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"I've found her," Methos cried from his seat in Joe's office on his laptop.

"Found who?" Duncan asked curious as Methos had been looking for the mystery

person for hours.

"An immortal that’s a few hours older then I am, I thought she was dead but then

I saw her in LA 2 days ago but couldn't get to her in time to talk to her.

Anyway in here it says she's only 2 thousand years old, I wonder how that

happened, anyway her watcher was a woman called Joyce summers, until 2 weeks ago

when she disappeared, presumably to LA as that's where I saw here."

"Does Joyce know why this immortal disappeared and does she have a name."

"She has a few but she's down here as Eliza but she's been using Buffy." Methos


"Eliza tainwhite?" Joe asked from the doorway, "Why are you researching her?"

"Because she's older than the chronicles say."

"That's a point how do you know she's only a few hours older than you?"

"Because we were together when we were killed."



"Methos I can't wait for tonight," the small blond said.

"I know Tia then we'll finally be married," Methos smiled, "and that barbaric

chief will never get his hands on you."



"We were in love and ready to be married that night when we were attacked by the

chiefs men. He was the chief of another village and he saw Tia and decided he

wanted her and if he couldn't then no one was going to. He raped her and killed

her in front of me, it drove me crazy and I attacked him, when I woke Tia was

gone and I had no idea what was going on."

"Are you sure it's the same girl and Tia was actually immortal."

"I ran into Tia again when I was with the horsemen, god she looked at me as

though she'd seen a ghost, she was a healer in one of the villages we raided,"



"You have to rest Mari, let your body heal," the young looking blond said.

"Riders coming in" one of the sentries shouted and Tia rushed out of the hut as

she sensed a large buzz of multiple immortals.

Methos and the others smiled at the buzz thinking they'd be able to take the

head of the immortal.

"Methos you turn around and ride right out of here you hear me," Tia shouted as

soon as she recognized one of the riders. Methos pulled up and dismounted as he

recognized her "Tia?"

"Who is she Methos one of your whores," Crispan asked.

"Before we died I was to be his wife," the 3 immortals found this terrible funny

Tia scowled and turned away from them.

//////end flashback\\\\\\\\\\


"She beat the hell out of the 4 of us I hadn't seen her since then until LA."

"Well we can talk to Joyce to see if she knows where we can find Tia."

"I really would like to talk to her," Methos muttered, "and find out who trained


"So the 4 of you really couldn't beat you then why didn't she take your heads,"

Duncan asked chuckling.

"She said she was a healer not a killer, but she warned us if we came after the

village again with intent to harm them or herself then she'd kill us, we never

went back but I did after I left the horsemen I went back to try and find her

and she was gone."

"Well looks like were going to Sunnydale California ," Duncan said.

"I can't believe we've never known there was an immortal older then Methos."

"Yeah well she's real good at hiding always had been even as a kid," Methos

reminisced, "every so often our tribes would get together and all the kids would

play games, she was always the best at hide-and seek." Methos smiled slightly,

"she made me teach her the basic in sword fighting, I don't know who else she

learned from."



"Tia are you sure you should be going to the magic box today I mean you just got

back from LA 10 minutes go, and I doubt that you got any sleep while you were

there. And about that I would really like to know just what you were doing


"For your records Joyce?" Tia giggled.

"Buffy did you borrow my blue tank with the Chinese words on it."

"Yeah I'm wearing it but you can borrow one of my tops," Tia shouted back then

sighed and looked at Joyce, "it's nice having a sister."

"Yes I can understand that and your changing the subject."

"I was at business meetings Joyce, I still run my company, albeit almost

silently, that's all I was doing."

"So are you two going to the magic box today?" Joyce asked at Dawn came down the


"Yep Giles was going on about a shipment of books from our mysterious donor,

seems the books he's getting are extremely rare, and Willows in hyper-mode 'cos

c.d.'s of some very fragile books are getting sent as well, so we'll see you

later mom," Buffy/Tia said and Dawn also said.

"Bye mom."

20 minutes later they walked into the magic box.

"Hey guys,"

"Ah Buffy, just in time seems the nice delivery person will only sign this stuff

to you."

"Sure, where do ya want me to sign?"

"On the line," the delivery person said and Buffy signed her name as the man

started to bring in the 4 boxes, which Willow and Giles pounced on as soon as

the men had left the store.

"How about we take these into the training room?" Buffy queried.

"Yes quiet, good idea," Buffy smiled at Giles' stunned expression as he looked

at one of the books.

"Whatcha found G-man?" Xander asked.

"A translated copy of dulac's diary, this shouldn't exist."

Buffy, Dawn, Tara and Xander started laughing at the expressing on Giles and

Willow 's faces Anya looked stunned too once they'd got their laughter under

control Buffy, Xander, Dawn and Tara started to shift the boxes.

"Be careful," Giles shouted out as one of the boxes was knocked over.

"Giles relax their all new books they'll be fine."


"Yes Giles the originals are still locked up in their vault/library, with spells

of protection over them."

They all moved into the training room and started going through all the books.

"Translated scroll's," Willow cried out, "The scroll of aberjinn, look, look it

mentions the vampire with the soul, Angel."

"I'll phone him," Buffy volunteered and got up to phone him she dialed in the

number to the Hyperion hotel.

"Yo angel investigations how can we help you?"

"I'd like to talk to Wesley please."

"Wes isn't here at the minute."

"Ok how about Angel."

"Yeah sure he's here, hey Angel your wanted on thee phone."


"Hi angel it's Buffy, we have the translated of the scroll of aberjinn and it

mentions the vampire with the soul."

"The translated copy??"


"We have the original scroll but Wesley's having trouble translating it the

translations would be brilliant."

"Ok we'll copy them up for you and e-mail them up and you and print them out on


your end," Buffy be said.

"Thanks Buffy," Cordelia's head shot up when he said her name.

"Why didn't you tell me it was Buffy, she's gonna make him brood again,"

Cordelia moaned the fang gang watched Angel said bye to Buffy and hung up thee

phone then turned round with a huge smile on his face, "what did Buffy want?"

"She's sending some translated stuff that reefers to the vampire with the soul

specifically the whole scroll of aberjinn."

"You mean the one Wesley's trying to translate? Fred asked.




" Duncan will you hurry up," Methos said sighing impatiently.

"Geese Methos, how longs it been since you had a beer."

"Shut up Macleod" Methos replied shortly.

3 hours later Methos Duncan and Joe pulled up outside Joyce summers house and

rang the bell.

"Joe" Joyce said surprised at having her superior stood in front of her.

"Hi Joyce we need to see Tia."

"Come in, and tell me why?" Joyce said her voice changing at the last bit.

"It isn't Joe that's want to see her it's me" Methos said.

"And you are?"

"I'm Methos and this is Duncan Macleod."

"Methos, Tia has told me about you."

"Then you'll know why I want to talk to her."

"I think she'd like to see you too, she's at the magic box on main street and is

using the name Buffy."

"Thanks Joyce I owe you."

"I'll just knock a bit off my tab with Tia," Joyce smiled.

"I'll go with you id like to meet someone who's older than you," Joyce Joe and

Duncan laughed when Methos glared at him.

"2 hours, she's 2 hours older than I am," Methos growled at as he walked out

thee door.

20 minutes later Buffy's narrowed her eyes as the bell sounded coinciding with

the buzz "customers" Anya cheered as she rushed to the front of the store, "Hi

may I help you?"

"Yeah Joyce summers told us we could find Buffy here."

"Your still going to buy something though aren't you?"

"Sure," Methos said.

"Ok come on through the back," Anya said and led, "Buffy you have visitors."

"Hello Buffy."

"Methos," everyone looked at Buffy with surprise at the animosity coming through

in her voice, "I told you never to look for me."

"We need to talk and sort everything out."

"Buffy he misses you is what he is really trying to say."

"Shut up Duncan ."

"How did you know who I am?"

"Ahh that would be telling," Buffy smirked.

"Oh god you two suit each other," Macleod groaned, "now I see why you two were


"Macleod," Methos and Buffy growled.

"Engaged?? You were engaged," Dawn and Willow screeched.

"It was a few years ago."

"Did mom know?"

"Yeah mom knew which is why I don't understand why she sent you here."

"Because she knew as well as I do we have to talk."


"You know I will never understand women, especially that one," Methos growled

out looking at Macleod and waving his hand at hands at Buffy.

"I'm not the one who rode around the county pillaging and killing whoever they

felt like," Buffy shouted.

"That was 4 thousand years ago I've changed," Methos shouted not realizing he

was saying it in front of other people, "And so have you."

"How are 4 thousand??" Giles asked.

"None of your business," Methos growled.

"Oh yeah that's a great way to prove you've changed."

"What the hell do you want from me?"

"Nothing to do with you!!"

"Oh no, I've been looking for you for the last few years your not getting away

that easily," Methos said as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder

and walked out the door, " Duncan can you take Dawn home and tell Joyce Buffy

won't be home for a few days, oh and take over patrol."

"Sure," Duncan said.

"Put me down you damn bastard, you'll pay for this."

"Have fun," he called after them.

"Okay were missing back-story," Xander whined.

"She'll tell you when she's ready." Duncan said.

"So why do you know?"

"I found out yesterday when he came back to Seattle raving about seeing someone

he hadn't realized was still alive," Duncan told them, "he spent 3 hours on the

computer trying to find her and finally tracked her down to here."



Methos walked into his new rented apartment with Buffy once again over his


"We really do need to talk Tia."

"Not so badly you had to go caveman in front of my friends, who don't know I'm

immortal, and for that matter why the hell did you go and blurt out that you

were 4 thousand."

"That was an accident, you just got me so mad."

"Ok fine I'm here, what the hell was so important?"

"What have you been doing since I last saw you??"

"Oh yeah that's important, and anyway you dragged me off, you go first."

"Fine, I've been a doctor, a lawyer, a soldier, a gladiator"

"Gladiator how'd that happen?" Tia asked leaning back onto the pillows.

"Pissed off the wrong person."

"Now that I can believe, hay did you ever meet Maximus?"

"No I died before he came into the arena."

"I was there, I treated wounds from the gladiators, and I trained him when he woke


"He was your student??"

"Yep I keep in touch with him every so often his funeral was good," Buffy added.

"His funeral?" Methos laughed.

"Yeah ok I remember odd stuff," Tia groaned. "You know I thought you were dead.

Until I saw you with the horseman and you didn't even resemble the man I fell in

love with, and now you do and I'm so confused. For years after that barbaric

overlord killed us I missed you, I wanted you with me and then there you were

but you had turned into that chief, the one that killed me and it scared me."

"You still kicked my ass."


"So Tia your turn, what have to been doing with your life?"

"Healer, doctor, surgeon, I performed brain surgery for a while, lawyer,

student, counselor, psychologist, pathologist, teacher, martial arts teacher,

too many jobs to name."

"So what's this life?"

"Joyce is my immortal watcher and to the outside world my mom Dawn is the key,"

Tia told him and he froze.


"She's coming, she's not here yet or if she is I can't sense her. The monks that

were guarding Dawn sent her to me in the form of a sister, it was weird to wake

up one morning with the memories of growing up with Dawn, and Joyce as my real

mom, anyway the made her out of me which means when she dies."

"She's going to be immortal" Methos groaned.

"Yeah and I'm gonna be here to train her."

"I'd like to stay and get to know you again."

"Ditto," Tia smiled and Methos leaned over and kissed her.



"This is not good," Tia said as she grabbed his shirt to put on.

"Tia what's wrong I thought that was amazing indescribable," Methos said also

rising from the bed.

"Oh it was, just would have been easier if I didn't have a boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Do you love him?"

"No way, I'm mostly with him to kill hours Willow pushed me towards him when

Angel left," Tia said sitting back down on the bed.

"and Angel?"

"I loved him, but he never knew who I really was didn't know me as Tia, I don't know whether he could have handled me being older that he was" Tia half smiled and was about to add more when Duncan 's voice was heard in the lounge of the apartment.

"Hey Methos, is Buffy here? I've got some friends of hers that want to talk to

her," Tia buttoned up the shirt and walked into the lounge of the apartment.

"Please tell me you two didn't" Willow said

"Sorry will can't."

"What about riley?" Willow asked.

"Will, I was engaged to Methos for along time I need to find out if anything's

still there."

"But, but Riley."

"Is a nice guy but I will never be able to love him, not the way I loved angel

and definitely not the way I loved Methos and I know there's something still

there between me and him."

"Well I for one want to get to know you again," Methos said walking up behind

the petite blond.

"Which side of me?"

"Well I know your slayer side I've been in touch with that."

"Literally" Tia grimaced as she remembered the beating she gave the 4 horsemen.

"I want to know the other side again, the soft Buffy type side."

"The soft Buffy type side, could you come up with a crummier line."

"Yes" Buffy answered "you should have heard the line he used when we first met."

"Tell them and I will, I will do something really nasty."

"Ooh good threat he asked me how I got the rip in my skirt."

"Rip in your skirt??"

"Yeah but the rip spread and my skirt fell off."

"How did you get the rip?"

"Err well I did it," Methos owned up quietly and Duncan started laughing.

"I never figured it out how you did it without me noticing."

"I'm very handy with a stiletto dagger."

Duncan chuckled thinking about a long rip in an olden day dress.

"So Riley's out of the picture then?" asked Dawn smiling.

"Yeah Dawnie I'm gonna split up with Riley."

"So how did you two meet?" Willow asked, "beside the rip in thee skirt thing."

" Willow , Dawn and I have to talk about some stuff before I can tell you the

whole story."

"Sure Buffy."



"Hey Joyce Joe," Methos said as he Duncan and the 2 girls walked into the

summers living room.

"Hi Methos."

"Hey mom," Dawn said sitting down next to her.

"Truth time Tia?" Joyce asked.

"Yeah Joyce truth time," Tia answered.

"Tia?? Who's Tia?"

"I am Dawnie," Tia answered, "Tia is my real name and I am your real sister, but

Joyce isn't our mother, or to get technical I'm your mom."

"But you would have been 3 when you had me, and that isn't possible."

"Dawnie I'm over 5 thousand years old and so is Methos."

"5 thousand how"

"I'm immortal Dawn, I can be killed but I'm not permanently dead till someone

takes my head."

"So why do I have all these memories of growing up with you and mom, I mean


"They were magically created, Dawnie your soul is older then me and Methos

combined, and it is very powerful."

"How powerful?" Joe asked

"4 thousand years ago I met with the monks that protected you Dawnie and one of

them predicted that she would be sent to me, that your body would be created

partly from mine and part from Methos's I was to raise you as my own and when

the time came I would train you."

"She's pre." Joe whispered.


"Pre?? Pre what??"

"Pre immortal" Methos answered, "you will become like Tia, and me and Duncan and

many others around the world."

"You must also learn to use the power that's inside you," Tia said.

"Power?" Joyce asked.

"Yeah the power of the key, once she's fully trained she'll be able to see

place's at different times, talk to ghosts, heal wounds, minor prophetic


"Wow" Dawn said awed, "what powers do you too have if you're both that old, you

must have learnt something."

"I known most healing methods in the world, I've trained with ninja's shaolin

priest's, druids, every healer I could find, went to the best collages"

"Who was your teacher? Until Methos told me we thought you were only 15


"Yeah I know. My teacher was named Esray, she was killed 2 years after she train

me and I tracked that bastard down and took his head. Hey Dawn if you want to

know some more about my past why don't you ask Giles who the slayer's master is,

that should get him stuttering" Tia chuckled.

"The slayer's master?"

"Yeah ask Giles about her. He should know about her, even if the council does

insist she was just a rumor. Idiots."




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"Hey Giles, what do you know of the slayer's master?" Dawn said sitting down at a chair at the main table in the magic box. Anya's head jerked up at the same time Giles' did both their faces a picture of amazement.

"Where did you hear about her?"

"Buffy and Methos were talking about her so??"

"Well there's no concrete evidence that she exists, if she's one person or a succession, but one thing all the accounts of her agree on is that she's small, green eyes, a magnificent fighter and possible a sorceress or witch."

"What's the difference?" Dawn asked.

"A sorceress has more power and can do more complex spells than a witch can, and for some spells she doesn't need the herds and potions, now why were Buffy and, err Methos talking about her?"

"Oh Buffy was telling Methos who trained her after he left and she mentioned the slayers master but then she said she couldn't tell me who she was and I should ask you first."

"Well many watchers have reported seeing her fighting demons, but the other watchers disregard those reports, and the slayers she helps don't usually tell their watchers until after she's left, I wonder when Buffy met her."

"Trust the watchers not to know anything about her," Anya grumbled.

"Do you know anything about her Anya?" Dawn asked walking to the counter where Anya was balancing her accounts.

"Only rumors but I do know she's an immortal."

"Oh immortal?" Giles asked.

"Yeah there a race of humans who can only be permanently killed when you take their heads others of their race try to take each others heads to get their power, their quickening, anyway the slayer's master who, if the information the demons have is right, her name is Tia, she's one of the eldest immortals still living, she travels the world training slayers, fighting demons, terrorists anything evil she's there stopping it, I once heard that she killed one of the prince's of hell, and when demon's were really common she used to fight to protect villages, she also taught people to fight, there a huge bounty on her head but the main bounty hunters won't go near her, not after what she did to the order of taraka"

"what did she do to them?" Dawn asked.

"Nobody knows exactly only that every assassin sent after her comes back either dead or a jabbering wreck and there were those who suicide because of what she did. that was the largest percent to go back to their bosses, some were sent in little boxes or big boxes depending and what she did with them, she left some strung up on tree's like a hanging, or erected pikes with the assassins head on it outside the one who ordered the attempt. There's a rumors she killed 400 assassins on 1 year after that they gave up but there's still a bounty on her head even if no one will try to collect it."

Giles had gone pale at that explanation from Anya

"Hey what's up?" willow asked she entered the magic box with Tara .

"Nothing much Will, we were just finding information on the slayer's master," Dawn told the 2 witches.

"Is that some kind of demon?" Tara asked

"No I thought she was just a myth but it turns out not," Giles said cleaning his glasses.

"So research?" willow asked grabbing a book.

"umm yes I suppose so, Willow, Dawn, Tara, how about you start with the most recent watcher diaries and work your way back that's were she's most likely to be mentioned, and I'll look through the talsay grimorum"

"Why in the grimorum?" Tara asked

"She is said to be a either a witch or a sorceress, either way she may be mentioned in here"

"Does she teach the slayers any magic?"

"I'm not sure"

"Not sure about what?" Buffy asked as she, Methos and Duncan came into the shop

"Whether the slayer's master taught you any magic" Anya told her

"Oh right, well in a way I suppose she did, all slayers have an inborn control over elements Tia teaches a slayer how to use that control, and in turn use the elements."

"What do you mean control elements?"

"It means I can summon the rain, or if there's an underground source of water I can summon that to the surface, I can summon the wind, from a small draft to a tornado, I can cause an earthquake, or summon fire."

"Then why don't you use this summoning power." Xander asked

"Because all actions have repercussions, see if I made it rain, it wouldn't rain in a different place, so there's always a worry that the rain would be taken from somewhere that truly needed it and I cause a drought. Also without proper control a Slayer could cause a flood or earthquake, or destroy a town by accident."

"How do you know this?"

"Because Tia drilled it into me when she taught me" Buffy said.

"Yes well if she is as Anya says immortal she has probably seen a few imbalances"

"Yes Giles she has, she told me a bit about her life, well the good and funny bits I don't think she told me the bad bits I know there's parts of her life she'd rather forget."

"There are parts of our lives we'd all want to forget" Methos said quietly remembering his time with the horsemen.

"Yes and some parts we want answers too"

"Sorry watcher I'm keeping quiet" Methos smiled slightly


"Hey guys" riley said as he came into the shop "do you know where Buffy is?"

"Hey riley,"

"Hey, I'm up here" Buffy called leaning over the rail on the second floor.

"Did you forget about our date?"

"Sorry riley I got dragged into research"

"Oh what's the new demon maybe I can help." as soon as the words were out of his mouth Methos handed him a book "who are you?"

"I'm an old friend of Buffy's"

"Friends?" Dawn asked with a little giggle

"We're looking for any reference to the slayer's master riley." willow told him.

"Who's he? A killer of slayers?"

"no she trains them to be the best they can be" Buffy said carrying a large collection of books, "6 years ago she started my training but something called her away and we were never able to finish but she taught me the stuff the watchers couldn't"

"How can she train slayers?"

"From what we've found out she's immortal"

"Immortal? But that's impossible"

"Oh it's possible, there is of course a way to kill her like any creature they do have a weakness but those who know respect her to much to tell" Methos said

Suddenly, Duncan started chuckling

"What's up Mac?" Buffy asked

"Oh I just found a picture of Methos"

"Oh what does it say about me?"

"Oh the usual, one of the most feared warrior" Duncan said and willow, who was reading over Duncan 's shoulder fainted when she read the next bit.

When they managed to wake her up she stared in horror at Methos.

"Willow what's wrong, what happened?" Xander asked

"Horsemen of the apocalypse" willow managed to gasp out looking at Methos

"What's??" Giles asked "willow the horsemen were just a myth"

"Like vampires?" Duncan asked quietly

"But if he's the horseman of the apocalypse why isn't he appocylipsing and Buffy's known him for years why hasn't see got on with the slaying??" Xander asked

"Horsemen, Xander, there were 4 of them, plague, famine, death, and war"

"Kronus, silus, and caspian" Buffy and Methos said the latter in a sad voice and the former in a tone that could cut steel

"Which was which?" Dawn asked

"Kronus was war, silus, plague and caspian, famine." Buffy told them.

"You missed death." riley said.

"No she didn't," Methos said "I am death"

"And I am life" Buffy whispered so that only Methos who was standing next to her heard

"My god I'm the daughter of death??" Dawn shouted

"What???!!!" Willow , Xander, Giles, Riley and Anya shouted and Tara just looked puzzled.

"Dawn do you know why secrets are called secret" Buffy growled out.

"Sorry it's just neither of you told me exactly who he was I mean you told be about mom, well actually you told me to ask Giles about mom"

"Dawn what are you talking about?"

"Mom, told me I was adopted and Methos was my father and Tia is my real mom, that's why I wanted to find out more and of course, find out how to contact her."

"Dawn we promise, we'll tell you all about Methos and Tia" Buffy said.

"How about Mac Buffy and I, start on your training, and you can ask me any question you want?" Methos asked.

"Training?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah sword training, Mac are you coming?" Buffy asked as she led the way into the her training room ignoring the looks from the gang, Giles however also followed and drew Buffy away from the other 3 as Methos and Duncan started instructing Dawn on how to hold a sword.

"Buffy what is going on?"

"Dawn is why Methos is here Giles."

"She's only part of it Buffy, I came to see you too."

"Buffy, How is Methos he father and who is her mother?"

"Her mom is Tia. Tia and my mom go way back, they knew each other when mom was in college, when I was 4 she brought Dawn to mom and asked mom to take care of her, until she was old enough, and Tia could come and get her, it was too dangerous for Dawn to be with her."

"Buffy Dawn wasn't with you, when you were 4"

"Yeah, I know but that's what were going to tell every one when they ask."

"So what's the truth?"

"The monks created Dawn out of Tia and Methos, and contacted Tia to tell her. She trust's me Giles, trusts me enough to protect her child, I wasn't lying when I said thing were hard for her, she's in the middle of she and the other battles and she doesn't want to endanger Dawn any more then she already is doing. What would happen if it became public knowledge that Dawn's mother is the slayer's master?"

"And her father is one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Yes I see what you mean." Giles said taking off his glasses and cleaning them.

"Yo Buffy you going to help?" Dawn called.

"Yes well I'm going to help them research." Giles said turning and leaving

"Ok now the stuffy old guys gone, question time." Dawn said cheerfully

"Go ahead Dawnie" Buffy said

"So how did you two meet?"

"We grew up together, our tribes were about a days ride from each other." Methos told her.

"Tribes?" Dawn asked in incredulously.

"Yes Dawn tribes, my father was the healer for our tribe, he was the best healer within 3 months ride." Buffy said

"And mine was one of the best warriors my tribe had."

"So our tribe leaders decided that we'd make a good pair."

"And they were right?" Dawn asked

"Yeah Dawnie they were right, love at first sight"

"But I thought he cut your skirt off?" Duncan said confused

"Oh he did that's how we brought our selves to the two chiefs' attention, and then they decided we belonged together."

"And the rest as they say is history."

"So how did you to die, I'm guessing it was before the wedding?"

"it was the day before, Dawnie, but can we tell you in a few years it may have been other 5 thousand years ago but your first death is always painful to talk about especially if it was like mine"

"Ok mom." Dawn said and Buffy looked at her in astonishment "I have to accept it sometime."


"Giles what's going on?" Xander ask as he came back into the main part of the shop.

"I'm not entirely sure Xander."

"Err Giles I've think I've found something, I've been looking through prophecy-ash.com."

"Prophecy-ash?" Giles asked

"it's a website Cordelia and Fred use, anyway I've been looking for prophecy's with the words, 'the key' and 'glory' in them, well there were loads but I just added the word 'death' and 'horsemen' and only one reply came up that has all the words."

"Well lets here it."

"Ok it was originally written in Sumerian, but has been translated, into different languages unfortunately it's incomplete, well anyway it says


'In the year of the 2nd millennium, will the two be joined.

The horseman and the healer, from their joining she will be born

From life and death comes the key of creation.

When all 3 join as family, and each accepted their place in it.

Gloryficus will come forth to bring hell on earth.

The 3 must use'


And the rest is missing"

"Xander go get Buffy, and Dawn and the other 2" Giles ordered

"What's up??" Buffy asked as the 4 of them came into the room.

"We've found a prophecy" Giles told them.


"It's incomplete though" Xander added after willow had told them the prophecy

"We must use what?" Methos wondered

"Well we have time I mean this glory person won't 'come forth' until all 3 of you are together" willow said trying to comfort them. As she said that though Buffy and Methos exchanged long speaking looks.

"Too late" Methos said sadly "she's already coming"

"She has to find us first" Buffy growled out.

"It's not going to be too hard I mean this is the hell mouth." Dawn said

"Right, hey Dawnie how would you feel about visiting Paris ?" Methos asked

" Paris cool"

"You can use my barge" Duncan offered "and I'll stay here and keep an eye on the hell mouth, Amanda and Ritchie may join me too"

"Good and I'll go talk to faith" Buffy said and turned to walk out the door.

"Wait a minute faith???" Xander and riley said incredulously

"You're talking about the slayer that psycho right?"

"Faith allowed herself to be put in prison and has stayed their, angels been keeping an eye on her and visiting then giving me updates. She's learned from her mistakes, it may be time to get her back on duty"

"Maybe Tia should visit her instead of you" Methos commented and Buffy nodded

"Alright, we'll do it tonight, Dawn lets head home and start packing."

"So you're just going to run buff?" Xander asked.

"No were going to train Dawn to be the best, and while were doing that were going to try and find the rest of that damn prophecy"



"So you're going to see her now? I thought they didn't let people in during the night at prison?" Dawn half said half asked

"Only if you're going in the front door, I however am going to port there" Buffy told her young sister


"Yeah basically an invisible portal appears in front of you and when you step through it fold space so you step out on the other end of the portal wherever the portal end at the exact same time you left its instantaneous"


"I'm gonna have to do something about my appearance though, I really don't want her telling the others about me until were all ready"


"a glamour, she'll make herself look like someone different" Joyce said "Buffy uses it a lot when she has to go to meetings" Joyce explained as Buffy started to cast the complicated glamour, first lengthening her hair down to ankle length, which then wound itself into a braid and half bun.


"Yes she runs her own company has for about 40 years I think, its quiet large so she sometimes had to spend whole nights there"

next her height and clothes changed, she now stood at 5'8 wearing stiletto boots, leather trousers, and a black long sleeved tunic that went down to her knees with splits up each side, the bottom border was decorated with symbols associated with the elements.

"So what's the company?"

"I'm not really sure, I know it includes a chain of chip shops"

"Chip shops?" both Buffy and Dawn asked

"It was all I could remember" Joyce said defensively

the last thing to change was Buffy's face, the eyes changed to a startling emerald green, and her facial shaped changed to a more rounded on with a slightly pointed chin and a large roman nose.

"How the heck could you forget the 2 gallery, the 5 clubs, 2 holiday resorts and one hotel?"

"Obviously very easily" Dawn giggled.

"Ok I'm off, I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully with news about faiths rehab."

"Seeya in the morning" Dawn and Joyce said as Buffy lifted a glowing land and commanded

"Portallis" and took the step through.


"who the hell are you?" faith growled out while rolling off her bed onto her feet and slid smoothly into a defensive stance.

"my name is Tia, the watchers and slayer call me the slayers master, every so often I find a slayer and I train her"

"what’s that got to do with me?"

"have you forgotten your a slayer?"

"look I’m in here for murder, I don't deserve to be a protector"

"do you think you would still be alive if you couldn't change?"


"the magical energy that’s in a slayer, the basis of your power, your strength, skill and senses basically send out a very loud claxen call to any demons in the versinity, when you hunt your body automatically hides it but when your not actively doing anything then the demons can sense it loud and clear. how many demons do you think there are in LA and why do you think the haven't hunted you down before now just because you give off the energy signal of a slayer, a demons predator, the top of the food chain"

"a slayers not the top of the food chain we don't eat the demons"

"they used to" Tia said back calmly "and you haven't answered the question"

"I don't know a couple of thousand demon in the city, I don't know why they haven't tracked me here"

"there are a few people who can hide a slayers energy, I’m one of them"

"so you hid me from the nasty raider?? why?"

"I’m a protector of the slayer, those I find I train to be the best. I wasn't too sure you could be saved at first so I watched and when you swapped bodies with the elder slayer I thought you were lost to the side of the light but when you turned yourself n you showed that you could change and were willing to what you had to do it. now it's time for the next step"

"which is?"

"sunnydale, you must face Elizabeth and your past"

" Elizabeth ?"

"Buffy, you would then be on parole with think 3 guardians in not to sure how many of them will be there but their warriors, all immortal like me, one is a 600 year old highland named Duncan Macleod his girlfriend Amanda a 1200 year old thief, and possible Ritchie Ryan a 24 year old street kid, you'll be living with them in Buffy’s home"

"will she mind?"

"no she and dawn will be leaving the county for a while which is why I’m getting you out so soon, I thought it would be better to leave you for at least a year but it look like your getting parole early" Tia looked at the younger slayer and then said "the next step is yours, if you step forward you will be taken to the magic box in sunnydale where you will have to face your past and take up the mantle of slayer take a step back and you stay here the choice is yours."



2 hours after Tia had left sunnydale everyone sat in the magic box trying to find the prophecy. when a portal opened up dawn having seen Buffy leave through a portal earlier easily recognized it at Tia's work and from it out stepped faith, she looked nervous but then she had a reason to be, surrounding her where all of Buffy’s friends, including Duncan and methos. The latter being Buffy’s other half not that anyone except willow and dawn had any idea about that they still thought she was happy and still with riley, hell even riley though he and Buffy were together.

"faith" xander greeted coldly and willow just glared, and Giles wiped his glasses

dawn however greeted faith kindly "hi faith, did Tia explain what’s going on?"

"yeah D she said that there was a prophecy concerning you and the two of you had to leave quickly"

"did she tell you about me?" Duncan asked "I’m the guy who's going to be your main guardian, my girlfriend will be down in a few days and you can choose to either stay with us or with Joyce" Duncan then explained

"I on the other hand won't be here, I’m going with Buffy to help protect dawn, but if you do need someone to take to while I’m here I’ll be glad to, and I’m sure Duncan, Ritchie or Amanda will say the same" methos said

"we all know what it's like to kill in cold blood but methos knows the best" Duncan said quietly

"what?" faith asked confused

"the immortals are involved with what we call the game"