Taking Down the Center

Author: Bellashade
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: Author only owns fics, not fandoms.

"Jarrod? can I talk to you?"

"sure, what's this about I was just getting ready to leave?"

"I've just had a phone call concerning an old friend of mine's daughter and well I though you would be the best person to help her"

"what's the case?"

"Buffy is 20 she ran away from home when she was 17 and has been living in LA she owns a private investigations agency called SAAWU no one knows what it stands for but it's pronounced saw you Buffy is one of their main detectives but she only works there at night and no one knows why"

"so why are you asking me to go?"

"because her mom is worried about her Buffy refuses to even talk to her, and we thought because you lost your parent you may be able to get through to her"

"that's a big thing to ask when I don't even know her or her background"

"Jarrod please can you try for us?"

"fine I'll try, I'll head to LA tomorrow, mike can you do me a favor though?"

"sure Jarrod what is it?"

"some people may come looking for me in a few days; can you well not know where I've gone?"

"hiding Jarrod?"


"sure for helping Joyce like you are"

"id still like to know a little bit about her"

"ok at 15 her parents divorced and as they were going through that Buffy burnt down the school gym she got expelled and Buffy and Joyce moved to Sunnydale which is a suburb of LA Joyce told me Buffy began hanging with a bad crowd staying out all night getting into fights, just after her 17th birthday an ex boyfriend of Buffy's started hassling her told her that he and Buffy had been sleeping together, from what I gather from Joyce they broke up but Angelus got nasty and was stalking Buffy leaving pictures and notes for her, the night Buffy ran away she had been found over a dead body and was arrested she escaped and went on the run Joyce saw her a few hours later and Buffy told Joyce she was going after Angelus and would end it that's the last Joyce saw of her she sent a letter to her friends telling them she wouldn't be back to Sunnydale and told them where she was working, she's blond, 5'2 but don't let her appearance deceive you Buffy is very smart and very strong she is a martial arts expert and a master with all weapons ranging from ancient to state of the art and she is training under a Connor Mac laud to be an antique dealer she is also at college 3 days a week and that's all I know"

"ok I'll call you from LA but that girl has spent 3 years on her own she's obviously capable of looking after herself an I can't help those who don't want to be helped"

"I know Jarrod but thank you anyway"

"it's fine I like to help people goodbye mike"

"goodbye Jarrod"


L.A 3 days later

"hi I'm Buffy summers, you must be Jarrod so how can we help you?"

"well I'm trying to look for my parent and I was told that you are the best in the country"

"depends on the case, and what's between me and the person you want me to find" Buffy looked at Jarrod "please have a seat"

"thank you miss summers"

"please call me Buffy now who is it you want me to find?"

"my parents, major Charles and Margaret I do have their pictures and I have a younger sister Emily"

"when was the last time you saw them?"

"when I was a little boy I was taken from my family"

"by who?"

"a group in Delaware "

"the centre?" Buffy whispered going white

"yes the centre, do you know them?"

"yes, they tried to kill me a while ago, they failed, I killed 3 of their sweeper teams 2 cleaners and 4 assassins what about you why did they take you?"

"I'm a pretender"

"a genius who can become anyone they want to be"

"yes I escaped 2 years ago and I've been looking for my past every since"

"your parents?"

"yes I've seen my mother and sister but never spoken to them and I only know my fathers name"

"well lets see what I can do, tell me something Jarrod why are you here, why trust me you had no clue I knew about the centre"

"I took a chance"

"the truth Jarrod please"

"a friend by the name of mike Nichols asked me to find you and try to persuade you to go home to your mother"

"no I'll never go home to that person I once called mom"

"why not Buffy from what mike told me she misses you"

"no she was never there then when I truly needed her she turned her back on me and told me never to come home, I'm keeping her to that promise I'm adopted anyway so she isn't really my mother she may have raised me doesn't make her a true mother"

"well I tried"

"yes you did, do you have a place to stay?"

"no I was going to rent a hotel room"

"don't bother you can stay with me as long as you don't touch anything I tell you to keep your hands off, and that includes my computer unless I'm supervising, I keep a lot of case files and there confidential"

"I understand Buffy do you mind me asking why the centre sent 2 sweeper teams after you?"

"sure, I was called in to a case where a little girl had been kidnapped, I found her, the centre wanted her I wouldn't let them have her, I won"

"ah" Jarrod said

"Buffy Doyle just called" Cordelia burst into the room

"what did he say?"

"corner of Wiltshire, now, he says bring the weapons, I'll look after your friend" Cordy said

"thanks Cordy"

"and Buffy?"


"be careful"

"always am"

"buff try saying that to some who doesn't know you"

Buffy waved as she ran out the door putting her coat on all the time and she jumped into a Plymouth 97 convertible

"is that hers?"

"the car? yeah she's had it for 3 years since angel was killed he left her all his stuff she still hasn't got over him and take way to many risks"

"I take it she takes a lot of them?"

"risks? of yeah, I'm forever patching her up, you know bullet holes, knife wounds, I'm just glad she's a fast healer, but I guess that's why she made me go get paramedic training, so I can help with the victims too"

"how did you first start working for Buffy?"

"oh I knew Buffy in high school, she came back on graduation day just to blow up the school, she made sure no one was inside though" Cordelia giggles "oh sorry I forgot to introduce my self I'm Cordelia chase I'm Buffy and Doyle's secretary"


"I know Jarrod, no last name no history"

"so did you just follow her back here and join them?"

"oh no Buffy joined up with Doyle about 6 months after angel died according to Doyle she was in a real mess, he had to keep a real close eye on her she tried to suicide loads of times, Doyle ended up locking her up in a room while he went out so she couldn't do anything, it took him a while to get through to her, but someone else turned up and told her to buck her self up and it worked after she nearly killed the guy though, so she and Doyle started this place up, back in Sunnydale we thought she was dead until whistler turned up"


"yep he's the same guy that got both Buffy and angel on the right track, see before he met Buffy angel was living on the streets even though he was like a multibillionaire anyway whistler shows him Buffy and tells him to protect her she has a long road a head, or something like that anyway he come to us in Sunnydale and tells us she's alive but only hanging onto her sanity by a thread and that we weren't to come anywhere near her until she comes to us, she did 6 months later and we make friends again, time goes by my dad gets arrested for not paying his taxes for 12 years and we get everything taken away, so I leave and come to LA not really knowing anyone here except Buffy and I didn't even know where she was and we weren't exactly close, so there I was at a party when who should I bump into"


"yep miss hurricane herself, she was on a case a girl had come to her because her friend had been killed murdered and she suspected that the police handling the investigation were on the take, which they were, anyway Buffy got real pissed when Tina was killed and went all out to get this guy, unfortunately when she got their she found the next victim with him, and she stayed with Buffy and followed her back here and took over the office"

"let me guess the victim was you?"

"yep me, I think Buffy felt sorry for me but she took me to the apartment I was living in took one look around and ordered me to pack and Buffy and Doyle found me a great apartment, and cheap too, and it's fine as long as you don't mind the ghost"


"yeah Dennis was killed by his mother to stop him from leaving with his girlfriend and the mother died of a heart attack, but both ghost stayed, so we exercised the mother but Dennis stayed and he is good company"

"ghosts are real?"

"yeah, oh my god, I'm sorry I thought you knew I mean people don't usually come to us at night and ask for Buffy unless they know exactly what we deal with"

"what do you deal with?"

"the supernatural, you know vampire demons, there all real"

"and Buffy kills them?"

"yep she's the slayer, that's what our sign stands for SAAWU, slayer alive and with us so do you mind me asking what you want Buffy to look for? cos I could maybe get started"

"I'm looking for my parents, when I was a young boy I was taken by the centre and told my parents were dead they lied"

"ok lets see the photos and scan them into the computer" Jarrod handed her the 2 photos and she scanned them into Buffy's computer and Cordelia ran a search through all the database Buffy had access to "well look here the centre had a file with you parents picture on them, oh never mind it's your file not theirs" Cordy saved it anyway, and kept searching and found 5 more matches "do you have any other family?"

"a younger sister, I had a brother too but he's dead"

"oh I'm sorry"

"it's ok"

"well the good knew is we already got some matches, but I'll leave them for Buffy to go through she doesn't take it very well if I solve one of her cases"

"have you done it before?"

"yeah that's how I know she doesn't take it well the last one I solved was 4 weeks ago and that was by accident I mean I tried to phone her but she was out of signal range of it was blocked knowing Buffy she was probably down in the sewers" Cordy sighed "so Buffy asked you to stay with her didn't she?"

"yeah she did"

"well how about I show you were you can sleep"

"you mean she lives here?"

"yep Buffy owns the building, downstairs in the basement and the 2 sub basements and Buffy had them converted and it's now her home and a safe house, there's 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, lounge and a training room"

"lead the way, does Buffy have company often?"

"oh yeah the rest of the gang usually stay with her when ever they can spare the time to come up, me and Doyle sometimes stays when it's been a really hectic day, and sometimes clients that have been hurt or are hunted stay so she can protect them" Cordy led him into one of the rooms "here you can use this room, the bathrooms opposite you, Buffy's room is at the end nearest the stairs going back up to the office, kitchens downstairs, as is the lounge and the library, and the training room is on the bottom floor I'll leave you to unpack"

"thank you Cordelia"

"please call me Cordy everyone seems too"

"ok I will"

"see you in a bit I'm going back up to the office Buffy will kill me if I don't" Cordy then stops in the doorway "I'm sorry for eavesdropping Buffy shouts and me for doing it, not that I would actually stop but you said you were a pretender"

"yes I am"

"well you learn things by reading about them yes?"

"yeah that's right?"

"would you like to read some demonology books? Buffy has loads of them for research if ya wanted to know about demons and once Buffy trusts you enough she may let you see some of her case files"

"I'd like that thank you"

"just give me a shout once you ready" and she then left Jarrod to unpack


at the centre in blue cove Delaware Sydney Broots and miss Parker are stood round Broots' computer talking about the last clue they've had and were trying to track the possible places down

"yes hello?" Sydney answered his phone

"hello Sydney "


" Sydney are demons real?"

"no of course not Jarrod, their just myths"

"then why do people hunt them?"

"I don't know Jarrod"

"I need you to find something for me about someone"

"who Jarrod?"

"Buffy summers, she's had dealings with the centre"

"summers, no I'm sorry Jarrod her name doesn't ring a bell but I could get Broots to try and find her?"

"thanks syd"

"it's ok Jarrod" and Jarrod hung up

"what did rat boy want?"

"to see if I knew someone called Buffy summers"


"I'm looking" he answers typing in Buffy's name and within a few minutes comes up with a file "I've got something"

"what does it say?"

"well Buffy was first found when she was working on a case for a kidnapped child 2 years ago, she's a private investigator, anyway the kid was Mickey Jenkins, the centre kidnapped her because they wanted her for a project, anyway Buffy somehow found them and got Mickey back and she and her parents disappeared, Buffy is known for tracking people down quickly and quietly, the centre also wants her for another project"

"what project?"

"err it's name is project sword"

"find everything you can on that project"

"sure, it'll take a while though"

"what else is in Buffy's file Broots?" Sydney asks

"well her wrap sheet, before she disappeared she lived in Sunnydale California, for 2 years and before that lived in LA, she and her mother moved when Buffy got kicked out of school"

"what for?" miss Parker asks

"arson, she set the school gym on fire, before she disappeared from Sunnydale she was arrested for the murder of Kendra zaboto and assault to 2 other people, Buffy somehow escaped and disappeared but later the charges were dropped when some of her friends, the ones who were assaulted came forward and told the police it wasn't her the next sign we have of her in Sunnydale is at her old friends graduation when the school blew up and Buffy was seen and the file says she may have been responsible, the kidnapping of Mickey was the year before the school blew and that was in LA but she may not be there anymore and according to the file even mister Raines' best trackers couldn't find her but people who need her can"

"what else Broots"

"well in the kidnapping she killed all the sweepers except one, and he was holding Mickey"

"who was the sweeper Broots?"

"eerrrm oh here it is it was Sam, Mr. Parker and Raines then sent 2 more sweeper teams to get rid of her and she killed them, she also killed 2 cleaners and 4 of Mr. Raines’s assassins"

"she must be good"

"she is, I've just got a result for project sword but it's encrypted, it'll take me a while to decrypt it"

"ok Broots, call me when your done" miss Parker said and walked out

"Broots can you send all the information you have to jaro@infultration.com"

"is that Jarrod’s?"

"yes but it's routed through more than 400 other computer or so I'm told"

"oh ok sure"



"hey boss you get the demon?"

"yep demon dead" Buffy smiled then looked down at herself "and I'm going to have a shower, where's Jarrod?"

"downstairs, I gave him some demon books for him to look at cos I accidentally told him about Dennis which led on to explaining demon are real"

"ok cor I'll talk to him after my shower" Buffy said and headed down to her bedroom and sighed as the warm water of her shower ran over her when she got out she dressed in a soft tank top and sweatshirt and a pair of grey combats and heeled ankle boots she slipped her gun into a holster on her back and slid a dagger into each boot then left her room

and knocked on Jarrod’s when he didn't answer she went downstairs and found him sat in on of her armchairs with a book in one hand and his haliburton case open in front of him on the table

"hi" Buffy said sitting opposite him


"Cordy told me she let it slip about what we really do here"

"yeah she gave me these books, there fascinating"

"are you hungry? I always make something for us all to eat about now"

"sure do you need any help?"

"wouldn't refuse it" Buffy smiled and got to her feet "oh by the way if you see a cat around here, that's ada she's mine"

"the white calico?"

"yep that's her"

"she's sweet, I found her curled up under my blankets earlier" Buffy chuckled

"Buffy, I need to ask you something that it's ok if you don't want to tell me"

"what is it Jarrod?"

"what is project sword?" Buffy turned to look at him with wide eyes "how do you know about that?"

"I had a friend of mine at the centre look you up and it mentioned the project"

"project sword was supposed to be me, I'm the sword, Raines wanted me, they caught me once and tested me, Raines told me I was special that I had the ability to become a pretender, that's how I know about them, he told me I would become the living sword of the centre, a weapon to cut down any who stood in it's way, I refused, but Raines kept testing me made me do simulations of fights, he said my genius lay on the battlefield just waiting for me to step their with it and I could find things and people with that genius. he told me I wasn't using my full potential, when he left me in my cell it took me 3 months before I came up with enough plans to make the centre very weary of me if I got out and I left some of my notes and escaped"


"by making a few holes in the centers walls, every wall I came to ended up with a hole in it, I stole one of the company vehicle and drove to the nearest airport and snuck into the cargo part of the first plane I came across, and ended up in Milwaukee, so I got on another plane and came home"

"how did you get the centre to leave you alone?"

"I phone em up and told them that Raines was right and my genius does revolve around battle plans and that I had already had planes to destroy the centre if they didn't leave me alone that'd id left only part of my notes behind and they were the discarded ones and the ones I had kept were better, and they left me alone"

"do you know anything else?"

"you want to know about the pretender project don't you?"


"I'm sorry Jarrod I don't know all I know is what I've told you" Buffy opened up the oven and put in 2 large pizza's set the timer on her watch and led Jarrod back into the lounge

"what sort of simulations did Raines make you do?"


the centre blue cove Delaware


"well if you can believe it he made her do err lets see, the world wars, riots, Culloden, the Napoleonic war, the amazons last stand against the roman legions, it's really a wide range he made her come up with strategies, made her find the weaknesses in some defense and offence tactics, err tactics against terrorists, how to infiltrate army bases with the least amount of casualties non your side, most of the time she refused until mister Raines shocked her"

"shocked her? I would think anyone with the genius for battle plans and war would give into shock treatment"

"she didn't miss Parker, Raines ended up having to use a dangerously high voltage, and sometimes that didn't even work but he wanted his new pretender to stay alive so next he starved her, it took her longer and longer each time Raines tried the starvation punishment"

"yes her body would get used to the less food, your right Broots she is a genius"

"anyway after it got to 7 days refusal, he put her in a metal heat sphere"

"did she give in?"

"not until most of her body was burnt, then of course she surprised everyone with her healing abilities"

"healing abilities?" Sydney asked

"yes seems she healed within 2 hours of coming out of the sphere, it says here it looks like she was covered in electricity when her wounds heal"

"I remember hearing about this, I remember a girl she was 18"

"yeah that'd be the right age"

"yes she was Raines new project and he was very protective of her wouldn't let anyone even get a look at her until of course she started to refuse everything he tried to make her do she was amazingly strong willed and defiant"

"3 months after they brought her in Buffy escaped"


"well that's the thing no one knows how she did it"

"no one knows how she escaped oh god it's Jarrod all over again"

"no that's not what I mean; she knocked part of the wall down in her cell and every wall that got in her way"

"she knocked the walls down how?"

"that's what we don't know"

"did Raines try to get her back?"

"well they chased her but lost her at the air port when she got on a plane, but she didn't go the usual way she bribed one of the luggage people and she got into the cargo hold and flew that way, but they didn't know which plane she escaped on"

"that's it they just chased her? I mean Jarrod didn't punch holes through the wall but were still looking for him"

"yeah well Jarrod didn't make a phone call to motrombo, Raines and Mr. Parker who were in a meeting together and tell them that if they came after her she would implement her plans for the total destruction of the centre"

"could she do it?"

"oh yeah like I said her specialty was in warfare"

"are there any DSA's?"

"yeah, loads, even one of her escape, there in storage unit 75 on SL7"

"well go get it, and I'm going to ask my father what he knows about Buffy"




"hey guys we bring pizza" Buffy said leading Jarrod back into the main office carrying the pizza's

"yum" Doyle said diving for a piece and Cordy wasn't far behind

"Jarrod this is Doyle he's one of the other detectives here"

"nice to meet ya Jarrod"

"you too Doyle"

"may I ask how many detective you have here?"

"sure we have 4 me and Doyle do the demon cases, and Amanda and Adam do the normal cases unless we need help or they do then we work separately they have their own secretary her names lily I rescued her from a slave camp so she know about demons"

blue cove Delaware

"angel, what can I do for you?"

"daddy I need some information from you"

"what about angel?"

" Sydney got a phone call from Jarrod, it turns out he's met up with an ex centre project"

"there are no ex centre projects angel, except Jarrod but we'll get him back"

"what about Buffy summers, project sword"

"never heard of it angel"

"she was Raines project, until she escaped; she was or is a type of pretender in warfare daddy"

"still doesn't ring a bell"

"she knocked down walls in the centre, and according to Sydney is an amazing discovery in healing and she phoned the centre telling you to leave her alone or shed destroy the centre"

"oh her" Mr. Parker suddenly turned very pale

"what is it daddy?"

"I remember her now, I only met her once though angel, just after Raines put her in the sphere she was very pretty and young Raines couldn't control her, even after she almost got burnt to death, Mr. motrombo came to see her a few days before she escaped, I don't know what went on when he was with her though you'd have to ask her, but if Jarrod is with her she'll do anything to protect him"

"thanks for your help daddy"

"it's fine angel"

miss Parker left and Mr. Parker picked up the phone and dialed "Buffy summers has been found she's with Jarrod"

"find them both and bring them in" the voice replied and hung up


"well Broots what did you find?"

"we've got an address seems they kept a tag on her despite her threat, she's in LA at a detective agency called SAAWU I don't know what it stands for"

"call the centre jet were going to LA"

"yes miss Parker"

"what did your father say miss Parker?"

"to be careful that she'll do anything to protect him"




Buffy opened an email from one of her informants at the centre



3 hunters with a team of sweepers are coming to LA

my daughter is the leader of the hunters though you and I know who she really is protect her please I tried but failed and her father has control of her

Catherine Parker


"Jarrod" Buffy calls and he Doyle and Cordy appeared in the doorway "your hunters are coming"

"how do you know??"

"a ghost told me"

"Catharine?" Cordy asked



"yep Catharine Parker, she stayed after he death to watch over and give comfort to the children as did her daughter faith"

"faith I saw her once when I was dying she told me to hold on"

"yes I know, I'm going to implement my plan, the centre was warned not to come after me"

"technically their not buff" Doyle said

"their coming here that's all I care about, now I have to make a phone call" Buffy said and dialed the center’s number and she was put through to Mr. Parker's office she put it on speaker phone so the others could here

"Mr. Parker, do you remember me?"

"I remember Buffy"

"good because you've nearly over stepped your boundary, it seems your daughter is on her way to LA"

"my daughter works on her own"

"your daughter works for you and the centre you have 3 hours to get her to turn around and leave before I destroy the centre once and for all" Buffy hung up

"do you think he'll be able to do it?" Cordy asked with a huge smile

"knowing miss Parker there no way in hell" Jarrod said smiling

Buffy picked up the phone again


"hey Buffy"

"can you, oz, Xander and Anya, go to the mansion in LA"

"is it time?"

"yep the center’s coming down"

"ok I'll send oz and Xander to Africa to down load their database while you get the Delaware one"

"ok, Doyle and Cordy will meet you at the mansion and me and Jarrod will go into the centre and get the kids out and download the database tell Xander and Oz to wait until I phone them to start moving the kids"

"ok I'll see you in a few hours" and they hung up "Cordy Doyle, willow and the others will meet you in the mansion can you get it set up?"



"and what am I doing?" Jarrod asked

"your coming with me to get the database and to get the kids out"

"how? the centre will be all over us if we turn up there"

"maybe but were going to use something the centre doesn't even know about"


"magic" Buffy said and grabbed his hand and teleported to a room in the centre

"savior sad healing slowly"

"hello Angelo" Buffy said smiling

"savior help children lost"

"yes I'll help Angelo"

"mother glad"

"do you want to come with us Angelo?" Jarrod asked

"Angelo help"

"thank you Angelo"

"where shall we start?"

"the mainframe, we'll start down loading while we steal the written files and DSA's"

"that sounds like a good plan"

"it is" Buffy smiled and led the way into the ventilation system

"Angelo show the way"

"thanks Angelo I don't know them as well as you do"

Angelo led them to a secret computer room that was filled with a huge main frame and Buffy brought out her lap top and hooked it up and set it to down load into the even larger mainframe of Buffy's that took about ½ an hour to set up then they went to the lowest level and started to steal the stuff in the storage units, and Buffy with Angelo's help transported them back telepathically to the mansion it took them hours to do it but in the 3 hours that they had to get started they had done 3 levels, and the database was partially copied

"lets go see if they've turned back hmm?" Buffy said sending on last huge load back

"Angelo stay and keep eye on computer?"

"thank you Angelo" Jarrod said and Buffy teleported them back to the office and opened her computer up to find en email from Tobias who was her informant on the centre jet telling her they hadn't turned back so Buffy phoned Mr. Parker

"well, well looks like the centre will be destroyed seeing your daughter is in LA oh well what a shame" Buffy said and hung up

"lets go to the mansion we may as well start going through what we've got"

"sure" Buffy this time put on her jacket and led Jarrod out to her car and they both got in and Buffy drove for about 2 hours our of town and though the gates of a huge mansion "welcome to freedom mansion this is where I've been sending everything all day"

"it's very big"

"it will have to be, the children will come here while we try to find their parents" Buffy parked and got out then led the way through the house to the main room which was absolutely huge and had 6 people sat their looking very warn out "Jarrod this is Willow Rosenberg" Buffy said indicating the female red head who waved "her boyfriend Oz" the guy with blue hair who smiled and nodded at him "and there's Xander and Anya"

"hi man" Xander said

"guy this is Jarrod he's a pretender, Jarrod these are some of the other members of our core team, Xander and Oz have been at the centre in Africa doing the same things we have"

"what have the other's been doing?"

"setting up the mansion" Cordy answered "and buying enough food to feed army's"

"and I've been going through the computer to see what I could find"

"and seeing as Cordy, Doyle, and Willow are the least tired they'll be coming back with me to do some more shifting right guys?"

"yes Buffy"

"good, Xander could you phone some of the other telekinetic and get them down here to help?"

"sure" Xander stood and left the room to start phoning round and Buffy and the others left


8 hours later there were 20 people stealing from the centre in both Delaware and Africa 2 days later when they'd finished Buffy and the others sat back and relaxed for a few hours before starting to move the kids



the centre blue cove Delaware

"this has to be her doing all of the written files have disappeared" Mr. Parker said

"what can we do?" Brigitte said

"we can't do anything Buffy is a master at this all we can do is install more security, and guard the children and other projects" Raines said

"I want your daughters head for this Mr. Parker she is to be terminated by the triumviratnts orders" motrombo told them

"so be it" Mr. Parker answered

Angelo's eye's widened and he crawled through the ventilation system to Sydney 's office

"Angelo what are you doing here?" Sydney asked

"daughter in danger, protect daughter"

"what sort of danger Angelo?" miss Parker asked

"powers kill daughter for mistake, but Angelo protect, and savior will trust"

"savior who is savior Angelo?" Sydney asked

"savior comes everyday, she steals folders books information"

"the savior must be Buffy" Broots said

"savior come soon to save children mother happy but sad daughter won't listen"

"mother Angelo?"

"mother" Angelo nodded "savior here"

"Angelo where are we?" Buffy said stepping out of the shadows "hello miss Parker Broots Sydney"

"savior mother scared"

"what's wrong with Catharine Angelo?"

"kill daughter"

"well looks like their coming with us then" Buffy said and mentally tagged them and sent them to LA

"mother satisfied"

"good then lets got the children out"


"miss Parker?" Jarrod asked amazed

"Jarrod" Sydney exclaimed

"hey syd Broots welcome to freedom mansion"

"freedom mansion couldn't you have come up with a better name?"

"it's not my mansion it's Buffy's and the name is fitting"

"I spose"

"so why did Buffy send you here?"

"Angelo told us that the powers wanted to kill miss Parker"

"well she did come here when he father told her to turn around and set of the chain of event that led to this" Jarrod shrugged

"what about Debbie?" Broots asked

" Willow , can you take Broots to get his daughter and anything they'll need for their duration here?"

"sure Jarrod" Willow answered and they disappeared

a week later once Buffy and the other had got all the kids out, Willow and Oz up loaded a fast acting virus into the African and Delaware databases after taking all the money out of the centre accounts and routing it through 6,847 other fake accounts and putting it into an account for the children and expenses to try and find their families.


"so where do we go from here?" Jarrod asked

"we take the kids one at a time and try to find their parents"

"so we're taking on each?" Willow asked

"yeah unless they have brothers or sisters here then we take them together"

"good plan" Xander said

"thanks" Buffy smiled "lets start shall we?"


the 8 went into the main room and found only 8 people in their which was just their luck so they asked the 8 to come with them and they each took a child and separated to the 8 computer terminals

"hi I'm Buffy Summers what's your name?"

"Jessica I'm 14 what do you want?"

"I want to reunite you with your parents"

"their dead"

"how do you know?"

"dr. Raines told me"

"Raines would lie about the color of the Sun if it could help him" Buffy said typing in Jessica's name and 7 matches came up "ok we've got 7 matches for your first name, do you know what they wanted you for?"

"no they never told me"

"ok who was your main supervisor?"

"dr. Raines" Buffy nodded and narrowed the search down to those who were supervised by Raines and came up with only one

"ok here you are, your parents are Vivian and Marcus deluca you were taken from them when you were 3, and they were last seen in Seattle 2 years ago and you have a baby brother who's 12 would you like to see a picture of them?" Jessica nodded violently and Buffy brought the pictures up "I can put them on disk if you want?"

"thank you Buffy" Jessica lurched forward and hugger Buffy tightly

"hey don't thank me yet we still have to find them and that could take a while but as long as you've got hope it'll be fine"

"can you find out why I was taken?"

"sure" Buffy popped the information back up while she copied the pictures to CD and she read through the information "they thought you would become a great scientist and that's why they wanted you for some reason they thought you'd be brilliant probably because of who your father was"

"who was he?"

"according to this your father is a brilliant chemist"

"I can't wait to meet him"

"we'll I'll send out picture to people all over the world and lets see if we can find them for you"


"hi I'm Jarrod"


"do you know your last name Marcus?"


"right what about your age?"

"I don't know around 17 I guess" Jarrod nodded and filled in the information

"what about you main supervisor?"

"Lillian Scott"

"do you know why you were at the centre?"

"I was an experiment to what would happen if a child's DNA was mixed with an animals"

"which animal?"

"I'm mixed with cheetah they wanted speed from me, there's a tattoo on my back which shows which animal they used for me but there are others too but were very good at controlling our animal instincts especially when we have all this open land to run in"

"is there any time you have less control?" Jarrod asked

"not really"

"ok" Jarrod put in the rest of the information and came back with 2 matches, one a personal file and the other a larger data file, with DSA numbers on them "right your full name is Marcus kings burrow your parents are jack and Lucy and they were last seen in Minnesota"

"do you have pictures?"

"sure do, why don't I put them on the disk for you and you can look at them privately?"

"thank you Jarrod"

"wait until we've found them first" Jarrod smiled and handed him the CD with the pictures on and Marcus left meeting Jessica and the others on the way and each held a disk

"Marcus" Jarrod shouted and he turned

"can you get the other's with part animal seeing as I've got the file open it'll be easier to find there parents"

Marcus nodded and left

"part animal?"

"yeah project species" Jarrod answered and the others opened them up and started reading through the information while sending off photographs of the 8 sets of parents to all their contacts with a side note that these people didn't know about demons

"err hello Marcus told us to come in here and see you have we done something wrong?" the eldest girl asked

"Marcus didn't tell you want we wanted did he"

"no he was too busy trying to get Marie off her computer so he could look at the disk but he wouldn't tell us what was on the disk either" the youngest of the 12 said

"well your not in trouble and on that disk was pictures of his parents"

"his mom and dad really?"

"yep and were going to do the same for you until we can actually find your parents"

"and all you have to do is tell us your name so we can find you on this list"

"I'm Amanda"

"ok Amanda, here you are, your wolf, 16, your parents names are Jody and Kevin foster, he works in real estate, hang on a minute I've seen this guy he lives here in LA" Buffy gasped "I think finding your parents may be easier then the others Amanda"

"I can't leave my pack though"

"I know but wouldn't you like to see them?" Amanda nodded

"ok you help the other, and look at these and I'll go find your parents" Buffy smiled and shouted out "hey guys we've got a match"


"Kevin foster and his wife Jody"

"wasn't he the guy you talked to about selling your mom's place in Sunnydale?"

"yeah that's him" Buffy smiled then ran to find the DSA's of Amanda's kidnapping and a player then jumped in her car and an hour and 20 minutes later Buffy pulled up outside the office she knew Kevin was working at and she went to the desk "hi I'm looking for Kevin foster I was told he works here"

"wait on moment and I'll get him for you"

5 minutes later Kevin came out "what can I do for you?"

"actually this is personal not business, 12 years ago your daughter Amanda was kidnapped"

"what do you know about Amanda?"

"that she's safe and is at this very moment looking at photo's of you and your wife 2 hours from here"

"she's in LA??"

"in a mansion just outside it, she's been there a week getting used to the outside world again"

"what about the people who kidnapped her?"

"not a problem anymore, their databases has been corrupted so they can't use the information but we have a copy or it and were using it to try to find the kids families Amanda is the first one who actually going to meet her parents though"


"well we just started today and I recognized you from when I sold my mom's house"

"what did they do to her?"

"why don't we go see Jody I'm sure she'll want to know this I'll tell you on the way?"

Buffy and Kevin got into her car "Amanda has grown in a place where they kept her locked up and didn't let her outside at all, most of the kids only come inside now when it gets dark sometimes not even then or they'll try to stay in the rooms with the most windows it's good to watch, anyway Amanda was subjected to test and on of those was DNA splicing"


"yes mixing her DNA with that of an animal's in Amanda's case it's wolf the problem that will occur if you want to take her home is that she'll want to stay with her pack so what I'm going to do is recommend that the people with the pack kids to live near each other so the pack can be near each other if not totally together or give everyone the choice of staying at the freedom but they all know their all ways welcome there"

"I understand"

"Amanda will be very happy to see you though"

"when can we see her??"

"when ever your ready"


"sure" Buffy said pulling up to where Kevin had indicated

and he led her inside

"Jody are you here?"


2 hours later Buffy drove them back to the estate agents to get their car and Buffy led the 2 cars to freedom mansion and they both stepped out a lot of the children stopped what they were doing to see the new comers

"can someone get Amanda for us??" Buffy called out and 3 kids ran to look for her

"there are a lot of kids here" Jody commented

"yeah there's 450 in total" Buffy said "and theirs also some we haven't found yet but were still working through the database" just as Buffy said that Jarrod went rushing by looking very agitated

"Jarrod what's wrong" Buffy called

"I found out what donaterase is"

"well what is it?"

"it's a lad facility in Texas "

"what do they do there?"


"oh god"

"I'm going out there there's a boy Buffy they cloned me I have to get him out of their"

"ok take Willow and Oz with you and use the jet, get all the information you can and get the boy out"

"thank Buffy"

"just bring him back" Jarrod nodded and was off running towards where she knew Oz and Willow were

"who was he?"

"Jarrod is a fully trained pretender, the centre kept him locked up for 30 years before he escaped and hunted him for 2 years before he found me and we destroyed the centre together but were still finding hidden facilities like donaterase"

"why clone him?"

"because he is the best there is, and they couldn't find me"

"Buffy the guys said you wanted me?" a voice said from behind them and they turned "oh my god mom dad??" Amanda whispered amazed "you found them" Buffy nodded and stepped out of the way a huge audience gathered to see Amanda reunited with her family

"everybody leave them alone" Buffy shouted and the spectators reluctantly left

"Buffy thank you" Amanda said hugging her tightly

"it's ok Amanda"

"I didn't think you'd actually find them"

a honking sounded from the gate simultaneously as the buzz hitting telling buff exactly who was in the van as a it pulled up and out of it jumped Connor and Duncan maclaud, Adam Pierson, Ritchie Ryan, kyra, and Cassandra, "hey I didn't know you guys were coming up today"

"we thought we'd help with the finding parents program"

"the help will be gladly received"

the work went a lot faster after that and within the week 10 kids had been reunited with their family and Jarrod has JC who they called jay

"hey Buffy"

"hi Mike" Buffy smiled

"can you find my family next?"

"sure" Buffy smiled and led him into the computer room and logged on and typed in mike's details "ok last name Grover, father is yikes your father is a member of parliament in England "


"his name is William Grover, why don't you go pack a bag and we'll go visit him hmm?"

mike leapt at her and hugged her for all he was worth "thank you," he whispered "aunt Buffy"

"aunt Buffy?" Buffy asked smiling

"yeah you've done so much for us so we have adopted you as our aunt"

"well id be delighted to be you aunt"


2 weeks later Buffy had set up a meeting with William Grover

"Buffy summers?" a man asked approaching her at the hotel restaurant Buffy was sitting at

"yes? are you William Grover?"

"I am, I was told you had information on my son? he was kidnapped 8 years ago"

"I can do a lot better than information mar Grover, much better, would you mind if we took this to my suite, unfortunately there are quiet a few people who wish to harm me" Buffy said


"because I’m protecting 450 children"

"how in the world did you get so many?"

"the same people that took your son took a lot of other children, last weekend 40 people worked together to get those children out, and we've been working round the clock to reunite those kids with their parents"

"how many have you been able to reunite?"

"10, some of the parents knew exactly who took their children and have gone so deep into hiding even I can't find them"

"yes I had you checked, they say your one of the best"

"thank you" Buffy said embarrassed as she unlocked the door to her suite and stood to the side to let mar Grover in

"so what could you tell me in here that you couldn't down" William’s jaw dropped as he saw a younger male version of his wife sat at the table

"mar Grover meet mike, mike this is William Grover"

"my father?" mike whispered standing up and he walked to his father

"you ok mike? you look like your about to collapse" Buffy then looked at William "in fact you both do"

"we'll be ok aunt Buffy" mike said

"they call you aunt?"

Buffy blushed

"buff's the coolest, we live in this huge mansion, with miles of land around it and there’s no curfew"

"no curfew?" William asked amazed

"mar Grover all these kids have been locked in their room's only being allowed out when they had work to do, so were letting them have as much freedom as possible" Buffy explained

"please call me bill"


"that’s why our place is called freedom mansion, and there are only a few people who know how to get their except us" mike told his father

"how many people?"

"all the kids, and 8 adults, if we bring any in there all blind folded so freedom mansion stays safe"

"what about once the kids have left?" bill asked Buffy

"well we ask that the parent and kids give us updates on how their doing, a phone call a week emails if they can" Buffy said



2 weeks later the kids sat lounging in different room all watching the broadcast William Grover was doing which was being broadcasted worldwide

"before I actually start this I want to say thank you for all coming here, now as many of you know my son was kidnapped from my home 8 years ago 2 weeks ago I’m glad to say my son was returned to me and I want to thank the 40 people who destroyed the company that took my son and many other children, and the 8 people who organized it and are looking after the other children and are at this moment searching for the parents of the children that are still with them, mike would you mind coming up here"

"sure dad" mike jumped up onto the stage

"this is mike my son and thanks to those people for security's sakes I can't tell you their names, but it's thanks to them I have my son"

"and my dad, living at the mansion was really fun and I really liked it but I’m glad to be with my father again"

"what was it like where you were kidnapped to?" one of the reporters shouted out and mike shuddered

"we were locked in room's only aloud out when they wanted to run test's on us or make us do work even the people are looking after the rest of us don't know what most of the work was used for, but we do know none of it was used to help people, and that’s what all of us are going to do now, all of us are going to try to right the wrongs the centre did"

"have you had counseling since you've been out?"

"sort of, all of us have talked to each other, to people who have had worse done to them too, and also to a guy who escaped a few years ago"

"what did they do o you if you refused to do any work?"

"shock treatment, starvation, leaving us alone in our rooms with nothing to do"

"did you have friends their?"

"no usually the only people we'd see were our handlers or our doctors"


"yeah they were the people who looked after us" mike told them "mine was a woman called Michelle, she was the one who looked after me and made sure I was well, that I was eating and stuff, the doctors were the ones who experimented on us and hurt us" bill pulled mike to his side and hugged him

"how many children are still at the mansion?"

"over 400 children ranging from 7 to 20 years old" mike answered

"a team of private investigators that is made up with most of the people who helped release these children are looking for those children’s parents" William said

"how long do you think it will be until we see more children reunited with their parents?"

"15 children have already been reunited with their parents, w already know some parents are going to be harder to be found but I for one want to give freedom mansion all the help I can"

"and all the children that were rescued, as a thank you will also help as much as we can by using our gifts to help people some of you will know a man by the name of Jarrod he helps people then disappears, he is one of us and that is now who were learning from and hopefully we can follow in Jarrod’s footprints" and with that mike and his father stepped down from the stage and left the large hall where the interview was being shot.

Back at freedom mansion Buffy smiled in satisfaction that the interview had gone so well, and they were on track to finding the parents there were still hiding.

~ The End ~