Logan's Daughter

By: Plato

Rating: PG13

DISCLAIMERS: I don’t own Buffy or the X-men and I’m not making any money off this.

Notes: For this fic Logan did not leave at the end of the first movie. He stayed with the X-men most going on missions for Xavier. Gambit is also in this fic. I put him around Rogue and Bobby’s age which I’m placing them at seventeen.
Buffy never became the slayer. I screwed around with the universes so this kind of combines the movie, the cartoon and comics into one universe.

Summary: BuffyX-men X-over Cerebo detects a new mutant that turns out to be the daughter Logan never knew about.

Buffy is actually the daughter of Logan and Mystique, but was given to Joyce while a baby. She could still have slayer powers. She doesn't know this until she gets taken. They also give her claws, but she escapes. She looses control of her powers (eg. goes "feral") and the x-men pick up her signal and search for her. I would prefer this to be in season 1. (because I do not like dawn, riley, any knew characters in season 7). The pairings and other things can be up to you. This fic is my version of the second novel for the most part.

Chapter 1

Buffy Anne Summers didn’t know what to do. She was hiding in an abandon building after having escaped from the bastards that held her captive. She couldn’t control the way her body was reacting. A strange rage ran through her and she wanted to attack. Her sense of smell had been enhanced so much that her sensory receptors were overloading. She had her hands over her ears trying to block out the sounds that sounded so loud to her. To top it all off she found out that Joyce, her mom, isn’t her real mom, and Hank Summer isn’t her real father. She only knew that her father was known as Logan. They told her that her mother went by many names but was mostly known as Raven Stockholm. Questions ran through her mind about why her parents gave her up. There was a noise. They had found her. She couldn’t resist any longer as the rage inside her consumed her. Twenty-four men and one woman burst into the room she was in. Another thirty men were waiting outside. Their leader was a woman known as Professor Walsh. Buffy stared her in the eye and an animal like growl came from her throat.

“What did you do to me you bitch?”

“Nothing we can’t fix once we get you back to the lab.”

“I’m not going back there, Walsh.”

“Ahh but you will my dear. Agent Finn, subdue the hostile.”

Like a wild animal she began attacking ferociously. The twenty-three security lab personnel fired their tranquilizer darts at her. Some hit their marks but she continued to fight even though she began to slow. She had been knocked to the ground and was instantly being held down by eight men. She struggled trying to get free as Maggie Walsh approached with a needle. As she was about to inject Buffy a small explosion drew everyone attention to the newcomers.

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! That no way to treat a lady.”

A young man, with a Cajun accent, who looked about her age, with auburn hair, and a brown duster, was standing before them holding several charged playing cards as he spoke to the men holding Buffy. Beside him was a woman with dark skin and white hair which was being blown back by the wind. Beside her was a man that Walsh knew all to well.

“So we meet again Wolverine.”

“Maggie!” The man known as Wolverine growled menacingly.

“Help me. Please!”

Buffy said pleadingly making eye contact with Logan. The other thirty men burst into the room weapons drawn. Their weapons weren’t the stun kind.

“Don’t let them get hostile 99.”

The fight was on. The white haired lady attacked with such a strong wind that she threw half the men against the wall before they could fire. The auburn haired man was throwing charged up cards that exploded upon impact. The man known as Wolverine moved with such a quickness trying to make his way over to her. Of the eight men that were holding her down four of them let go to raise their weapons to shoot at Logan who was closely making his way to them. The four remaining men realized almost instantly what a mistake that was. Buffy threw the remaining four off of her and jumped up. Before she could turn she felt something prick her neck. Instantaneously she felt her knees go weak.

“You bastard!”

Buffy said through gritted teeth. Her body was now being wracked with pain. She was also feeling as if she would soon pass out which means the needles contents were doing its job. Lying on the ground she pretended to be unconscious, though it was hard with the pain she was feeling. Walsh motioned for the agent named Riley to pick Buffy up. He picked her up and Walsh quickly threw down some gas grenades to cover their escape. He never saw it coming as her claws dug into his chest. Riley Finn fell to the floor while Buffy landed on her feet. With a swiftness and quietness Buffy snuck in behind Walsh and stabbed her in the back.

“I win Bitch!”

The gas soon cleared with the help of the white-haired lady and Buffy could see that the fight was almost over. She noticed one of the men on the ground had his gun raised and was taking aim.

“Look out!”

Buffy said as she pushed Gambit out of the way. She felt the bullet hit her in the shoulder. They both fell to the ground.

“Gambit!” Buffy heard the white haired lady speak.

“Gambit okay Stormy. Not too sure about the femme though.”

Gambit looked down at the woman that was lying on top of him. He saw the blood that was slowly coming out of her shoulder. Gambit watched it for a second and saw as the bullet literally pop out and the wound heal. He turned her over to see her eyes clenched tightly. Her face had become very pale. Finally Buffy spoke.

“Help me…” She said softly before passing out completely.

The plane had been quiet for most of the trip. Storm was flying, Gambit was navigating, and Wolverine kept checking on Buffy who was asleep on one of the chairs.

“Stay away from me! No!” Wolverine and the others heard Buffy scream. “Leave me alone!”

Wolverine and Gambit ran toward the chair to find it empty. They heard the sound of her claws slashing at something. They found Buffy hunched in a corner slashing at an invisible foe.

“I won’t go back with you Walsh. Leave me alone!”

“Chéri?” “Darlin!’” Gambit and Wolverine called at the same time.

“It’s okay. We’re not going to hurt you.” Wolverine said softly.

“I got to get away. I got to hide.”

Gambit and Wolverine watched as Buffy began changing randomly into different people. Finally her eyes began to show recognition as she changed back onto her original form.

“Help me please! I can’t control it.”

They saw her eyes cloud back over right before she attacked. She moved toward Wolverine. He anticipated her move and grabbed her arms and pinning them to her. She fought him like a wild animal. Her eyes met his and she spoke before she passed out. Wolverine was stunned.

“Help me Daddy.”

The plane landed a short time later and Logan exited the plane carrying the blonde girl that just claimed to be his daughter. The three of them entered the mansion.

“Logan! You’re back.”

Wolverine looked up to see a girl no older than the one he was carrying coming toward him. She was wearing black leather that made the white streak in her hair stand out. Logan handed the girl in his arms to Gambit.

“Take her to Jean. I’ll be down there soon.” Gambit nodded and left. “You miss me kid?”

“Not really.” She said while giving him a hug.

“Mm. How you doing?”

“I’m okay. How are you?”

Before he could answer a young blond boy came to stand beside Rogue.

“Who’s this?”

Logan asked. He had remembered seeing Marie spending time with this boy. He had been too busy helping Xavier to notice him.

“Oh, this is Bobby. He’s my--”

“I’m her boyfriend. Call me Iceman.”

Bobby Drake said as he gripped Logan hand and used his powers enough to turn Logan’s hand slightly blue.

“Right. Boyfriend? So how do you guys--”

“Well, we’re still working on that.” Bobby told him.

“So, who was that you brought in?”

Rogue asked remembering the day he had given her a ride.

“She’s the one the Professor sent us for. She’s also claiming to be my daughter.”

“Daughter? Wow. Go check on her. I know you’re dying to find out whether she is or not. We can talk later.”

Logan nodded his thanks and headed for the lab.

Wolverine sat in the med lab waiting for the results of Jean’s test. He wanted it confirmed that this girl was his daughter. Her similarities to him were obvious now. She has his height, her face is shape like his, and she has his eyes. He sat by her bed hoping she would wake up so they could talk. The door to the lab opened and tall petite red head came out.

“There’s no uncertainty about it Logan, she’s your daughter.”

“My daughter? I have a daughter. When? How?”

“If you don’t know how by now Logan---”

“I mean I know how I just don’t know when it could have happened. Do you know who her mother is?”

“I believe I do. It’s in all probability that her mother is Mystique.”

“Mystique? Jean, are you sure?”

“Ran the test three times to be sure Logan.” Jean told him.


Dr. Jean Grey put a comforting hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“Congratulations Logan, it’s a girl.”

Logan nodded, smiled slightly, and sat quietly looking at his daughter. A moan from the bed drew them both out of their thoughts. Logan watched anxiously as her eyes began to flutter open. He notices that her eyes were clear and not glossy looking. Jean immediately went into doctor mode.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay. Where am I?”

“You’re at Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted. I’m Doctor Jean Grey, and I believe you’ve already met Logan.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Buffy Summers, or least that’s the name my adoptive parent gave me.” There was brief moment of silence between them.

“Now that I’m sure you’re okay, I’ll leave you two to talk.” She looked at Logan. “The Professor wanted Storm and I to check out that mutant that tried to attack the president. We need you to baby-sit for us. Scott went with the Professor to see Magneto. They should be back before everyone awakes in the morning.”

Logan nodded before turning his attention back to his daughter.

“I’m still finding it hard to believe I have a daughter.”

“I know what you mean. Imagine my shock when they told me that I was adopted. I didn’t believe them at first, but when I saw the pictures I knew it was true.”

“Tell me what happened to you. How’d you ended up with those bastards?”

“Three years ago, I was taken from my home in Los Angeles. Mom and I were just sitting down to dinner when these men dressed in black busted through the windows and doors. My mutant abilities were just starting to show. Everything’s a little fuzzy after that. The next thing I remember was waking up in their lab. They were trying to make me their perfect weapon against you.” Buffy told Logan not being able to meet his glance. “They didn’t realize I inherited my father’s will. I tried to escape at every chance I got. What exactly is this place?”

“A safe haven where mutants can use their powers freely. A place where mutants can learn control over their powers. The man who runs this place found your mutant signature.”

“Ever since they gave me these enhancements I haven’t been able to control my powers. Sometimes, I’m just fine and out of nowhere I become wild. I’m so afraid I’m going to hurt somebody.”

“We’ll talk to the Professor when he gets back.”

Chapter 2

Logan tried to sleep but his sleep was filled with images of his past. He woke up gasping and knew he would sleep no more. He decided to get up and have a look around. His first stop was Buffy’s room. Upon opening the door he found the room was empty. Using his nose he began to follow her scent. He heard the sound of the TV going and soon found a young boy flipping the channels by blinking his eyes. He talked to him for a minute before finding Buffy in the kitchen with Bobby eating ice cream.

“Hey. Couldn’t sleep either?” Buffy asked her dad.

“Not really tired. What are you doing up?”

“I had a really bad dream and when I couldn’t sleep I thought I would find the kitchen. I’ve been talking with Bobby here.”

Logan went to the fridge to get something to drink. He looked over at Bobby.

“Is there anything other than chocolate milk to drink?”

“There should be some soda in that small cupboard.”

Logan moved the cupboard and grabbed a soda. Moving beside his daughter he took off the cap. He started to drink when he held it out to Bobby. Bobby took the soda and blew lightly into the bottle making it a cool refreshing drink.

“That is so cool. With power like that, I haven’t had to worry about my ice cream melting.” Buffy said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Logan told him.

“No problem.”

Logan began drinking his root beer when he turned his head at a sound. He looked over at his daughter to see if she had heard it too. Buffy nodded her head and stood up to follow her father.

“What is it?” Bobby asked.


Logan said as he moved toward the door. Bobby watched him for a second before going to look out the window. Buffy knew her father would take out the intruder that was heading toward the kitchen. She followed Bobby to the window to see what was happening on the grounds. She could hear that the man had entered the kitchen. Keeping herself calm she waited to grab Bobby and shove him to the floor.

“You picked the wrong house bub.”

Wolverine had just grabbed the guy when a tremendous shrieking went through the house. The shrieking was terrible for everyone but it hurt Logan and Buffy the most. Dropping to her knees in pain she looked up to see that her father was struggling with the man and the gun was pointed at Bobby. She barely got Bobby to the ground as the bullets hit the spot he had been mere seconds ago. It had only been a few seconds, but to Buffy it felt like an eternity when the screaming finally stopped. She looked up in time to see her father stick his claws into the man. A wild look that Buffy recognized in herself was showing on his face. He looked at her.

“You alright?”

“Beside the killer headache, I’m fine.”

“Good. Come on.”

Logan grabbed her hand as she grabbed Bobby’s arm. They ran into the hallway where there were more soldiers.

“Stay here.” He told them.

Logan had lost track of his daughter during the fight. He had saw her run with Bobby to the elevator. He had just hoped that she hadn’t been stunned like the boy he was carrying. Taking the boy to the hidden emergency exit, he saw a very well muscled boy that he knew as Colossus.

“Hey. Take him. He’s stunned.”

“I can help you.”

“Help them.”

Logan told him before heading off to find his daughter. Her scent was close by and he knew more and more soldiers were coming. The sound of an explosion and Rogue’s scream made him head in their direction. Making his way to the second level he knew that some more soldiers would soon join them. He could smell that they were making their way downstairs. As Bobby, Rogue, John, and Remy reached the bottom step he saw his unconscious daughter being carried by Remy. He heard the front door slam open and jumped from the second floor landing on the soldiers. His claws quickly took out the one he missed. Retracting his claws, he went to check on his daughter.

“The femme okay Monsieur. She just stunned. Took ten darts before they got her down, but not before she took them out. Xander and Willow were able to get to the passage.”

Wolverine nodded as he could see and hear that she was sleeping.

“Let’s go.” They started for the front door, but stopped when the copter was blocking their path. “Come on this way.”

Logan led them to the emergency escape hatch, which had closed. Bobby rapped on it and it soon opened. Bobby went in first followed by Rogue and John. Logan faced Remy.

“Get her out of here.”

Remy nodded as Logan pushed them in and shut the door. Turning he faced the soldiers.

“You wanna shoot me? Shoot me!”

“Don’t shoot him!” A voice said loudly from around the corner. “Not yet. Wolverine.

We’ll I must admit, this is certainly the last place…I’d expected to find you or your daughter. How long has it been? Sixteen years? You haven’t changed one bit. Me, on the other hand---nature.”

Logan’s claws retracted slowly as he recognized the voice.

The quartet ran threw the underground corridors. Rogue stopped suddenly and called out to the others.

“Wait! Wait! You guys, we gotta to do something. They’re gonna kill him.”

“He can handle himself. Let’s go,” said John.


“John’s right. Dad can handle himself, but I’m going back for him.” Buffy’s groggy voice said from Remy’s arm. “I’ve got a plan. You, Rogue, and Remy keep going. We’ll catch up with you.”

“I’m going with you amour.” Gambit said. Buffy thought about it for a moment, and nodded.

“Alright, but he and Rogue need to find us some wheels. My cousin Scott has a car here. He won’t mind if I borrow it. Now go! Hurry!”

Buffy moved a little sluggishly down the passageway. She was still feeling the effects of the darts. They made it to the passageway door. Remy slowly opened the passage way and upon hearing who was out their felt her body tense.

“I didn’t realize Xavier was taking in animals--even animal as unique as you and your daughter.”

“If we’re animals, it because you made us like this.” Buffy’s voice said from behind Logan.

“Who are you?” Logan asked trying to keep the attention off his daughter.

“You don’t remember?”

“You’re little memory trick may have worked on my father, but I remember every detail of the pain you put me through.”

Before Buffy’s wild side could take over the room became cold. Soon a huge thick ice wall was keeping her away from the soldiers.

“No! No!” Buffy heard her dad scream out. She was brought back to her senses.

“Come on dad. Let’s go.”

Buffy said as she put a hand on her father’s arm. Logan just stared at the ice and touched it at the same time the man on the other side did.

“Go! I’ll be fine.”

“But we wont--I won’t. I need you daddy.”

Logan turned and looked at his daughter and knew that he needed to consider her safety. As they heard the whirring of a mechanical device Logan grabbed Buffy’s hand and headed for the passageway.

“Go. Keep going.”

Logan said to Bobby and Remy. The four of them ran until they came to a ladder. Everyone quickly climbed up into the garage. Rogue and John were waiting for them. Logan moved toward the car.

“All right. Get in. Get in!”

“I’m driving,” said John.

“Hey. Maybe next time.” Logan responded.

“I don’t think we’re all going to fit,” said Rogue.

“We will. You three in back. Remy in the front.”

“Where are you going to sit?” Remy asked.

“In your lap. You’ll see. I’ll barely take up any room.”

The group watched as Buffy began to shrink and get younger. She was now looking to be about five, and was wearing a pair of jean overalls. Her hair was done in the style of two pigtails. Logan realized this is probably what his daughter had looked like when she was five. Remy lifted her up and placed her on his lap. He buckled the seatbelt securely around them.

“This is Cyclops’ car.” Bobby informed Logan.

“Oh yeah?”

Logan said as he drew out his claw and put it into the ignition. He looked at Buffy who just smiled innocently at him. She had knew that her cousin was at some sort of private school she just didn’t know it was this one until Logan had mentioned him and the Professor. Revving the engine the car took off as fast as Logan could get it to go.

“What the hell was that back there?” John asked.

“Stryker. His name is Stryker.” Logan told them.

“Who is he?” Rogue asked.

“He’s an evil bastard who ordered the experiments on me. Thinks being a mutant is a disease, but will use us as long as he can control us.”

Buffy said in her normal voice, which didn’t match her body. The car was silent as they drove toward a destination that only Logan knew. John reached over the front seat to turn on the radio.

“I don’t like uncomfortable silences.”

“What are you doing?” Rogue asked just before the stereo blared an N’SYNC song. Everyone groaned at the noise.

“That so gives me the right to make fun of Scotty when I see him.” Buffy said, the music not helping her headache.

John tried another button hoping to get the CD player. A compartment had opened up where the radio had been.

“I don’t think that’s the CD player.”

Logan picked up what the device was offering and looked at it. Pressing a button he gets it to beep.

“Sit back.” He tells John.

“Where are we going?” John asked before sitting back completely.

“Storm and Jean are in Boston. We’ll head that way.”

“My parents live in Boston.” Bobby told them.

“Good,” said Logan.

The car ride was making Buffy sleepy as she rested her head on Gambit chest. Gambit smiled down at her. She had soon fallen asleep to the rhythmic beating of Remy’s heart.

Chapter 3

Day light had broken by the time they arrived at Bobby’s parent’s house. Buffy had still been asleep and Remy tried his best not to wake her as he carried her toward the house. Bobby opened the door with the spare key that his family hid outside.

“Mom? Dad? Ronny? Is anybody home?”

The answer he received was silence. The only sound that could be heard was John opening and shutting his lighter repeatedly. Logan shut the door behind him.

“I’ll try and find you some clothes. Remy, you can take Buffy to the first bedroom on the left, and John, don’t burn anything.”

Remy moved towards the stairs followed by Rogue and Bobby. John looked around the house and he found himself looking at the photos on the wall. The look on his face said he wished he had a caring family like this one. Logan tried the communicator but received nothing but static. Putting the communicator back in his pocket he moved toward the refrigerator. Upon opening it, he found what he was looking for. Taking the bottle cap off he took a long sip of his beer. A soft clattered alerted him that he was not alone and immediately he turned and pointed with his claws. A gray and white cat was sitting on top of the counter. It came toward Logan and began licking his claws.

“A little jumpy homme?”

Remy asked upon seeing Logan bare his claws, and then seeing the cat licking them. Logan retracted his claws instantly. An outside door opening drew their attention. They turned to greet Bobby’s parents and brother.

“Hey, Ronny. Next time you---Who the hell are you?” Bobby’s dad asked.

“Uh--” Logan started as Bobby and Rogue came down the stairs. “Bobby.”

“Honey,” started Bobby’s mom. “Aren’t you supposes to be at school?”

“Bobby, who are these guys?” His dad asked.

“Uh, this is Professor Logan, and my fellow student Remy Lebeau. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Bobby had just got done explaining to his parent’s and brother that he was a mutant. John was once again playing with his lighter. The room was silent until his mother spoke.

“So, uh…when did you first know you were a--a--”

“A mutant?” John supplied the word having moved on to lighting the lighter.

“Would you cut that out?” Bobby’s mom spoke harshly.

“You have to understand…” Dad started. “We thought Bobby was going to a school for the gifted.”

“Bobby is gifted.” Rogue said to his father.

“We know that. We just didn’t realize he was--”

“We still love you, Bobby.” His mom told him. “It’s just this mutant problem is a little--”

“What mutant problem?” Logan asked.

“Complicated.” Bobby’s mother finished.

“What exactly are you a professor of, Mr. Logan?”

“PE, of course.”

Everybody turned to look at Buffy who was coming down the stairs wearing a pretty pink spring dress.

“Hello, I’m Buffy Logan. I must say you’re beds are very comfortable. I was more exhausted than I thought. I hope we weren’t inconveniencing you.”

Buffy went over and shook all three of their hands. Her adopted mother said she could charm the socks off of anyone. She went over to stand by her father and Remy. Remy was taking an appreciative look at the view beside him. Buffy blushed and Logan gave him a look that said don’t even think about it.

“No my dear. We were just talking about Bobby’s special gift.”

“You should see what he can do,” said Rogue.

Bobby’s mother picked up her cup to take a drink. Bobby touched the side of the cup and within seconds the coffee was a block of ice. His mother gasped and sat the saucer with the coffee ice down.

“I can do a lot more than that.”

“Oh, Ronny!” His mom says as her second son leaves in a huff. “This is all my fault.”

“Actually, they discovered that males are the one who carry the mutant gene and pass it on…” John stated. “So, it’s his fault.”

A beeping noise interrupted the talk they were having. Logan realized it was the communicator. He excused himself. Buffy walked over to John and smacked him across the back of his head.

“You’re not helping.”

“Bobby, have you ever tried not being a mutant?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Drake, Bobby is still the same person you have come to love. Just because he has a special gift doesn’t make him any different from anyone else. Think of it this way, if Bobby had turned out to be great at pitching, and got signed to a major league team then you would be very proud of him. It’s the same thing only Bobby special gift involves ice and coldness.”

Logan had heard the end part of the speech and was proud of his daughter.

“We have to go now.” Logan stated gruffly.

“Why?” Rogue asked.


“Logan, what’s wrong?” Rogue asked as she began to follow him. Buffy turned to Bobby’s parents.

“Please think about what I said.”

The situation in front of the house had grown intense. Logan’s claws had popped out before he’d even gotten out the door. Five out of six of them stood on the porch. Upon seeing the situation Buffy had switched back down to her five year old form.

“Drop the knives and put your hands in the air.” She heard one of the officer’s say.

“What’s going on here?” Logan asked.

“Ronny,” said Bobby.

“I said drop the knives.” Buffy heard the officer speak again and then heard the ones at the back door.

“This is just a misunderstanding.”

“Put the knives down.”

“I can’t.”

Logan raised his arm to show the officer. The officer was just about to fire when a little blonde blur blocked his path.

“Daddy? What’s going on daddy?” The little girl cried. “Please don’t hurt my daddy. I’m scared daddy. Pick me up. Pick me up.”

The claws on Logan’s hands slowly retracted as he moved to pick the girl up. Logan began muttering soothing words to her. He heard her whisper.

“Am I good or what?”

Logan fought to keep the smile off his face as he heard the sound of a jet engine. The cops never knew what hit them as the wind picked them up. John blew the officers standing closest to them away when he used his lighter with his mutant power. Logan still holding Buffy ran toward the jet followed by the others. Logan when they were on the plane put her down.

“And for the best performance of a crying five year old played by a teenager…” Buffy stopped upon seeing the blue man.

“Guten tag.”

“Who are you?” Buffy asked.

“Kurt Wagner. But in the Munich circus, I was known as the Incredible Nightcrawler--”

“Yeah, save it. Storm?” Logan said as he took a seat.

“We’re outta here.”

Logan turned to see his daughter talking with the other children. From where he sat he could hear the majority of the conversation.

“Buffy, do you have the same claws as Logan in you?” Rogue asked.

“Yeah. It called Adamantium. It’s the strongest metal in the world. It’s indestructible, and it is fused into my body.”

“How do you still manage to shift like that?” Bobby asked.

“I’m not sure. One of the reasons Stryker put it in me was he thought it would stop me from changing. He ran every test he could think of to explain it. His final theory is that something in my body chemistry allows the metal to change with me.”

Logan didn’t know what to think, but he knew he wanted to spend as much as he could with his daughter when this was all over with. He gave her a smile as he moved to talk to Storm and Jean.

They were now in the air and away from Boston. Buffy had transformed back to her normal self and was talking to Remy. Logan watched for a bit before going up front.

“How far are we?”

“We’re actually coming up on the mansion now.” Jean told him. “So, how are you enjoying fatherhood?”

“I’m still getting used to it, but Buffy is amazing. She’s been through so much already.”

“I’ve got two signals approaching,” said Storm. “Coming in fast.”

“Unidentified aircraft, you are ordered to descend to 20,000 feet.” The female voice came over the radio. “Return with our escort to Hanscom Air Force base. You have ten seconds to comply.”

“Wow. Somebody sounds angry.”

“I wonder why.” Logan said looking at Pyro who had burned the last two cops.

“We are coming up along side you to escort you…to Hanscom Air Force base. Lower your altitude now.” A pilot motioned for them to go down. “Repeat, lower your altitude to 20,000 feet. This is your last warning.”

No one said anything and just watched as the planes left their sides and fell back behind them.

“They’re falling back,” said Storm. A beeping noise alerted everyone. “They’re marking us.”

“What?” Logan asked.

“They’re going to fire. Hang on.”

Storm told everyone as she began to maneuver the plane to outrun the military planes. Everyone began scrambling to get his or her belt on. Buffy having never put one on before was having trouble getting her harness fastened.

“I gotta shake them.” Storm said as she did a complete roll.

“Please don’t do that again,” said John.

“I agree,” replied Logan. “Don’t we have any weapons in this heap?”

Everyone noticed the sky began to grow darker as storm began controlling the weather around them. Many tornadoes began to form in the sky.

“Cool,” whispered Buffy.

Storm maneuvered them through and around the tornadoes with ease. The military plane were not able to handle the weather and were being torn apart. The last plane however managed to fire two missiles before ejecting.

“Everybody okay back there?” Jean asked.

“No,” said Logan.

“I now know what a James Bond martini feels like.” Buffy told her.

The console began beeping once again. Everyone looked at it to see that they had two missiles coming their way.

“Oh, my God. There’s two of ‘em.”

Storm told them as she began to take deep breathes to calm herself. They were all becoming slightly nervous. Jean began using her power to concentrate on detonating one of the missiles. After several seconds they heard an explosion. Jean tried to get the second one but her concentration failed as the missile bounced off the top of the plane and exploded. The tail of the jet was missing creating a huge hole that was sucking everything it could out. The plane was going down. Before Buffy could do anything to prevent it her body was picked up by the wind.

“Dad!” She screamed as she tried to grab on to the last seat.

“BUFFY!” Remy cried out as her body flew out the plane. “BUFFY!”

“NO!” Logan screamed

Chapter 4

Buffy felt the air rushing up around her as her body was pulled from the plane. She was freefalling. She was wishing more than anything that she was a bird and could fly. Suddenly she wasn’t falling anymore but flying. Looking down at herself she had become a huge eagle. Buffy couldn’t believe this. She heard a poof that broke her concentration and she reverted back to her normal form. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms around her and a strange sensation. She felt slightly dizzy as they hit the plane floor. Closing her eyes she made sure they wouldn’t go anywhere again as she dug her claws into the floor. The plane began to slow down and the back end closed up. Everyone was looking around trying to figure out what was going on. Buffy noticed the look between her dad and Jean.

“Jean?” Storm asked.

“It’s not me.”

The plane suddenly stopped mere feet from the ground. Everyone was panting and looking around to see what stopped them.

“When will these people learn to fly?” Buffy heard a male voice say.

When the plane was at a normal level again Wolverine unbuckled and grabbed his daughter in a big huge hug.

“I thought I lost you. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. What a rush that was”

“I may never let go of you again. You’ve come to mean so much to me. I love you.”

“I love you too dad.”

Everyone had gotten off the plane except Buffy. She had seen her real mother when the strange man called Magneto had stopped their plane from crash landing. She was sitting on the floor of the plane her back against the wall. Her thoughts kept going back to her mother, and why she would give her up. The sound of the plane door opened, alerting Buffy that someone was coming to join her. It was Remy. He took a seat beside Buffy.

“Thought ya might like some company.” Buffy didn’t say anything. “What you hiding from Chere?”

“I’m not hiding from anything.” Remy gave Buffy a look. “What? Well maybe just a little. What if the reason she gave me away was because she never really wanted me? What if when we meet she doesn’t like me? What if…”

“Enough with the “what ifs” Chere. The only way you’re gonna find out is if you go out there and give her a chance. Once she takes a good look at you, you’ll have stolen her heart like you did your father’s and mine.”

“I stole you’re heart?” He nodded his head.

“Since the first time we met, and you saved my life I knew after that you would have my heart.”

“Oh Remy, that such a sweet thing to say.”

“Remy only speaks the truth.”

Remy said drawing her closer to him. She rested her head on his chest while he wrapped his arms around her. The two sat like that content with just being with each other. Buffy turned her head slightly to look up at Remy’s face. A charming smile was plastered on his face that made Buffy feel faint. They continued to look at each other and slowly their faces came together until their lips met lightly. They broke apart.

“That was nice---” Her voice faded out and Remy saw her eyes began to cloud over.


“Remy, get out of here!” She said in a strangle voice as she pushed him away. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Remy barely avoided being skewered when Buffy suddenly attacked him

“I can’t control it. Get Logan!”

She ran wildly from the plane and Remy could do nothing but watch.

Remy ran from the plane not sure on whether he should follow Buffy or get Logan. Not seeing Buffy anywhere he knew his choice was made. He ran over to the group.

“Logan! Logan!” All eyes turned toward the desperate looking Cajun. “Buffy’s gone. It happened again. Just like on the plane when we found her. She had that same wild look in her eyes.”

“Damn! Was she changing?”

“No.” Logan started in the direction Buffy had gone. “I’m going with you.”

“Who is she?” Mystique asked having the feeling she knew this girl.

“She’s our daughter.” Logan said without stopping.

Mystique couldn’t move at first. Giving up her daughter had been the hardest thing she had ever done, and she had always wondered what had become of her. She could only watch as they walked away. Logan was glad that she decided not to follow. He wasn’t sure how Buffy would take having her mother around in the state she was in. Logan could tell that Buffy was moving fast. As they moved further into the woods Logan picked up an unusual scent for this time of year. They both heard two animalistic growls. Picking up their pace they arrived just in time to see Buffy stick both her claws into huge brown grizzly bear. Both Buffy and the bear fell to the ground. Neither one was moving. Logan and Remy’s reflexives kicked in and they ran to her without any thought of making sure the bear was dead. Buffy’s claws retracted as Logan pulled her limp body off the bear. Logan could see that she was fighting to keep her eyes open. They were once again clear.

“Getting stronger. Can’t control it.”

She spoke tiredly before she fell back limply. Logan carefully lifted her body into his arm, and the three of them returned to camp.

The camp was quiet as most everyone slept. Upon returning with Buffy, Logan headed straight for his tent not giving Mystique the chance to talk to him. He had been checking on Buffy once again when the flap to his tent opened. He knew that she would come eventually. At first neither one of them spoke. Mystique bent down and gently moved the blonde hair that blocked her daughter’s face. She stared at her for along time, before finally speaking.

“I never thought I would get the chance to see her again. She’s so beautiful.”

“Why?” Mystique and Logan looked down at their daughter whose eyes remained closed as she spoke. “Why did you give me up?”

Buffy opened her eyes to look up at her mother. She propped herself up on her arm.

“I didn’t want to give you up, but to keep you safe I knew I had to. Eighteen years I ago I ran into a woman by the name of Maggie Walsh. She told me that she wanted to help me. I believed her and the next thing I knew I was being strapped down to a table. This woman known as Walsh implanted me with sperm from Logan. I believe she was linked with Stryker. I had never been so scared in my life to find myself carrying the child of a man I had never met. They had made it very clear that I would never get to see you once you were born. On the day that I gave birth to you was the day Logan made his escape. They left you in the room with me, and a guard to watch us. You began crying and I went to pick you up but the guard stopped me. It broke my heart to hear you cry so much so that I attacked the guard with a bedpan. I quickly put the man in my bed and pulled the covers over him. I quickly changed into him and grabbed you. I headed for the door and told the guard outside that you needed to be fed. When I finally got us clear of the compound it was nighttime. You and I lived on the street for several weeks until you began to get sick. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, but I knew it was what I had to do. I shadowed this couple for several days and I knew that they would take care of you. I left a note attached to you and knocked on their door. It broke my heart to see her pick you up. I love you so much. After this is all over I would really like the chance to spend time with you. To get to know the fine woman my daughter has become.”

“I’d like that. Can dad come too?”

“It’s up to Logan.”

“We’ll see when that time comes. I think you need to lie back down and get some sleep. We’re going to have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Will you both stay with me tonight?”

Buffy asked them. Mystique looked at Logan and a silent message passed between them.

“I think that can be arranged.”

Mystique moved to lie down on Buffy’s left side facing her while Logan laid down on her right wrapping an arm around her. Within minutes Buffy was sleeping contently between her two parents.

Jean woke the group a little before dawn. They knew how important it was to get to Alkali Lake. Buffy was sitting on the floor of the plane talking quietly with her mother. Beside them were Magneto and John just sitting quietly. Remy, Bobby, and Rogue were looking at the leather uniforms.

“Why don’t we get uniforms?” Rogue asked.

“Yeah, where’s ours?” Bobby asked.

“They’re on order. Should arrive in a few years.”

Logan told them as he shut the closet. The trio turned to face Magneto who was chuckling at them. He looked at Rogue.

“We love what you’ve done with your hair.”

Rogue moves toward him taking off her glove. Bobby grabs her before she could go any further.

“Hey, hey. Come on. Let’s go.”

Bobby pulls her away. Buffy looks up to see her mother now chuckling. Buffy doesn’t say anything but gives them both a hard glare before getting up and leaving.

“Hey, you okay?” Buffy asked Rogue when she caught up to them.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. If wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have this streak in my hair. I could have killed a lot people because of what they did, and Logan almost did die trying to save me.”

Buffy just nodded and put up a mental note to ask her father about it later. Remy came up and put a comforting arm around her.

Chapter 5

“All right, this is a topographic map of the dam.” Storm was briefing once they had landed the plane at the dam. “This is the spillway. You see these density changes in the terrain? They’re tire tracks.”

“That’s the entrance.” Logan stated.

“Mm-hmm. And this shows the depth of the ice that’s covering the ground. Now, this is recent water activity. If we go in there, Stryker could flood the spillway. Can you teleport inside?”

Storm looked toward Kurt.

“No. I have to be able to see where I’m going…otherwise I could wind up inside a wall.”

“I’ll go,” said Logan. “I have a hunch he’ll want me alive.”

“NO! You can’t. Not without me. Someone needs to be there to watch your back. I can’t lose you.” Buffy hugged her father tightly.

“You both know that whoever goes into the dam…needs to be able to operate the spillway mechanism. What do you intend to do?” Magneto asked. “Scratch it with your claws?”

“Do you always have to be such a prick or were you just born that way?”

Buffy asked Magneto with such a glare. Magneto actually laughed at that but then his face returned to being serious as he looked at Wolverine.

“I’ll take my chances.”

“But I won’t.” Magneto said looking toward Mystique.

Two bodies made their way toward the spillway. Buffy was very adamant about going. She told them she would go alone if they didn’t let her come. Besides she had a score to settle in this too. She and her mother, who was in the form of Wolverine, moved together down the spillway.

“Stryker!” Mystique’s voiced echoed through the spillway.

“Show yourself you bastard?” The two looked around and saw a camera above the door.


After several seconds two side doors opened from the wall and at least ten men stepped out. They both raised their hands slowly.

“Either one of you move and you’re dead.”

Two guards approached them with metal restraints. They placed it on them effectively pinning their arms to their chest. Once they were sure their prisoners were secured they led them through the big door. They stood on a platform while Stryker and some more men came in through another door. Buffy could hear Stryker talking.

“The one thing I know better than anyone is my own work. Seal the room. Bring me the girl. Shoot the other.”

“Step away!” One of the soldiers yelled.

That was when the two sprang into action. Mystique reverted back to her original form, while Buffy just made herself smaller. They began attacking the guards with a variety of karate moves and using the guards to deflect the bullets which were mostly being aimed at Mystique. Together the two slid into the control room just as the doors shut. Mystique went to one of the computers and Buffy stood behind her.

“Pretty good moves you have there.” Her mother told her.

“Well, I was trained to be able to take on dad, but he couldn’t control me.” Her mother nodded. She spoke into her communicator.

“We’re in.” Buffy heard her dad speak through her communicator.

“That’s my girl.”

Buffy smiled slightly and then looked at the screen off to her left. The missing children from the school were on it. Buffy could tell that Stryker was trying to get the door open. There was an explosion that vibrated the door. Mystique turned to look at the door.

“Keep working. I’ll handle them should they get through.”

Several minutes later the door began to creak open. Buffy ready her claws. Part of the door fell away and she quickly withdrew her claws. The rest of the group was there minus John, Remy, Bobby, and Rogue.

“Have you found it?” Magneto asked.

“A large portion of energy from the dam has been diverted to this cha