Runaway Slayer and Her Demon Rewrite

Author: Dezi
Rating: FR18
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I swear I donít, even if I wish owned Angelus and Spike. ::drool:: Oh wait, I do own Crystal.
Summary: Summary: Buffy stayed gone after Becoming Pt 2. She moved to San Francisco where she met Cole Turner, and sparks fly.


December; 1998

Standing there watching the duo kiss was like a knife digging deep into her heart and slowly ripping it into tiny pieces. It didn’t take him long to move on now did it? He’d only been back for three months, the Scooby Gang had almost completely forgiven him for all of Angelus’s wrong doings.

Buffy stared as Angel, her first and only love, and the new Slayer…Faith if she recalled correctly, playing tonsil hockey like breathing was going out of style. This certainly was not a first time kiss, they were too comfortable with each other’s bodies for it to be a first kiss, but also had an awkwardness to it that made it clear they hadn’t been intimate. Although it would only be a matter of time.

When she heard of Angel’s miraculously return from Hell she could hardly contain her joy. She dropped everything she was doing in her new city, San Francisco. Why did she leave her new home, why did she have to care about him? Because she sent him to Hell that’s why, and she hated herself every second of everyday for it how could Angel not hate her too?

By the time she arrived back in Sunnydale it was nightfall. It’s the most frightening hours anywhere but for her it was home. The daylight seemed scarier…maybe she really was a freak. What kind of person craved the protective darkness the night gave? The two smooching figures move snapping her out of her inner struggle. Her mother was the one who informed her of Angel’s sudden return; around the beginning of October Mom tracked her down.

Buffy had recently moved to San Francisco from being in LA, Mom found the apartment she rented. With Dad’s check of support she had enough money to move into her own place. A secret—or not so secret desire of hers for years. They yelled, screamed, blamed the other for things that couldn’t possibly be their fault and finally tired, throats sore they hugged, cried, and begged for forgiveness.

After she explained about Angel, only recently finding out herself, she told Buffy about the new Slayer. But she hadn’t mentioned word one about a relationship between the two. It’s possible Mom didn’t know about them, her greatest flaw was not seeing what happened around her. As she wondered through her former town she saw Angel strolling next to a curvy brunette.

Coming upon them walking hadn’t risen her red flags. In fact she had been a split second from running and hugging her former lover for all she was worth but a simple gesture gave her pause. Angel sent a glance Faith’s way. Ok, not much of a reason but she’d seen that expression before, a sweet fascination. Same look he gave her in the beginning.

To be sure she hung back following at a safe distance where she could keep a close watchful eye on them while at the same time keeping the odds of being caught down to a minimum. It was then her heart shattered, Angel leaned down and pressed a kiss to the dark haired Slayer’s lips.

The only thought that crossed her mind was that she should have never left San Francisco. There she had friends who didn’t judge her at every turn, they knew what she went through battling demons on a daily and nightly basis. There was even a man attracted to her, he saw her at the high school while he was waiting to pick up a client. He hadn’t tried anything but she had the feeling he was waiting till she was legal.

Buffy took one last look at the couple that made their way toward the looming Mansion, and turned and left. She’d go check on her mother, she wanted to see her again. After that though—after that she’d never come back to this town. That she vowed.

Chapter 1

March 16, 2008


“What do you mean I won’t be able to handle this on my own?” Faith demanded and began to pace around the Summers’ home where they had conducted their Scooby meetings for years now.

Giles eased his glasses off and to clean them. “You aren’t strong enough to handle this Faith, I'm sorry you’re just not. I know you’ve been a Slayer for ten years, longer than almost any other slayer, but according to the Watcher’s Council you are not nearly strong enough to handle this. You’re going to need help.”

“Fine I’ll have you guys to back me up like always.” Since coming to Sunnydale her life and calling had been a huge roller coaster of up and downs. Lately it’d been on a real downward slope and it didn’t look like it’d be going up again for quite sometime.

Not only had she been within a hair’s breath of dying three times but Angel had refused to sleep with her for over four months and didn’t look close to breaking. While not a major deal it was the start of this downward spiral.

She and Angel had never officially dated; neither wanted that label attached to whatever relationship they had formed. Sometimes they were partners, other time’s friends, and occasionally lovers. Both had itches that needed scratching and had been more than willing to help each other out, but now he avoided her advances like the plague.

“Yes we will be there, but the Council specifically said you need…” he didn’t want to say this, but what choice did he have. Either tell them or let the world go to hell, there wasn’t exactly a choice. “The Council said we need Buffy in order to win this fight.”

Silence greeted the Watcher, Angel’s expression was one of blankness, he didn’t want anyone to know what he’s thinking, but it was obvious to anyone who looked that he still loved Buffy. Willow and Xander were in utter shock; Anya and Tara who had never met the other Slayer had looks of worry for their significant others.

“The other Slayer?” Faith asked. “Why would we need her here? And how do they even know that she’s still alive?”

“They says she is, but they won’t tell me where.” Giles noticed Joyce getting antsy about this conversation. “I'm sorry Joyce if this line of topic is disturbing you but we must talk about this.”

Buffy’s mother nodded, but didn’t say a word, so Giles continued. “According to the Council Buffy has reached a higher plane if you will. She’s accessed the magical attributes of being a Slayer, not to mention she is now in league with the Charmed Ones. Powerful witches that stem from the Warren line and they protect innocents.”

Xander couldn’t contain his anger any longer. “If she’s all powerful now and working with even more powerful witches why didn’t she come back and help us. She could have come to help us while Faith was fighting Glory. Or let us know that she was alive and wasn’t just whoring around.” The boy who had yet to grow up didn’t give a thought to Joyce being in the room.

Joyce whipped her gaze toward the jealous boy; he still hadn’t grown up, although she didn’t know exactly why she’s surprised. Instead of chastising Xander or demanding that he get out of her house she decided to ask Mr. Giles, she still couldn’t call him Rupert, what had been plaguing her since the topic of Buffy had arose. “Rupert, what would happen if Buffy wasn’t involved in this fight? What would happen to the world I mean?” Joyce questioned.

Giles took a deep breath. “The world would become Hell. Demons would override every continent, humans would die in droves, and the humans that were left alive would become slaves.” It was not a fate he wished on the world.

“Boy, you sure don’t sugar anything do you.” Xander spoke up again from his spot on the couch.

She sighed; she had to tell them. “I know where Buffy is.” Joyce told the group who are now stunned into silence for the second time in five minutes. She hoped Buffy would forgive her for revealing the secret, but if the world was to be saved she had to do it.

Everyone stared at Joyce. “You’ve known where she’s been the whole time? How come you never told us?” Giles shot out of the chair he had been sitting in.

“Because, my daughter didn’t want any of you to know. I wasn’t going to let her down, not again. Faith was already here so it wasn’t as if you needed another Slayer here. Buffy was needed else where, she’s happy now. I’ve never seen her so happy.” How could she take that away from her? Simple, she couldn’t.

“Where is she Joyce?” Angel asked not noticing his sometimes lover frown of jealousy. He still loved Buffy, always would, while yes he cared for Faith he only went to her because she was there and Buffy wasn’t. “How come you didn’t at least tell me? She’s the…” He didn’t want to finish in front of the group but the statement was implied.

“You want to know why?” Joyce stood coming as close as she could to being nose to nose with Angel. “When I told her you had come back from Hell she dropped everything in San Francisco, she had friends who didn’t judge her at every turn, she went to school, and she had a nice man interested in her, she was starting over. What does she do she comes back to Sunnydale with just the clothes on her back.”

“Do you know what she found on that warm December night? You and Faith kissing in the cemetery and on your way back to the Mansion. So she turned around, came to visit me, said if you were happy then she wasn’t going to come back and ruin it for you, and went back home. She’s never been back to Sunnydale since. Now she has children, a great rewarding job, a husband, and friends who understand everything she’s going through, so why the hell would I tell you or anybody anything when you made her life miserable?” The irate mother began to make her way to the kitchen but Giles’ voice stopped her.

“Please Joyce we need that address, where in San Francisco is she?” Maybe if he pleaded she’d soften and give them the information they desperately needed.

“I'm coming too. I need to pack, then I will take whoever wants to come to her home.” Joyce changed directions and headed upstairs to pack for a few days in San Francisco.

While downstairs everyone looked at each other, some with anger, others with confusion, and also ones of knowledge. Giles was particularly interested in the looks of knowledge, someone besides Joyce Summers knew about Buffy’s whereabouts.

“Willow? Anya? You know something don’t you?”

The witch stared down at her clenched hands. She was hoping Giles wouldn’t have noticed her lack of surprise at Buffy’s location. Granted she didn’t know exactly where the wayward Slayer was hiding but she knew she was alive.

“Umm, do you remember when Spike came to town about three years ago?” The group nodded. “Well, Spike mentioned Buffy, he basically said he was surprised we hadn’t found her yet. Said that it wasn’t like she was on the other side of the world.”

“Anya? What about you?” Xander gazed at his wife.

“I’ve always known where the Slayer was. Or at least I did when I was a vengeance demon; it’s required knowing where the forces of good are hiding. I knew where she was before I got changed into a human, but from what I heard she moved so I don’t know where she is now.”

“How come you didn’t tell us before?” Angel growled.

Not a bit scared of his anger she told the vampire point blank with only a tiny shrug. “Nobody asked.”

Chapter 2

March 18, 2008

San Francisco

“Honey, we need to decide on a name.” Sitting cuddled together by the fire Buffy and Cole talked about their baby. Drusilla told Buffy two weeks ago that she was two weeks pregnant, and yesterday told her she was having a girl.

For some reason Drusilla, after she came back to Spike eight years ago, had been attached to Buffy and the children. The crazy vampire even called Buffy her big sister because Buffy protected the loopy female creature of the night. Since she’d been in San Francisco Dru had been helpful to Buffy and the Charmed Ones and proved to be a great asset to the team.

“What names are you set on?” Cole rested his chin on Buffy’s head breathing in her scent. He knew she had certain names that she wanted to name their children. The first time she was pregnant with his children, twin boys, she had names by that night, didn’t matter that she didn’t know what sex they were going to be, she picked out both boy and girl names.

“Dru said it was a girl, so the names that I like are Aimee, Alexandra, Astrid, Belle, Callista, Celeste, Cordelia, Cynthia, Drusilla, Erica, Gwendolyn, Iris, Isabella, Lilith, Poppy, Psyche, Renee, Rhea, Thea, and Trista.”

Cole nodded, “I’ve noticed a minor pattern, your really liking the Greek names aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Buffy smiled widely.

“Ok, well, let’s scratch Cordelia off, I know you both bounded during the incident when I became the Source for that month, but I think one Cordelia is all I can handle.” He kissed her temple. When he inherited the Sources powers and Buffy found out about it Cordelia was there all the time with her, so were the others but Cordy the most. After that the two have become the best of friends.

“The names I like out of that list are Astrid, Belle, Celeste, Lilith, and Trista.” Cole told her. From the look in Buffy’s eyes he knew she was going to say something about one of the names. Apparently she already had an idea on what she wanted to name the baby.

“How come you don’t like Drusilla? She would be so honored to have our little girl named after her.” Buffy rubbed her belly lovingly. There wasn’t even a slight bump where the baby was but she still caressed her flat belly sending warmth to the developing baby beneath.

“I know she would sweetheart, but I want our daughter to have her own name, not one of your friends.” He explained to his lovely wife.

Scrunching up her nose in frustration, “I guess you’re right.” She crossed of certain names from the list she made earlier that week. “Ok, so we’re down to five names…can’t I just have five more girls and give them each one of these names?”

“No, I mean I have no problem making them, in fact I love making them but we decided on five a long time ago. We aren’t having anymore.”

“Fine,” Buffy sulked briefly but was quickly made to forget her despair when Cole tenderly caressed her inner thigh eliciting a moan from her throat. “Mmm, I love you.” She whispered to him bringing his lips to hers.

After kissing for almost 10 minutes Cole pulled back, “I love you too. And I love our children.” He pressed a soft smooch on Buffy’s exposed still flat belly. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” Buffy started to protest but he placed his finger against her lips. “I know you want to wait up for Dru and Spike, but they will be fine handling a couple demons with Piper, Paige, and Prue.”

“Ok,” she started to rise off the couch but Cole swung her up in his arms invoking a squeal of surprised delight. “I can walk sweetheart.” She teased.

“I know, but pretty soon you’ll be too heavy for me to carry.” He smiled good-naturedly, although that didn’t save him from getting smacked on the shoulder.

“Hey, if you were pregnant with a watermelon you wouldn’t be that light either.” Buffy nipped playfully at his jaw. Quickly the couple retreated to their room needing to be close to one another.


As the two vampires enter their home of the past 6 years Drusilla became instantly aggravated. “He’s coming my Spike.” Drusilla circled around her bleached blonde lover.

“Who’s coming pet?” Although there was only person that invoked that kind of a reaction from her and that was…

“Daddy, he wants big sister. He’s going to disturb our happy home.” The crazy vampire moaned out in agony grasping her hair in her hand scratching at her scalp as if to claw the images and feelings of dread out of her brain.

Spike wrapped his arms around her and rocked her. “Don’t worry my dark goddess, we won’t let ‘daddy’ hurt them. I promise you.”

“He’s not happy without Sister, he tried to replace her with the ‘Dark’ it didn’t work. Daddy wants his light and bright Slayer, but she’s not his anymore. Promise you’ll hurt him my darling, he can’t hurt big sister, not with little one on the way.” Dru begged.

“I won’t let anything happen to her ducks. They’ll all be safe.” Spike pressed a kiss to her cool temple and took her downstairs to the blackened basement where Buffy and Cole let them live. He’d protect the Slayer and her little ones if it were the last thing he did.