Stuck On You

Author: Dezi
Rating: FR18
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I swear I donít, even if I wish owned Angelus and Spike. ::drool:: Oh wait, I do own Crystal.
Summary: XO w/ Coyote Ugly. After S2, IOHEFY. Angelus leaves Sunnydale but comes back to find Sunnydale different. Buffy's gone and started a new life now he has to get her back. B/Aus.


April; 1998

“We’re leaving tonight.” Angelus stomped down the stairs of his Mansion passed his Grand Childe rolling up to him.

Earlier that night had been eventful. Ghosts who only wanted to right a wrong possessed the Slayer and Angelus. Rather poetic if he said so himself but his Sire only saw it as a violation. The ghosts had made him and the Slayer play kissy face with each other, however, Spike had to admit that Angelus was protesting to much to his ex-screw toy’s lips against his.

He suspected his Sire truly loved the blonde girl in the only way a soulless creature could, Angelus had never before been so worked up. With Drusilla the obsession lasted till she was turned, even before he changed her he wasn’t so crazed with driving her into his waiting arms. Granted Spike wasn’t apart of the family around the time but he heard stories from both Darla and Angelus.

Angelus did things for the Slayer that he had never done for another woman, vampire or not. He killed the teacher for the blonde Slayer since she had betrayed her. His Sire had sent a token of his affection through a classmate of hers, and when Buffy went into the hospital after a fight with him he had come with a white rose. Of course the whelp wouldn’t let him in to see her.

“Why do you wanna leave mate? I thought we had a nice set up here?” Spike stared up at his Sire with confusion he folded his hands in his lap and waited for Angelus to answer.

He growled at Spike questioning him. “I need a change of scenery sit and spin, that should be enough reason for you.” The angry vampire stalked passed him and out the front doors of the Mansion. Walking down the almost empty street he grabbed the first victim he came across, draining the dark haired teen of all her life’s blood.

She said that pansy’s name.

The Slayer whispered that name while she was cradled in his embrace.


Soulboy was never coming back. He had to make sure of that. The gypsy Janna otherwise known as Jenny Calendar was already taken care of. But that didn’t mean the Scoobies couldn’t acquire another Gypsy some way. All the possibilities had to be eliminated.

After the threat was gone he would come back to Sunnydale to claim his true mate. Imagine, him, Angelus, The Scourge of Europe having the Slayer for his mate, if he wasn’t already a legend he would have become one. No vampire had been mated to a Slayer.

He continued to walk down the familiar streets of the town until he’s in front of Buff’s home. The heartbeats of her and her mother were strong and steady, unhurried in the safety of their dwelling. Angelus stayed out there watching his mate until almost dawn. The next night he would be leaving with his Childe and Grand Childe, he would return to claim her…he could do nothing else but return to her.

Chapter 1

July; 2004

It’s been over 6 years since he walked these streets. It seemed as though nothing had changed, but the taste of the air, the sounds of the night stated other wise. The small town street lay quiet, sundown had been hours ago, there should have been a few demons roaming the area but there were none. An occasional car would drive past the group of four, other than that there was nothing. The town seemed…safe, like a blanket covered the small town in warmth and goodness; it was enough to make him want to vomit.

“Are we even in the right town Angelus?” Darla crinkled her eyebrows in confusion. “Where’s the smell of freshly spilt blood, the fledgling vampires making a mockery of our kind?” Her hand was woven through Angelus’s arm; she hated to admit it and never would out loud but her Childe now Sire had been turning away from her. Like he didn’t want her anymore. Darla shook off the unpleasant thought, it’s ridiculous, Angelus cared for her, in his own sick twisted way…what other way was there?

Angelus growled in irritation at the vampiress beside him. Only seven years ago his en-souled sissy self had killed his blonde clingy Sire, all for another blonde, the Slayer. He had hoped Darla was gone for good but Wolfram & Hart, an evil law firm, brought the bitch back. “Let’s go to Willy’s, he’s bound to know something. Even if he doesn’t I’ll have fun torturing him anyway.” He smirked, all the possibilities of torment lay endlessly before him.

Spike glanced at his Grand Sire and Great Grand Sire or would she now be his Aunt? It was all very confusing to the bleached blonde. He didn’t understand why Angelus turned Darla when she was brought back human.

From what Peaches told him he hated his Sire, always too needy, got him into trouble more often than he could count, and got upset when Angelus tried to take over as the leader of his vampiric family. Maybe he felt some kind of obligation towards her, after all they were together for over a hundred and fifty years. That had got to count for something.

Moments later the two vampire couples were sauntering into Willy’s Place. Willy was at his normal spot behind the bar cleaning a mug that carried the slight scent of blood, it lingered in the deep crack on the side of the cup.

“Angel…what are you doing here? There was word that you weren’t ever coming back to Sunnydale.” He cast scared glances around the bar; none of his patrons would protect him. Ever since the Hellmouth was closed the majority of the demons that populated the town were non-violent.

The tall Master vampire growled and grabbed him by the lapels of his shirt at the lowly human not calling him by his demon’s name. “It’s Angelus piss ant.”

“Sorry, I meant no disrespect.” He whined trying his best to get out Angelus’ grasp. With a low rumble deep in his chest the vampire let him go. “So,” Willy straightened his shirt, “what can I get for you? Want a Blood Light? It’s AB negative today…”

“Shut up Willy, I want to know what the fuck happened here! There are no demons out on the streets, when there are the demons are spineless.” He stared at the customers of the bar, “just like the ones in here. I have yet to smell the blood-splattered earth. Now you are going to tell me why.” His voice whispered velvet soft, yet full of menace.

Willy picked up a wet mug and his dishtowel out of nervous habit. “It was the Slayer, the first one that came here, not the second or third.” He placed the mug in its designated spot.

“And how did she do that?” So his mate had been busy while he was away. He’d just have to remind her whose territory this was.

“The witch did a spell for Buffy that gave her the knowledge, magical know how, and strengths of all the Slayers before her. That was about two and a half years ago. But basically whatever knowledge was given to her was able to shut down the Hellmouth for good. You vamps missed some pretty neat stuff. Of course the closing of the Hellmouth took away almost eighty percent of my business.” Willy shook his head. After Buffy did her thing most demons split to Cleveland but Buffy wasn’t too far behind them and managed to close that Hellmouth down as well.

Willy’s thoughts tickle Darla’s mind, the mind reading skills she honed for centuries weren’t back to full power yet but they were slowly returning. “How could we not know about this? You would think that the closing of a Hellmouth, especially two would be all over the demon community.” Darla huffed in annoyance. She was looking forward to causing some real carnage in the town while that little bitch of a Slayer watched in horror.

Spike stared at the fidgety bartender. “You know why, don’t ya mate?” He took a cigarette from his duster, stuck it in his mouth and lit it with the candle burning on the bar.

Willy swallowed loudly confirming Spike’s suspicions. “I heard from Doyle, he came to be apart of the Slayers group about four and a half years ago, anyway he came into the bar, got drunk and begun spouting about Buffy having Willow doing a blocking spell. A very specific one from what I gathered. It apparently made every demon and supernatural force not speak about what happened in Sunnydale. She didn’t want you four to find out and come back and try to re-open it before…” A cough of nervousness made it passed the lump in his throat.

“Before what?” In a second his face changed from the handsome guise to his vampiric face.

“There was a dead line I guess. It needed the four eldest of the Order of Aurelius. You four. If you tried to open it before the deadline everything that Buffy did would have been pointless.”

Angelus paced thinking for a moment. When suddenly it struck him… “How did Buffy know about Darla? She should have figured she was still dead.”

“She kept tabs on all of you. The Slayer wanted to know exactly when you came back. So there wouldn’t be any surprises.” Willy knew practically everything about everything in this town, even the Slayers business.

Willy stared at Angelus fear in his eyes as he watched his jaw clench and his fangs glisten in the bar’s weak light. “Where is my little Slayer now?”

“She not here anymore. About a week after closing the Hellmouth for good, you know where you four wouldn’t be able to open it; she took her friends and left Sunnydale. I'm not entirely sure where they went after Cleveland but last I heard it was somewhere on the East Coast.”

After a few more minutes of chatting, well, threatening Willy for information, which he had no more of, the Fearsome Foursome left the bar, surprisingly leaving Willy fairly well and still alive. Never knew when they would need a snitch, and if they killed him they’d have to expend energy to find a new one. At least now they had an explanation as to why everything was different now.

“This is certainly a depressing trip. I was so hoping to take care of that annoying goody-goody of a Slayer. It would have been to watch her blood spill from many cuts and bite marks.” Without warning Angelus grabbed his Sire turned Childe’s neck, his vampire visage firmly in place.

“You will not go near her Darla, my dear. The Slayer is mine to deal with and no one else’s. Is that understood?” His voice so quiet that if Darla didn’t have her super hearing she wouldn’t have heard him.

She nodded terrified of Angelus. He’d never been that straightforward with her before, Angelus would always cloak his threats to her with sexual innuendo’s, never right in her face about it. Wanting her to think that she would get pleasure from her punishment, which she most always did.

Drusilla, who had not been paying a bit of attention to her grandmother turned sister and her Daddy’s spat, glided over to her mate and Childe and began to nuzzle his neck. An evil smile graced her beautiful face as she licked up the slim column of Spike’s neck.

“Psst, psst, my darling Spike. The Slayer she dances, they scream and shout, she loves it.” Drusilla grinned; she slowly moved her body in a slow seductive circle dancing to the music only she could hear. “The music pulsates inside her. He wants her, she dances for him.”

Angelus stared at his Childe in confusion, it’s obvious she saw something about Buffy, but why would she get a vision of her now when she hadn’t had one since they left here. Or she hadn’t told him about any, she could have very well hidden her findings from him. Drusilla had always had a certain connection to Slayers, she had once been a potential Slayer but he had turned her before she had a chance to be called.

Darla rubbed her hand alluringly across Angelus’ back trying to get his attention back on her, but it’s of no use. He just brushed her hand aside and stalked over to Dru capturing her by the throat and pulling her close to his game face.

“Where is she Drusilla? You know where she is don’t you, you’ve always known haven’t you?” He roared ignoring his Grandchilde’s cries to let his mate go and his crazy Childe’s pathetic moans of pain.

“Yes, Daddy, the stars told me not to tell you, she’s not in the Valley of the Sun not this one, moved to a different Sunny City.” She whimpered; Daddy since he came back to the family had been mean whenever anyone mentioned His Slayer. Her daddy didn’t love them like he used too, he only saw the Slayer only wanted the Slayer.

“Now, what’s this about her dancing?” His fangs shine in the moonlight as he waited for her answer. If Buff’s dancing for anybody it should be him and no one else.

“Where she is, the man, holds her hips, brings her closer to him. She wants him too. Not acting. The Slayer desires him.” Angelus squeezed her neck tighter, although she didn’t need to breathe it hurts her neck.

He tossed his Childe away from him into the arms of Spike who was now caressing her damaged jugular area. “What is your issue mate?” Spike nuzzled Dru’s throat pressing soft loving kissed against the slim column.

Without a word to his vampire family he left them confused and alone in the empty street. He had things to ponder and he couldn’t do that with his irritating family whining and wanting his attention every second. Angelus went to the only place where he felt like himself, no matter if he was en-souled or not.

It came as shock to him when he walked up to the home. The home that had once housed his lover and mate, and occasionally her mother was empty, not a living soul resided in the house. The vampire climbed the familiar tree outside Buff’s window; he peeked in surprised that her furniture was still there. Why would she leave all her furniture if she weren’t planning on coming back? It didn’t make any sense.