Silver Ones

Author: Bellashade
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: Author only owns fics, not fandoms.

Daniel was sat in his office in the SGC trying to translate some scrolls they'd found on PX35487 but was having absolutely no luck.

"Hey Danny you still not having any luck" came jacks voice from the door, Daniel sighed took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes shaking his head. "Why don't you leave it for a while Daniel and come back to it after you've had some sleep and something to eat"

"No something tells me this is too important, I just can't see it and none of the other linguists here can figure it out either, and the only one I can think of that may know it, well actually there 2 I can think that would help"

"So ask the general if they can be brought on board"

"There English, and I don't know where one of them is, Adam disappeared 3 years ago just before we went to abides, he left a really strange message for me though like he knew something was going to happen"

"What was the message Danny?" jack as curious

"That if I really needed to find him I had to find the silver one first"

"Oh for crying out loud Danny he was probably joking or something, that doesn't sound like it means anything, now who is this other guy?"

"Rupert Giles, when I first met him he was the curator at a British museum in London , he was about to follow his fathers footsteps into an organization although I never got to know what the organization was"

"Possible something to do with the English government Danny"

"Yes that what I thought, anyway last I heard he was living in California working as a librarian of all things"

"Isn’t that a down step" jack said looking slightly confused as Daniel nodded, "well let’s go see the general"

After 2 weeks of begging and pleading SG-1 were on their way to sunnydale.


Daniel knocked not he door to the modest apartment and after a few seconds a redhead opened the door.

"Err hello I'm looking for Rupert Giles."

"Sure, GILES" she shouts and takes a step back from the door to let Giles see who’s there

"Daniel, how marvelous to see you please come in and bring your friends with you"

Coming in Giles led the way into his living room where they found a bunch of teenagers.

"Daniel these are people in tutoring in languages and mythology, willow" the redhead, "Xander" a goofy looking guy in a very loud shirt, "and Buffy" she was a young blond that looked very athletic. "Kids this is one of my old friend of mine Daniel Jackson, and some of his friends"

"Rupert these are team mates, jack O’Neill, Samantha carter, and Murray"

"Team mates?" Giles asked

"Yes I’m afraid I can’t tell you about al the work I’m doing with them but I need some help"

"Which is why you came here?" Giles asked raising his eyebrow slightly "Daniel, you were a very good student who ended up being a very good linguist now why on earth would you need my help"

"You and Adam were the best in the field"

"Why don't you track down Adam?"

"I can't he disappeared 3 years ago"

"yes that does sound like something Adam would do, well seeing as your already here, I may as well take a look at whatever it is that needs translating"

"Right, Sam?" Daniel said turning to her as she unzipped her bag and pulled out 3 scrolls each with an unbroken seal on it. Hearing the young blond gasp everyone turned to her.

"Buffy?" Giles and willow asked in unison.

"The seal Giles I recognize the seal, and I don't remember how" Buffy said looking almost panicked

"It’s alright -Buffy calm down now Daniel give me the first scroll." Daniel nodded and gave Giles one of he scrolls which he unrolled and laid before Buffy.

"Ok now Buffy I want you to relax and take a look at this just to see if you can read it." Buffy nodded and looked down at the writing.

"This scroll, written by dearna chronicles the last of our trails, the goa'uld will never get a foothold either here or on earth we will make sure of that. I am dearna last of the ancients it is almost time for me to ascend but to my daughter I leave this, grow my child and live, at this time the gate on earth is being buried and with it hopefully all threat of the gou'uld on earth will also vanish, but I digress the trials started 2 thousand years ago when we created my daughter the daughter of the ancients and the heir to our power, our knowledge and our wisdom, although she must prove herself before she can claim it, and the champion must stand with her at the final test. we decided that our daughter would need help, that space was a very big place for her to help and stand guard over so we created the first in an army, he was to be her champion, her bodyguard to be there when no one else could, the only one to understand her power and not hate of fear her for it, someone for our daughter to love"

"Wow" willow cut in

"Yeah I mean they created the daughter then this champion so she wouldn't get lonely."

"he was not the only one to be created, over the years more were created, and now 5 thousand years have passed and there are 46000 soldier and yesterday these soldiers were moved to earth, that planet hold dark secrets some even we ancients fear, we have made a deal with powers stronger then even us so that the soldiers, the immortals will always be born and my daughter will live many life times until she has learnt what she needs to"

"Reincarnation" willow muttered and Giles nodded

"Yes that what it sounds like"

"there’s some more" Buffy took a slight breath "when the daughters first death approaches girl will be born with the potential to be chosen the chosen will have the skills and strength to fight back the darkness, the daughter will always be one of the chosen, the potentials will grow and when the daughter is ready she will chose all and the tide will turn for the light"

"Potentials" Giles muttered

"Err Giles the chosen, does that mean what I think it does?" Xander asked

"Yeah xand the daughter will always be chosen as a slayer"

"there was always rumors at the council, about the immortal and about how the chosen ones were originally chosen, where they came from, and also rumors about a prophecy telling the last of the ancients activating all of the potentials everyone thought it was false an it would never happen but whenever a top watcher heard it he would get very angry they didn't like the thought of there not being one anymore"

"Wait a minute you telling us that this is true, there really is one girl chosen and one of those would be the daughter?" jack asked scooting to the edge of his seat.

"Yep, the caranth people always wanted to help this planet" Buffy chirped in

"The caranth?" Daniel asked

"Yeah they lived on koria, translated caranth means ancient so most people called them the ancients"

"So these warriors should still be here too?"

"of course, now give me the next scroll" this time Buffy silently read the scroll and when she was done looked at the sg-1 team then shook her head and tucked the scroll beside her and held out her hand for the next one.

"So what did that one say buff?" Xander asked curious

"It explained in more detail what the chosen and soldier were, how they were created how they can be killed, how to get to the complex here on earth"

"The complex can you gave us the directions?" Sam asked her eyes shining with the promise of this to discover

"no I’m sorry only the daughter can get into it so it would be a waste of time to tell you were it is, now the last scroll" Daniel handed her the last scroll as her hand touched it her eyes rolled up.

"Buffy" willow and Xander shouted frantic. Buffy ignored them and turned first to Giles

"father, watcher, guardian, mage" turning next to willow "sister, friend, healer, witch", Xander was the next "brother, soldier, joker, friend, all 3 of you have the potential to become one of the soldiers of the daughter" she next turned to the SG team "travelers, explorer's, curious children, you need a guiding hand sometimes but a too heavy a hand will stop you from growing" all 7 looked confused as Buffy carried on talking "the silver one my daughter, I saved you for last, you've grown well and learned the lessons you needed too, I love you my daughter we all do. I know you have question and I will tell some"

"who are you?" jack asked brashly

"I am dearna; you've been reading my scrolls, for the past couple of hours"

"dearna you said in the scrolls that the soldier were supposed to help the chosen, what happened why aren’t they?"

"something went wrong not long after they came to earth, my daughter died her first death an the potential were fine, she lived 60 lifetimes before things started to go wrong methods, the champion was captured by evil creatures and his memories was wiped, he went insane and started killing the other soldiers and with 3 others tore a wave of destruction were ever he went it was so bad that they were called the 4 horsemen."

"the horsemen?" Giles asked horrified

"yes, they rode for 200 years before methos started to become sick about what he was doing and gaining some of himself back, although his memories were still gone, and they have not returned yet either, he thinks he is only around 5 thousand years old when he is really more like 18 thousand, sometime after the horsemen methos hid, now he is nothing but a myth to the other immortals and to he society of the watchers"

"watchers, you called Rupert a watcher what does that mean?" Daniel asked

"there are 2 types of watchers, one you guides and teaches a slayer, and the one who watches and record the life of the immortals."

"immortals, that’s what you've been calling the soldiers but you mentioned methos killed a lot of them, if there immortal how can they be killed?" willow asked

"there is a way, that is what he immortals call the game it was started by a demon who want to get rid of the immortals, there were rules that were implemented by the higher powers but not even they could top it completely, you see when an immortal is fully killed his/her power and memories go to the nearest immortal, the rules were that they could only fight in single combat, no groups ganging up on one immortal, and they couldn't fight on holy ground."

"why would they want to kill each other, I mean wouldn't their power go up naturally?" Sam asked

"for the prize, the prize was said to be ultimate power, you can see why some would want it" dearna smiled slightly then told tem it was time for her to go and the scroll dropped from Buffy’s hands

"wow buff how’s if feel to be the all knowing silver one"

"headachy" Buffy said and Giles left the room and returned with a glass of water and some aspirin "dearna released most of my memories so I’ve got around 20 thousand years of memories floating around in my head, not to mention part of the knowledge and power of the ancients"


"yeah I've got to go on a quest through the stars for the rest so I’ll need to borrow the Stargate for me and methos to get to the first planet" Buffy said looking directly at the SG team, she then turned to Xander "there’s life on other planets xand"

"yeah I was realizing that buff"

"technically I’m an alien, can you deal?"

"dearna said we could potentially be immortals so we may not be human either Buffy" willow cut in

"thanks, now if you'll excuse me I have to go find methos and release his memories"

"do you know where he is?"

"yeah, seacover"

"so how ya getting there?" jack asked curious

"magic" Buffy smirked, snapped her fingers and disappeared, only to reappear near Joe’s blues bar, as the silver one Buffy could choose weather to be sense like another immortal or not, this time she decided to feel like another immortal, looking down at herself, Buffy decided to change her clothes from a light dress into blue jeans, a red tank top saying you ain't got what it takes, and a long leather jacket which would hide a sword if she was wearing one, Buffy then walked the rest of the way to the bar and slipped in, 4 people looked at her when she walked in, 3 were immortals and she guessed the other was a watcher, the only one she recognized though was Adam.

walking up to the patch of bar beside them Buffy said to the barkeeper "beer please"

"hello, I’m Duncan Macleod."

"nice to meet you highlander, I’m Eliza silver" Buffy said using her original name

"I’m Ritchie Ryan" the youngest of the 3 immortal put his hand out and Buffy shook it.

"Adam Pierson" methos greeted with a nod Buffy then turned to the older man at the bar

"and you watcher?"

"I’m Joe Dawson I run this bar"

"how do you know of the watchers?" Ritchie asked

"why wouldn't I? I helped methos create them, surely that’s still in your chronicles"

"what?" methos asked slightly wide eyed "but I don't remember that"

"yes I know" Eliza said sadly "I can bring back your memories, if you want them though."

"I, yes I would"

2may we use the back room?" Buffy asked Joe nodded and all of them went into Joe's office where they all took seat except Buffy who smirked slightly then straddled methos to face him

"what the hell are you doing?"

"it’s easier this way now relax" putting her hand on methos's face she guided both of them inside his mind backwards through centuries of memories until they cam upon a block, "we have to bring this block down" Buffy said soothingly to him and slowly with the two working together it came down, and methos got a flood of new memories which managed to knock both Buffy and methos unconscious. Duncan only narrowly saves Buffy from cracking her head of the floor as she fell backward off of methos's lap.

10 minutes later they both came round holding their heads in pain.

"so that’s what happened" methos muttered and Buffy nodded

"yeah that’s what happened, the origins of the immortals"

"have you gone on the quest yet?"

"no I had to come and get you first, and I have to make a visit to the watchers council, I’m afraid we'll have to save the immortals and the society of the watchers till after the quest"

"right, come on my lady I don't know about you but I need some rest"

"ditto" wobbling to their feet, the two staggered to the door.

"here I’ll give you a lift" Mac offered as he and Ritchie moved to help the 2

"thanks Mac" methos said with a nod.

20 minutes later both Buffy and methos were at metho's apartment and had collapsed in methos's bed.


2 days later after many explanations to Joe, Ritchie and Duncan although the 2 refused to tell them about the start of the game, Buffy and methos headed to the complex, which was amazingly at the centre of the earth

tapping into the nexus of power she had gained and information she had gathered from the complex computers Buffy sat in the lowest part of the complex, the part which was nearest the centre of the earth.

"you sure you’re up to dong this so soon?"

"yeah" Buffy nodded "now shhhh"

"wait one question which are you calling first the slayers of the immortals?"

"the immortal, which is why I asked you to be here as well, then when the immortal’s are ready we can call all the slayers and have the immortals who are wiling help teach the slayers all they need to know, the watchers council will either be disbanded or merged with the society of watchers"

"right lets do this then" the 2 oldest people on the planet joined hands and Buffy reached deep inside herself to find the link between all the immortals and cast her magic opening the link wide so she could take to all of them

"immortals of the world here us" Buffy said "we are the eldest, I was once known as Eliza silver"

"and I was known as methos" methos spoke up

"you may be wondering why you are hearing from us now, and not before. To be honest I was not ready to make a link between all of us before now. immortals you have all heard the legend of the oldest immortal on this planet, Methos"

"I am he, but well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not the eldest silver is, I am also older then any record show, I am 18 thousand years"

"and I’m 20 thousand, I watched as the first of the immortals born I saw our parents grieve to have to put us on this earth."

"they put us here to protect us, so we could grow and learn in peace the game was a trick played on us by out parent’s enemy, Our enemies to make our ranks smaller so we wouldn't have enough to face the things that killed out true parents"

"our parents made a deal with more powerful beings then they so that more of us would always be born before then ascended and left us on this planet, before the evil beings tricked us"

"and I am ashamed to say I am the one that was tricked" methos told them "I was the one who took the first head, the being wiped my memories of my wife, Eliza, and implanted other memories that made me want to kill, it took 500 years for the suggestions to start losing their grip on my mind an did started to get sick at what I was doing but it was too late and the game had been started now it is time for it too end"

"and it must end" Eliza growled out and sent a large burst of memory containing all the information about the stargate, the gou'uld, the slayers, the complex, and the two immortals themselves.

"come to the complex when you are ready" they finished with and they disconnected the link.