Author: jumping-jo
Rating: PG-13
a/n. I’ve changed how the story went, before Buffy fought Angel, she had to fight the mayor and stab faith, then Angel lost his soul and she killed him. Buffy’s mum found out she was the slayer just before she went to kill Angel. Now she’s running away from home. Also pretend she found out she was the slayer at 15 not 16. Buffy’s now 17 and running away from home. Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and don’t want to. Just want to get this stupid story out of my head.

Chapter 1

Buffy sat in the bus, staring at scenery that wasn’t registering her thoughts replaying the last few days.

“You’re the Slayer?” Her mum said aghast.

“Yes, and I have to go. Angelus has decided to end the world, and I’m the only one who can stop it.. Can we talk about it later, please mum..” She answered walking towards the door.

“If you walk through that door Buffy don’t bother coming back. I mean it.” Joyce said unreasonable.

“Mum I don’t have a choice. If I don’t walk out that door there will be no tomorrow.”

“I don’t know how I never guessed but I’m doing this to keep you safe.”

“Mum you knew, you just decided not to notice. Like you do with everything. I love you.” Buffy said and with that she walked out the door.

Buffy came out of her thoughts when the bus pulled over to pick up some more passengers. A cute guy tried to sit next to her but the look she gave him had him scuttling back up the bus to sit next to the granny. As the bus started again she went back to the past.

“Angel I love you,” Buffy said and kissed him gently on the mouth. Then stuck him with the sword and pushed him into hell, the one Angelus had been trying to bring. She watched him fall, and stayed looking at him till his chocolate brown eyes disappeared. She didn’t go and see anyone after that. She called Giles from a pay phone to tell him that Angelus was gone, left out the part about him being Angel at the time. There was no need for him to have that guilt. When her mum left for work she snuck back in and picked up her stuff and all the money she had saved. $600, got a bus ticket and left town.

She came out of her thoughts as she arrived into the city of Angels . Back to where it all started, she looked at the window and stood up. It was dark in LA, night having come several hours earlier. Not that she was worried, she may have left Sunnydale but she still carried the tools of the trade, Stakes, holy water and a cross. She was the last off the bus, picked up her duffel bag. She didn’t look at any one as she made her way over to the pay phone. She felt in her pocket, if there was shrapnel it was meant to be. She found some and loaded it into the telephone.

“Hey, it’s me Buffy, Mum kicked me out. Can I come crash at your place for a while.” Buffy said, sadness filling her voice. She waited for an answer.

“I’ll get a taxi. Thanks.” Buffy said and hung up. She went and hailed a taxi, got in and gave him directions. She looked at the house, it even had a white picket fence. Kind of a classic. She pulled out her keys and opened the door.

“Hey thanks for letting me crash.” Her eyes took in her surroundings. The man tied to the chair, and the man standing behind him.

“Hello luv, didn’t think I’d leave the country without saying goodbye.”

Chapter 2

“Spike, I really would have understood. What are you doing here?” Buffy asked casually, leaning her duffel bag against the wall and pulling out a stake from her back pocket. She flipped it up in the air, catching it as it spun.

“Well you know, I studied you, and I figured if you defeated Angelus what would you do? I did some maths, and figured you’d run. I thought where would the little slayer go and then I thought, all girls run to their daddy’s and here you are.”

“What have you done to him?” She asked, ice dripping from every word.

“Well I was thirsty so I drank a bit, but your not going to believe what I found out. And I know your just dying to know, so I’ll tell you. Free of charge. Slayer, he ain’t your father. Oh he’s related to you but he’s not your daddy. Blood never lies. First plan was to stick around, kill you, but now I’ve decided I want to see how this pans out.”

“And how do you plan getting out of here?”

“The front door.” He answered cockily.

“Yeah right, you’ll have to go through me first.”

“Piece a cake.”

“Dance for the road?” Buffy asked. Itching for the fight. Spike charged her, Buffy kicked him back. He threw a punch, she ducked and uppercutted him in the stomach, and then kneed him in the balls.

“Bloody hell slayer?” Spike groaned, he would have wheezed if he could but not having any air meant that was impossible.

Buffy looked at him curled up in a ball on the ground and smiled. She pulled out her holy water and sprinkled it on him, his flesh burning as soon as it touched him. She pulled out the cross and stuck it in his mouth,

“You know Spike you break my heart. All you had to do was disappear until I was dead and you would have led a very happy, evil undead life. But no, you had to come and hurt my Dad, so what should I do with you. You know Angellus taught me a few things, maybe I should try them out.on you.” Spike shook his head, as smoke was poring out of his mouth.

She went to stake him, but her father’s voice stopped her. “Buffy wait, let me try something first.” Before she could respond her father muttered something and Spike ended floating up in the air, Buffy’s cross out of his mouth. Buffy turned to look at her father, he was holding a stick in his hand and was chanting. Then there was a burst of light and Buffy was blinded for an instant. When her vision returned, Spike was on the ground unconscious. That wasn’t the weirdest thing though, he wasn’t setting off her spidey sense. She sprinkled the rest of the holy water on him. Nothing happened.

“What the hell did you just do?” Buffy said to her father, confusion etched on her face.

“Well, you see, I’m a wizard and I was designing a spell to make Angel human for you but um since he’s passed away I thought I’d give this young boy a chance. Let me make a call and I’ll tell you all about.” Buffy shrugged her shoulders, and went and sat in the chair her father had been tied to. She sat and watched Spike, then a man apparated, Buffy went into defence mode, jumping up getting ready to punch the unknown man out.

“Thanks for coming Lupin, you can deal with him can’t you?” Hank summers asked the dark brooding man.

“Yes the order will take care of it. Does this make us even now?”

“Not by a long shot. The man’s name is William, he won’t remember anything of his past, but he has no family or friends so that doesn’t matter. Create one for him, and Lupin he only lost personal memories, not knowledge so don’t try and deny the magical world.” Hank said. Lupin nodded in reply, took hold of Spike’s unconscious hand, waved a stick and disappered.

Buffy turned her confused eyes onto her father.

“I know we need to talk,” Hank said walking into the living room, Buffy following behind she curled up on the couch, hank stood near the fire, “What do you want to know?”

“First what the hell are you, second who are you, third how did you know about Angel, and fourth was Spike telling the truth.”

“You sure you wouldn’t want to know what my favourite colour is?” Hank asked lightheartedly. HE saw the look on Buffy’s face, “I guess not.”

The Answers.

“I’m a wizard with a wand, not a wicca or a warlock. I’m not evil if that’s whats bothering you, but some of our kind are. Your mother’s a witch as well. You know your mother and I had our differences, well the main one was that you should learn magic but, your mother said no. That’s what killed your biological parents, and her best friend. Anyway, there’s a whole nother world out there where muggles- non magical people live.

I’m still me Buff, your father, your mothers ex-husband, except business man by day, wizard at night.

I realised you were the Slayer when you came and stayed with me that first summer after you went ot Sunnydale. I saw your collection of stakes, then did some research. That’s how I found out about Angel, met this guy whistler who filled me in. So I thought since you truly love him, I’d make him human for you. I’ve been working on it for a year and a half.

Spike told you the truth, but not in the sense he meant. Your mother gave birth to you, but it’s not our sperm or egg. Your bi-logical parents were witches and wizards to. Most witches put a spell on them, so that if anything happens to them, their baby will be safe. It means that basically as soon as life leaves there body, the baby is magically transported to another’s body. Its all chosen out before hand. Your mother was the one for the job. They were best friends, me and her could never have kids you see, but when you went over to your mother something odd happened. You took some of her dna as well, and some of mine. So basically you have 4 parents, your mother, me, Lily and James.

My favourite colours blue by the way. Sky Blue.”

Buffy looked at her father, great just what she needed. More emotional baggage to drag her down. She looked at her dad,

“I can’t deal with this right now, is there somewhere I can crash?” Buffy asked.

Hank looked ready to say something but looked at his daughters eyes, they were so empty. “Sure, follow me. I hope you like it.” Hank said getting up, Buffy followed him out, he picked up her duffel bag on the way up.

Her room was like stepping into a fairy tale. She had a big four poster bed, with fairy lights running all the way up the posts to the canopy, which was different coloured translucent material. All the colours of the rainbow. The walls were painted her favourite colour, magenta, but somehow it didn’t look wrong. There was a study section, a big oak desk, with a computer with and LCD screen. In another section was a plasma tv, been bags and what looked like a DVD player, x box, play station and hundreds of DVDs.

“It’s beautiful.” She whispered. Hank looked pleased by her reaction,

“Into bed kiddo.” Hank replied, waving his wand so that the covers were drawn back. Buffy looked down at her travel clothes, with a swish of his wand, she was dressed in her jammies.

“That was cool.” She said to her dad, walking over to the bed and getting in. He smiled at her and pulled up the covers, kissed her forehead.

“Sweet dreams kiddo.” He said, and walked out. By the time he had got to the door she was fast asleep.

Buffy’s Dream

She was walking through a building, people were everywhere but no one paid her any attention. She found her self in an empty room, with an arch covered by a veil. Voices whispered to her from within. IT was creepy yet soothing at the same time.

Angel appered next to her, “It’s the veil, Buffy. Only people who aren’t supposed to be in there can be pulled out. Only innocents.” He went to walk away,

“Angel don’t go.”

“I was never hear in the first place. Your in the ministry of magic. In England . Follow the dream.” He said, he kissed her on the lips like she had done to him. “I’ll always love you to.” With that he disappered.

Buffy woke up with a start, and looked around the room. Tears came unbidden. She lay back down and went to sleep. Then the dream came again, and again and again. Like it was on repeat in her brain. By the time morning came she knew what she had to do.

Buffy walked down the stairs to the kitchen, after showering, and becoming presentable. Her father was there waiting for her, her favourite breakfast prepared. Pancakes with maple syrup and ice-cream.

“Dad, I need to go to England . Can I borrow some money. I’ll pay you back.” Buffy asked.

“Why England ?”

“Slayer dream, I got to go to the ministry of magic and rescue a friend.” She said.

“Fine, we’ll leave tonight. I have to go to work and tie up some loose ends, so hear’s what you can do. My credit cards on the table, along with a mobile phone I was going to give to you for your birthday so take it. Go shopping. And tonight I’ll take you to England .”

“I need to be there now.” Buffy said persistently.

“I know, but they won’t let you in without a wand, and it’s night there. So we’ll go when I get back. It’ll be fine kiddo.” There was a horn honking from outside. “That;s my ride. I gotta go but I’ll be back at 5. Have fun.” He said with a quick kiss to her forehead he left the door. Buffy called after him.

“Thanks for everything Dad.” He smiled back at her and left for the day. She looked around at the empty house, then looked at his credit card.

“What’s a girl to do.” She thought, picking up the card, her handbag, and the phone. She dialled a taxi and went shopping. Hoping that she would be able to forget about Angel.

Chapter 3

Hank got home and walked in the door.

“Buffy, I’m home.” He said depositing his work gear on the hall way counter. When there was no response he walked into the lounge room. He saw his daughter curled up in a ball on his sofa. Her face was desolate and the empty look in her eyes scared him more than anything then he’d ever seen. Ok he hadn’t been the perfect father, but Buffy meant the world to him. He had only stayed away cause Joyce didn’t want Buffy being dragged into their old world. So he had agreed. Now he wished he hadn’t, he just wish he knew what to say.

“Did you have fun shopping?” How lame was that he thought. Buffy’s seemed to come out of whatever trance she was in, the look disappered to be replaced with a smile. Whether it was a fake one or not he didn’t care, least she was trying.

“Yeah I did, I bought you something. It’s on the table. What flight are we on to England ?” Buffy answered standing up. He noticed she had two bags packed at the door when he came in.

“We’re not flying, it’s time I introduced you to your heritage. Have you rung your mother?” He asked. The smile disappeared from her face, and a look he never hoped he would ever see directed at him, her eyes blazed, cold as ice.

“No I haven’t. She didn’t return my last calls, she also hung up on me.” Buffy said coldly, no emotion exiting her voice..

“Ok that’s fine,” Hank said quickly, not knowing how to placate his daughter he walked over to the table and picked up a brown paper bag. Opening it he found an ebony cross on a leather thong. And a frame, he pulled it out. There was a picture of him and her, from 2 years ago. Just before she met Merri. He smiled at the photo of her and him, him in his pj’s and her in her going out clothes. Them both laughing

On the bottom were the words inscribed. “A perfect moment.” I look at it and realise that maybe she’s trying to tell me something through this. I remember this photo, she was going out with some boy, back then there had been a lot. We’d been home alone, Joyce out at some committee meeting or another, and we had been talking. I’d just gotten a new camera, so we decided to try the auto timer out. She had the inscription right, it had been a perfect moment. Before she had met her destiny. Before Joyce and I had divorced. When we seemed to live a picture perfect world. He turned to her; her expression was blank. He really wished on a thousand first stars, on a million shooting stars that he could have protected her from the world. Spike had hinted at Angel’s soul being stolen, something Buffy had done. But he never quite had enough time to tell him the details. Tell being more taunt than anything, Buffy had shown up to soon.

Finally I break the silence that’s surrounded us, “It’s beautiful Buffy, both of them are.” He said fastening the cross around his neck, he put the picture back on the table. He held out his hand to her. “Ready to go to Lonon?” She looked confused and he pulled out his wand. She took his hand, she always fel safe when her father held her hand. She felt special. Like she was the only one in the world, just her and her dad. She was glad to find the feeling still there. Even after all the time that had passed, the lessening of phone calls. He still made her feel safe, like no one else ever could, not Giles, Joyce, Willow , Xander and especially Angel. When she was wih him she wanted to die, when she was Giles he sent her out on missions that could get her killed, with her mum-well there were too many lies, and Willow and Xander she made them feel safe. Not the other way round. It was nice to feel protected.

She didn’t notice him wave his wand, or mutter some words she was too deep in the feeling of being safe, she did notice however when the air went pop, there was a brief motion of nothing and then another pop. They were in an alley way. The people around them, walking around had British accents. She let go of her dad’s hand and stared. He gave her a sweeping bow.

“Welcome to Diagon Alley.” Buffy smiled at him. Something in the back of her mind was trying to tell her something but be darned if she could remember.

“That was cool. But where exactly is Diagon Alley?”

“Centre of London , now I know you want to go to the ministry of magic for some reason, but to get in you’ll need a wand. How bout I fill you in on some history.” He said, and with that she walked with her father to Olliver’s Wand shop. Him telling her all about this amazing world of wizards. Hank opened the door for her and Buffy walked inside. Immediately her spidey sense started wigging out. She crouched into defensive mode.

Chapter 4

"Slayer I didn't think I'd see you here, the council likes to keep you guys seperate from us."Mr Olivander said from the back of the shop walking forward, "I'm a hurrock demon, change appearance, long life, forsight. I won't harm you girl. The council will freak if they find you here."

"Screw the council." Buffy snapped. "They don't control me." She eyed him up and down, "Do they contol you?"

"No but occasionally they visit, warning me to not to sell to slayers." He answered, "You guys are dangerous enough as it is, give you wand. Who knows which way you'll turn."

"Well then we might have a problem, my dad says I can't get into the ministry of magic without a wand, and the ptb want me to go there. So we can do this one of two ways," Buffy said, voice going hard, "You can give me the two wands at the bottom right hand corner of the back shelf and Dad will pay you or I beat the crap out of you and take them. Choice is yours."

"How do you know that would be the best wand for you, and why do you need two?" Mr Olivander asked, Hank stood at the door of the shop watching the scene unfold. He'd never seen Buffy like this, dangerous and willing to do anything to get what she wants.

"Because I can feel them calling me, it like a hum in my bones, ok one of them's a little bit off but I know who it belongs to. So what's it going to be?" Mr Olivander looked her up and down, he shrugged his shoulders and went to the back of the shop and got the two wands. Walking back to her he started to tell her what they were made from,

"This one here's made from blood of the first slayer, and this one is made from the blood of the first vampire." Buffy went to reach for the slayer one but it didn't feel write, it felt a little bit off, she reached for the vampire one and took it out of Mr Olivander's hand. She gave it a flick, it felt just right, she examined it when she saw an engraving on it. LOC.

Her face paled at the thought of what that could stand for, "Who used to own this wand?" She demanded.

"Liam O'Conner, then he was turned and Angellus the Vampire used it." All the colour drained out of Buffy's face, the wand falling from her hand and dropping on the floor.

"How did you get it?" She demanded.

"He sent it to me 2 weeks ago. Said he didn't need it anymore. He was getting more power than anyone on earth and the wand was part of the past." He explained, "Said if it didn't work his mate would turn up to collect it. Looks like that's you."

"I'm not his mate." Buffy snapped, "What about the other one. Where did you get that?"

"Turned up on my door step the day Sirius Black escaped from azkabham. With note, said it was to go to his daughter. It would bring her back." Mr Olivander explained, picking up the wand she had dropped he handed it too her, Buffy felt her hand move on its own accord. Taking the wand she touched Mr Olivander's skin. He fell to the ground blacking out. Buffy and her Dad stared as he seemed to have a seizure on the shop floor. It lasted 30 seconds, opening his eyes he locked eyes with the slayer, his voice deepened, his face changed to yellow with green spots and his accent disappered.

"Everything is a weapon if you look at it properly. There weapons for you to use, Love, Hate, Friendship, Family, a pen, paper, magic, blood, knowledge, a broom. The wands are yours and hers. Sister/Cousin, what would you do to protect her? They'll come for her, to kill her, if you don't stop it. The council doesn't like to be disappointed. And you two are there biggest disappointments. She's the weak link. She dies, another is called, Halloween they'll come for her. What will you do? If there can be two slayers, why not many?" Buffy stared at the demon, Mr Olivander shook his head and his human cover appeared.

"Well that was unexpected," He said face back to normal. "Take the wands," He said pushing them out the door, "The council will be here shortly. This spell might come in handy." He added pushing a piece of paper into Buffy's hand. "There building, I trust you know where it is." He added closing the shop front on them. Buffy looked at her dad.

"That was intresting," Hank said, speaking for the first time since they had entered the wand shop. "Explains a lot about Mr Olivander." Buffy smiled weakly at her Dad, and looked at the wands. She used her's to twist into her hair and hold it up and she put the other one in her hand bag.

"I think I need a drink." Buffy said.

"I know just the place. Though yours will be non-alcholic." Hank said, he started to walk back down the street. Buffy followed. Walking past witches and wizards, Buffy kept her head down. Then she recognised a voice and she stopped, her arm snaked out and she pulled her Dad into an alleyway.

"Buffy what is it?" He asked. She put her finger over her lips, and then perred around the corner. Traver's from the council was walking down, with two of his lackeys on either side. Traver's was talking on his phone.

"That's ridiculous," He snapped, "How the hell can our active Slayer just disappear. Put guards around Faith and I want every agent out looking for her now. Start with LA, search every diner, pub, club in the area. Do I make myself clear." There was a pause,

"I'm coming back to the office now. Get Giles on the phone. He better have a bloody good explanation." Travers said turning around and walking back in the opposite direction.

"Who was that?" Hank asked once Travers was out of hearing range.

"That's Travers. Head of the Watchers council. A real arsehole."

"Language." Hank reprimanded.

"Well he is, tries everything in his power to make my life a misery. I have to get to the ministry of magic before they find me. It's important. There is no way Traver's will let me go in time." Buffy said, anxiety in her voice.

"Fine take my hand." Hank said, he pulled out his wand. Buffy watched closely at what he did and said, then pop, motionless, pop again and they were in the Ministry of Magic and at the front desk. Hank went over to speak to the lady at the counter, Buffy pulled her wand out of her hair. Looking around she noticed no one was watching her she gripped the wand. Finding the place in her mind where she wanted to go, she waved the wand, said the same words Hank had said and then pop, montionless and then pop.

She was standing in a room, looking at an archway with a veil. She could hear voices coming from inside. One was calling loudly too her,"Help me, god someone help me." Just like in her dream. Walking up to it she looked at the archway closely, then she walked around the other side. She saw an inscription printed on the outside. She recognised it as latin, but be blowed if she could read it. Putting the wand back into her hair, she put her hand in, it moved passed the veil and she searched around until her hand came in contact with flesh. She grabbed it and with all her strength she pulled.

She went stumbling backwards, and the flesh that she had grabbed came tumbling out from behind it. It turned out to be a man, with dark hair, and eyes that reminded her of oz. He fell on top of her, both of them spilling onto the ground.

Buffy pushed the man off her and stood up, he layed there panting on the ground.

"Who the hell are you?" Buffy asked, crouching down to get a good look at him. She noticed a locket around his neck, she reacher her hand out and touched it. It opened like magic, and in it was a picture of a dark hair girl, and a dark hair boy with glasses. The man snapped it shut.

"I'm Sirius," he growled, pulling himself up cluctching his wand in one hand and the locket in the other.

"Well serious, intresting name, anyway is there anyone I can call? Cause I really got to blow this joint before I get busted. I'm pretty sure what I did is going to get us into a lot of trouble." Buffy told him, following the gut feeling she was getting.

"Can you apparate?" Sirius asked. At Buffy's puzzled expression, "You know wave wand, pop, motionless, pop."


"Ok then I'll think of the place, and you do the magic. Ok?" Sirius said, hearing footsteps coming there way, Buffy held out her hand. Sirius took it and with a wave, they were gone

Buffy found herself in a castle. There were tapestry's on the walls, the furniture was covered in dust cloths.

"I think I'm a natural at this magic thing," Buffy said outloud, "the two spells I've done have worked." She turned to Sirius, "Where exactly are we?" She asked the man.

"Welcome to Castle Black. Been in my family for generations."

"Cool, well I've done my part. I think I better go find my Dad. I kinda left him at the ministry." Buffy said. "Look after yourself." Before she could wave her wand, her very pissed off father appeared in front of her.

"You better have a damm good explanation about what you just did," Hank said angrily looking at his daughter, then he turned on Sirius, "Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you on the spot."

"Hank I'm innocent. I swear." Sirius said starting to sweat, "It was peter, not me. We changed places. I can prove it."

"And how can you do that?"

"You know we were amiguses (ok I took a guess i know its wrong) just wait one second, just let me find it." Sirius said turning to a stack of papers he searched through them until he found the one he was looking for and held it out for a very pissed off Hank too look at.

Hank took it, "What its the Weasleys. They won some money and went on a holiday and took their.." He paused and looked closer, "Oh my good thats peter, and that means you didn't betray them. Oh jesus." Hank said pulling a cover off a couch and sitting down. "This is way too much. Who knows?" Buffy stared at the scence unfolding before her eyes, who the hell was peter, and how did her dad know this guy.

"Dumbledore, The Weasleys, Lupin, Snape, Harry, Hermione Granger, Mad eye Moony, all the members of the original Order of the Phoenix ." Sirius said sitting next to him on the couch.

"Well it would have been nice if you notified Joyce at least. She's your sister for crying outloud."

"What Mum has a brother?" Buffy asked interupting the men. "How come I didn't know about him?" The men glanced at her,

"This is Buffy?" Sirius asked, "She's got James's eyes, but Joyce's hair. She's got Lily's height but your skin. What happened?"

"Whose he talking about Dad?" Buffy asked confused.

"Your original parents Buff, how bout I explain everything to Sirius while you can see what you can find in the kitchen. You go down the stairs and then turn first right, second left ok?" Hank asked gently, knowing Buffy wasn't ready to cope with all the news he had to share. Buffy shrugged, she was hungry.

"Can I borrow your cell, I gotta ring Giles and check in. Warn him about Travers." Buffy asked, her dad shrugged and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He waved his wand said a word than handed it too her.

"They won't be able to find the signal, and if they do it will say your in Majorca ." Hank explained, Buffy took it with a half smile and went to find the kitchen.

"You haven't told her?" Sirius asked.

"It wasn't my idea, she found out yesterday through an aquaintance. Joyce wanted to keep her separated from this world and I didn't fight her on it. Specially since she had just lost her best friend, gained a child and thought her brother betrayed us all. By the time I started arguing about it, it was too late, it caused a riff in our marriage and we separated. Plus Buffy's having a rough time at the moment so I don't want to add too much presure on to her."

"She's the slayer isn't she." Sirius said.

"How the hell did you work that out?"

"Calm down, the veil, the inscription translates to "Only the chosen one can pull out the innocents. Only the chosen one will hear you call. That one girl chosen in every generation will pull out the ones that weren't meant to be." I've had 4 months to think about it while being stuck on the other side."

"Yeah, do you want to know about her parerntage or not?" Hank asked, not wanting to talk about the slayer buisness.

"Fine go ahead."

"Whatever spell Lily put on as protection, she must put in a wrong word or something because when Voldermort attacked Buffy absorbed some of his power that he was using, the magic of her mums and the magic of James. It warped it and when she came to Joyce, she absorbed her magic and genes, and mine. Still haven't worked out how it was possible but it seemed that Buffy's body pulled the stongest DNA to make herself. Her DNA is practically perfect, each strand is imbuned with magic. So instead of having 2 parents she has 5. James, Lily, Joyce, myself and Voldermort. It means her and Harry are related more as cousins then anything else."

"Wow, That's, Wow." Sirius said, trying to process everything, finally he asked what had been pressing on his mind. "Have you heard anything on Faith? I tried to find her but Mel woldn't tell me anything, just that she'd run away. I couldn't find her anywhere."

"No Mel wouldn't let us anywhere near her, Joyce didn't want to see her cause she felt that you betrayed us. All I know is she ran away from home at 15. I'm sorry, I'm sure she's fine."

"What's Faith to you?" Buffy asked standing in the doorway. "Whose Harry?"

"She's my daughter, Harry's my godson." Sirius asked, "Do you know Faith?"

"Nope," Buffy lied. "Dad I did that spell I got, Travers is looking for me. He's got a team looking for my elimination." She said calmly, "He wants to tie up loose ends. What the hell am I going to do."

Just then a man walked out of the fire, followed by another, followed by a boy who looked to be a year older then Buffy.

"Sirius," He cried rushing into the mans arms on the couch, "I thought you were dead. I'm so sorry. It was all my fault." He said tears cascading down his cheeks.

"Harry, it's ok. Given a chance I'd do it all again." Buffy turned away, tears seeking her way into her eyes, everyone else got a second chance, why wasn't she allowed one. She wiped her eyes to turn back around. She found her dad and the two men discussing in quiet voice, she switched on her slayer hearing to find out what they were talking about.

"Yes but at school she'd be safe."

"She's had no formal training." Dumbledore answered, "She'd be behind on where she should."

"She just performed two succssfull aparations with no training what so ever and she's only seen me do it twice."

"She's a danger, if what you told us was true. He'll want her." Lupin answered.

"You know he won't enter the school. Plus how would he find out." Hank said; "She's 16 years old, they want her dead. You want the death of her on your consience."

"She's a slayer, she's supposed to die young." Lupin snarled. Hank looked ready to pound him.

"Dad it's ok," Buffy said walking up to them, "He's right. I'll find some other place to be safe. Warewolf boy, learn to control your temper and if I see you out on a full moon. Your arse is grass so remember to take your medicine." She looked at the mens faces, but it was Harry who came to Lupins defence.

"You can't threaten him. Who do you think you are?" He asked angrily, getting up from the couch where he was seated, "He's a good guy." Buffy's eyes flashed anger,

"I'm the one that has to clean up after he decides to lose it. Just because you got him properly trained doesn't mean he'll always be that way. So listen mister I fucked up and got my godfather killed and then left it to someone else to clean up after you. Go TO HELL. If you want I'll send you there." She ended up screaming, "Its not hard. If I can send Angel I can sure as hell send someone I've never met before." Hank came up to his daughter and wrapped her in his arms, letting her sobs soak into his shirt. He stroaked her back, as the others watched on confused.

"What did I say?" Harry asked finally, his voice laced with confusion, "Who's Angel, and who is she?"

The three wizards looked uncomfortable, finally Sirius said, "Angel was a vampire with a soul, and she's your younger sister sort of."

"She's my what?" Harry asked confused, "That's impossible I'm an only child."

"Sit down Harry its complicated." Dumbledore said. "And no it's not something I've been keeping from you. I found out yesterday when Hank contacted me."

"Dad can we go," Buffy whispered, "please." Hank was about to nod when Dumbledore butted in.

"If you want her to go to Hogwarts Hank then she stays. She can't run away everytime that something doesn't go her way."

"Hogwarts?" Buffy asked.

"Its a school for witches and wizards. The council won't be able to find you there. The magic distorts their locating spells and stuff." Hank explained. Buffy shrugged, all she wanted to do was sleep and be left alone by the council for as long as possible. Going to school would do.

Hank sat down on a couch he uncovered and sat down with Buffy snuggling into him, just like she used to do when she was little. Buffy closed her eyes, and ignored the adults talking. The past flashing through her mind as she killed Angel, their last kiss. She could feel it lingering on her lips even now. She came back when she heard her name said, dragging herself from the memory she opened her eyes.

"What?" She asked.

"Your really my sister," Harry said coming over to her, "This is amazing. I always thought there was just me." He crouched in front of her to look at her closer.

"I'm not a a monkey in a zoo." She snapped, refering to his staring.

"I'm sorry, its just I got Sirius back and now I find I have a little sister. This is the best day of my life." He said wrapping his arms around her and squeezing. Buffy stayed limp in his arms. Refusing to become attached to someone she'd lose soon enough, whether by rejection or by her death. Harry seemed unperturbed by her lack of response.

"Harry I think we should get you back to Lupins," Dumbledore said, "I need your word that you won't tell anyone about Buffy or Sirius just yet till we come up with a plan. Ok?"

"Yes Professor." Harry answered,

"Lupin you go with him, keep an eye on him." Lupin nodded and Harry gave Buffy and Sirius a hug and left through the fire.

"You could have been nicer too the boy." Hank said gently.

"Fine next time I'll pretend we're the Brady Bunch shall I. One big happy family." She said bitterly.

"Ms Summers, I've come to the conclusion that Hogwarts would benefit from your presence, though there are a few conditions." Dumbledore said, "1. You tell no one your the slayer, 2. You will have your own room because, condition number 3 is that you regularly patrol the forest. Take out the dangerous creatures and find out what they know and monitor how big they grow. If you accept then we'll keep your presence hidden from the council. If not.."

"I get it, I'm on my own, or worse you'll notify them yourself." Buffy said, "Looks like I don't have a choice. School it is."

"You will of course have to take classes, most will be with your year, but you'll have to do a combination of catch up classes." With a wave of his wand a list of books fluttered down into Buffy's hand.

"I'll see you tomorrow Ms Summers. Sirius I'm glad your back, and Hank I need you to go back to America tomorrow. Find us some allies convince the demons that Voldermort means their death. Ok?"

"Fine, but if anything happens to her, I'll kill you myself." Hank said, "We're going to get going. It was good seeing you Sirius. Keep out of trouble." Hank tooks Buffy's hand and waved his wand.

Buffy again found herself in a castle, but this one had the fire lit, clean carpet and pictures on the wall, one was of her mum and dad, back before she was born. They waved to her and blew her a kiss.

"Dad," Buffy said freaking, "Why are the pictures waving at me?"

"Its magic."

"Course it is, where are we?" She asked.

"Welcome to Castle Summers."

"You have a castle? like a real castle. This is unreal. How come I didn't know about it?"

"When we decided to leave the wizarding world, I left this behind. I figured I'd tell you about it when you got older but I never got round to it. This is our castle."

"Cool, Dad I'm tired is there somewhere I can crash? Oh yeah and my luggage."

"Sure," Hank said, observing her from behind half closed lids. "If you go up the stairs, your room's the one at the very end of the corridor. Your bags have already been delievered. I'll go get your stuff for school. Will you be ok here by yourself?"

"I'll be fine. Night." She said, walking up the stairs Hank looked outside.

"It's only 2pm , I wish she'd talk to me."

"Who's that master?" Jubby his house elf asked popping up in front of him.

"My daughter, can you keep an eye on her. I have to go to Diagon Alley to pick up some things." Hank answered, "I'll be back later. Make sure she doesn't leave the house. Thanks Jubby." Hank walked outside and disappered.

Chapter 5

Train Station

"You got everything?" Hank asked,

"Yeah, its all packed. Thanks for everything dad, I'd write but the council might see it." Buffy said pushing her trolley towards the train. She left the trolley and turned around and gave him a hug. "I'll see you around." Buffy said quickly, turned back to the train and carried her luggage onboard. Hank stood staring after.

"Hank Summers as I live and breath. What are you doing here?" Molly Weasley said coming to stand next to him.

"Molly your looking as radiant as ever. Are those two yours?" He gestured to the kids waving out the window.

"Yeah my youngest, Ron and Ginny. Ron's Headboy of Gryffindor now. He's a 6th year. And Ginny. She's a 4th year. You seeing someone off?"

"My daughter, yours look incredibly happy. Lucky you. I'll see you around." Hank said, turned and left the station. Molly watched him puzzled.

"What is it Molly dear?" Arthur Weasley asked.

"I just saw Hank Summers, said he was dropping off his daughter. It was odd." Molly answered. "Did you pick Harry up from Lupins?"

"Yep all safetly delivered. Ready dear?" Arthur asked. Molly smiled at her husband and walked off the platform just as the train was departing.

Hogwarts Express

"Hey Buffy," Harry said walking into her compartment. "How are you?"

"Fine," Buffy answered staring at the moving scenary,

"Thats good. Look about yesterday I'm sorry I said something that upset you."

"You didn't." Buffy said not turning her head,

"Hey give a guy a chance I'm trying to make it up to you, don't you think we should get to know each other."

"No I don't," Buffy answered, "I don't get close to people anymore, new year resoloution, cause they end up getting hurt." She said deadpan.

"That's an awful attitude to have, without your friends and family then your nothing." Harry said sitting opposite her.

"Look do you mind, I'd like to be left alone." Buffy said not turning from the window, she felt someone enter the carriage.

"Potter it must be hard for you not having someone falling over you." Draco sneered with Crabbe and Goyle flanking his sides.

"Bugger off Malfoy." Harry said, "Buffy why don't you come meet my friends."

"No thanks, I'm fine." Buffy answered ignoring the boys. Malfoy sat down next to her putting his arm over her shoulders.

"You know luv, if you stick with me you could make it in the big leagues." Harry pulled out his wand ready to curse him, when Buffy started to laugh. Her body was shaking so hard, the three boys thought she was convulsing. Finally getting it under control Buffy smiled at them all.

"I needed that," She said to the room in general, she turned her attention to Malfoy, "Look bleachie your not that bad looking if you didn't use so much gel and maybe got some sunlight and pulled the stick out of your arse, but if I ever wanted to play in the big leagues I can do it without your help. Thanks for the laugh though." Buffy got up to leave the compartment,

"Hey where are you going?" Harry asked.

"Ladies room, what are you my father" She snapped, not digging the whole protective vibe.

"No I'm your older brother." He snapped.

"Only by blood." She answered walking down the hall.

"I thought you were an only child." Malfoy asked.

"You thought wrong."

"Well she doesn't take after you potter."

"What are you talking about." Harry asked confused.

"She's good looking." Malfoy said, stalking out of the carriage leaving a very pissed off Harry behind.

"What did that creep want." Ron and Hermione asked walking into the room.

"To chat up my sister." Harry said scowling.

"You have a sister?" They both choroused sitting on the seat opposite Harry, side by side.

"Long story short, when Buffy was in mums tummy Voldermort attacked and mum had a spell that sent her to her best friend. They raised her a muggle, only discovered about all this a few days ago. Her Dad decided it was time she learnt about this world so she's coming to Hogwarts. Doesn't seem to like me very much."

"I'm sure thats not true Harry, it must be really confusing finding out theres a whole other world out there."

"You think?"

"Yeah, What year is she going to be in?" Hermione asked.

"Dumbledore said 5th year."

"Give her time Harry, thats my advice. How was Lupins?"

"It was so cool, he took me fishing and stuff. I think he was trying to fill Sirius shoes." Harry said, his friends noticing with happiness that he seemed to have recovered from the shock of losing Sirius. "What about you guys?"

"Hey you must be the new girl everyones talking about. I'm Pansy?" Pansy said bailing Buffy outside the trains toilet.

"I'm Buffy."

"Nice to meet you, heard you shot Malfoy down. Good for you. If you ask me his head needs a little deflating. So where you from?"

" California ." Buffy answered wondering why this girl had taken an interest in her,

"Cool always wanted to go there. Why don't you join me and the girls. We're just hanging out, talking about summer. The usual." Buffy shrugged, her dad did tell her to try and fit in and make some friends.

"Sure why not." Buffy answered, Pansy slipped her arm into hers,

"Great, I really like the whole goth look. That dark eyeshadow. It really suits you, now when I wear it I go all pasty. Does absoloutly nothing for my complextion." Chattering away about inconsequential things Buffy and Pansy went and joined the other girls. Buffy listened, adding comments whenever she felt the need, enjoying the feel of being a normal girl, well as normal as you can be surrounded by a bunch of witches.

Chapter 6


"Wow look at those horses, there amazing." Buffy said, admiring the horses pulling the carriages.

"What horses Buffy?" Pansy asked, putting her luggage on top and climbing in. Buffy looked at the horses and back to Pansy and the girls.

"But there their," Buffy said quietly.

"Only people who have seen death can see them," a sing song voice said beside her, "There Thestrals, I'm Luna."

"Hi, Buffy Summers."

"Come on Buffy, its starting to rain." Pansy called from inside. Buffy turned to look at Pansy, then went to say bye to Luna but she'd disappered. Shrugging her shoulders she got into the carriage, she sat down in the carriage and listened to the chatter around her. Pansy misunderstood her quietness,

"Hey no need to be nervous. All that happens is they'll put the sorting hat on your head and it sorts you where you supposed to go."

"Its not that, I was just thinking how unflattering these robes are." Buffy said with a laugh.

"Yeah no one looks great in them," Susan said. "But you look better than most. You look deadly. I on the other hand look like a potato sack." Before Buffy could protest the others girls had all jumped in to reasure her, Buffy watched Susans face, who looked at her and winked. Buffy grinned, she could deal with this. Light hearted friendship. Harry was another matter. That was way too personal, too deep to deal with at the moment.

"Ms Summers, I'm Professor McGonagal. If you'd like to come with me you have to be sorted with the first years." McGonagal said.

"No problemo." Buffy said walking away from the group of girl she was standing with, and following the professor to an outside hallway noticing a bunch of 12 year olds standing in line. "Great just let yourself stand out summers. Good going." She muttered to herself. She stood apart from them, ignoring the chatter and focusing on a spot on the roof. She noticed some kids wander in, but ignored it. Waiting for her name to be called. Hearing her name called she made her way to the front of the stage where she saw a seat. Ignoting the looks she was getting she heard Dumbledore talk but didn't hear the words.

"Buffy here is a new student. She was living in Sunnydale , California , and as you all know from DADA and History that that's on top of the hell mouth. It seemed to block her powers until she made a trip to London a few weeks ago."

Buffy sat down on the seat, and waited while the hat went on.

"Your a confusing one, made from dark to be a champion of light. I haven't had a slayer come here ever. But the dark blood in side of you. There's no choice, as Sylidor's heir you have to go in Slytherin. Sorry kiddo." He said, ignoring protests of wanting to go in a house without a huge ego.

"Slytherin." The hat shouted out. A cheer went up from Slytherin, while Harry's jaw dropped.

How could his little sister be in Slytherin. He thought to himself, he could tell by Ron's and Hermione's expressions were asking the same thing, "Maybe she might have asked not to be in Gryffindor." He didn't realise he said it outloud till Hermione responded.

"That's probably it, she just was probably scared about getting close to you so the hat put her in Slytherin. You know the characteristics for both houses are close."

"Yeah I'm sure thats it." Ron reassured. After the final kid went through, they dug into the food appeared.

Buffy was leaving the hall with the other Slytherins when Professor Snape found her.

"A moment of your time Ms Summers." He ordered, Buffy sighed and dropped back to talk to him. Pansy and the rest of the girls stopped, but with a look from Snape they scuttled ahead.

"What can I do for you professor?" Buffy asked finally as the rest of the students disappered.

"Dumbledore informed me of your special circumstances. I was wondering when you were planning on starting your duties?" He asked.

"I guess tonight is as good as time as any." Buffy sighed,

"Glad to see your taking this seriously. I'll collect you from your room at midnight . Everyone should be in bed by then. Let me show you to your room. If anyone asks the reason your by yourself, it's because your magic is unstable cause you haven't learnt to control it." He turned and started to walk. He missed the scowl she sent to his back, but she did hurry to catch up. She didn't want to get lost on her first night here.

A picture swung forward and she found herself in a common room, the students turned to look at her and Snape but after his scowl they all turned back to what they had doing. He walked to a door next to the girls staircase and pulled it open.

"I hope you enjoy your stay here Ms Summers, welcome to Slytherin." He said, Buffy looked and noticed that it was decorated the same way as the one back at her fathers house. She saw Mr Gordo was already set up in pride of place on her bed.

"Ms Summers," Buffy turned to look at the professor, the Malfoy guy she met on the train was standing next to him. "Mr Malfoy was kind enough to offer to show you around, he's head boy for Slytherin, so listen to what he has to say. He'll explain everything you have to know, he'll make sure you find the dining hall and your classes tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon after you have both finished classes he's kindly offered to show you around."

"Professor can't Pansy do it?" Buffy asked, the cold glare Snape shot hee shut her up, "Or maybe not." She muttered.

"That's the attitude Ms Summers, hopefully you won't be as much trouble as your brother is." Snape glared at her and stalked out of the room. Draco smiled at her, a glint in her eyes warning her he was up to something.

"You should be nice to me Summers, I'm all that stand between being in or being out." He sneered, eyeing her up and down.

"I think I'll be out then, if you'll exscuse me I'd like to get changed," Buffy answered, turning from him, walking into her room and slamming the door in his face.

"Way to go Malfoy, shot down twice in one day. New record even for you." Pansy said from the couch.

"Oh shut up Pansy." Draco said, going to sit next to her on the couch, "How was your summer."

"Spent it with mum and dad, you?" She asked.

"Me and the butler had a bloody great time," He answered darkly, "Parents were busy doing whatever they do. I got some vodka. Want to come to my room and share some, maybe share something else."

"Your a prat Malfoy, I got a boyfriend. You know that. Plus 30 seconds ago you were trying to chat up the new girl. Funny that she's the only one out of all of us to reject you. Maybe your losing your charm." Pansy joked.

"Me, just means she might be worth the chase."

"And when the chase is over?" Pansy asked.

"Then so is she," Draco answered,

"Wanna make a bet on that?" Pansy asked. Draco nodded.

"Case of Vodka says you fall for her." Pansy answered, Draco sneered.

"Your on." Draco answered, feeling confident that no girl would ever find their way into his heart and if it was, it wouldn't be that brazen american, with that beautiful face, pefect body who was related to Potter. "So where is Gavin, I'm surprised you two aren't lip locked at the moment."

"He's having a shower."

"Really he can shower?" Draco shot out.

"Where are the goons?"

"All tucked up in bed. Someone asked Crabbe how to spell his name and he got confused. You know how it is." Draco answered.

"Yeah I don't know why you hang around with them. They have no brain cells. Oh look Buffy's changed. Black really suits her don't you think." Pansy teased, noticing how Draco apraised the leather pants, black halter top, black leather jacket and black leather boots.

"Blow it out your arse." Draco snapped.

"Hey Buff over here," Pansy called waving Buffy over. "Nice outfit."

"Thanks my ex liked it." Buffy said without thinking sitting in an armchair opposite them.

"How come you broke up?" Pansy asked, she knew as soon as she saw Buffy's face harden and her eyes went bleak then a shutter drew up after them.

"He turned into a complete jerk after we slept together." Buffy answered finally, "What about you, you got a boyfriend?" Buffy said changing the topic, Pansy let it slide, where as Draco noticed every expression on her face. When Pansy started going on and on about Gavin and how wonderful a boyfriend was he noticed the haunted look leave her face, the tension that seemed to grip her body relaxed. If Pansy noticed she gave no inclination. When he heard her laugh he thought it was the most joyous noise he'd ever heard.

The clock chimed 11:30 , "Looks like its time for bed everyone." Draco yelled around the common room, "You know Snape, he lets us off out there but he's strict. Let's go people." Buffy looked around confused,

"What's that about?" She asked Pansy watching the others clear out of the room.

"It's bedtime." Pansy answered, getting up. "One thing Snape cares about is punctuality. Actually thats the only thing he cares about. If we want privallages we got to be in bed on time. Sucky but, for the privallages its cool. Night Malfoy, Buffy." Pansy said walking up the stairs to the girls dormitory.

"Looks like its you and me Summers." Draco said smiling at her.

"In your dreams," Buffy answered, walking to her room and opening the door. "Oh yeah and if you want to stare at me so much, take a picture it lasts longer." She shot walking in and closing the door.

"Maybe I'll do just that." He said staring after her. Turning he walked up the stairs heading to the showers. Seeing her dressed so sexily made a cold shower compulsory before he went to bed.

"Ready Ms Summers?" Snape asked from the other side of the door.

Buffy opened the door equiped for action, crossbow loaded, stake in her pocket, cross and wand holding up her hair. Not saying anything she swept past the professor into the comon room door.

"You show me the way, after that I work alone." Buffy said, voice hard cold and not brooking any argument. Snape shurgged,

"As you please, follow me." Snape directed and took her out to the forbidden forest. "Think you can find your way back here Summers?" Snape asked Buffy took in the sight and memerised it.

"Well find out in the morning now won't we." She answered and strolled into the forest. Snape watched her go,

"You could have been nicer to her Severus." Dumbledore said coming up behind her.

"Dumbledore if you think she wants our pity your mistaken, plus your the one insisted she do this." Snape sneered, "she's 16 years old and she could die tonight. It has to be one of the most evil things I've ever seen done. And I've seen a lot." Snape turned and walked back to the castle.

"I didn't have a choice." Dumbledore whispered, "If there was another way I would have taken it, they sent her to be used." He told the empty yards, popped a lemon sherbert into his mouth and followed behind Severus back to the castle. Sending his prayers to the young slayer, hoping that would keep her safe.

Chapter 7

Forbidden Forest

Buffy walked through the forest, back straight, danger radiating through every pore. Giles had always told her to follow her senses, so this time she turned them on a full blast. She felt a goodness coming from her left, and on her right uber badness, vampires. Buffy smiled. Just what she felt like a good rumble. She walked slowly to the spot, gearing up, stretching her arms.

She walked to find 4 of them, one in red, one in blue, one in yellow and one in purple, surrounding a unicorn. It looked like they were going to try and drink from it.

"I thought you guys preferred pig blood?" Buffy asked, as if all the world she was in a bar discussing drinks.

"What do we have hear lads," the one in red said walking up to her, "looks like the little girls out past her bedtime." Buffy smiled,

"Well I just wasn't feeling sleepy, I'm kind of like you. I like to do my hunting in darkness." She answered, pointing her crossbow at the leader and firing. He turned to ash.

"What the hell are you?" The one in yellow asked, confused.

"Your worst nightmare." Buffy answered, always wanting to use that line. The three attacked at once, as the unicorn stood and watched. Buffy dropped the crossbow and started to attack. Putting them on the defensive, they were the dumb ones, the type of vampire that thought they were indestructable, the ones that never run. One after another she pummelled them, letting loose all of her pent up emotion. Tears streamed down her face as she dusted them. Finally she was alone, and the uber badness had disappered. All that was left was an innocent feeling.

The unicorn hadn't run, instead she walked up to Buffy and rested her head against the Slayers stomach. Buffy stroked her absently, being soothed by her presence, after a while she noticed something in the bushes.

"I can see you in there. Come out or I'll come in and get you." A clutter of hooves came, the unicorn didn't run, but positioned its body between her and the centaur appeared. "Oh great human head, horses body, like thats normal."

"That was an impressive fight Slayer, you saved the innocent. I am Bane, a centaur." Bane said in his way of introduction.

"So I gather you were there for a while. How come you didn't intervene." Buffy snapped.

"It's not our way to become involved in the human affairs, dead or alive."

"Right so you were just going to see her bled dry. That was nice of you." Buffy snapped.

"They would have been cursed, they wouldn't have lived longer then a month." Bane replied, "The stars are confused at the moment. With you here, the war could swing either way. Will you be ready for him?"

"Who?" Buffy asked confused.

"Angellus of course." Bane answered like he was talking to a small child.

"Angellus is dead." Buffy snapped, the chill she got up her spine being repressed through sheer will power.

"No Angel is dead, Angellus was already subdued when you killed him. He who must not be named, one of your parents, will bring him back for you." Buffy trembled, but before she could ask the unicorn disappered into the forest and Bane followed.

She looked around, she wasn't up for much more, turned and headed out of the forest. The only thought running through her head, Angellus back from the dead. She didn't know if she could fight that fight ever again.

Buffy stumbled into the common room, she looked at the clock above the fire place. 4 am , an early night. She thought going into her room, she got Mr Gordo and cuddled him tight. Falling asleep and reliving the nightmare of Angellus until morning.

Next Morning

"Hey Buffy," Pansy said greeting Buffy when she left her room. "Ready for breakfast?"

"errrr." Buffy growled, ok she wasn't an early person and the time difference was starting to get to her. Plus reliving Angel had really drained her.

"Not a morning person, thats cool. Neithers Malfoy. You two have so much in common." Pansy said taking the younger girls arm and leading her to the front entrance. "Speak of the devil, Morning Malfoy." Pansy called out cheerfully.

"Bite me." Malfoy snapped back with Crabbe and Goyle right behind him.

"Is that what turns you on. I wished I knew that 2 years ago." Pansy answered.

"What did you wish you knew?" Gavin her boyfriend coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. He was 6 foot with blonde hair, blue eyes and a tan. Buffy looked at him. A jock, she surmised.

"That Malfoy gets turned on by playing it rough." She answered, lifting her head for his kiss.

"Get a room you two."Malfoy snapped, walking through the portrait, Buffy released her arm from Pansy's and followed down the hall. Pansy and Gavin followed, talking sweet nothings until they got down the hallway that met up with everyone elses. Buffy watched the transformation of the Slytherin students, that went from people to a gang in about 2 seconds. She couldn't help smiling to herself, they looked like they just put on their game faces.

Buffy watched as she walked with the Slytherins down the hallway, the 6th years shooting glares at everyone who walked near them. From the opposite direction Buffy could make out Harry walking towards them with a girl and guy with red hair and a boy who looked to be incredibly unconordinated. They were laughing.

Buffy kept her head down, hoping she could make it into breakfast without being seen, she wasn't up for making polite conversation. Not that she'd done it before, but she needed allies if what Bane had said was true, and Harry would make a good one. Keeping her head down she made it too the Slytherin table without a hastle. Looking at the food in front of her, Buffy was suddenly not hungry. The thought of eating made her feel like puking. So instead she filled her mug up with coffee and downed it. She pulled her timetable out of her pocket and looked at it,

8:30-9 Meeting with Dumbledore

9-10 Transfiguration 5th years

10-11 Potions 5th years

11-12 Care of Magical creatures 4th years

12-1 Lunch

1-2 Herbology 5th years

2-3 DADA 5th years

3-5 Potions Catchup

5-6 Training

6-7 Dinner

Great way to start a monday, plus what the hell was training. She thought to herself, this school so be worth hiding from the council at, if not maybe I'll just take my chances at elimination. Buffy noticed her plate was filling up with food, she followed where it was coming from and saw Malfoy putting it on.

"You have to eat," He said as an explanation, "Your way too thin." Buffy glared and ignored him. Staring into space she sipped at her coffee.

"Buffy you should eat," Pansy said from the other side of the table.

"I'm not hungry, I'll eat at lunch time." Buffy answered. Sipping at her cofee, watching owls come in and deliver mail. She wasn't surprised to see that she was the only one that didn't get any. Scullying her thrid cup of coffee she looked at the time, 8:15 , time to find Dumbledore.

"Hey Pansy do you know where Mumblemore's office is."

"Who?" Pansy asked

"You know old guy, beard, runs the school. Mumblemore." Draco and Pansy laughed, so did the rest of the table.

"Its Dumbledore, and yeah I'll take you, why do you have to go there?"

"No she won't Snape said I was to show her around." Draco sneered, Pansy sat down at his look. Buffy shrugged, she didn't really care. She just wanted this day to end and crawl into bed, she had a lot of shit to think about.

"Whatever I have to go and see him now, so either take me or I'll find my own way." Buffy said going to leave the dining room Draco right behind her.

"You should be careful what you ask for Summers." Draco whispered in her ear.

"Your an arsehole." Buffy snapped.

"You know you want me," Draco answered leading the way to Dumbledores office.

"Whatever. You think your such a big bad, I eat people like you for breakfast."

"You eat?" Draco shot out. Before Buffy could reply, he continued, "Here we are. I'll see you later."

"How the hell do I get up there?" Buffy asked.

"You work it out." Draco answered and turned and walked away.

"Arsewipe," Buffy swore and walked to the doorway. "Open Seasame?" Buffy tried nervously. Nothing happened. "Well I tried, sorry old guy." Buffy turned to walk away when the door swung open.

"Come on up Ms Summers." Dumbledore voice floated down, she scowled at the door and walked on up. she really thought she had gotten out of it.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked walking into his office not looking around at anything, plopping herself in an armchair not waiting for his permission.

"Ms Summers its good to see you survived the night."

"Obviously, and its Buffy." She snapped, "I lived on the hellmouth for 2 years, and only the Master has killed me. I've survived asensions, a mad slayer, Spike, Druscilla, Eghor, fucked up halloween and Angellus. So that piddly little forest of yours was no trouble."

"Confidence killed the cat." Dumbledore answered.

"I'm not a cat, I'm the slayer. COnfidence keeps me alive." Buffy snapped.

"Fair enough, I've had word from your father. The council turned up at his house looking for you. Said he didn't tell them anything."

"I know, otherwise they'd be here. Was there anything else?"

"Did you learn anything last night?"

"Half man Half horse a centaur. He mentioned "He who must not be named" who's that?" Buffy asked, voice neutral. Eyes betraying nothing. Posture relaxed like all the world like it was of no importance, and Dumbledore lapped it up.

"He's a Dark wizard, he's gathering a force. He was in full power 17 years ago and looked like he could have taken over the world when he attacked your mother. He was gunning for Harry but she sacrificed herself to save him. I'm sure you can relate to that. She placed a blessing on Harry with her death and when he tried to kill Harry his body was destroyed, except his spirit lived on. He got his body back two years ago. Theres a prophecy, Neither Harry or Voldermort can live a full life while one is alive, either one will be killed or do the killing. Voldermorts gathering his forces, the final war is coming."

"Prophecys, there a bitch." Buffy replied, stocking the information he fed her for further notice. "Is there any possible way I can get some food after slaying. I get real hungry." She didn't mention also that she got real horny, hey she never told Giles and Faith, the only person to understand, was in a coma so she didn't feel sad about not adding on the last part.

"Yeah I'll put in a magic tray for you, tell it what you want and it'll turn up. Did you learn anything else last night?" Dumbledore asked.

"Nope, is that all I got Transfiguration in 5 minutes." Buffy lied.

"No nothing else. If you learn anything out there you will let me know won't you?"

"If it concerns Moldywart No problem. If its slayer buisness, that's up to me." Buffy replied,

"I can help with the slayer buisness if you need someone to talk to." He said kindly. Buffy got up from her chair and turned to walk out.

"I don't need to talk about it, and if I do there's always Mister Gordo. But thanks for the offer." And walked out of the room, not turning back to see what Dumbledore thought, that was a new policy as well. Never look back.

Transfiguration, Potions and Herbology went off without a hitch, ok Snape had snapped at her a few times but he'd done that with the other students as well. In America school had been hard but she was taking to this like a duck takes to water. She thought it may have had something to do with Mr Olivander said, or maybe she was just getting lucky.

Chapter 8

Buffy rested her head on the classroom table, breathing deeply she blocked out the noise from the entering students and relaxed her body. Letting the energy that made up the classroom rejuvenate her. So far the day had gone remarkably well. She’d gotten through her classes with ease, as Mr Olliander had told her that everything was a weapon, looking at the class work like that had made it all sink in. So far the day had gone without a hitch, she’d managed to avoid Harry, eat lunch in relative peace and quiet, as well as make it to all her classes. Now she was sitting in DADA waiting for the teacher to arrive. She didn’t think he’d be able to teach her a lot. Buffy felt rather than heard the class go silent as the teacher walked into the room. Raising her head from where she had it rested she looked up to the front of the classroom and gave a short laugh. She’d been wrong. This guy could teach her a lot.

The man didn't turn around when he started telling her off, "Do you happen to find something about DADA Ms..." He trailed off what he was saying to look directly at her.

"Of course not, long time no see Ethan."

“Buffy nice to see your alive" Ethan answered emphasising the alive part.

"I'm pretty hard to kill, what’s on today’s lesson?"

"I think you like it, summoning demons and the consequences of those actions." Ethan answered resuming control of the classroom and turning to the rest of the pupils he started to lecture on the badness of it all. Buffy half tuned out, she found it easier to learn the information if she just let it sunk in, turning her thoughts to other things she remembered everything she knew about Ethan, reviewing it with the man standing in front of her in Robes looking like a distinguished professor instead of a bad ass warlock, wondering what Dumbledore had been thinking hiring him. She figured the old guy must have had a reason and left it at that. Shed just make sure she wore her own clothing and not try borrowing anything from him. As the class was ending Ethan asked her to stay behind. She heard a few Ravenclaw students saying that it was just like a Slytherin to be in trouble on the first day of school. A couple of Slytherins shot her a you’ll be fine look, and Chad the guy she had been sitting next to her, told her not to worry, as he was leaving, teachers always picked one student to pick on. She smiled thanks at him, and waited for the classroom to empty. Ethan closed the door when they'd left. Noticing Buffy’s relaxed posture on her seat and her carefree look. If he didn’t know her better he would have sworn she was comfortable and relaxed, if it wasn’t for the look in her eye, he would have thought he was looking at a happy carefree student

"So what brings you to these necks of the woods?" Ethan asked pulling up a seat in front of her and resting his head on the table.

"Oh you know, kill your boyfriend you kinda need a change of scenery. What about you?" Buffy answered nochantly

"There’s this guy that wants to take over the world, normally I don’t mind but he wants to get rid of wandless wizards. Started hunting us down, Dumbledore offered me a haven as long as I teach DADA and not worship Chaos. So me and Chaos had a bit of a chat and I decided this was a good enough option for now. So you killed Angellus?"

"Nope, I killed Angel. But enough about me, I think I have something that might interest you?"

"What could a pint size do gooder have that would interest me?"

Buffy weighed up her options, she could give him a glib remark or she could get herself an ally, all day she’d been going over her options, try to come up with a plan and one had started to form. With Ethan’s help she might be able to be a little bit successful. "Information about Ripper. I know where he is."

"So do I he’s in Sunnydale California, where you should be."

"Don’t lecture me Ethan. I’m precisely where I am supposed to be, but your wrong, Giles is in sunnydale, Ripper is in England."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

She reached into her knapsack and pulled out a bunch of papers, "Read this, then let me know if your in or out?"

"In for what?" Ethan asked intrigued.

" Bringing down the watchers council of course." She answered and with a quick smile she picked up her stuff and walked out, going to her next class all the time trying to work out how she was going to rescue Faith, destroy the council and Voldermort as well as work out how the hell Angellus could be brought back

Dinner in the great hall

"So how do you know professor Rayne?" Chad asked her digging into his food, he’d saved her a seat since he had a free after DADA class and she didn’t

"He owned a costume shop where I used to live. Plus he used to be friends with my old boss, so I gotta to see him a lot." Buffy answered telling the truth, just leaving out the bits where he tried to kill her a couple of times.

"God it was funny when he saw you, it looked like he’d seen a ghost. What did he want to see you about?" Chad asked, Buffy had her whole attention focused on Chad so didn’t notice the pissed off glances Malfoy was sending their way from down at the head of the table

"Just wanted to catch up, find out what I’d been up to. So we still on for tonight?"

"Hell yeah, Ill teach you the music of love as long as you promise to wear something sexy." Chad said, winking at her.

"Honey I’ll knock your socks off." Buffy noticed Malfoy moving down to them, "Jeez is that the time already, I gotta dash." She said to Chad grabbing a piece of fruit and dashing out of the great hall. She just wasn’t fast enough.

"Where you headed Summers?" Malfoy asked striding next to her.

"Just need some fresh air." Buffy answered.

"It’s against the rules for students to be out after dark," Malfoy replied,

"I was never much for rules anyway." She said feeling a familiar tingle in the back of her head she continued walking towards the doors leading out of the castle. Walking outside she sat down on the front steps and waited, Malfoy say down next to her

"So what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?" Malfoys head shot up to look where the voice was coming from, Buffy didn’t look a bit fazed. She pulled a stake out from her pants pockets under her robe while taking it off.

"Oh you know, just chilling. What’s a vampire like you doing in a place like this? Shouldn’t you be out feeding."

Malfoy scoffed. "Whatever game you two a playing you could have picked a demon that existed."

Buffy responded to the vampires amused look, "Education these days, its just not like it used to be. Do you know that wizards don’t believe in your kind." Buffy said walking down the steps and dropping into a fighting stance, "Is this going to be one on one or are the rest of your buddies going to join in?" Buffy asked indicating with her hands out into the shadows as 8 more vampires emerged. Dressed in leather pants and a black tank top, Malfoy was surprised at how dangerous she looked.

"So what you guys want?" Buffy asked, hitting out at one as it attacked her.

"Just your blood." The one who had spoken answered her.

"Well come and get it," Buffy answered staking one that had sneaked up behind her and turning it into dust. The fight was on. Malfoy watched from the front steps, mouth open in shock. He couldn’t believe it, these creatures weren’t supposed to exists but here they attacked a girl who seemed to be keeping her own. One pulled a knife out and had managed to nick the top of her skin, blood spilling onto the knife. Then he bolted. 10 seconds later the 3 remaining vampires ran as well. Buffy looked at her elbow where the vampire had nicked and swore.

“Looks like they got what they came for.” She said to no one in particular. Turning around she found Malfoy had been joined by Ethan, Snape and Professor Dumbledore.

“What were those things?” Malfoy asked, voice in shock mode. Buffy had heard it before from people who had witnessed the supernatural, the were trying to process something that they couldn’t exisit, usually they just filed it under forgettable and left it at that, “Vampires, you know the dammed, blood drinkers, they go bump in the night and you go bye bye.” Buffy answered. Malfoy looked at her in the eyes, his eyes probing hers for any sign of humour, any sign that this was a jest.

“What the hell are you then?” He asked finally.

“Just a girl, I lived on the hellmouth remember, vampires love the hell mouth, I learnt to fight them so that I could stay alive.” Buffy answered, and Malfoy couldn’t find a single lie in the statement. Malfoy started to say something and then shook his head.

“No one is going to believe this.” He muttered and walked back up the steps into the castle. Buffy watched him go.

“Poor guy, I think I just turned his supernatural world upside down. Fancy not knowing that vampires exist. That’s a nice trick they have. You’ve done half the work for them. Everyone in that school is vampire fodder, and now they now it.” Buffy said to the three teachers on the steps. She put the stake into her pocked and walked up the steps ignoring the teachers as she passed.

“Ms Summers what did they come for?” Dumbledore asked.

“Can’t tell you Slayer business,” Buffy answered, “I need a pass for the library, I got some research I have to do before I go and take care of some business.” Snape looked outraged that Buffy had refused to answer, Dmbledore looked hurt but Ethan looked amused.

“I don’t think I can do that for you my dear, you see it would be irresponsible of me to give you access to books most of the teachers don’t go near.” Buffy turned around in a flash, eyes glinting dangerously.

“I’m not your dear,” she ground out, advancing so she was only a few feet away from the headmaster, “And you want to talk about irresponsibility, how about sending a 16 year old girl out at night to fight vampires and other dark creatures, is that responsible? Or how about how your young wizards think that vampires are a myth? Is that responsible? Oh and hiring guys who used to work for big bads, yeah that’s real responsible. I don’t know Snape’s history, but rumour has it he’s one of moldymorts conspirators, and Ethan god, it would be quicker to list the bad things Ethan hasn’t gotten round to then the ones he has. Don’t talk to me about irresponsibility.” Ethan laughed,

“Well theres one thing he didn’t manage to take. You still have that spunk.” Ethan said to Buffy, ignoring the shocked looks on the wizards face. “Professor Dumbledore how about since Buffy and I know each other, I’ll help her in the research department.” Dumbledore nodded his head. Buffy shrugged,

“Library at 8 be there.” She said to Ethan, with that turned and walked back into the castle, Ethan ran after her.

“What did they want your blood for?” Ethan asked.

“I’m surprised you haven’t worked it out yet,” Buffy answered turning to walk to the Slytherin common room, “There going to bring Angellus back.” She answered. And left Ethan standing with his jaw dropped open.

Chapter 9

Buffy walked out of her room into the common room, in a denim skirt that barely covered her butt, a blue singlet top, and blue high heels. The boys in Slytherin watched her as she walked over to Chad. Chad whistled appreciably,

“When you dress sexy, you really dress sexily.” Chad smiled grabbing his recorder off the desk from where he was sitting at. Buffy sat down next to him.

“Thanks,” Buffy smiling, just wanting to get the information from him. “So how about teaching me magic music. IT seems like a cool trick.”

“Yeah it is,” Chad said, then he proceeded to teach her on how to use music to charm people. Malfoy watched from his side of the room with a glare on his face, he’d managed to forget about the vampires. A human trait that probably would come and bite him on his arse. Summoning Crabbe and Goyle to him he gave them some instructions. They wondered over to the pair of teenagers engrossed in the magic of music.

“Buffy, Malfoy would like to see you now.” Crabbe said to her, when he and Goyle had positioned themselves on either side of her.

“That’s nice,” Buffy answered turning back to Chad who had stopped talking, waiting for him to continue. He’d gotten ¾ of the way through explaining things and now these two goons were interrupting them. God damm it sucked when people interrupted her plans.

“I don’t think you understand,” Crabbe said taking one arm, while Goyle took the other and lifting her out of her chair, “Malfoy wants to see you now, so see him you shall.” She weighed up her options, she was pretty sure she’d get in heaps of trouble if she beat these two up, so she decided to take the path of least resistance. After all she was only here for a break, before she left she’d break their arms.

“Fine just let go of me.” Her tone was soft and pleasant, but the look in her eyes said or else. Even Crabbe and Goyle being as thick as they were couldn’t help but read the real threat their, and dropped her arms like they had been born. Buffy stormed over to Malfoy, “What the hell do you want?” she demanded, and was shocked when he reached out his hand and grabbed hers to pull her down to his lap in his arm chair. She found herself nestled against him, she also found she didn’t really mind.

“So what were you and Chad talking about.” Malfoy asked, surprised that she hadn’t gotten off his lap but had rearranged herself so that she was more comfortable, his arm had come around her unconsciously and was stroking her bare arm.

“That’s none of your business.”

“Its my business if I say it is. As Head boy I have the right to know, or I could put Chad on detention, or on pot scrubbing duties. I can make his life a misery.” Buffy sighed, she was using Chad as a source of information about magic and about how the whole wizarding world worked, she may not actually care for him but she didn’t want to get him into any trouble. “Plus,” Malfoy said after Buffy hadn’t answered, “I don’t like other guys moving in on whats mine.”

“Look Malfoy, let me put you straight,” Buffy said trying to keep her temper, “He was teaching me how to do charms using magic and as for me being yours, I don’t think so. I don’t do the whole possessive thing. So you try a stunt like that again and you’ll be sorry. DO I make myself clear” Buffy said, removing herself from his lap she heard the bell chime 8. “Shit I’m late.” She said under her breath and raced into her room and grabbed her bag, she looked at the papers on her chest and picked them up. Leaving her room, and unconsciously locking it with magic she began reading as she made her way to the common room door. She couldn’t believe what she was reading, stuffing them into her bag she went to open the door when Malfoy turned up next to her.

“Where you going summers?” He asked.

“None of your business.” She said pushing past him to go through the open door. He grabbed her arm, “Boy take your hand of my arm or you will be sorry.” Malfoy sneered and pulled her closer.

“I asked you a question Summers?”

“And I gave you a warning.” She answered and then kneed him in the balls. Curled up in the foetal position on the floor, “I said I don’t do the possessive thing so get over yourself or I’ll do to you what I did to my ex. I’ll kick your arse,” She said, ignoring the stunned looks from the rest of the Slytherins she made her way down to the library.

Pansy couldn’t help it, she started to laugh. The rest of the common room looked at her in shock. Going over to Malfoy she performed a charm which took the pain away. He stood up and looked at her, “Looks like I’ll need a different approach.” He said to her with a smile,

“Yeah I think you will. I can’t believe she did that.” Pansy answered, “You want some help with that new approach.” Malfoy nodded his head and sent a glare at the rest of the Slytherins. They quickly scuttled back to doing what they had been doing before. Chad though couldn’t help but smile as he lowered his head to finish his homework. He knew Buffy was just using him for information but he couldn’t help liking the girl. Plus it was good to see Malfoy put in his place.

Chapter 10

“You’re late?” Ethan said to Buffy as she came running into the library.

“Sorry I had a problem, you got my pass?” Buffy asked.

“You think I’d give you a pass, the boss man said I was to help you so help you I shall.” Ethan said, knowing it would piss her off. He was hoping to get a reaction but instead she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Whatever,” She answered turning to walk towards the restricted area of the library, “You coming or what?” She asked over her shoulder. Ethan stood for a second watching, there was something wrong with the Slayer and he was going to find out what it was. He owed it to Giles, hopefully it would make them even. He ran to catch up to the blonde girl, trying to add up the piece of the puzzle.

“So Buffy how’d you get that information from the council?” Ethan asked.

“Confidential.” Buffy answered pulling down books and starting to look through them. The books were all to do with blood magic and resurrection.

“That shit may work with Dumbledore but it’s not going to cut it with me.” Ethan snapped.

“Fine, a demon gave me a passive listening spell, so I cast it, modifying it to suit my needs and hey presto instant information that I would be interested in knowing, whether curiosity or for life saving methods. Mine or what’s close to mine.”

“You modified that spell all by yourself?” Ethan asked surprised, that was complicated magic and from what he knew of the young slayer he didn’t think she’d be able to do it.

“Yeah what’s it to you?”

“Just curious.” Ethan answered,

“So are you in or are you out?” She asked turning the tables on him.

“To get Ripper back, I’m in.” He answered, starting to flip through the books she’d thrown down. Apparently Giles had taught her a lot since he’d last seen her. She’d grabbed the right books and was scanning them like a pro. For a while all that could be heard was them turning the pages.

“Your in love with him aren’t you?” Buffy said finally breaking the silence, head still bent over a book.

“With who?” Ethan asked his head snapping up from his book.

“Giles, you’re in love with him.”

“How’d you work that out?” Ethan asked, not denying, but not confirming her suggestion.

“Easy, everything you did was too piss him off. Bring the Ripper out of sedation. You couldn’t love him just as Giles, but you couldn’t love him just as Ripper. But when he was whole, you could love him. For his good side, and his bad. It’s a pity really, if you two had gotten together Jenny would still be alive. Angellus would be dead, and not Angel.” Buffy explained head still bent scanning a book.

“You think your so clever don’t you little girl,” Ethan seethed, “You think you’ve got it all worked out.” Buffy looked up, surprised by his reaction.

“No I don’t,” B answered, “I just think it’s a shame, you two would probably make a good couple.” Ethan stared at her for what seemed an eternity, she bowed her head and went back to reading her book. She found the page she was looking for. Reading it down she swore.

“You found something.”

“Yeah, it’ll happen on Halloween.” She answered, “And Giles said nothing ever happened on Halloween. He just had to curse me didn’t he.” She stood up and replaced the books on the shelves, “Do you reckon they have any books on vampire mates?” She asked curiously.

“Any particular reason?”

“I just want to cover my bases. Something a demon told me, just thought I’d check it out.” Ethan shrugged his shoulders, knowing she was telling only the half truth, but also knowing the look on her face meant he wasn’t going to get any more out of her.

“Yeah there over here. What do you want me to look up?”

“Binding personality spells, that’s what they’ve got Ripper in, and if we want to end this, we should cover all bases.” She answered, Ethan nodded and went to do what she had instructed. For some reason he wasn’t pissed about taking instructions from her, oddly he found himself enjoying doing the research with her. It was probably the reason that Giles stayed on as her watcher even though he could have been climbing for a top position.

Two hours later they had all the information they needed. Sitting at a table at the now deserted library Ethan produced two cups of coffee. Buffy accepted hers gratefully but not before checking it for spells or potions in it.

“Still don’t trust me?” Ethan asked slightly hurt.

“I don’t trust anyone anymore.” She answered.

“Not even Giles or your little friends.”

“Not even them.”

“Wanna tell me about it?”

“Nope, I want to forget it, but I can’t not until Halloween, so I’ll see you later.” Buffy said putting her coffee down and leaving the common room. The papers she had read early said the council were planning on killing faith on Halloween, so all she had to do was rescue Faith, and take care of Angel. Piece of cake, she thought sarcastically to herself. At least she didn’t have the scoobies to worry about.

Chapter 11

The next day at Lunch

Buffy walked in, and looked around, seeing Harry already seated she decided this would be a good time to put a half formed idea into action. She went up and sat next to him.

"Hey Harry what's happening" She asked, ignoring the stares she was getting by the students.

"Just finished Transfiguration. How's your day going"

"Its been good so far. Its pretty easy. Specially compared to school back home." Buffy answered trying to remember why she was doing this, when all she wanted to do was be in bed.

"Well thats good, hey what are you doing Saturday" Harry asked.

"I've got catch up classes until 2 why"

"I just thought you could come into town with us but its all good." Harry answered, disappointment hanging off every word. Buffy felt mildly guilty then,

"Well why don't we do something in the afternoon, I know we can have a picninc and you can fill me in on the missing years." Buffy said, surprising herself when it came out of her mouth.

"That sounds cool. I'll arrange everything. How about say 3 o'clock" He asked, forgetting he had a mouthfull of food. Buffy couldn't help but smile, he reminded her a little bit of Xander at his goofiest.

"Sorry" Harry said swallowing his food. "You gonna eat something" Buffy looked at her watch,

"Can't gotta go get some books. I'll eat later." Buffy answered giving Harry a reassuring smile, she walked out of the hall. Not realising Pansy and Draco had watched the entire exchange.

"You think shes anorexic" Pansy asked Draco.

"I have no idea, she ate like a horse last night, she doesn't dress like she's body conscious. Maybe she just isn't hungry." Draco said, knowing it sounded just as lame as it had in his head.

"Yeah thats probably it." Pansy said unconvinced, just then Gavin came and joined them and conversation turned to something else other then Buffy.

Buffy was bored during Herbology, she really could not understand how Professor Sprout found it so fascinating. But she listened dutifully, and she found that the knowledge got stored away. Just like what happened when she learnt a new weapon. She was starting to think Mr Olivander was on to something about everything being a weapon as long as she looked at it properly. Ethan noticed her mood when she walked into the classroom, she was grumpy and pissed about something. Deciding to be a good bloke for a change he exscused her for the days lessons.

Buffy walked back to her room from DADA, her mind reliving seeing Giles tortured body. Her hands were trembling, her eyes were blurry with tears. How could he ever forgive her for what she let happen, for Angelus, for Jenny, for him. The guilt of what happened eating her up from the inside out. She walked into her common room and didn't look to see if anyone was there, just went to her door and pulled it open. It wasn't until someone put their hand on her shoulder did she realise that she wasn't alone. She had to bite down on her insticts to go into slayer mode, instead she turned around slowly to see who it was.

"Skipping class Summers, you know you'll get detention." Draco said a mischeivous grin plastered on his face. "Go on a date with me on Sunday and we'll just pretend you didn't."

"The teacher let me off for today, just go away." Buffy said woodenly. Draco looked her over, taking in the shaking hands, the tear marks on her cheeks and the defeat in her eyes.

"Did Potter say something to upset you" He asked fiercly, not stopping to wonder where the protective vibe was coming from.

"No Harry didn't say anything. I'm just PMSing" Malfoy seemed to get flustered, his hand dropped from her arm, and that was all she needed to walk into her room and shut the door. Malfoy stared at the door, well if she was going to run away, he was going to chase.

He put his hand on the doorknob and pushed it open, coming into her room he looked for her, she was standing by her desk reading some papers. Something on them must have upset her cause they fell out of her hands and she collapsed on the ground.

"Buffy are you ok" He asked quietly coming to crouch next to her. She looked up, whatever she was thinking you couldn't tell. Her face was blank, unreadable.

"I'm fine, what are you doing in here" She asked angrily.

"We hadn't finished our conversation."

"Yes we had, shouldn't you be in class"

"I got the rest of the afternoon free." He answered"So what's bothering you"

"Nothing I'm 5 by 5." Buffy answered using one of Faith's expressions, collecting the paper from off the ground and shoving them under her robes.

"Your what" He asked confused.

"I'm fine"

"Right, sure you are." Buffy ignored him,

"Look I'd love to stay and continue this chat but I just came up to get some papers. I gotta run." Buffy said, walking past Malfoy to the door. Draco followed a smile appearing on his face.

"Well since I'm free how bout I walk you there." Drace said, Buffy looked at his face and saw the determination on it. She could argue but he would think she was hiding something, plus maybe if she gave in he might leave her alone.

"Fine" Draco smiled and followed her out, he noticed when she closed her door she pulled her wand out of her pocket and did a lock spell.

"Your not very trusting are you? Did Potter tell you that all Slytherins are slime balls"

"No why would he do that? and no I'm not very trusting, its my room. No one has the right to enter it except me." She snapped and walked out of the common room. Malfoy stared after her for a second not understanding why he found the pint size beauty so fascinating and why his heart seemed to beat faster every time she was near. When he lost sight of her he came out of whatever daze he was in and raced after her.

"Well here we are" Draco said finally breaking the silence that had descended on them since she told him she wanted to go to the libary.

"Thanks for walking me." Buffy told him, turned away from him and walked up to the libary counter. "Hi I was wondering if you have any books on Slayers." The libarian didn't look up, just pointed

"Mythology section, B row, 2nd shelf, 3rd book on the right." Buffy didn't bother saying thanks, and walked to where she had pointed. Pulling out the right book she looked at it. It wasn't very big, probable ten pages long, and looked like a fairy tale. The title read The Chosen One. Draco stood behind her reading the title,

"That was my favorite story when I was a kid. My nanny read it to me every night. She used to tell me if I miss behaved that the Slayer would come and sort me out."

"You don't believe in them then" Buffy asked curiously.

"Nope, its just a tale to make kids feel nice and safe that theres someone out there protecting us from the monsters."

"Really? Thats fascinating." Buffy answered and walked to a table. Sitting down she opened the book and began to read.

The Chosen One

Once upon a time, in a land where evil was taking over, in night and day.Demons were crawling around the earth, on every street, in every cupboard, under every bed, in every dark forest they could be found.

A group of wise and powerfull wizards were unable to stop them but they had a plan. They captured the first demon to walk the earth, and choose a 14 year old girl. Killing the demon they entraped his soul and all his powers. They trapped his strength, his ability to heal, his remarkable hearing and eyesight and his speed and they put it in the young woman. They then did a powerfull spell.

They created a spell so that in every generation a slayer was born. The chosen one to defend the light and fight the darkness.

The first slayer was born, she started to fight the darkness. She killed the monsters under the beds, on the streets, in the cupboards and in the dark forests. But she was killed. The world seemed safe after her death and the wise and powerfull men had forgetten about the spell they created. But the spell hadn't forgetten.

After her death a new slayer was found, she had incredible strength, excellent hearing and eyesight, unmatchable speed and remarkable healing abilities. She hunted the creatures of the night, killing them and sending them back to whence they came. And so the cycle continued.

So remember, when your out at night, and a young woman with the look of hidden strength tells you to run; do so. She's here to protect you, but if you call on the dark powers be prepared to face the consequences. The Slayer will come for you and their not very forgiving.

"So did you like it" Draco asked when Buffy closed the book.

"Yeah it told me a lot" Buffy looked at her watch"Is that the time, I gotta go. Potions with Snape." Buffy answered getting up from the table and walking out. Draco watched her leave and looked at the book. Why was she so intrested in what a fairy tale had to say, he couldn't understand it. He had noticed while she was reading it that she seemed to find the first page fascinating, she read it three times.

He was about to leave the libary when he noticed Harry enter. He strutted on over,

"Potter" He snapped.

"What do you want" Harry asked too tired to play their insulting game and just wanted Draco to get straight to the point.

"You hurt Buffy and I'll kill you with my bare hands. Stay away from her."

"She's my sister make me." Harry snapped back. "What's it to you anyway"

"She's in Slytherin, we look after our own and I won't tolerate you upsetting her. You got that."

"Well here's a warning for you Malfoy, stay away from my little sister. I know your rep remember, just leave her alone." Harry threatened"Or I'll tell her all about your family and what a bastard you really are. Blood's thicker than water."

"I'm warning you Potter. Don't upset her and I'll stay out of your way." Draco sneered and walked out. Harry shook his head and left the libary. Too confused to study, Ethan walked out from behind the stacks a smile on his face.

The Slayer was doing it again, he thought to himself, creating protectiveness when their should have been nothing but contempt. Things had just got a hell of a lot intresting, it was probably worth sticking around for. It was just a pity that Ripper couldn't be around to watch the fun. But you couldn't have everything. He sighed and went to get ready for his next class.

Chapter 12

“So how was your picnic with your brother?” Ethan asked sitting next to Buffy in the library.

“Just peachy.” She snapped, bowing her head down she continued to read her books. Ethan didn’t move, “Did you want something Ethan?” She sighed.

“What are you doing here Buffy? Other than hiding. Last night when you read those papers you seemed to formulate something in your head. So whats the plan.”

“I don’t know what your talking about?”

“Bullshit, you have a picnic with your brother, who from what I gatherered you don’t really like, you read a book on slayers, now I see you reading a book on transportation across the world, that blonde git who kind of looks like spike, he totally rips into Harry about upsetting you, your including me in your plans, well at least the plans to get giles whole again. So either tell me, or I tell dumbledore your up to something, and that I found out your working for the dark lord. Your choice?”

“Do what you like Ethan, I’m ready for them.” Buffy answered going back to doing her research.

“Ready for who?”

“Everyone Ethan, Bring it on. I don’t care anymore after Halloween I’m through with this shit.” Ethan stared at the girl, her head bent studiously over her book. The girl he knew was gone, what was left was a shell. Someone with a mission who was going to see it through. Whatever the hell that was. If he didn’t know better he’d say she was preparing to die.

“Fine, be that way don’t tell me.” Ethan answered, standing up angrily, “I can’t believe you called my bluff.” He said and stormed off. Buffy smiled to herself and continued to read. Memerising what she had just read she walked out to find Harry to put plan 2 into action.

Chapter 13

“So how was your picnic with your brother?” Ethan asked sitting next to Buffy in the library.

“Just peachy.” She snapped, bowing her head down she continued to read her books. Ethan didn’t move, “Did you want something Ethan?” She sighed.

“What are you doing here Buffy? Other than hiding. Last night when you read those papers you seemed to formulate something in your head. So what’s the plan.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Bullshit, you have a picnic with your brother, who from what I gathered you don’t really like, you read a book on slayers, now I see you reading a book on transportation across the world, that blonde git who kind of looks like spike, he totally rips into Harry about upsetting you, your including me in your plans, well at least the plans to get Giles whole again. So either tell me, or I tell dumbledore you’re up to something, and that I found out your working for the dark lord. Your choice?”

“Do what you like Ethan, I’m ready for them.” Buffy answered going back to doing her research.

“Ready for who?”

“Everyone Ethan, Bring it on. I don’t care anymore after Halloween I’m through with this shit.” Ethan stared at the girl, her head bent studiously over her book. The girl he knew was gone, what was left was a shell. Someone with a mission who was going to see it through. Whatever the hell that was. If he didn’t know better he’d say she was preparing to die.

“Fine, be that way don’t tell me.” Ethan answered, standing up angrily, “I can’t believe you called my bluff.” He said and stormed off. Buffy smiled to herself and continued to read. Memorizing what she had just read she walked out to find Harry to put plan 2 into action.

Buffy couldn’t understand it, Harry seemed to think she was the bees knees. The only thing she felt for him was contempt, he’d screwed up and she was the one to fix it. Hell she fixed it without even knowing it was broken. And the whole Sirius being Faith’s father, her cousin. It was just becoming whacked out. She couldn’t stand having to listen to Harry prattle on about how good it was to have Sirius back, how nice it was not to feel alone. Buffy decided that Harry didn’t understand the meaning of alone. So he had to kill one guy. No one else had to face that. She was the chosen one. Every night she had to kill something, as well as put the only person who really got her in a coma and send her first true love to hell. It was just dandy. Tuning into what Harry was saying Buffy decided to get to the point.

“How did you manage to get to Hogsmead (sorry I hope that’s the town name if its not I do apologise) if you weren’t allowed out for the day?” Buffy asked. This is what she needed to know, how did Harry manage to sneak around without being caught.

“Oh this is the cool thing,” Harry said getting excited, “I’ve got an invisibility coat. It’s so cool. It used to belong to our dad but Dumbledore gave it to me on my first Christmas. Its so cool.”

“Really, man I wish I could have a go of it.” Buffy said, letting a touch of wistfulness creep in to her voice. “It sounds like being able to walk around without being busted would be unreal.”

“Yeah it is, if you promise not to tell anyone about it I’ll let you borrow it next weekend.”

Buffy face alighted, “Really Harry, you’re the best.” She said, mentally gagging at how fake she was being. She couldn’t understand why Harry wasn’t picking up on it. To him she was a play thing, something new and shiny to display and have around. He may have come from a crappy life style, the house at the dursleys and being prophecied to have to kill the big bad. He was dealing with a lot of shit, and being 2 years older than her you think he’d have more life experience. But he didn’t. He was a sheltered kid and Buffy knew how to use it to her advantage. She was a teenage girl who grew up in LA and new how to manipulate. It was practically a prerequisite for growing up in that town. And becoming the Slayer, she’d seen shit she’d never want anyone else to see. Especially Faith, the only person who got her. She was strong, the one in control, the one who always did what she had to do and screw it, even if it damaged her in some way. Everyday being the slayer had taken a part of her soul and now she was feeling empty. But she knew she had to get this job done, she had to protect Faith, rescue Giles, kill Angelus, destroy the council and probably rescue her damm brother from one of her father. Reviewing this all in her head she was starting to get a headache. Excusing herself from her brother she went to lie down.

Once she finished this job it would be all over. Two sides were playing here, Buffy verse the rest. And she was playing by her rules; the winner takes all, Loser Dies.

Chapter 14


“So Ethan what are your plans for Saturday?” Buffy asked.

“Nothing why?”

“That’s when it’s going to happen. You in?”

“Hell yeah.” Buffy nodded and sauntered away.

Gryfindor Hallway

“Harry you’re the best. I can’t believe your letting me borrow this.” Buffy squealed in delight giving her brother a hug. “I’ll give it back to you on Sunday. Ok?” Buffy said holding onto the cloak like it was the best present ever.

“That’ll be cool. Have fun with it.” Harry said, glad that he could make Buffy smile. Buffy grinned and turned away, running down the hallway. Her smile slipped off her face and out of her eyes. Determination setting in.


“Ready to do this Ethan?” Buffy asked, handing him the cloak.

“Yeah, so what’s the plan again?”

“I walk in, demand to see Travis, you walk up to his office unseen find the crystal and smash it.”

“and this will make him whole again?”

“Yep, his two personality’s will meet, prude Giles, and out there Giles and he’ll finally be balanced. Just like before.” Buffy answered. “After smashing the crystal lay down the spells. Everyone who’s innocent of dark magic will be compelled to leave, everyone who’s not will be compelled to stay. The spells won’t effect me or you. Then you get out of there as fast as you can. And I’ll take care of Travis.” Ethan processed it all for the third time. Nodding his head he pulled out a portkey and taking Buffy’s hand they disappered. Neither one noticing the blonde boy watching from the shadows in the library. He sat down to wait, wondering how long she’ll be, and how long it would take to get his explanation.

London; Watchers Council Headquartrers.

Buffy looked around the plush office, she was getting some truly funking vibes from this place. It was the same vibes she got from Sunnydale. Trust the council to build there headquarters on a nexus of power. She thought. Sensing Travis next to her, and knowing no one could see him, she walked to the front counter. The woman at the desk gave her a condescending look. “Can I help you miss?”

“Buffy Summers, I’m here to see Travis. Let him know I’ve arrived.” Buffy said, then proceeded to go and sit on one of the couches that looked out on to the street and served as a meeting place. The stunned secretary did as she was told, she knew all about her; About her disappearance, her strengths. She knew she was looking at the rogue slayer. She just didn’t know who rogue Buffy had really gone. Mr. Travis was going to very happy that the girl came in on her own. She didn’t notice that the elevator doors opened and closed on no one or that it proceeded to go up to Travis floor. Travis didn’t notice anything either as he rushed downstairs, alerting the team to what was going on and that they were to assassinate her as soon as she left the building.

Buffy let her mind wander, pretending to not notice her surroundings as she quietly watched the team take position as Travis joined her on the opposite couch.

“Ahh Miss Summers. What can I do for you?” Travis drawled out.

“The question you should be wondering is what am I going to do to you?” Buffy answered back, voice hard, cold and unemotional.

“Well Miss Summers, this whole place is under video surveillance, I don’t think you’ll be able to do anything without getting in serious trouble.” Travis said unconcerned.

Buffy seemed unconcerned by that threat, “Did you know I recently came into possession of some interesting reading material,” She said glancing at her perfectly manicured fingernails. “You wouldn’t believe what it said. It said that you knew about Angels curse but decided not to inform anyone about it. Can you believe that? Well I certainly can’t. Why wouldn’t you tell your active slayer who had a thing with the souled vampire that if he gained a moment of complete happiness that he’d become soulless. Let’s just pretend for a second that you did know, it wouldn’t be so he killed me would it. You wouldn’t get another active Slayer out of the bargain. Faith’s already here, plus she’s still alive. So then I thought it must be something personal. So I did some digging. Guess what I discovered?” When he didn’t say anything Buffy goaded him further, “No really guess.”

“Miss Summers I don’t really have time for this maybe if you would get to your point?” Travis answered, losing all colour in his face scared of what she was about to reveal, hoping against hope that she didn’t know the answer. Her next sentence to come out put that thought all behind him.

“Merric was your cousin, but not only that, he loved me. And you despised that. You couldn’t understand how a man who had barley known me for 3 months would die for me. But he also died knowing your dirty little secret. One you knew he told me. You know to start off with all you were was the dark cousin. The one who’d gone bad. I didn’t even know who you were, but I knew you were out there. You’re a soul stealer, a creature of night, worse than any vampire because most of them don’t choose to be that way. But you; you were and are a death eater. Funny thing is, you managed to steal that memory from a lot of people. But not Merric, you just couldn’t take it from him, because you didn’t know he had it, until you read his diaries, not his watcher’s ones. The personal ones. I reckon you found out about 3 months before the angelus fiasco happened. You thought if he killed me you wouldn’t have to.” Travis mustered some courage and stood up.

“I don’t have to listen to these lies.” He raged.

“Sit down Travis, you either hear it from me, or I send all my information to your superiors. Do you know what happens when I die, my lawyer will post all my documents to the right people. All the evidence I’ve collected. So sit down, call off your team and listen to what I have to say.” Buffy said, her voice not rising, it was cool calm and collected.

Travis’s eyes stared hard into hers. Hoping to find out if she was bluffing but he saw the glint. The one he used when he knew he had all the cards. This time, this situation was out of his control. She was the predator, and he was the prey. They were playing cat and mouse, and this time he knew he’d lost. And he knew she knew it. Slumping back into his seat, he pulled out his mobile phone and made the call. Buffy didn’t say anything until she saw all of the team disappear.

“So I did some more digging, I’ve kind of taken a sabbatical. The whole sending your boyfriend to hell. Kind makes you need a rest, and digging into your past has kind of given me a little bit of salvation. Well I found out you have a son, you’ve kept him hidden all these years, so that no one will know. So he wouldn’t become a pawn. Not because you love him though, loving someone is weak. Right Travis, but because of the blood connection. People can do a lot with blood, special in the circles you travel. Your achilies heal.

They could use your sons blood to kill you. There’s this interesting spell I heard about. You get part of a relatives blood, do some mojo and you have a poison that could knock down any of his direct living relatives without anyone else getting affected. Instant heart attack. The blood doesn’t even have to be from an alive body.” Buffy reached into her jacket and pulled out a picture and flipped it onto the table.

“He’s a cute kid Travis, real cute. All It took was one date and I was able to get everything I needed. So here’s the deal.” Buffy said reaching into her coat pocket and pulling out a vial, “You drink this and you die. Instantaneously. Painless. No one will question it, no one will know. Or I send my information to the right people. And you get put in Azkabam, Don’t looked so shocked Travis. I hear things all the time. Do you know what they will do to you. Demontors kiss. That would really suck. Suicide or a demontors kiss. Your choice.”

“You can’t honestly expect to get way with this do you?” Travis asked going white. Buffy felt Ethan pat her on her shoulder and disappear. That was the sign that it was all done. The crystal smashed, Giles free and the spells laid down. Now all she had to do was activate them. People were already leaving the building, and others were entering with a slightly dazed expression on their faces wondering what on earth were they coming into work on a Saturday if there wasn’t an emergency. “I’ll trade you, Giles soul for the information.” He was expecting anything else except the laughter. Maybe a shocked look, surprise, but not the joy of her laughter.

“Travis I should have told you, I hold all the cards. I already had someone take care of it. It’s already been destroyed. If your check your phone I’m pretty sure Giles has rung, figuring out what just happened to abuse the shit out of you.” Travis checked his caller id and swore, flinging his phone in a fit of rage it smashed on the ground.

“Why this, there are plenty of ways to kill with the kids blood and you don’t even need to see me.” Travis hissed, taking the vial into his hands and staring at it.

“Your evil Travis, of the utmost crime. Your dark. With not a shred of decency in you. Your soul, do you really know how black it is. And I wanted to see you destroyed. Personally. By my own hand. But without actually having to do it. See I’m giving you a choice. The demontors or suicide. Either way. I win.” Buffy answered, “What’s your decision.” Travis took the bottlestop out and drank the liquid. His body jerked from side to side, pain contorted his face. Buffy leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “I lied about it being painless. Rot in hell. No one goes to heaven if the kill themselves. You won’t find redemption.” Picking up the discarded vial she slipped it into her jacket pocked and pulled out a wand. Turning away from Travis she performed a spell that knocked any traces of her being there out. Magical or non magical. Then she left the building without a backward glance.

Buffy met Ethan around the next corner. He was hidden in shadows the cloak in his backpack. “How did it go?” Buffy asked as he joined her, matching her pace with his.

“Fine I even managed to score us some major dough?”

“Huh?” Buffy asked confused. Ethan handed her a piece of paper.

“I’m not computer illiterate like Giles, I hacked the system. Here’s our money. One account for you. One for me. Two swiss bank accounts with about ½ a billion dollars of money in them. We’re rich.” Buffy shook her head in amazement and started to laugh.

“Ethan you’re the biggest con man in the world. Only you would think of that. You know they won’t even be able to track it to us. Let’s go get wasted to celebrate. Your shout, since you have $5 more than I do.”

Ethan fake pouted, “I just wanted to be the richest.” He said sticking his tongue out. The he proceeded to laugh with her. Entering the nearest pub, Buffy activated the spell. They could here the boom from inside the pub. Not turning to look at their handiwork they two proceeded to get celebratory wasted. Sometimes being bad, was good for the soul. Buffy felt a little of hers be reclaimed as she had fun, real fun, not faked, or forced since her night with Angel. Pure uncomplicated fun, with a man who used to be her enemy, now who was an ally maybe even a friend.

Library, Hogwarts

“Well I had fun Ethan,” Buffy said laughing, stumbling a little cause she was slightly intoxicated.

“Me too, We should work together more often. Even the God was happy.” Ethan said, referring to Chaos.

“Well I like to oblige. One day I’d like to talk to him. Let him thank me for my glorious work.” She answered giggling. Just then a voice came from the shadows.

“Buffy we need to talk.” Malfoy said coming from the shadows. “What the hell have you just done.” Buffy and Ethan groaned, sobering up instantly that stared at the boy who knew what they had done. Silence consumed them.

Chapter 15

“Well you certainly know how to wreck a mood.” Buffy said into the silence. Ethan chuckled, Malfoy did not look amused. Buffy played with her wand, turning it one way and then another.

“I asked you a question Summers.” Malfoy snapped. Buffy made tears in her eyes.

“He was evil, Malfoy.” She said her voice going into sobs, the wand coming out of her hands. “He took my boyfriends soul. I had to kill him. He was the only guy I had ever truly loved.” She said slipping to the ground. Ethan didn’t know if this was faked or not, but still he reached down and hugged the girl on the ground. Her sobs were barely contained. Ethan decided to continue the story. Hoping to Chaos that the boy was stupid enough to believe them. Looking Malfoy directly in the eyes, he found people believed you better if you maintained eye contact.

“He was my son, Angel. Buffy and him dated in high school. Travers stole his soul. Trapped it in a crystal. Him and some others that worked for him wanted to cause some pain to Buffy. See Travers, he’s about 40, but he was slightly obsessed with Buffy. Tried everything to make Buffy his. Well when he found out about angel he went postal. So we just needed closure. We took the soul crystal and smashed it. Buffy told Travers that she’d never be his. The guy went postal. Said if he couldn’t have her no one would. He tried to make her drink some weird arse potion. So I did a transferal spell, Instead of Buffy drinking it, he ended up drinking it. The spells we laid down were just to stop the rest of his team remembering who we were.” Ethan glared at the bleached boy, hugging the blond slayer close to him. “Anything else you’d like to know boy?” Malfoy shook his head.

“Buffy I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” He said beseechingly.

“Just go away.” She stumbled out through the sobs. Malfoy looked devastated but did as he was asked.

“Where to kid?” Ethan asked, going with this new script. When Buffy didn’t answer, “Ok my office. Once there well you can pull yourself together ok.” Ethan picked her and her wand up and carried her crumpled form out of the library and down the three levels to his office. He noticed her body was shaking, what from he wasn’t sure. Closing the door to his office he sat her in her chair. Buffy burst out laughing.

“God we’re good.” She said finally managing to control herself. Ethan couldn’t help but smile.

“I told you we work well together. That was some impressing acting you did there.”

“Thanks, I would have made a great actress if it wasn’t for the slayer gig.” Buffy answered. “You think he bought it?”

“Oh yeah, pity you’re a good girl, we could take over the world if we worked together.”

“Yeah we could, now I need to get to Sunnydale. You got that other portkey?”

Ethan smiled at her and handed it over, “You sure you want to do this alone?”

“Well you can come if you want. I want to get Faith before the council has time to pull themselves together.”

“I think it’s going to be a long time before that happens. 90 of the watchers council was In there. They all had the mark. Voldermorts gonna be pissed that you got rid of them.” Ethan replied. Taking her hand.

Just before they teleported out Buffy replied, “I’ll deal with voldermort.” The chill in her voice scared Ethan more than anything else he’d heard.

Chapter 16

“You spelled the portkey for Gile’s place.” Buffy screamed at him, looking around her surroundings and seeing a passed out Giles on the floor wearing his tweed jacket and leather pants. “What the hell were you thinking.” Buffy turned her angry gaze onto Ethan.

Ethan held his arms up to try and placate the slayer, “Kid I didn’t know you were planning on blowing up half the freaking watchers. You don’t see me freaking out. Plus I figured this would be the safest place and I’ll check on ripper, see how he’s doing while you rescue the brunette girl.” Buffy glared and stormed out the door, grabbing the invisibility cloak from him and walking away, once the door was shut she slipped it on and disappeared into the night.

“Well she took that better than I thought.” He mused to himself, “Why is she so pissed about being here Ripper old chap. Lets get you up.” Turning to the kitchen he filled to jugs up with water and proceeded to tip them over the passed out Giles. On the third jug Giles’s spluttered awake.

“Jesus Christ, bugger it what the hell is going on here?” Giles said spluttering awake. Turning his head he saw Ethan. “What in the name of Chaos are you doing here Rayne?” Ethan sat down in one of Gile’s arm chairs.

“Just thought I’d check on you Ripper, after all it must be pretty hard getting your soul fully back.”

“You knew about this?” Giles demanded standing up and going into Ripper mode.

“Not until your Slayer told me about it.”

“Buffy, you’ve seen Buffy. Where the hell is she?” Giles said going from pissed off Ripper to concerned watcher in a split second.

“So you still care about the chit of a girl?” Ethan asked goading him.

“Of course I care, I’m her god damm watcher. Why wouldn’t I care?”

“Well you let the little witch resoul vamp boy so she had to send him to hell.” Giles sunk down onto his couch.

“Oh shit, Willow didn’t?”

“Willow did.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Buffy told me. See where currently residing in the same residences. Don’t get your panties in a twist, we have about 700 chaperones.” Ethan said before gile’s could explode.

“What the hell is going on with me Ethan? And what happened in England. Did you know the Watchers council was destroyed?”

“Yeah knew about that. Helped her do it actually.”

“There were good people who died in there Ethan.” Giles Exploded.

“Rupert all the good left, the ones that stayed were practicers of dark magic. Your girl didn’t kill any innocents. Just a lot of bad witches or warlocks. She only killed the ones that fell in her jurisdiction, the supernatural ones.”

“Buffy did that? Why?”

“Who knows?” Ethan answered trying to be vague.

“You do obviously, no way in chaos would you commit to anything without getting an explanation.”

“Right well it’s like this Rupert,” Ethan said leaning back into his chair and closing his eyes, “She found out that Travers had half of your soul, the Ripper part. The one that made you do bad bad things. Same way that the big V held our Rupert part all those years ago. Anyway she told me all about it. I thought what the hell, I’ll help her bring down the council. It Gets Chaos off my back for awhile and I’d get a little bit of revenge. Stupid bloody council wankers. Did you know that Travers knew about the vamps curse. Well she got pissed, did some recon got the man to kill himself and then blew the place to smithereines. That’s all I know.”

“Traver’s knew about the curse?”


“Fucking wanker, when I get her hands on him I’ll rip his bloody tongue out then make him eat it.” Ripper answered.

“Weren’t you listening to what I said. He’s dead. He killed himself.”

“How did you make him do that?”

Ethan laughed, “I had nothing to do with it. It was your little slayer. She planned it, she just gave me my job. She had something on him, something to big to be ignored I guess and gave him a choice. Death by poison, or she handed him over to the ministry.”

“You lie?” ripper said pulling Ethan up out of his seat.

“Yeah why would I do that. She’s not the little girl you think she is. She’s not the blonde bimbo you seemed to think she is. She’s the slayer. She walks on the dark side every night.” Ethan screamed at the enraged Giles, Pushing giles away from him. “You think you love her. That’s Bullshit. You don’t love her, you love the image you have of her. But she was never that image.”

Ethan paused for a minute, trying to regain his composure, than he thought screw it and started yelling again, “She projects it though. She’s the best manipulator I have ever seen. That girl, died a long time ago. Probably before she slept with Angel. I’m pretty sure the image you have in your head died the night Merric did. She’s been trying to be that girl. Fun, Happy, bouncy and bright but after she sent Angel to hell she stopped trying. The girl wants to live, it’s not like she’s about to go out and get herself killed but she knows know what makes her the slayer. Now she’s accepted it. So stop your whining, have a shower, get your act together, be the man you could be, not just the poncy Giles or the destructo Ripper. When you work out who the hell you are find me. You always knew how to do that. The slayer should be back soon and there we’re out of here. I’ll wait for her outside.” Ethan finished his tirade and stormed out side. Slamming the door in his wake.

He couldn’t believe that Giles could be such a damm fool. He knew as well as anyone, probably better than most that Buffy’s walks on the dark side would end up getting her killed. Hell he sent them on most of them. Now it was time for him to realize that. About thirty seconds later Buffy turned up carrying a comatose Faith. Without saying a word, Ethan grabbed her hand and they disappeared.

Giles watched it all from inside his bedroom, staring down at the three of them. Something other than words transpired between Ethan and Buffy, it sent a feeling he hadn’t felt for a long time shoot through his body and he recognized it for what it was. It was jealousy, pure and simple. He just wasn’t sure whom he was jealous of. Unconsciously taking Ethan’s advice he walked to his bathroom and started to shower. Trying to work out how his life was going to work out know without his duty to the council hanging over his shoulder. And why in gods name was Traver's protecting her. What was the little english bastard up to.

Chapter 17

“Buffy pet don’t be mad at me. It was the only place I could think of. What’s it going to take to make this up to you?” Ethan asked, wondering why he actually gave a damm. No wonder Ripper never came back, it had nothing to do with his soul being enslaved and all to do with this chit of a girl standing in front of him holding her sister slayer in the fire mans position over her shoulder.

“Get me into my room without anyone seeing. All you have to do is put the cloak back on me and barge in and act all worried. I’ll deposit Faith on the bed, walk back out, you’ll slam the door and then I’ll walk out into the hallway, take off the cloak and walk back in. Capeche?”

Ethan nodded his head, he really couldn’t tell if Buffy had been playing him or not. He was telling the truth when he told Rupert that she was the best manipulator he’d ever seen. She was so good, half the time you didn’t even know it was happening.

So that’s what they did, to say the rest of the slytherins were surprised to find a professor come into there common room and look around would be an understatement, even more surprised when he walked into Buffy’s room. They’d all heard how she had reacted to Malfoy going in there without permission. Her temper scared them, yet they were drawn to her. They liked power, and were drawn to people with power. The more powerfull, the more you were respected. And the Blonde Slayer definitely held their respect. To find Buffy coming into the common room in tears about 5 minutes later and scream at Ethan to leave her alone, they were even more shocked. They at least new to appear to respect their teachers. Everyone was surprised when Ethan apologized. Saying he was worried about her. She didn’t even listen, just stormed past him and into her room slamming her door. Ethan had sighed, muttering to himself about ungrateful blonde Americans, who didn’t understand when someone was trying to help them and that she wasn’t the only one suffering the loss he had left the common room. Silence was all that was heard then for a while till Pansy broke it. The others too stunned at the scene the teacher and the student had presented to them.

“Wonder what that was all about.” She said to Malfoy, “Do you think I should check on her.” Malfoy shrugged,

“Leave her be, she had a run in with some guy from her past today. I think she needs time to cool off.” He replied, something about the blonde brought out his sensitive side.

“Spill it Malfoy, What do you know?” Pansy demanded. It wasn’t a question and they both knew it. So Malfoy told Pansy what he’d been told. As one all of the Slytherin’s listened, but the head boy and girl pretended they didn’t realize.

“The poor girl. I know what will cheer her up?”

“Oh yeah what’s that?” Malfoy asked.

“We’ll have a party, tomorrow, after lunch, I’ll organize the food, you’re on drinks and the rest of you buggers on entertainment. We’ll make her realize that life’s worth living again. She can’t live in the past. Her ex is gone. The past is theirs. The futures hers. We’ll call it the welcome to hogwarts and the future bash.” Malfoy nodded, not really caring. He shrugged his shoulders and walked out. He couldn’t understand how Buffy could treat her boyfriend’s father so badly. Going up to his room he prepared to sleep, knowing sleep would be the only thing that would bring some sense of normality to this whole blasted day.