts walking out when Giles call's out to her "You've got ten minutes."

Buffy walks in Angel's old "mansion." Buffy walks over to the Athica statue (That's at least what i think its) and an old memorize fills her mind.

Buffy is about to thrust her sword into Angelus. Then Angelus is struck but a light inside him. (A/N his soul)

Buffy smacks her head. "STOP, stop remembering!" Power is fusing from her body.

Angel: Buffy?

Angel looks at the sword in Buffy's hand.

Angel: Buffy, What's going on?

Athic's mouth starts to open and so does the dimension with it. Buffy's eyes widen in horror, fear, and hate(A/N because now she has to kill the guy she loves)

Buffy kisses Angel for the last time.

Buffy: I love you.

Angel: I love you too.

Buffy then thrusts her sword into Angel.

Tears are running freely from her eyes. She sets down the ring Angel once gave her. And then Buffy runs out.

"Right on time, come on we got to go", said Giles not noticing that Buffy had been crying. "Yeah lets go", replied Buffy.


Buffy and Giles are running threw the Airport until the reached there flight and got on. "How long until we get there?", asked Buffy." About a few hours", replied Giles. Giles picked up a newspaper that read,

The Daily Prophet (Muggles site a flying cat)

Buffy noticed that the picture was moving, but she figured it was just a witch thing, then she noticed the word Muggle. "Giles, What's a Muggle?", asked Buffy. "It's a word that means non-witch/wizard", replied Giles. "Oh", said Buffy. "So Giles tell me more about this school, What's it like", asked Buffy.

"Well there's ghosts, talking paintings, and stuff like that", replied Giles. "Where will I stay?", asked Buffy. "Well there are four houses, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor, You will be sorted into one of those houses and you'll live there with the rest of the students in the same house", replied Giles. "So... which house were you in, I remember you saying you've gone to this school before", said Buffy. "Yes I did, and I was in Gryffindor", replied Giles.

"Giles, I've been meaning to ask just were exactly are we even going?", "You even said school doesn't even start until Sep. 1. and That's a month from now", said Buffy. "Because your going to be entering Hogwarts with the fifth years and I'm going to teach you what you'll need to know", said Giles.

"Look here we are", said Giles. "Giles, I don't know if you noticed but were in an Ally", said Buffy. "Yep come on". Giles walked up to a wall and then pulled open a hidden door. Welcome to the Leaky cauldron.

Nighttime back in Sunnydale


A naked body appears.

cough cough


Chapter 3: Train to Hogworts


It was the 17th time that month that she had woken up crying from that dream of Angel coming back, at first she just thought it was a dream but now she was getting really worried. It was Sep. 1. and today was the day that she finally goes to Hogwarts, she had only been there once to get sorted (A/N which to everyone who bugged me about it she is in Slytherin, Ha Ha just kidding she is in Gryffindor, sorry Slytherin lovers!) at the begging of the month when she first arrived in London. Buffy thought back to when she first came to the Leaky cauldron.

She had learned almost ever spell a first year to a fifth year knew and some sixth and seventh year spells too in one month and Giles was very impressed, she had come to really enjoy doing Magic and you it for almost everything. No doubt she was a powerful witch she did most magic without a wand and the last person who did Extreme wandless Magic was born over 2000 years ago, Yet at this Giles was very worried because she was becoming even more powerful than he wanted her too.

She also started thinking about the first time she went to Diagon Alley all the stuff she had gotten, robes, supplies, even a beautiful black cat with white silver gleaming eyes (A/N which she named Diana because the cat reminded her of the moon somehow yes it is a girl), also a wand. A Wand, She remembered how creepy that guy was.


Buffy walked into the shop called Ollivander's Wands. Why if it isn't Miss. Summers. A very old guy walked out from behind a desk and greeted her. "Now what is you wand arm?", asked Ollivander. "Uh ...I guess my right", replied a confused Buffy. "Here take this one, nine inches willow dragon heart string". Ollivander handed Buffy the wand. "Give it a twirl", ordered Ollivander." NO NO!" Ollivander grabbed the wand from Buffy. "Here try this one." Buffy waved it and boxes started zooming out everywhere. "Defiantly NOT!" Buffy had gone threw for what seemed like every box and she was tired.

"Hmm, Curious even more curious than young Mister Potter, tell me is there something different from you girl?", asked a stern Ollivander. Buffy, not wanting to tell that she was the slayer said," I can do wandless Magic". "Really? is that so? Go on than", came an interested Ollivander. Buffy flung her hand up in the air and just looked at a quill, she was still only practicing wandless Magic so it was kind of hard for her, The quill lifted in the air and started to dance, then she put her hand down and then the quill dropped."Very Interesting, I also sense power from you not just Witch magic but something else." Buffy sighed she knew that if she wanted to get her wand anytime soon she would have to tell him. "I'm also the S-Slayer", said Buffy.

Good God, you kidding me,came a surprised Ollivander.(A/N is it me or does he just have so many damn emotions!) Buffy was really starting to get annoyed. No I just told you I'm the Slayer for Mock Pleasure, she said in a sarcastic tone. Ollivander got the sarcasm and said I'm sorry but the last time we had a witch-slayer was over a couple 1000 years ago.

Ollivander rushed off into the very back of his store and pulled out a VERY dusty box he blew at it and pulled out a pure silver wand with a black and light blue handle. He brought it over and before handing it over to Buffy he said this is my most power containing wand that I have I was not its creator but it was said that it was made out of the elemental wood (A/N explanation at the bottom) the first slayer hair and some other ingredient I am not aware of. He handed her the wand. Buffy had been overwhelmed with well Power her hair was rising up and black, silver, and blue light was enibiting off of her. AW! It seems like we have just found you wand Miss. Summers.


Man was he CREEPY!, thought Buffy.Giles walked into her room. "Come on Buffy the train leaves in a hour." Buffy got up and grabbed all her things and walked out with Giles as her cat Diana followed them. Buffy kept rereading her ticket to see if there was a mistake. Platform 9 3/4? Buffy and Giles came to Platform 9. "Buffy, see that Platform inbetween 9 and 10, Run threw it, here I'll show you", said Giles. Giles picked up his stuff and ran right threw the wall, Buffy looked at the wall astonished. She too grabbed her stuff and Diana and ran threw it too. Buffy opened her eyes to find she was by a train and a Platform that said Platfom 9 and 3/4. "Giles!", came a little worried Buffy for she couldn't find him. Giles came from behind her and surprised her and she ended up punching him. "Oh god Giles I'm so sorry!", came and apologetic Buffy helping him up.

"It's ok Buffy, its a good thing no one noticed you do that who people would have gotten suspicious", said Giles. Buffy and Giles got on the Train as it was about to leave. "Buffy go look for a compartment I am going to be with the teachers up front", said Giles. Buffy just nodded and headed to the back where she found an empty compartment, she and Diana got in and sat down.

She looked out the window when she heard the compartment door open. Buffy turned around to see a girl and two guys. (A/N ooOoo I wonder who they are) "Hi", came a smiling Buffy. "Hi, My name is Hermione Granger and this is Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter, all he other compartments are full do you mind if we sit her",asked Hermione. Buffy smiled sweetly and nodded. Hermione walked in and as she did that she closed both Harry's and Ron's mouth from gawking at the girl, which brought them to there senses and they all sat down. "By the way we didn't catch your name",stated Hermione. "Buffy Summers",replied Buffy. "Oh what a gorgeous cat may I pet her?",asked Hermione pointing at Diana. "Sure",replied Buffy.

Ron and Harry just kept gawking at the blonde girl. "What year are you in Buffy?", asked Hermione. "I'm in fifth I transferred here from Sunnydale California",replied Buffy. At this it brought back Harry and Ron from there dreams about this girl. (A/N fifteen year old boys and their hormones...) "Your an American, What Wizard school did you go to there?", asked Harry. "Yes I am American, I went to... I think you call it a Muggle school?", replied Buffy. Cool, came Ron in a exited tone. At this the four of them started having a conversation with them knowing she had just made some knew friends. She thought Hermione reminded her of Willow.

And then the compartment door opened. There stood A platinum blonde haired boy with very pale skin and two fat goons. "Potter ...Weasley...Granger", he spat out the names in disgust. And then he turned to her. "Him"...He looked her up and down and liked what he saw. Everyone noticed this as Harry got up. "What do you want Malfoy?",came Harry sending him a Glare.

Malfoy ignored him and then spoke to Buffy. "You shouldn't hang out with this lot," "Why not I seem to be having a pretty good time with them", came Buffy with a sweet smile. Holy Crap, He is like a mini-Spike! Malfoy sneered at this. "Please having fun with Pothead Potter, Weasel weasley, and Mudblood Granger?" At this Malfoy and the goons cracked up. Harry shot back up and glared at Malfoy, "My question still stands what do you want?", said Harry. "Just to teach you and the rest of your lot a lesson." Crabe and Goyle came over cracking their knuckles, at this Buffy shot up and went in front of Harry. Everyone looked surprised at this.

Get out, Buffy spat at the goons and Malfoy sending her famous death glare at the three. Malfoy looked at her. "Make me", said Malfoy. At this Buffy started to turn around but then with her reflexes and agility she swiftly turned around and shout out a swift kick at him in his stomach sending him flying at the opposite compartment, and now people came out of theirs to see what was going on.

Crabe and Goyle lunged at Buffy and she just laughed while they threw wobbly punches and kicks at her. Everyone watched in Awe at what they were seeing a small girl dodging everything that Crabe and Goyle threw at her. Then Buffy was just getting annoyed, these guys are just like vampires, they don't know when to quit! So she punched Goyle which sent him flying and then Crabe started to back away when she turned to him. She just smirked and kicked him in the nuts. (A/N OUCH that had to hurt o well hahahaha!) Malfoy, Crabe, and Goyle got up and ran into their own compartments.

Buffy went back inside her compartment and slammed the door while everyone inside her compartment and out just stood in awe not believing that she had just made all three of them cry....literaly Hermione, Ron, and Harry were left dumbstruck.

Chapter 4: Dinner and Some Explainations

"That was hardly any fun at all", Buffy pouted. This made the three gawk even more at what she had just said, then one of the three broke the silence. "You are going to get in a lot of trouble for that", came Hermione in a small tone. "Why because I defended friends, Hey he was the one who started it so if anyone is going to get in trouble it will be him and I'll make sure of that", said Buffy. "Your a goddess!", came Ron. At this Buffy laughed. "You guys remind me of my friends back home", Buffy said with a small laugh.

"Tho I still think you are going to get in trouble for that, Thank you", said Hermione. Harry kept eyeing her he knew something was up with that she wasn't telling them, tho he had to admit she was drop dead gorgess and kicked ass in a fight. Buffy noticed that Harry was eyeing her in a suspicious manor. She turned to Harry and asked "Is there something wrong?" Harry finally shook his head after he relized she caught him and he slightly started to blush. "HOW DID YOU DO THAT!", came an over exited Ron. "That was bloody brillent!", exclaimed Ron for what seemed to be like the 100th time.

"How did YOU do that", Harry asked trying to sound casual but failed. "Why do you ask it like that, are you impliying that a GIRL can't fight back to two goons and a mini-Spike?" Mini-Spike? "NO NO, I just mean well that was well kinda awsome, Your only the second girl to actully physically stand up to Malfoy,"said Harry eyeing Hermione. Hermione started to blush, and Buffy noticed it and started to laugh. "That's cool, seeing how people were acting around him she could tell he was popular and afraid of by most students. He is such a damn ass wipe! I met him for two minutes and then already knew he was prick". Buffy thought to herself she was actully having a good time sice the whole Angel thing and was happy. Then Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Buffy all joked about Malfoy on the rest of the way to Hogwarts.

They all got off the train and started to get off and as soon as Buffy did Giles pulled her to the side. "What the bloody hell were you thinking when you did that to those kids Buffy!", came a angrey Giles. "They got what they desvered, beside's they started it while I just ended it", replied Buffy." Yes Buffy but your different from all of them you know you shouldn't use your slaying ablities for petty fights!", came Giles. "I know I'm sorry he just looked so much like Spike I ended up beating the crap at of him", replied Buffy with her all to innocent smile that Giles always fell for. "Ok Ok, just be careful next time and control your temper", came a calmed Giles. "I know", replied Buffy when she started to catch up with Harry and the others, not knowing that a certain platnim blonde haired boy was spying on them. "This is to perfect"...

Buffy walked up to the trio and then stoped as soon as she relized she came face to face with a skinless horse and froze about ready to attak it. Then Harry came up to her and asked, "You see them too?" Buffy looked surprised at what he had just said, "yeah doesn't everyone else?" Harry shook his head. "Only if you have seen someone die or have just seen a dead body you can see them", replied Harry. Buffy snorted. "HA, I have seen more dead bodies that you can't even imagine", said Buffy in a sarcastic yet serious tone. "WHAT!", said Harry in response. Buffy just relized she shouldn't have said that.

"Nothing, just forget I said it", said Buffy while getting in the carrige. Harry just watched her get in before he did. They arrived at Hogwarts and all sat down at their house tables. When something broke out into a song. It was that hat that Buffy recanized when she had to put it on the first time she came to Hogwarts to get sorted. The hat was done and it started to sort people. She then remembered what happened to her when she first got sorted.


Buffy walked over to the hat and placed it on surprised when it started talking.

Aw! Miss Elizabeth Riddle finally she comes to Hogwarts. Not only are you a witch but it seems to me you are also the slayer! Hmm where to put you. Slytherin that would be good for you it is where your father was in when he came here.

My Father?

Looks to me you don't know who your father is. Lets see lots of courage, LOTS of power, loylty, fairly bright but where to put you...

Best it be...GRYFFINDOR!


Have to ask Giles about that sometime, thought Buffy. "I wonder who the new DADA proffesor is", asked Hermione. "I think its that guy over there talking to the librarian", said Harry pointing at the teachers table. Buffy had to keep herself from laughing because she could tell he liked the librarian.

"I hope he is actully interesting and not some old git", said Ron. "He is interesting tho he really likes books", Buffy replied with a small laugh. At this Hermione, Ron, and Harry turned to look at her. "How do you know that?", asked Ron. "He's My gardian",replied Buffy. "He's really nice but he seems to ramble about lots of things". "Kinda of like Hermione here", Ron replied with a laugh. Hermione started to blush when then she hit Ron on the back of his head. "Ow what was that for?", Ron said while rubbing the back of his head. Hermione and Ron started to argue while Harry and Buffy just laughed. "When do you think those two will get together?", asked Buffy while laughing. Harry diddn't look surprised at all at her question because he too knew that Hermione and Ron where in love with each other but to stupid to admit it. "I am guessing hopefully sometime this year", Harry replied while still laughing at the two of his friends. Buffy and harry just watched the two and kept on laughing until a voice range threw the room.

"Welcome students to another year at Hogwarts. I am pleased to inform you that we have a new student here who will be joining the fifth years Miss Buffy Summers please if you will", came a happy Dumbldore. Buffy noticed what he met and started to blush and quickly stood up and sat back down. Buffy noticed she had lots of eyes on her expecially lots of guys, she got alot of this back home so she just shrugged it off. "And to everyone another reminder that EVERYONE is to stay away from the forrbidon forest", Dumbldore said eyeing Harry. "Now let the feast begin!"

Buffy was surprised when food appeared on their table. But then she Quickly started eating.


Chapter 5: Demon Attack

It had been two weeks since Buffy had gone to Hogwarts. Her and the infamous trio were now all good friends. Buffy loved Hogwarts, she occasionally went patrolling outside of Hogwarts but when she actully fought something it was always close to the forbidden forest or in it.

"So whats are last class today?", asked Buffy.

"Defence Against the Dark Arts", replied Harry. "The proffesor's kind of a git",said Ron. At this both Buffy and Hermione hit Ron on the back of his head causing him to lose his balance and fall down. This surprised Harry,Ron, and Buffy that Hermione hit him too, they all knew why Buffy hit him but Hermione?

"OWWW, Hermione, Buffy! that hurt", said Ron rubbing the back of his head. "I understand you Buffy, but why did you do it too Hermione?", asked Harry confused.

A light blsh started to creep up Hermione's face. Both Buffy and Harry noticed this and burst out laughing.

Ron to stupid to get what was going on made him look up and ask "why are you laughing?" Hermione noticed this a said "nothing!", a little to quickly. She then rushed all of them into class, and then just quietly sat down.

"OK class sit down. Today we are going to learn about vampires, and vampire slayers", said Giles. Buffy then choked,loudly, causing a few people to look at her but then back up at Giles. "But Proffesor there not real, there just myths", said Hermione blushing. "Do you have proof of that Miss Granger?", asked Giles. Hermione started to blush even redder but stayed sighlent.

"So can anyone name a famous vampire?",asked Giles. A few hands shot up. "Miss Miko? please name a vampire", said Giles. "Dracula?", said the little Gryffindor girl. Yes very good, "Anyone else?", asked Giles. A few more hands shot up. "Mr. Sheilds. I've heard of a visious vampire, one who like to toy with you mind and tortures you before he kills you, I think his name is Angelus?"

Buffy paled. Giles noiced this and quickly said, "yes very good lets move on to slayers". Buffy gave Giles a look that said thank you and he just nodded and gave her a smile. "Who can read aloud the paragraph on slayers?" Hermione's hand instantly shot up. "Yes Miss Granger?", said Giles while cleaning his glasses.

"One girl in the world, the chosen one she alo- uhh Proffesor Giles the rest is all blured", came a little worried Hermione. "Mine too!', came another kid. "Same here", came another kid. All the rest off the kids looked at their books to see that paragraph slightly blured. Then all saying "Mine is too". "Proffesor all are books are blured", said Harry. Before Buffy could stop herself she started torecite the poem while tipping in her chair looking at the celing not even glancing at the book.

"One girl in the world, the chosen one she alone will stop the vampires, the demons, she is the slayer".

"Exept they forget to mention the part that you die come back to life kill your lover and risk your friends lifs to top it off", Buffy said mumbling under her breath.

But Harry heard it quite well since he was right by her. Everyone looked at her in confusion and wonder, but Giles looked at her in anger. Buffy relized what she had just said and started to slightly panic. "Yes thank you Buffy", said Giles with a hint of anger in his voice Buffy and Harry being the only ones to catch it. "No problem Giles", Buffy replied tying to laugh it off and thankfully suceding.

People where now used to Buffy and Proffesor Giles calling each other by first names but they still had no idea why, only Hermione, Ron, and Harry knew.

"It seems class is over, I wan't half a parchment on vampires and the rest on slayers", said Giles. Everyone groand exept Hermione and Buffy which Harry and Hermione thought was weird since she groand about other assighnments even though she was as good as Hermione. "Now you may leave, we'll still be working on vampires and slayers next time", Giles said. everyone started to leave exept Buffy.

When Buffy thought everyone was gone she started to apoligise to Giles."Giles I'm sooo sorry about earlier, it just seemed to come out of my mouth before I could stop myself, I've heard that speach to much so it just kinda came out", Buffy fineshed. "Fine Buffy just whatch what you say. Tonight I need you to patrol", Giles said. Buffy's mouth fell open. "What! tonights one of my nights off", Buffy pouted and did that oh so famous get out free card smile Giles always tented to fall for. "Fine Buffy, but tomarrow your going to patrol., Giles said.

"Thanks Giles, I'm going to go down to Dinner Bye!",said Buffy while running off not even bothering to notice that someone was doing the same thing and coming out of the same classroom.

Buffy ran over to Harry, Hermione, and Ron and sat down. "Hey guys sorry I'm late", said Buffy. Hermione and Ron said a regular hi but Harrry's came out werely.

"Is there something wrong Harry?", asked Hermione. "No, I mean no nothing its fine", Harry said while glancing at Buffy.

Just then Snape burst threw the doors his robes ript and torn with spots of blood dripping while he walked over to Dumbledore. Kids eyeing him with interest. He mumbled something that only the staff and Buffy could hear (Buffy being able to hear because of one of her slaying traits) Dumbledore gave Buffy a look that said please come here. Buffy got up and walked over to Dumbledore and left a confused Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The three exchanged confused glaces while they saw Buffy walk out of the great hall.

Dumbledore stood up his voice boming throughout the great hall. "I need everyone to remain calm at the news I'm about to give", Dumbledore paused. At this everyone looked up worried expresions on their faces.

"It seems, that a nest of demons has stubled into Hogwarts in the west wing." Everyone screamed and headed for the big doors like the time most of them had when they heard about the troll.

"Silence!" Dumbledore's voice boomed throughout the room once again causing everyone to freeze where they where. "Prefects will escort their own houses back to your common rooms. These demons are impervious to magic so don't go looking for them and trying to defeat them", Dumbledore said while eyeing Harry. Everyone got up and quickly followed the prefects.

"Hey what about Buffy, she left before Dumbledore told us about the demons", said Harry a little to worridly. "Thats right! whta if she's with those the demons!", said Hermione also for her new found female friend. "She probaly went chasing after them, carzy one that one is", said Ron. "Come on you two we have to go find her, Harry grab your invisibilty cloak", said Hermione. Harry nodded but he and Ron where surprised that this time it had been Hermione that just said basicly in other words lets go looking for trouble.

Harry, Hermione, and ron managed to get away invisible from everyone else.

"Hey I think I see something over there", said Ron while pointing to a small figure in the shadows.

The figure came out of the shadow. "Its Buffy!", Ron said. "Shush", Hermione Hushed. "What is she doing holding an axe?", Harry asked. "Look over there!", said Hermione while pointing at seven tall red demons twice the height size of Buffy with horns everywhere on its bodys'.

" I was wondering when youd turn up", said Buffy while she said holding her axe up ready to fight.

The demons charged at her and she dogged them easily but the next time one of the demons charged at her she wasn't so luck, but lucky enough and got up like nothing happened. And slashed to of the demons in half leaving five left and continued fighting.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron watched in amazement at what their small friend could do.

"She's actully fighting them and winning!", said Ron exited. "We have to get out of here before we get caught!", Hermione said eagerly though her eyes where glued on Buffy fighting. "Oh come on lets whatch the rest Hermione", said Ron. By the time He finshed his sentence all the demons where dead, but Buffy was still in a fighting stance looking around at her surondings.

"What is she doing?", Harry finally spoke up. Buffy looked to where they where standing and started to walk where they where. Harry, Ron, and hermione noticed this and started to back up, but Harry tripped and the three of them crashed to the floor reaveling two legs. Buffy walked over to where they were and pulled of the cloak, shock was written all over her face from who she saw.

Chapter 6: Slayer Crisis

London Diagon ally

A man walked into the leaky cauldron and stoped at the bar.

"Hi, welcome to the leaky cauldron what shall I give you?", the bartender asked.

The man pulled out a picture of a small blonde girl with four other people around them. Two girls and two guys. "Have you seen this girl", the strange man asked pointing to the blonde in th middle. The bartender eyed it carefully trying to remember until it clicked.

"Yea, I think I have, pretty little lady, she was here a few weaks ago going to Hogwarts, she was with another man, older looking, they were here for about a month."

"Were is Hogwarts?", asked the man.

The bartender told him were Hogwarts was as he started to leave until the bartender spoke up.

"Excuse me for asking but what is your name?"



Back at Hogwarts were Buffy and the lot are

Utter shock was written and Buffy's face.

Before any of them could say anything, Proffesor Dumbledore, Mcgonagal, Giles and Snape came in.

Snape was disgusted at all of the dead cut up demons on the ground. Giles already used to it. And Dumbledore and Mcgonagal paying no attention to it. Giles walked over to Buffy to make sure was alright.

"Potter, Weasley, Granger, what are you doing out of beds when you new these demons were around school grounds!", Snape somewhat roared.

All three of them were to flabbergasted at what they saw there newfound friend could do still eyeing Buffy.

"We were simply trying to find Buffy and see if she was alright", Hermione finally somewhat back to her senses spoke up.

"I suggust you three go back to your common rooms", McGonnagal said.

Hermione, Ron, and Harry got up and left without barley rellizing it.

"Buffy are you alright?", Giles asked woridly seeing her blood tainted shirt.

Buffy finally shook out of it and replied "ya just fine, but something is up how did they get in here?" Dumbledore finally started to speak, "it seems one of Hogwarts barriers were down and they manged to get in from the forrbiden forest." "Yes but why now, how did the barrier go down?", buffy asked.

"I'm not sure but I think it might be best if you go to bed now", Giles said.

A flash of horror shot threw her eyes and Giles noticed it. "Don't worry about them, Giles said refering to Hermione, Ron, and Harry.,Maybe you should tell them about you being a slayer." I don't really think I have a choice", Buffy replied. Giles smiled while buffy headed back to the Grryfindor common room. "You meen to tell us that this child is the slayer?", Mcgonnagal asked. "Impossible, Slayers don't even exist!", Snape yelled. "Witches, Wizerds, and demons exist why can't slayers?", Giles shot back. Snape stepped back a foot in defeat.


That is the least of are worries, right now we need to focus on what happened tonight", Dumbledore yelled to silence them. "This child has lots of power, she id Voldemorts child and the slayer, she just might be the most powerful person on the face of this planet, and I bet those demons where here on purpose, and I bet they were sent by Voldemort to get his child"...


Back in the common room

Buffy just walked in the common room to find Hermione, Ron, and Harry huddled in a corner disscusing something, Proubaly about what happened tonight Buffy thought.

She tried to get up to the girls dormitrey ignoring the three until hermione noticed her and went and grabbed her arm.

Buffy stoped and gently pulled her arm away.

"What are you?", Ron asked, him and Harry now walking over to Buffy and Hermione.

"A Capricorn falling on the sign of Aquarious you?", Buffy replied sarcasticly.

"You know what I meant", Ron shot back while glaring at her.

"I'm the slayer."

"So its true, when I heard you talking to proffesor Giles earlyer after class when he said the word patrol, and the whole little seen during class I thought something was up," Harry FINALLY spoke up.

"That was you?", Buffy replied.

"How are you the slayer, How are they even real? Why did you lie to us?", Hermione asked with a pang of hurt.

"In order, I just am I was just called, Long story, I lied because I have to if I told you I would have put you in danger", Buffy said. "And going after demons isn't dangerous?", Harry asked. "First of all its my job and second of all looking for me while you knew the demon was magic resistent isn't dangerous?", Buffy countered. "You still could have told us", Ron said. "What I go up to you and say Hi, My name is Buffy and I'm the slayer that apperently no one believes in", Buffy replied sarcasticly once again.

"Look I'm tired and I'd like to go to bed, Good night". Buffy said without letting any of them talk and walked off to bed.


at breakfast

Hermione, Harry, and Ron sat at the table disscusing Buffy until she walked in and sat down by them.

"Morning guys!", Buffy said in her usual cheerful grin. The three just eyed her strangely.

"Man I'm beat!", Buffy said while filling her plate with food.

"Whats wrong guys?", Buffy said even though she knew what was wrong.

"Your even more bonkers than I thought, You come in here and act like nothing happened!", Ron said agrily. "Look remember what I said last night, I said I needed to keep this a secret!", Buffy replied in a hushed whisper so only the four of them could hear. 'Look I can't help if I'm the slayer, I'm sorry that I lied to you but now you know, I am supposed to keep this a secret",Buffy said..

Before any of them could say anything else the great hall doors burst open revealing a tall handsome looking man.

The only words Buffy could get out were...


Chapter 7: Angel


There stood Angel in the door way.

Angel turned to buffy and their eyes met.

Angel...Angel...Angel, Buffy's mind was racing that one word running threw her head.

Buffy got up and ran, ran as fast as she could into Angel's arms.

By now every eye in the room was now on her and Angel, including the teachers.

"How?"...Buffy maneged to get out.

Angel took out a silver ring ( A/N you know the one with the heart crown and hands that Angel gave her during i think season one? ) Buffy cutched tighter to Angel, tears streaming down her face not even daring to let go, holding on tighter to make sure it was real.

The room was complety silent. People were so interested to see what would happen next.

For some reason Harry's heart felt like it was goint to break. He wanted nothing more right now to go up and kill the guy that was hugging Buffy.

Than what Buffy and this strange guy did just shattered his heart.

They kissed...

It wasn't exactly a hard kiss most people would say it was just a peck on the lips, but it just tore threw him.

Buffy and Angel pulled away and fell on their nees clutching each other tighter and tighter. ( A/N a slayer and a vampire clutching each other tight...gee I wander if that hurts? )

"Yo-Your here...Your really here"...buffy said tears still streaming down her face.

"I'm here", Angel said while mouthing soothing words into her ear softly to calm her down though he was feeling the same way.

Buffy finally reuluctinly slightly pulled back.

"Why? How?", there were so many questions Buffy wanted to ask but she couldn't get the words out.

Some girls had tears in their eyes obviously because they thought this was so romantic.

Then Giles came over and pulled Buffy away obviously not trusting this was Angel, but instead Angelus playing one of his tricks. And pulled out a cross, then stuck it infront of him and Buffy.

"Giles!", Buffy said.

Now everyone was just looking at them in pure intrest and suspence to see what would happen next. Until Dumbledore spoke.

"Mr. Giles I think it would be best to continue this outside of the Great hall."

Almost everyone moned and sighed.

Angel, Buffy, and Giles walked out of the room closing the doors behind them.

As soon as the doors closed the whole room burst into noise.

"SILENCE!", Dumbledore's voice boomed throughout the Great hall where people miles away could probaly hear it.

Everyone was now deadly silent. "It seems we have a new...person (so he thought...) that has comed to Hogwarts and it seems to be one of Miss Summers friend. I would like everyone to report to there first classes...Now! Everyone hurridly got up and ran to there classes.

"So who do you think that bloke was?", Ron asked. "Don't know but it seems like Buffy knew him like really knew him", Hermione said while she started to turn a small shade of pink. "Well gee Hermione I really break down infront of a complete strangers and kiss them", Rom said with pure sarcasim. This earned Ron a smack in the head. "Ow, I was just saying", Ron said while rubbing the back of his head. The two looked at Harry and instantly went quite. They knew Harry had feelings for the small blonde girl and they thought she did to the way the two looked at each other.

Then the three of them heard yelling.

"Giles, please give me the cross", Buffy said while holding out her hand.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron all went around the corner to see Mr. Giles, Buffy, and that strange guy Buffy had callen Angel, they went behind a wall so they wouldn't be spotted while listening to there confersation.

Giles just gently shoved Buffy behind him holding the cross infront of Angel's face anger once again returning to him.

"How do you know this is Angel and not Angelus?", Giles asked memmories from when Angelus had tortured him comeing back.

Angelus, the trio thought.

Buffy's reality senses were coming back to her.

"Angel how did you come back?", Buffy asked. Angel once again pulled out the ring and handed it to Buffy before speaking.

"You brought me back."

Chapter 8: Lover and Soul

Buffy's mind was racing.


Buffy started to feel wousy she started swaing back and forth until...everything

Angel swifly went and caught her. Harry, Hermione, and Ron came out of there hideing spot to Buffy. Giles went over to try and take Buffy from Angel and to see if she was alright. But before Giles could do anything Angel picked Buffy up and ran, he diddn't know where to, just to run.


Leaky cauldron

Angel?...Angel? Buffy's mind repetedly said.

Angel noticed Buffy's eyes start to flutter open and went over to her by the bed.

Buffy awoke and shot staight up. She noticed Angel next to her. At first she was alarmed. Then she looked around to see where she was. Why was she at the Leaky Cauldron? Where was Giles? Why...

"Buffy.", Angel stated filled with emotition.

"Angel, What am I doing here?", Buffy asked while rubbing her temples.

Angel smiled meekly before replying, "I, uh, kinda took you away."

"WHAT!", Buffy shouted.

Shh, "It's not what you think, I came here to find you...and worn you about someone very dangerous."

Buffy wanted to throw herself on him but she knew she had to be serious. But what happened next surprised her Angel threw himself on her crying and letting all his emotions pour out. Buffy started to cry too while clinging on to him.


"Who was that!", Harry angerly shouted.

"Harry calm down!", Hermione said, trying to get him to remain calm.

Hermione, Ron, Harry, Giles, Minarvia, Snape, and Dumbledore where all in Giles class room. Giles angerly threw things around thinking of a way to get Buffy back. All classes had been cancelled for that day, and people were completly happy over that.

"No, Harry is right, Rupert?", Albus calmly asked.

"That was Angel, or Angelus, I'm not sure which.", Giles said bitterly.

"Wait, Isn't Angelus that vampire that we heard about in class?", Ron asked.

Giles meerly nodded, while he grabbed a few weapons before continuing.

"He"...Giles knew he wasn't the one to be saying this but, "Angel and Buffy were lovers."

Ron and Hermione's mouth dropped, Snape looked repulsed at the idea, Mcgonagal had on a motherly expression as Dumbledore had a fatherly one, and Harry's heart burst into a million pieces for the second or third time that day.

"Isn't Buffy the slayer?", Hermione spoke up breaking the five minute silence that had just gone threw.

Giles nodded.

"Aren't vampires supposed to kill slayers or the other way around?"

Giles nodded and smiled at the intellegence that the girl had.

"How did they fall in love? Vampires don't even have a beating heart or can feel.", Hermione stated matter of factly.

Giles knew Buffy was going to kill him.

"Angel had a soul. Angel was cursed by gypsies, once with a soul a vampire can feel all human emotions including love. It was said that if Angel were to have even the tinyest bit of true happyness he would lose his soul and once again become Angelus, Buffy or really none of us even heard about the curse so"...

"So when Angel and Buffy made love, this Angel guy became Angelus again.", Harry finished for Giles.

Giles looked over at the young boy. He felt really sorry for him, he knew Harry liked Buffy and was positive Buffy felt the same. Giles continued on.

"Buffy was in a state of shock, she couldn't really do anything for awile. Then there was an appocolypse ( Again ) and she had to kill Angel.", Giles finished.

Everyone felt sorry for the girl, even Snape,...well kinda anyway.


"What do you mean there's something powerful after me?", Buffy asked Angel after the two had both calmed down and started a confersation.

"Its a wizard, named Voldemort, he's the most powerful dark wizard there is.", Angel stated.

"So why is Voldy-moldy after me what did I ever do to him?", Buffy asked.

Angel chuckled slightly to himself at Buffy's weird way of mixing up words or names, oh how he missed that.

"I am not sure, I asked around but everytime I mentioned his name people would tell me to be quite or shut up.", Angel replied dryly.

"Hmm so theres some oh-so-powerful thing after me, whats new?", Buffy said sarcasticly.

"Buffy...there been something I've been wanting to ask, what were you doing at that place called Hogwarts?", Angel asked confused.

Buffy smiled at the look on Angel's face.

"I'm a witch!", Buffy replied in her perky voice.

Angel looked even more confused and Buffy burst out laughing.

"You..Your face!", Buffy managed to get out while whipping her eyes.

"What?", Angel complained.

"Nothing!", Buffy said in her perky voice once again.

Angel suddenly switched back to serios mode.

"Buffy, whos watching over Sunnydale?", Angel asked.

"Giles said that he's been contacting Willow, and she said that they were taking care of it.", Buffy said confused at his sudden question.

"I don't think they'll be able to take care of it for very long.", Angel said.

Buffy thought about it, she hated thinking about Will, Zan, and all of them, she hated the fact that she just abandoned them.

"I have to get back.", She said. "To Hogwarts."

Buffy looked up at Angel's concerned eyes, and smiled. Angel nodded knowenly, he diddn't want to leave Buffy and Buffy didn't want him to leave her, but knew it could probably never happen.

"I have to go back to Sunnydale.", Angel said.

"When you get there don't tell them where I am, please just tell them I'm safe.", Buffy said with saddness in her voice.

Both Angel and Buffy got up and shared one last passionate kiss, the two heald each other for what seemed to feel like forever before the two pulled pulled back. They smiled at each other.

"I love you.", Buffy said.

"I love you.", Angel said.

Angel ran out of the room and back to Sunnyhell Californa. And Buffy started to head back to Hogwarts.


Snape, Mcgonnagal, and Dumbledore had to leave and atttend to business on finding Buffy. Harry, Giles, Hermione, and Ron sat in the Gryffindor common room thinking of where Buffy could be. Harry looked up when he heard the common door open.


All five of them ran up to her, Hermione and Ron engulping her in a hug, Giles in a fatherly hug. When Buffy came to Harry they blushed and had a quick hug.

"Where's Angel?", Giles asked.

"I'm fine thanks.", Buffy replied sarcasticly.


"Angel's gone, he went back to Sunnyhell to help Willow and them."

"Good, so it was really Angel?", Giles asked.

"I'm alive aren't I?", Buffy replied.

Buffy looked at three very confused, Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

"Go tell Albus that Buffy is back.", Giles said motioning to Hermione, Harry, and Ron.

The three reuluctantly left.

Giles was about to speak but Buffy started first.

"There's been something I've been meaning to tell you, Willow's spell worked. When I was about to kill Angel, the spell worked, but the portal was already opened and it was to late. I killed him."

Buffy left up to her room leaving one sorry Giles.