The Torture Of Mr. Lyle

Author: Mr. Wolf
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Pretender
Soilers: None Relevant.
Summery: This is a tribute to Lisette, with her story "Twist of Fate". Mr. Lyle in her fanfic did something unforgiven. Twice. First he killed Joyce, the Slayer's Mother in front of Buffy and second tortured and brainwashed Buffy. In this Fic he is shown the consequences of actions.
The Talented Lisette had the honour of reading it first. In her words "*grins* That was wonderful!"
Incentive: The urge to hurt and main Mr. Lyle. Someboy had to do it.

Mr. Lyle was walking from his car to his House. There was a delivery man knocking on his front door. He was holding a package and waiting patiently. Mr. Lyle tapped him on the shoulder."Is that a package for me?"The man was startled, but quickly got his pose back. The man spoke with a European accent. "Are you Mr. Lyle?"Mr. Lyle couldn't place the accent. "Yes."The man smiled. "Than you are correct. This package is for you. I have to see some I.D.. It says here to deliver personally. Preferably two I.D.. I once delivered it to a man who had a fake I.D. so now I'm extra careful. But you don't have to show me two I.D.."The man was annoying him, so to shut him up he showed him his I.D. card and drivers licence. The man gave him the clipboard to sign and after Mr. Lyle signed he give him the package. He turned away."Oh, I forgot something."The man turned, removed a taser from his pocket tasered Mr. Lyle in the neck, who dropped like a stone. The man threw him over his shoulder and picked up the package and the keys Mr. Lyle dropped.The man was whistling the tune of 'Oh, happy days'. He opened the side door of the delivery van and dropped Mr. Lyle unceremonial on the floor of the van. He cuffed Mr. Lyle's hands behind his back. He took a rope and made a loose around his neck and tied up the other end around his feet. So if he would move his feet he would choke himself.The man went to sit upfront and drove off. The incident went unnoticed.

Mr. Lyle woke up in a pitch dark room his arm were tied up, the same with his legs.

"Where am I?"Nobody answered and the sound his voice made by reflecting from the walls told him he was in a small room."I work for a powerful and influenced company, who don't look lightly on their employees, being kidnapped."Still no response. Mr. Lyle was getting worried and his thought went to the Triumvirate. He might be punished by the Triumvirate. They might be displeased with his nack for his cannibalic lifestyle.His tone changed. "If I did something to displease you please tell me what I did?"All the terrible wrongs that Mr. Lyle did, raced through his head. He was talking and pleading for awhile until he notice the futility of it. The room temperature wasn't cold or warm. It was the ideal temperature. Mr. Lyle was in silently contemplating about what was going on. He made a lot of enemies, but he didn't know who would do this to him.Jarod might have thought this up, but he wouldn't use a third person and he would have shown his face by now. His sister would simply killed him and the Triumvirate would also made him known why he was here.Hours passed before he noticed his stomach start to growl."Hey, I'm hungry."Still no response. He was getting despaired. His stomach started to hurt from hunger. It took an hour for the pain to lessen. The minutes were passing by and Mr. Lyle thought the best way to let time pass was by sleeping. He used the same technic he learned from youth to fall asleep.He didn't know how long he was in the dark room, but he had awoken and fallen asleep at least 6 time. He was very thirsty and hungry, but after awhile the feeling of hunger past away.A door opened and closed again. A bright light appeared. It hurt his eyes. After his eyes adjusted, he saw a man with oval glasses. The man was smiling at him. Mr. Lyle was too hydrated to speak. The man hold a glass in front of him and carefully let him drink from it. He involuntarily thank him. When he was more able to speak, he asked his questions."Who are you?""Your Tormentor." It was a simple answer. "Why am I here?"The man laughed. "That happens when you hurt a lot of people. When somebody is going to account you for your actions. It is very difficult to guess who wants some payback."The voice was death calm, Mr. Lyle couldn't hear any emotions in it. He wanted to ask again, but the man spoke first."The reason you are here is because of the Slayer. Because of Buffy."The choked expression on Mr. Lyle's face made the man laugh."You really thought you would get away with what you did to the Slayer and getting away with it without consequences. If you were a demon. You might have. But you are just a mere mortal. Do you know why the Slayer is on this earth."The man didn't wait for any response from Mr. Lyle."She's here to protect the humans from demonic evil even a bastard like you. You messed with 'Powers' you never should even think about."Mr. Lyle's responded. "The Centre." There was hope and shift of blame.Again the man laughed. "I shouldn't hope on any help from them even if they were planning a rescue operation. They have their own problems. At this moment 1/3 of their operations is under attack and most of their database is destroyed."The man had a wolfish grin plastered on his face. "And most of their sweepers are dead or in custody, and their bank accounts I have transferred to my own, a few charities and to other 'demon hunters' organisations."

Mr. Lyle couldn't believe it. Nobody could destroy the Centre. At least not in a few days."I see that you don't believe me. Shall I explain it to you?" It was as if he spoke to a child.Mr. Lyle made a faint nod."First I have manoeuvred some demons to go after them. Then I let some 'hackers' go after their databanks and bank accounts. And then I tipped of a few Government Agencies. Who are rounding up the leftovers and at last I have send some personal friends of mine to assassinate the Triumvirate. I would have done it personally, but I have some other priory engagements."Mr. Lyle spoke a little sore. "No, you are lying."The man just shrugged his shoulders. "Have it your way." The man pushed a button on a remote device. And the thing he was lying on moved to a more upright position. The thing looked like a Cross. He had several straps around each of his arms and his legs. Two more around his torso. He also noticed for the first time he was naked.The man saw his expression and answered the silent question. "It is easier to clean you up.""Before I start torturing you. I want for professional courtesy to explain my methods and ethics."He paused for a second to let it settle in for Mr. Lyle."First rule of torture. You don't want your client to die. Then it would be called slow execution." The man was explaining it to him as if he was teaching in front of 8 grades."Second you don't want your client to go insane. That would be interrogation or brainwashing. We are here for the simple form of torture for the only reason of punishment. In your case being insane and I'm just not going to make you any more insane than you already are." The man gave him another wolfish grin.The man made a small pause to study Mr. Lyle's face who was getting scarier by the minute."I was planning to torture you until you die of old-age, but I have a social life and I don't think I can get away from it more than 3 months." The man gave Mr. Lyle an apologetic look. "Normally when I'm finished with the 'treatment'. I let my subject go. But in your case, you are way to dangerous to let go. Look at your adoptive father."Mr. Lyle looked shocked."Yes I know a lot about you from different sources." The man grinned at him."I hate screamers. On the contrary to you I don't like extreme torture."The man removed a garden scissor, those for use of cutting small branches, from his pocked and a Jack Daniels from his other pocket. He poured the liquor on the scissor's blade to disinfect it. He went with it toward Mr. Lyle's mouth, but he shut it close."Now, now be a good boy and open your mouth the more you struggle the harder it is going to be." The man was patronizing him.Mr. Lyle didn't listen and the man broke a few teeth before cutting his tongue out. He still screamed afterwards."Oh my bad. I forgot you need a tongue to speak and vocals to make sounds. I have to correct that mistake tomorrow."Because of the pain Mr. Lyle felt, he almost didn't get the lingering intention behind those last words. His eyes went wide open. The man took the bottle and poured it into Mr. Lyle mouth, who screamed."That's to disinfect the wound. We don't want you to get an infection and die on us, do we Mr. Lyle?"The neutral voice of the man scared Mr. Lyle the most. He knew that a man who can torture another man without showing emotions, was a very dangerous man."Well, I'm off. See you tomorrow."The man left without saying anything and turned the lights off. All kinds of horror thoughts crossed Mr. Lyle's mind.In the next few weeks they came half true and the other half was way worse.

After about three month the man came into the room with a bleached Billy-idol-wanna-be punk in a black leather duster.

"Good morning, Mr. Lyle. You're looking well today." There was no sarcasm in the man's voice.Mr. Lyle was connected to a IV to keep up his strength."So this is the bloody wanker who tormented the Slayer." The punk had a British cocky voice."Ah Mr. Lyle may I introduce you to Spike, also known as William the Bloody. The nickname Spike he got for being a little creative with railroad spikes.""I put them through peoples head. Very amusing." Spike elaborated."Well Spike here is a little cross with you. For one you didn't invite him when you tortured the Slayer.""That was very insensitive of you, mate.""Second, he liked the Slayer's mother.""A good woman, would have been a hell of a Slayer herself if she would have been called. She once hit me with an axe over the head and she made the nicest Chocolate milk with marshmallows. And was a good listener. Shouldn't have killed her, mate." Spike general liked Joyce."And third." The man looked at Spike. "Is there a third reason."Spike shrugged his shoulders. "For him being a wanker. And those two reason are enough.""You are probably asking yourself why is Spike here. Well spike here is a Vampire." Spike showed his true face. Mr. Lyle's eyes went wide open. "He is here to turn you."Mr. Lyle's eyes went even wider. Spike just grinned his pointy teeth and bit him. Before he drains him completely, he cut himself and let him drink from his blood. Darkness fell before his eyes.

The demon waked up with a hunger and bumped his head at the coffin's lid. He broke it and was digging his way up, the memories of his host surfaced. His second thought was to avenge himself and find his tormentor. One hand was out of the ground and before he knew it he was pulled out of the ground as if he was a carrot.

In front of him he was a petit blond, he recognized her."Slayer.""Finally." It was the first and final word she spoke.Her eyes were grim. She hit him hard. He flew 20 feet away. She sprinted after him and for the next two hours she was using him as a punching bag. At the end her eyes were red from tears and with a last move she ripped of his head. He turned to dust in front of her.She fell on her knees in front of his grave stone.'Mr. LyleHe will rise from the death.'Buffy dried her eyes with her sleeve."I know you are there. Come out and show yourself."The man showed himself. "I hope this therapy helped."Buffy didn't move. "You aren't a shrink, are you? Mr. Wolf.""I once was in the amazon and shrank a head once. But no, I'm not a shrink."Buffy gave him a faint smile. "You from the Council?"Mr. Wolf laughed. "No, but I sometimes work for them and they work for me."There was a moment of silence. "Why?"The question came out very faint and was a little vague, but he understood it anyway. "First you are the Slayer and you deserve any support from me or anyone else. Second, Mr. Lyle had no right to do the things to 'you'."Buffy shrank a little at the thoughts of what Mr. Lyle done to her."And I don't mean the evil things he did, but specifically to 'you'."Buffy looked confused up.Mr. Wolf smiled. "You were his protector. Like you are the protector of every mortal human on this planet. He took that away from us." He emphasised on the last sentence.Buffy showed some acknowledge to what he said. She bent down her head and stared at the ground. A few minutes went by before she spoke."Thank you.""You're welcome.""You leaving." It was no question, but a statement."You don't need me anymore."Buffy still didn't move."Don't you think it is time for you to clean up this town."Buffy started to laugh a little hysterical and stood up. She looked him straight in the eyes and he could see the spark of Buffy the Vampire Slayer back. Buffy looked down at the pile of dust."I think I made a good start to night." She turned her head back to Mr. Wolf. "I'm going to miss our little talks.""Me too."He smiled at her warmly and threw her a medium big axe and a stake. He turned his back to her and left. Buffy saw him go and stayed looking even if she couldn't see him anymore. Somebody approached her from the back. Buffy simply stretched out her hand with the stake init backward and the person disappeared into a cloud of dust."It seems I have my work cut out of me."

She turned and walked away to find her next demon.