The Slayer and the Jaffa

Author: Mr. Wolf
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X-over:Buffy/Stargate/HP/(The Pretender). Mostly Buffy and Stargate.
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Rating: G


A man dressed in Egyptian clothes was running across an open plain. Every other pace he looked behind him, fearing that his pursuers would catch up with him. He was getting short of breath which he wasn't used to. Never before had he pushed his body this hard that he felt out of breath. Fear showed in his yellow eyes, eyes that never had shown fear, not even when he was in front of Sokar or Ra.

He stumbled a few times, but it didn't slow him down much. He reached the DHD of the Stargate and dialled the coordinates to leave the planet. After half a minute the swooping sound of the opening of the Stargate could be heard. The man approached the Stargate and was about to step through when, out of nowhere, a blast hit him and pushed him away from the Stargate to the ground. If it hadn't been for his personal force field, he would have been dead.

He rolled over and saw that he was surrounded by Jaffas. One of them turned to the DHD and pressed the big red button to deactivate the Stargate.

The man stood up. "I command you to stand down."

Nobody moved or spoke.

The man raised his arm with the Ribbon Device, but before he could activate it, the Jaffa who had deactivated the Stargate threw a knife at the jewel. Holding his wounded hand, the cornered man stared down at the broken Ribbon Device.

"I'm your God. I command ..."

This time the Jaffa interrupted him. "The Children of the Ato'kra don't listen to false Gods."

The Zat'n'ktel snapped open and zapped him. Everything went dark for the man and he was unconscious before he hit the ground. The Jaffa removed the Ribbon Device before two other Jaffas picked him up and carried his limp form away from the Stargate.

Chapter 1

In the Gate Room of SGC the Stargate opened, exploding like a horizontal geyser that retracted itself after two seconds. As a precaution the titanium iris in front the watery surface of the Stargate closed for verification of the IDC signal. When SGC received a positive signal from the Tok'ra, the iris opened and a few seconds later the Tok'ra Selmak with General Jacob Carter, Major Samantha Carter's father, as his host came through the Stargate, followed by three Jaffas. One of the Jaffas had a Golden Emblem on his forehead, which indicated his standing as a First Prime of a Systemlord. The soldiers in the Gate Room went on high alert.

"Welcome, Jacob." General Hammond spoke from the Control Room. He also noticed the Golden Emblem. "Who are your friends?"

Jacob waved with his arm to his companions. "They represent the Jaffas called the Ato'kra'orh. The Slayer's Children. They want an audience with the Slayer of the House of the Watchers."

A dead silence spread through both the Control Room and the Gate Room. General Hammond broke the hush. "Escort them to Conference Room One."

After the General addressed his 'guests', he spoke through the PA system. "SG-1 to Conference Room One. Now!"

The urgency in the General's voice couldn't go unnoticed. The fallout from Buffy and her friends in the SGC was great. The problem wasn't the Slayer, who seemed to have a higher rank in security than SGC and could get away with virtually anything, up to and including murder. No, the problem was that 'they,' with 'they' being the 'government', the mythical shadow government, the CIA, the NSA and/or other secret agencies. The people who are in power and hold the 'secrets'. 'They' worried more about classified information being leaked to SGC than the fact that the Scoobies had infiltrated SGC to rescue Buffy from the Goa'ulds.

His annoyance at SG-S, aka the Scoobies, for their secrecy while they prepared for their mission through the Stargate, and for telling SGC that anything related to their mission to bring back the Slayer was classified information, was gone now. The General was even glad that SG-S had acted as they did, since SG-1 was questioned for almost a week while he and the rest of the SGC personnel had the fortune to be only questioned for a day.

General Hammond entered the conference room, exchanged pleasantries with Jacob and told the Jaffas to sit down. The members of SG-1 entered the room one by one after him. Everyone in SG-1, and especially Teal'c, tensed up when they saw the Golden Emblem on one of the Jaffas. Teal'c's posture indicated his readiness for any wrong move by the First Prime. When the last member of the SG-1 entered the room and sat down, the introductions were quickly made. The First Prime was Du'kack, the former First Prime of Ker. The other two were called Ma'tack and Hy'orth.

Daniel's attention was caught by the one called Ma'tack. He seemed familiar to Daniel.

"Have we met?"

The Jaffa called Ma'tack stared at him with the same intensity that Teal'c always had. "We met on Gunar, when Lady Buffy released me from my bonds."

"Hey, you still owe me a knife." O'Neill recalled, caring less about his knife than he did for breaking the ice with his lighthearted remark.

In reaction to his comment, the Jaffa removed something from his pocket and slid the object across the table to O'Neill. It was the same knife that Buffy had 'borrowed' from O'Neill to free the Jaffa. O'Neill picked the knife up and looked strangely at it. He really hadn't expected to get the knife back in response to his rhetorical request. He turned his attention away from the knife to the three Jaffas.

"Okay, do you guys carry any more weapons? If so, please put them on the table and you'll have them returned when you leave."

The Jaffas complied, removing several knives and small weapons from their persons and placing them on the table. General Hammond wasn't pleased and turned to Jacob.

"Did you know they were still armed?"

It was Selmak who answered. "Yes, we thought it would show a lack of trust to ask for their personal weapons. They agreed to leave their Staff-weapons on the other side of the Stargate. They gave their word that they wouldn't use them against the Tau'ri."

"Not that I don't trust them, because I don't, but what do Ker's Jaffas want from us?" O'Neill quipped, while looking at the Tok'ra.

Before Selmak or Jacob could answer, the First Prime Du'kack spoke up. "We want an audience with Lady Buffy."

"Why?" O'Neill asked. He liked Buffy, but he liked her best when there were a few states between them. He didn't want to be interrogated for a whole week again. He'd had no fun the first time around.

The Jaffas went quiet and didn't respond to O'Neill's question. It seemed that they didn't want to elaborate about their reason. Seeing that he wouldn't get any answers from them, O'Neill turned to Jacob, who shrugged his shoulders in response, indicating that he didn't know either.

"They only told us that they wanted to talk to the Slayer, not why. After five days, we agreed to escort them to Earth."

O'Neill looked at General Hammond and they came to the same conclusion.

"Major Carter, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c. Please keep our guests entertained." The General turned to Jacob. "Jacob, please follow me."

The trio walked a short distance to the General's office. When they entered, General Hammond went to sit behind his desk and gave permission for the other two to take a chair and sit down.

"Now, Jacob, tell us what is going on. The last time we heard from the Tok'ra, the Systemlords were fighting over Ker's territory and they were in a stalemate."

Jacob's eyes began to glow, indicating that the symbiont was talking. "The Tok'ra wasn't, and isn't, completely sure what happened on Ker's worlds. We only knew that Ker's Jaffas were acting strangely after his death at the hand of Lady Buffy. We lack intelligence on this matter because we have no infiltrators in the Jaffa ranks. This made the Systemlords uneasy."

Selmak saw the confusion and worry on the two men. His eyes turned back to normal. "Maybe I should start at the beginning."

"That would help." O'Neill had a feeling he wouldn't like the story.

"After Ker's defeat, resulting in his death, there went a shock through the Systemlords and even the Tok'ra. The System Lords didn't believe that Lady Buffy had rejected the symbiont on her own, without help or the use of some kind of alien technology from the Tau'ri allies. Neither did the Tok'ra until Anise came back and told us the story."

"Did she tell you the true origin of the Slayer?" O'Neill interrupted, wanting to know how much he, and thereby what the Tok'ra, knew.

"No." Selmak said. Jacob continued. "She was very adamant that it would be best if the origin of the Slayer remained a mystery."

"I think even upstairs would rather leak the existence of the Stargate to the press than the truth about the Slayer." O'Neill added some information of his own.

Jacob knew how important the Stargate was for the U.S. Government and the defence of Earth. O'Neill's guess meant that the Slayer was very significant. He made a mental note to think more about this puzzle later, but continued with his report.

"The wildest stories were spreading through the Goa'uld's and Jaffa's ranks. Within a week, no Goa'uld or Jaffa was left that didn't know about Ker's defeat by Buffy the Slayer. One of those stories is that she singlehanded conquered Gunar. Some call her the Demon Slayer, other call her the Slayer of False Gods; Slayer of Goa'ulds, the Goddess of Death, but most of all she is called Buffy the Merciful."

"Merciful." O'Neill was shocked. He had many names for Buffy, but mercy wasn't in the top hundred. "You didn't see her rip through the Jaffas or how she sparred with Teal'c. No mercy there."

"I don't know if she told you about Ker's tests." Jacob continued.

"No, she was reluctant to talk about it and Harun felt guilty about it. What happened?" O'Neill was curious.

"One of those tests was fighting Jaffas. After her first fight with the Jaffas, Ker let her fight a Kre'an beast, which makes a grizzly bear look like a puppy. The Slayer could have killed it easily, but she only went in defending herself. It almost cost her her life."

"What's merciful about that?" O'Neill didn't understand it.

"She was protecting the Jaffas she had defeated a few moments before. And they know that she saved the life of a symbiont."

"Harun." The General added his contribution to the conversation.

"Yes, and Ma'tack spreads that tale of how she let him go." Jacob changed the direction of the conversation. "The Systemlords complained about the Slayer to the Asgards and said that the Tau'ri had broken the Treaty which protects Earth from the Goa'uld."

"Oh, please tell me she didn't." O'Neill was almost begging. The Treaty was the only thing that kept the Systemlords off Earth for the moment.

"No, she didn't. The Slayer only protected herself and Ker didn't have the right to use her as a host, for she is the Protector of the Tau'ri." Jacob explained.

"The Asgards know about the Slayer?" The General couldn't believe it. Did the whole universe knew about the Slayer but Earth itself?

Selmak answered him. "Yes. This is only third-hand information, but it seems that the Asgard who spoke with the Systemlords was reverent and even a little fearful."

"Are you glad now that you didn't piss her off, sir?" O'Neill grinned at the General, who glared back.

Jacob smiled. "The Tau'ri is still protected by the Treaty. Now then, since the Systemlords couldn't get to the Slayer, they turned their attention toward Ker's planets. They were discussing for weeks who had the right to Ker's worlds. They didn't get far, so after weeks of arguing a few Systemlords took it upon themselves that possession is nine tenths of the law."

"Like jackals on a carcass." O'Neill thought that calling the Goa'uld jackals was an insult to the species.

"Yes, Gunar was already re-conquered by the previous Systemlord. The thirteen worlds that belonged to Ker were first attacked by five Systemlords. They had made preparations for a invasion fleet while the other Systemlords were still arguing about it. The five Systemlords didn't coordinate the attack, so each of them attacked at his own leisure. In the first attack they destroyed one of the planets, which caused a lot of casualties among the Jaffas. After a week of fighting, all five Systemlords were captured and at least twelve Pyramids were destroyed."

"Captured? Twelve Pyramids?" This time it was the General who beat O'Neill to the punch, interrupting to voice his disbelief.

"Yes, they didn't expect that much resistance or how organized the resistance was." Jacob waited for more questions. When they didn't ask, he continued. "After that the Systemlords were more careful and prepared another attack, but there were a lot of delays, either from miscommunications or even sabotage, and when they coordinated an attack with a fleet on the center world of Ker's former power, Hy'a'tsi, they were ambushed. The fleet was destroyed, three Systemlords died and three were captured."

"Eleven Systemlords down? In how many weeks, two?" O'Neill couldn't believe what he was hearing, and his shock showed in his voice.


O'Neill knew that he shouldn't interrupt him anymore, but he couldn't help his surprise. He waved for Jacob to continue.

"The rest of the Systemlords started to panic, since never, in their whole existence, had they lost so many Systemlords in such a time frame. Not even against the Asgards or the Ancients. They didn't even know who was in control of Ker's worlds as his replacement. Not even the Tok'ra knew anything about it, because we have our focus on the Goa'ulds, not the Jaffas."

"We have some allied infiltrators in the Jaffa ranks, but even they didn't or wouldn't tell us what was going on." The General interrupted to point out.

The Tok'ra acknowledged this with a nod and Jacob continued. "After a month, the Systemlords couldn't come up with a plan for how to conquer the Ker's planets. No valid information was coming from the thirteen planets. The only thing that was spreading were the rumours about the Slayer. That was when the Tok'ra decided to inform the SGC about the battles of the Ker's Thirteen Worlds."

"You didn't tell us about the Systemlords being captured or killed." O'Neill pointed out with annoyance in his voice.

"The Tok'ra Council decided against telling the Tau'ri."

O'Neill sometimes really disliked the Tok'ra for their secrecy, even though he understood the necessity of it. Being in the military, which operated in secrecy so frequently, he had to understand so he kept his irritation to himself for once.

Jacob continued his story. "In the next month, any mission from the Goa'uld or from the Tok'ra side to the Thirteen Worlds failed. Now Jaffas from other worlds started to rebel, and within weeks five more planets fell out of the control of the Systemlords. A whole planet was destroyed as a disciplinary action."

"Damn, that is a second world." O'Neill didn't like the sound of that. He really didn't understand how anyone could be so ruthless as to destroy a whole planet.

"Yes, and we still had no clear clue what was happening on the Thirteen Worlds, but the Slayer stories were growing. Even the Systemlords thought that the Tau'ri were behind it somehow. They complained to the Asgards again that the Tau'ri had broken the Treaty. But they told them that the Tau'ri had no direct connection with the Thirteen Worlds."

"You gotta love those little fellas." O'Neill was very pleased by his Asgard friends and showed it, smiling and leaning back in his chair.

Jacob returned the smile, but it wavered. "In the conflict between the Systemlords and the Thirteen Worlds, the Tok'ra lost a lot of his people. Some of our best infiltrators were captured or killed. In the third month it became more clear as to who ruled the Thirteen Worlds. They called themself Ato'kra'orh, the Slayer's Children. The Systemlords tried to complain again to the Asgards, but were told that the Slayer of the Tau'ri wasn't involved. The Systemlords didn't believe them, but they couldn't organize an attack on Earth because they were too busy defending their own territory and massing an attack against the Ato'kra'orh."

Jacob paused in his retelling, giving his listeners a brief break to take in the story he was telling.

"At this moment there is an unspoken truce that can break out in war any time. In the meantime, the Ato'kra'orh contacted the Tok'ra and told them they had about fifty of our people that they wanted to release to us. They also wanted us to contact the Tau'ri for them. We waited five days before deciding to escort them to SGC."

"Five days? Couldn't wait for two more days to make it a full week?" O'Neill let a hint of sarcasm show in his voice.

Selmak looked annoyed at O'Neill before he turned to the General and continued. "We questioned them about the reason that they wanted to go to the Tau'ri, but the only thing they said was that they needed to speak with the Slayer."

The General sighed. "This means we have to get Buffy here."

"Oh, this is going to be fun." O'Neill rolled his eyes.

After a few phone calls, the General finally got the Slayer on the line. He vaguely explained to her what was going on. Buffy didn't like to be in the dark, but she understood that the General couldn't go into detail over an unsecured phone line. She confirmed that she would be arriving within the hour with a friend. The General put down the phone and informed the other two about her immanent arrival.

"Let's go back to the conference room and tell our guests that the Slayer will be here soon. "

Once they returned to the conference room and informed the others that the Slayer was coming, preparations began for her appearance.

Chapter 2

Buffy arrived within an hour with a brunette on her tail in front of the gates to Cheyenne Mountain. After a brief confirmation of Buffy's identity, they were let through to the second check point, where Daniel was waiting for them. Their greeting was short and the brunette was introduced as Faith. Daniel escorted them to Conference Room One. While in transit he gave Buffy the short version of what was going on.

Buffy wasn't happy that she was the cause or at least the initiator of all that bloodshed and destruction. She almost didn't want to enter the conference room and meet the Ato'kra'orh. On the other hand Faith found it funny that the Jaffas called themself the Slayer's Children.

She wanted to tease Buffy about it, but when she saw Buffy's face, she wisely kept her mouth shut. She knew that Buffy took any death she couldn't prevent personal and on some level Buffy was responsible for these deaths.

Buffy straightened herself to pose confidence before entering the conference room. At the same moment as Buffy entered the room the Jaffas went down on one knee and bowed their head. Buffy's eyes turned golden, which indicated that the Tok'ra Harun was in the driver seat.

"Stand up. I'm not a Systemlord. Neither will I accept to be treated like one."

The Jaffas understood and quickly stood straight and looked her straight in the eyes. Buffy's eyes turned normal again and she stood in front of Du'kack. "You killed Gru'ina, my Tok'ra's previous host. By coming here you put yourself in our path of wrath."

The First Prime humble bent his head down. "I know."

"Good." Buffy went to sit at the end of the table ignoring the rest; SG-1, the General and the Tok'ra Jacob/Selmak. "Sit down and tell me why you wanted to talk to me and why you're calling yourself my children?"

The Jaffas took their places at the table again.

"Oh hi. How are you doing? Good and yo ..." O'Neill started. He didn't like to be ignored.

Buffy interrupted him. "O'Neill, did I give you permission to speak?"

O'Neill was shocked he didn't expect this from her. The last time he talked to her she wasn't this high and mighty. He was about to retort something, when Daniel gave him a signal to drop it and Teal'c put a hand on his shoulder. And if that wasn't enough.

"You heard Lady B. Sock it, Pops." Faith stood behind Buffy as her escort guard. O'Neill wasn't pleased about the treatment he received from the two women, but the pressure on his shoulder from Teal'c increased. But not to a level that it hurt. He backed down and gave Buffy a look, which told her that this was far from over. He also mumbled something under his breath, unhearable for most but not for the slayers. Faith smiled, but Buffy kept her face straight. Buffy turned to the Jaffas and waited for them to answer her.

It was Ma'tack who spoke. "You called us misguided children. We call our self the Slayer's Children to honour you for giving us our freedom."

Buffy remembered her little speech. 'I don't see the Jaffas as Demons, only as misguided Children. Leave back to your homes and live an honourable life. Confront me and die a disgraceful death for I'm the Chose One, Chosen by the Gods to stop the spread of evil. I protect the Tau'ri like the Asgardians do. But I'm deadlier for I'm the Slayer.'

Ma'tack continued. "We came here for your council, because the division between our people is growing and we know that if we don't show an united front against the Systemlords, they will destroy us. We also came to ask if you would accept the position of Domajanir."

Teal'c and the Tok'ra Jacob/Selmak were both shocked.

"A what?" O'Neill asked.

"A spiritual leader, but also a warlord. Something like a priest-general. There hasn't been a Domajanir in 5 thousand years." Buffy explained.

"So what is so special about this Doma John?" O'Neill wanted to know.

Faith laughed behind Buffy. "He is worst with mangling names then you are, B."

"I do it on purpose as a trademark. He does it out of lack of intelligent." Buffy said in amusement to Faith giving her a smile.

"Hey!" O'Neill was protesting.

Buffy ignored his protest and turned to the rest of the SGC. "The Domajanir is a person of ..." It was hard to describe for Buffy. "You simply obey him or her."

"So you play god." Daniel asked.

"No, you don't worship a Domajanir and you may argue with a Domajanir." Buffy was thinking it over on how to continue. "He also can't judge his subject, neither can he harm or kill any of his servants, subjects, followers? There are some more rules, but those are the important ones."

Buffy turned to the three Jaffas. "Wait in the corridor, while I make my decision."

The Jaffas bowed and left the room.

Chapter 3

Buffy was sitting in the Conference Room asking or more precisely telling the three Jaffas to leave the room. They had explained what they wanted from Buffy and now she had to consider their offer. Before she could even begin to think it over, she felt a pull on her body. Flashy lights were shimmering around her. They were obstructing her vision, otherwise she would have noticed that they were also surrounding O'Neill.

"What the ..." From one moment to the other, Buffy was whiskered onto the Asgard Flagship Beliskner. "... heck?"

Ker's and Harun's memories told her, that with all likelihood this was an Asgard ship. Ker as a Goa'uld and Systemlord feared and loathed the Asgards. Though the Tok'ra didn't loathe the Asgards, they did have a health respect and fear toward them.

Jack was getting used being snagged by the Asgards and was the first one to get over his shock.

"Thor, how nice of you to drop by, but could you give us a little warning next time."

"It is as alway a pleasure to meet you, O'Neill." Thor the High Commander of the Asgard fleet replied.

Buffy looked at the little fellow. It was smaller than herself, way smaller. He couldn't have been taller than 4 feet. She knew, that the Asgards were small from her borrowed memories, but not this small.

And they looked so cute with his big eyes and grey skin. Then she remembered, that O'Neill called him Thor. 'Thor?!' She thought. She remembered from reading Spiderman's comics, that their was a Thor in the Marvel Universe. She compared him with the Thor in front of her. Even without her Slayer strength, she could, with all probability, squash him like a bug. She knew, that he was a very powerful being, but it didn't show in his physic.

Buffy started to laugh. Which got her some odd looks from both O'Neill and Thor.

"He is so cute." Buffy pointed at Thor, while looking at O'Neill. "And so little. I have this image of Thor nine, ten feet tall, muscles big as tree trunks, slinging a hammer miles away. He doesn't look like he could throw a baseball to the other side of the room."

O'Neill looked terrified that Buffy might have insulted Thor. It was never a good thing to insult an Asgard and Thor was their High Commander. Before he could reprimand her, her eyes turned golden and she bowed her head in respect.

"My apologies for Buffy's behaviour, but she had grown up with a specific image of Thor and you are not fulfilling her expectation."

There was some amusement in Thor's eyes, while he blinked. "No apologies are needed. We are well aware how the Asgards are perceived by the Tau'ri and other humans. And we can understand, how that can be amusing."

Buffy's eyes turned back to normal and she gave Thor one of her famous smiles. Buffy went on her knees to be on eye level.

"It's good to know, that the Asgards have a sense of humour." Buffy's demeanor changed to a more serious one. "So, why did the Mighty Thor pleasure us with his presence." Harun was telling her something in her head. "I hope you aren't mad at me for telling the Goa'ulds that I'm more dangerous than you guys." Buffy was looking innocently at Thor.

Thor's eyes were blinking rapidly. Buffy looked amused at him, before she turned toward O'Neill. "Is he laughing?"

Before O'Neill could make up his mind about it, Thor answered Buffy's question.

"Yes, I am. I am thanking you for making me laugh. I haven't laughed like this in eons. It is very refreshing."

"Haven't had much to laugh about?" Buffy was looking serious now and she could sense, that she was right and that Thor didn't want to talk about it. So she changed the subject not to embarrass him. "So, why are you here, if I may ask?"

"The Systemlords have contacted us." Thor had his head tilted a little.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "That can never be of the good."

Thor blinked his eyes a few times. Buffy smiled and moved back to sit on her legs with here hands on her lap waiting for Thor to continue.

"They told us that the Tau'ri have broken the Treaty by making Ker's Jaffas revolt against the Systemlords."

"We did so not break the Treaty ... If you look it that way. Yes, we might have, but I never told Kerry-boy to possess me. I even warned him not to." Buffy turned from her internal conversation with Harun back to Thor. "So did we break the Treaty? For I think, I was justified to kill Ker and they can't blame me for them revolting, I couldn't be the first person telling them, that the Goa'uld are false gods."

Thor blinked again. "We told them that there was no breach in the Treaty. But they are insisting on a meeting with the Slayer."

Buffy was thinking and O'Neill was very uncharacteristic quiet. He was also a little jealous, that Thor seemed to like her.

"I rather talk my way out, than fight my way out." O'Neill said at last.

Buffy looked up and grinned at O'Neill. "I rather fight, but talking is also of the good." She turned back to Thor. "Did they pick a date?"

"No." Thor answered short and sweet.

"Good. In five Tau'ri days. I'll give them the coordinates of the planet six hours before the conference." Buffy was thinking and then added. "And tell them they are allowed to wear their Ribbon Device."

"Are you out of your mind?" O'Neill interrupted her.

"And two Jaffas as honour guard for any Systemlord that is attending the conference." She didn't let O'Neill disrupt her. Now that she was finished, she turned to him. "Just because they'll have weapons, doesn't mean I'm going to let them use it. Plus it will tell them, I'm not afraid of them."

"Hell, I am." The expression on O'Neill's face was just something Xander would show, blatant honesty.

Buffy laughed and turned back to Thor. "Are you going to join the party or are you too busy?"

He blinked a few times. "I have to be there to arbitrate the meeting."

Buffy sensed that these blinks weren't happy blinks. She had a bad feeling that he had to be somewhere else. "You don't have to be present only send the messages to our wormy friends."

O'Neill was about to protest, but a look from Buffy stopped him.

"I can handle anything they would throw at me." Buffy turned her attention back at Thor. "But it would be nice to send a representative to be an observer and has some authority to speak for the Asgards."

Thor blinked a few times. "I'll see what I can do."

"Good." Buffy stood up and she rubbed her knees. "It was nice meeting you. But could you send us back. I only have five days to make preparations and I hate for people to think that I'm a bad host."

Thor nodded and handed Buffy a device that fitted in her palm. "This will allow you to contact us."

"Thank you." Buffy was looking curious at the device, when the blue shimmering light started to shimmer around her. She just had time enough for a small wave.

They materialised back in the conference room. Faith was the first one to speak.

"That's not fair, you're always the lucky one. Big Cheese here tells me you got whisked away on an big ass Asgard spaceship."

Faith pointed at the General with her 'Big Cheese' comment. The General didn't like the comment at all. Her expression changed even more outraged, when she saw the communication device. "They even gave you a present."

"Pretty, isn't it? But it isn't a present, it is a communication device." Buffy grinned.

"E.T. call home."

Buffy grinned.

"How do they look?" Faith was curious about the alien. The Jaffas looked way too human, that might be because their ancestors were humans before they were genetical altered to carry the Goa'uld larva.

"Four feet tall," was Buffy's first response.

"Finally somewhere you're tall." Faith smirked at Buffy.

Buffy frowned and almost stuck her tongue out, but her excitement to tell was too great for her to frown for long. "Big head, big black eyes, grey blue skin. And cute!" Buffy almost screeched the last word out. "Just like you would expect little grey aliens should be."

"So, those UFO nuts knew, what they were talking about." Faith was smirking.

"Well, I wouldn't call them experts, but yeah." Buffy changed her frown into an expression of excitement. "And do you know what his name was? Thor!"

"No way! The little quirt got the name of a powerhouse." Faith whistled in admiration.

"Yes, but don't be fooled by his physical appearance. There is power behind those black eyes." Buffy stated.

"Yeah, especially if he has his warship to back him up." O'Neill was remembering the first time he saw Thor's Flagship the Beliskner.

The General cleared his throat. "O'Neill could you tell us why Thor had brought you and Miss Summers on his ship?"

The General rather directed his question to his second in command, who had to answer his question, than the petite slayer, who even if she answered his question, you not always get the answer you wanted or understood. Of course Buffy knew this and deliberately answered the question before O'Neill could.

"The Systemlords wants to powwow and they've invited me to a party."

O'Neill translated it for those who didn't understand her. "They want to have a conference with the Slayer."

"And because I don't like their parties, I decided to throw one of my own and host it." Buffy added.

"You better have invited me to the party, B." Faith gave Buffy a mock threatening look.

"Of course you are." Buffy countered Faith's mock threat with her mock outrage.

"She's going to organize the conference." O'Neill translated again.

He was remembering the last conference when the Treaty was made.

"And the last conference went so smoothly." He added.

"I'm not going to hold the conference here on Earth." Buffy told the General, before he could ask for any details.

After having interrupted the General, Buffy didn't even let him speak up before she let the Jaffas back in and told them that she would accept the position of Domajanir. She also told them about the conference. One of the Jaffas asked her about it.

"Are you going to have the conference on one of the Thirteen Worlds, Lady Buffy?"

"No, Ma'tack. I'm having it on Ker's summerhouse planet, Taku." She turned to the General for a partial explanation. "I'm not holding it on Earth so that the Systemlords couldn't use it against me or as a breach of the Treaty."

"Taku has no defences on its own, Lady Buffy." Du'kack stated.

"I know. How many Pyramids can you donate, without weakening your defences?"

"Six, Lady Buffy." Du'kack answered.

"We can make it eight, but that would stretch our resources." Ma'tack added.

Du'kack didn't like it, that Ma'tack was trying to outdo him. "We can add four more, but they would have a delay for at least six hours."

Buffy laughed inwardly at their eagerness to please her. She couldn't laugh at them out loud for technical she was their superior now. Faith had no such scrumples and laughed at the two Jaffas. Both raised their eyebrow at her. Which only made her laugh more. She stopped after Buffy gave her a reprimanded look. Faith reluctantly controlled her laughter and leant back in her chair with a wolfish grin.

Buffy turned back to Du'kack. "I want 4 pyramids in Taku's solar system in 4 days, but if somebody tracking them I don't want them to find out their final destination. And two more at a two-hour distance."

"Yes, Lady Buffy."

"Six pyramids should do the trick to protect a planet. It is a pitty you don't have one the Tollan planet defenders." O'Neill was looking impressed.

Both slayers looked at each other with a similar looks and turned simultaneous toward O'Neill with an identical smirks. O'Neill saw it and had an idea where the smirks came from.

"You can forget about that idea, they don't give, borrow or share their technology to 'inferior' beings, which means us." O'Neill explained in annoyance, not toward the slayers but the Tollan, who were human aliens with higher technologic.

Both slayers made their smile grew into a full grin. O'Neill had a bad feeling about it.

"No, you ..."

Buffy interrupted him and turned to the General. "You have a diplomatic relation with Tollan?"

"Yes, we have an alliance with them." The General had the same bad feeling as O'Neill, but he couldn't read the Slayer as good as O'Neill.

"I request, that SG-1 is placed under my command."

O'Neill was outraged. The General let him display his displeasure and Buffy let it simply wash over her. Faith was very amused about O'Neill's behaviour. The Jaffas were looking at it with indifference. Major Carter wanted to interfere, but saw that the General didn't do anything to stop O'Neill. Daniel kept quiet, for he had nothing significant to add.

"Finished." Buffy asked.

"Yeah." O'Neill sat down almost pouting.

Buffy turned to the General. "From now on I'm representing the Ato'kra'orh and I want the Tau'ri out of this as much as possible, but I need my friends and their expertises." Buffy pointed next toward SG-1. "Plus I need a represented from the Tau'ri and their experience with the alien weirdness."

The General put his right hand on his forehead covering his closed eyes and he tried to rub the upcoming headache away. He was considering Buffy's request. On one hand he didn't want to put his people in danger and on the other hand they might keep an eye on the Slayer. Buffy caused him a lot of headaches, but she also gave them a lot of valuable information. And he couldn't forget that she had defeated a Systemlord. But her defeat of the mentioned Systemlord was the cause of their current problems. She might make things worse or she might do the impossible by putting the Goa'ulds in their place. This Jaffa revolt might just be the beginning of the end of the Systemlords.

The General sighed and returned to his posture that deserved his rank. "Request granted. Please return my people in one piece and alive."

"Don't worry, Tex. B always takes care of her people." Faith said cocky.

Buffy smiled and the General frowned at Faith by calling him by a new nickname. Although a much better nickname then the last one. Buffy turned to Faith.

"Who are we going to call in?"


"Willow? Of course we can't do it without her. And Hermione. She was very adamant about that she wanted to see the Stargate work and I think Willow needs her expertise." Buffy and Faith looked each other in the eyes knowing which expertise they meant and for what.

Buffy and Faith were discussing who they should recruit, after a while they came up with a list, that was composed from the Scooby Gang, the Fang Team and Wiz Team. At the top was Willow for obvious reason and second was Hermione to assist Willow magically. They didn't decide for Tara, because she had some exams and she wasn't familiar with portkeys, which was needed if they wanted to steal the weapon from the Tollan. Fred was called in for the more theoretical side. How much it sorrows Buffy, but she had decided against Xander and Giles. Xander had a construction job and he wasn't really needed and with Giles, his knowledge with the arcane wasn't really needed in this paretically situation plus she didn't want to put him in danger.

Buffy was shocked who Faith suggested next. "Cordelia? Why the hell do you want her in the mix?"

"Hey, Queen C probable could keep those Snakes in line with her tongue alone. Plus you know her gift."

Buffy nodded. Cordy's visions might come in handy. "I can make her my Dormagia."

"A Dorma-what?"

"Dormagia. My Tongue. My Spokeswoman. Who can we rope into our little adventure? How about Jarod and his click?" Buffy suggested.

"You really want to drag everybody in this." Faith said amused.

"You're right." Buffy looked over the list. "I think this will suffice."

O'Neill looked over the list and noticed something. "Hey, they are all chicks."

Faith looked over the list also and smirked at O'Neill. "Yep, all chicks. You got a problem with it."

"Oh, this is going to be fun. Attack of the Amazons meets Invasion from Mars." O'Neill signed in sarcasm.

Buffy ignored him. "Okay I'll go with the Jaffas to Hy'a'tsi, while you wait here to collect the rest and go to Ker's summer planet in six hours."

Buffy turned to Jaffa's and SG-1. "Gentlemen and lady, let's go. We only have a few days to prepare."

Buffy didn't wait and stormed out of the Conference Room.

O'Neill stood reluctant up. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry Pops. At least it isn't going to be boring." Faith laughed out loud at the face O'Neill made. Faith turned to the General. "Where's a phone with a outline connection to call in the troops?"

"You can use that one. Are you sure they will come?" The General asked. He was also worried about their security status, but had a suspicion that they already knew about the Stargate.

"They will come only because Buffy asked them. And if that wasn't enough, they are White Hats. If they can save lives, they will come. And getting the chance to save the Universe or more than one world is a new high." Faith grinned.

End Chapter 3