Heroes Aren't Supposed to Fall in Love

Author: Buffster3000<br> A/N-Hiya guys! Got bored again so here's another BtVS crossover fic but this time it'll be much different mainly because of the pairings. They aren't centured around Dawn but on Buffy, Willow, etc. I hope you all enjoy this I'll attempt to update as often as possible. Which can get difficult because my brother keeps restarting the computer and deleting all my friggin stories! Sorry, pent up anger :D
Summary- Buffy learns she has a cousin living out in London so when she's expelled for burning down her school her mother makes arrangements for her to attend boarding school with her cousin, little did she know this isn't just a normal school. BS-HP
Pairings- Buffy/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia
Rating- PG13
Disclaimer-J.K Rowling and Joss Whedon own everything HP and BtVS

Chapter 1 - My New Life


" What? London? No, no no! There is no way in hell I'm going to be going to some boarding school in another country! " The golden haired 16 year old exclaimed pacing around in the kitchen in their new house in Sunnydale.

" You brought this upon yourself Buffy. " The curly haired mother who at the moment looked extremely stern replied. She was seated with her coffee cup she kept glancing at placed on the table.

" This isn't fair! You can't do this- "

" I'm not the one who set the building on fire! We tried Sunnydale High but you just keep getting into trouble. And you've only been there for 3 weeks! " Buffy shook her head sitting at the table and burrying her head into her hands.

" Okay, I'll try harder I swear mom please... " Joyce sighed and looked guiltily back at her coffee cup.

" I wish there could be something else I could do. "

" You can, you can let me stay here with you and my friends and- "

" No. Buffy I hate doing this but I have to do what will be best for you in the long run. "

" Kicking me out and putting me into some unknown world? " Joyce sipped her coffee and looked up at Buffy.

" If that's what I have to do, then I'll do it. " Buffy sunk into her chair defeated.

" When do I need to go? "

Buffy's Room

" I wish I could say goodbye the proper way. We've only known each other for a few weeks and it feels like forever. " Buffy said over the phone.

" I know. I'm going to miss you. But hey you'll be back this summer right? "

" Yeah only 10 months away. " She could almost see Willow frowning. They continued talking as Buffy packed then Buffy's mom knocked on the door.

" Honey, it's time to be going. " Buffy sighed sadly.

" Well I guess this is it. I'll talk to you later okay Wills? Tell Xander I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye. " A minute later she was out the door and in the car staring blankly ahead.

" Here we go. Say goodbye. " Buffy merely looked the house over as they pulled out of the driveway and watched the passing buildings. Although she had only been there for a few weeks, it still felt like home. She looked down at her hands and wondered why she let herself get sucked back into the slaying part of life. If she hadn't she'd had been able to stay. Hell, she might still be in L.A.


Buffy stepped out of the platform and walked around looking for any clue of her cousins family. She wasn't let down. There was a small family of three with a big sign with the words, ' BUFFY ' writen across it clearly. She slowed when approaching the family.

" Buffy? " She smiled politely.

" That would be me. " They smiled at her and the man took her bags. She looked over at her cousin. She had bushy brown hair and brown warm eyes. She was slightly taller than herself and reminded her of Willow for some reason.

" Its very nice to meet you. Truth be told I didn't even know I had a cousin so this is a bit of a surprise. " Buffy nodded.

" I so get the feeling, next thing I know I'll have some younger sister. " (Tehe) The girl smiled brightly.

" I'm Hermione Granger by the way. "

" Bu- "

" Buffy Summers. Your mom told us a bit about you. " Her eyes widened slightly.

" You guys probably think I'm some juevenile delinquent. " She shook her head.

" Of course not, from what we heard you just made some bad decisions. " She shook her head.

" That's only half the story. " Hermione wore an expression of confusion and Buffy waved it off. " So this school, is it cool or am I going to be bored? " Hermione smiled.

" You have nothing to be worried about. "


Harry awokened and made his way down to the common room yawning all the way.

" Hey Ron. Wheres Hermione she's usually the first one up. " Ron looked up at Harry and merely shrugged.

" Beats me. She's been acting weird lately. Maybe we should ask Lavender? They are in the same dorm room right? " Harry nodded and began looking around the room for the pretty teen. They saw her by the bulletin board and made their way towards her.

" Hey Lavendar have you seen Hermione? " The girl brought a manacured finger to her lip in thought.

" Not since McGonagall asked her last night to come with her no. "

" McGonagall took her somewhere? " She nodded.

" Yeah, I think she said something about family or whatever. " They were about to ask her another question when they checked their watches and realized they were going to miss breakfast.

" Well thanks for the help. " And with that they were gone.


" Wait just a minute. I'm going to a magic school? " Hermione nodded vigorously.

" Hogwarts, you can read all about it in Hogwarts a History. I know it might be hard to believe- "

" Not so hard I've kind of been around the paranormal for a long while now so no big talk about how the world isn't what it seems. Well this is much cooler than I expected. Oh problem though, I'm not a witch. " She shook her head.

" You are, Dumbledore talked it over with me. He sent you a letter when you were 11 but your father, who's a wizard, replied with a simple you weren't to be attending. " Buffy rolled her eyes.

" Gee it's nice to know we talked that one over. But on with the more important stuff, are there any hotties there? " Hermione blushed slightly. " Yup, that means yes!"

" Well... I suppose Harry and Ron are considerd cute. "

" Details. "

" Well Ron has flaming red hair, he's pretty muscular, tall, freckles, and crystal blue eyes... "

" Sounds like someone likes. " Hermione went a dark crimson.

" Oh, no not Ron he's my friend. "

" Uh huh, and I'm the pope. That was sarcasm by the way. "

" Alright, alright on to Harry. He's finally grown he's about 6'1 now. He's muscualr from playing quidditch- "

" Quid who? " Hermione rolled her eyes.

" Just a barbaric game, over-rated honestly. He has black unruly hair, he wears round glasses and has very green eyes. "

" He sounds yummy. " Hermione looked at her strangely.

" You Americans speak very weird. "

" Well I'm not exactly thrilled with all the british lingo. What in the hell is a bint anyway? " Hermione shook her head.

" I have a feeling were more different then I imagined. " She nodded.

" I'd have to agree. "

" We should get some sleep. Tommorow we'll be back at Hogwarts. Should be a big day for you. " Buffy yawned and nodded.

" Sleep sounds good. Night. "

" Good night. "

Chapter 2 - Destructo Girl

" Wow. " Buffy breathed upon seeing the castle.

" Its nice isn't it? " Hermione asked never taking her eyes off of whatever it was she was reading.

" Nice? You obviously have never gone to public school in California. I have to admit this is so not going to suck nearly as much as I thought it would. " Buffy commented hopping out fo the cariage as they came to a halt.

" Bye Mr and Mrs. Granger it was nice to meet you! " They smiled and said their goodbyes. Hermione took her hand and dragged her around the outside of the castle showing her all the things there was to be seen.

" What's this? It doesn't look like a football field. "

" Oh no this is the Quidditch pitch. You know that game I was telling you about, well this is where the play it. " Buffy nodded and pointed to the side of the field.

" Is that where the cheerleaders perform? " Hermione laughed.

" Cheerleaders? We don't have them in Quidditch. " Buffy shook her head clearly appaled.

" No cheerleaders? So guys actually come to watch the game? Weird... Well the game actually sounds uber cool, in my opinion. Geesh its cold out here when do I get to go inside and possibly not freeze to death? "

" You'd better get used to it. Winter isn't even here yet. "

" All I hear from you is blah, blah, blah. " Hermione glared at the petite blonde.

" Now really- "

" Oh no a lecture! I must get away before I die of boredom! " With that a gigling Buffy ran off leaving a bewildered Hermione trying to chase after her. She sprinted into the castle hiting something hard with a loud smack.

" Ow. " She muttered slowly sitting herself up. She rubbed her head and looked over to see someone else sitting on the ground. Her eyes widened considerably. "Oops."


Harry had been about to walk outside to go play some Quidditch when the doors flew open and something hard hit him causing him to fall flat on his back. He slowly sat up rubbing his head and came face to face with a wide eyed blonde beauty. She had peircing green eyes with blue specs, her face was red from running or maybe from the cold, she had golden blonde hair pulled up but strands fell into her eyes from the wind. She tilted her head slightly.

" Harry? " She asked suddenly surprising him, ' This famous thing can get real irritating ' he thought irritably.

" That's me. " He muttered.

" Oh my gosh, first day here and I knock down a friend of Hermiones. I'm sorry you must think I'm some crazy blonde bimbo! I'm Buffy. " She stood up and extended her hand which he took and pulled him off the ground easily.

" You know Hermione? " She nodded enthusiastically.

" Yeah huh, she's my cousin. "

" Oh? She never told me about you. "

" She didn't know I exsisted until like yesterday. " She replied brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes suddenly looked past him and he watched her smile evily. "Speaking of the devil. " Hermione stormed in huffing and puffing.

" When... did... you... learn to run like that?!?! And why were you... Oh hi Harry. " Harry smiled at Hermione raising an eyebrow.

" Took ya a while. I got to know Harry and everything. We're the bestest of friends now. " He smiled slightly and nodded.

" The best. " Hermione rolled her eyes.

" Well then since your such wonderful friends you wouldn't mind taking her to Dumbledore would you? Something came up to where I am now sweaty and stinky and well... I fell in a puddle of mud so- "

" I think I can manage. See you later Hermione? " She nodded and stuck her tongue out at Buffy.

" You know for cousins who barely know each other you sure act like cousins who do know each other. " She nodded.

" Yeah, I noticed. So where's this Dumblefloor? " He smiled as he led her down the hall.

" Dumbledore. " She pouted.

" Whats with all the weird names around here? " He raised his eyebrows.

" This coming from a Buffy? " She shrugged.

" At least its not long. Not all of us can be Harry's ya know. " He stopped in front of a gargoyle and her forehead creased.

" Chocolate frogs? " She raised an eyebrow.

" And you're talking to a statue... This isn't a normal everyday thing is it? Did you just call it a chocolate frog? " He rolled his eyes.

" Its the way into Dumbledores office. It opens with a password. Bubble yum? " She rolled her eyes.

" Why not try abra cadabra? " It stood still. She pouted. " Tootsie roll. " It opened and she smirked.

" How did you...? "

" What can I say? I'm good. " He rolled his eyes and stepped inside. He motioned for her to do the same and they found their bodies closer then they would like. Or maybe they did like and they were just too scared to admit it... They stepped out and Buffy stumbled slightly. " Okay now I'm dizzy. " She looked over at a man sitting at a weird looking desk. He was pretty old, okay really old and his blue eyes twinkled as though she had just told him some secret.

" Ah, Miss Summers. Please take a seat. " She did so and he motioned towards Harry. " I was expecting to see Miss Granger? "

" We ran into each other, literally, and Hermione asked if I could take her. " She nodded in agreement and Dumbledore smiled.

" Well Miss Summers welcome to Hogwarts we hope you enjoy your stay. Now if you will put this on. " He brought out an old raggy brown hat and she raised an eyebrow.

" You are kidding right? " He only smiled in response. " Right. " She placed on the hat which immediately yelled out the words, ' GRYFFINDOR'

" Ow! A forewarning before the screaming would have been nice. And whats a gryffindor? "

" You are. " Harry replied a slight smile on his face.

" Oh that makes sense... Oh wait no it doesn't. " He smiled waving a goodbye to Dumbledore.

" I'll explain it to you on the way to the common rooms. " She merely nodded trying to ignore the tingles running up her arm as he placed a hand on it. 'This can't be good.' She thought walking through the passageway being told about some Hufflepuff thing.


She sat in the common room listening to various stories from Harry and Ron about Quidditch, she met Ron shortly after being brought into the common room.

" So you guys actually fly on brooms? Major coolness. " They smirked. " What? "

" We could go and show you how to fly?" Her eyes widened.

" No way? Awesome! Get off your asses now we're going to teach destructo girl how to fly! " The three of them ran out onto the Quidditch field and Harry handed her his broom.

" This is much safer than the schools I'll just go grab a broom and be right back. " Her eyes travelled down the broom admiringly.

" Wow, he doesn't usually let people use his broom. Its a firebolt best broom out there! "

" Why don't you have one? " She asked curiosly.

" There also the most expensive. " He said blushing a bright red.

" Oh. Oooh, I'm sorry. Don't feel too bad, I don't have one either! " With that he smiled and raised up into the air. She watched as he circled the field quickly. "Wowzerz."

" Hey. " She jumped and turned quickly seeing Harry standing there with a large smile on his face.

" You don't sneak up on people! You stomp or yodel. " He laughed slightly and laid his broom down next to him. He motioned for her to do the same and she did so.

" Alright put your hand over the broom like so and tell it, ' up. ' " His broom flew into his hand and he nodded towards her. She shrugged.

" Whatever. Up. " The broom flew up quickly and she caught it easily.

" Cool. What next? " He only stared at her in slight awe. " What? " She asked.

" N-nothing. Alright mount your broom and kick up softly okay? " He showed her how to do it and she did it as well. She floated and squealed.

" Wow! This is sooo cool! " He smiled watching her spin around.

" Alright, now lean forward to go and lean back to stop. Get it? " She nodded.

" Yuppers makes lotsa since. " Before he could say anything else she was off. Ron made his way back to Harry and stopped next to him.

" She's bloody brilliant! " They watched her circle the field over and over again. She dived and Harry could feel his heartbeat quicken. She pulled up just in the nick of time and smiled triumphantly waving over at them.

" I'd have to agree. " Harry replied quietly.


" What do you mean I'm the new beater? " Harry and Ron exchanged glances.

" We've been playing with you for the past two hours and you've been kicking our ass. You made the team whether or not you like it. " She smiled.

" That is so cool! Wait, how comeyou guys get to make this decision isn't it the captains job? " Ron patted Harry's back.

" Sure is. " Buffy smiled and nodded slightly.

" You know what? I think I like it here. " Harry smiled.

" You haven't had the food yet. Come on you have an hour to get ready for dinner. " She pouted.

" Only an hour? What am I going to wear?"

" I dunno how about your uniform? " She nodded.

" Good idea. "

Chapter 3 - Surprise

Two Weeks Later

" I swear if that Snape wants a fight he's gonna get one! " Harry smiled.

" That's what I keep saying. " She smiled brightly.

" Great then we can join together to plan the defeat of Snape you guys in? " Ron only rolled his eyes and Hermione huffed.

" Honestly, maybe if you two weren't so negative he wouldn't take so much of the class time arguing with the both of you! " Harry and Buffy both exchanged looks. Her second day when she first met Snape he had at first been tolerable but when he found out she hung out with the awful Harry Potter she was all of a sudden bad news and a nuisance. Ever since the two constantly argued and points were taken away faster then ever. She figured she had more detentions then anyone else in the school.

" Oh well so Harry wanna go practice? " She looked over at Harry who was staring off at something. " Hello? Harry still in there? " He shook his head and looked over at her with his eyebrows raised.

" Hm? "

" What were you just staring at? " He blushed slightly.

" Nothing. " She smiled raising her eyebrows. She looked over to where Harry had been staring and saw a very pretty looking older student.

" Oh. " She said quietly. She didn't know why but it kinda hurt to know he had a crush on someone.

" Her names Cho, Harry's liked her since 3rd year. " Ron commented.

" Yeah well I'll just have to tell them who you've liked since 4th year if you don't shut your trap. " Ron went scarlet and closed his mouth.

" You like someone? " Hermione asked with raised eyebrows.

" No. " He squeaked. She merely shrugged and went back to reading another book.

" So, I'm gonna... go. " Buffy turned and Harry caught her arm.

" Where you going? " She shrugged.

" Most likely the Quidditch pitch, I want to fly some. "

" Oh I'll come- "

" No its fine. Plus didn't you say you had loads of Divination homework? " He pouted.

" Oh I get it I'm not wanted. " She laughed.

" Its not that I'm just looking out for ya. I mean if you really want to... " He shrugged.

" You were right I should probably do my homework for once. Plus its getting harder to come up with bad luck stuff that's going to happen to us. " She snorted.

" You poor thing. See you guys later! "

" Remember we have a game tomorrow so don't stay out to late! "

" Yeah, yeah, yeah! " Buffy ran outside into the cold air she still hadn't completely adapted to. She sighed running a hand through her hair as she slowly made her way to the Quidditch pitch. She picked out a random broom and flew around for awhile before stopping in midair and laying down on the broom staring up at the sky.

" I don't have a crush on my cousins best friend, I don't have a crush on my cousins best friend, my cousins best friend has a nice ass... oh that can't be good. " She said to herself watching as the first stars began making their appearence. It was really weird, she was always okay with making new friends but with Harry it was almost instant. Not that she really considered him a friend, well she did just she'd like it to be more. He was different, like her, so if he ever did find out about her night job it couldn't be too bad right? As a matter of fact in DADA class they were talking about vampires so he obviously knew they exsisted. She sighed sadly. Why was life so complicated?


" She's been out there awfully long. " Harry commented glancing out the window for the 100th time.

" Harry's got a crush! " Harry rolled his eyes.

" I do not. What? " Harry asked annoyed as Hermione burst into laughing.

" That was the worst lying I've ever heard! " He glowered at the two teenagers who were laughing hysterically.

" I'm not lying! She's very nice, and funny, and atractive and... I like Cho remember? " Both of them rolled their eyes.

" Its not illegal to like two people at the same time. Honestly, I like Buffy much better. "

" That's just because she's your cousin. " She crossed her arms.

" Well that most likely is a factor, but also she's not nearly as two faced. You two also have a lot in common but enough differences to mesh well. " Harry and Ron began laughing. " What? "

" You're starting to talk like her! " Her eyes widened considerably.

" Hey guys! What's the what? " They turned to see the blonde entering through the portrait hole.

" Nothing we're just- Bloody hell what happened?!" She gave them all confused look then looked at the spot where there eyes were. Her stomach was slashed and the blood was starting to seep through her shirt.

" Huh.Oh um yeah there was this bear... " She watched as they looked at her in awe. " Its just a scratch no big. "

" You should go see Madam Pompfree. " She snorted and rolled her eyes.

" Don't worry I heal fast. "

" Buffy- "

" That's my name! " Harry glared at her slightly.

" You're our beater we can't have you injured if we want to win, now come on I'm taking you to the nurse. " She stomped.

" But I don't wanna. " He merely raised his eyebrows. She bit her lower lip and sighed. " Fine whatever. " He led her out the room telling Hermione and Ron they could manage.

" So why don't you really want to see Madam Pompfree? " She looked away slightly.

" Clinics, hospitals, etc. They give me the wiggins. "

" Why's that?" She looked up at him.

" My cousin, the one I did know, she died in a hospital when I was younger, and I found her. " He metally slapped himself.

" I'm sorry- "

" Its okay. You didn't know. Well ever since then I've just steered clear of Hospitals or anything that reminds me of them. "

" I'm still sorry, I know how it feels, to lose someone. " She slowed her walking.

" You do? " She asked curiously.

" Yeah, my parents, I didn't see them but- "

" It still hurts. " She replied. He nodded and she smiled sadly at him.

" We should start a club. " He laughed slightly and the two walked to the clinic in silence.


" Buffy get up, get up, get up! Big game today! " Buffy quickly sat up in bed.

" Oh no I'm nervous! I'm never nervous! "

" Don't worry it's only Ravenclaw and there the easy to beat. Plus you have both Harry and Ron watching your back. " She breathed in and out and nodded.

" Right, easy. Backup. I have to go get something to eat! 'Cause then if I don't then I might not perform as well and then- "

" Breath. "

" Right. " She quickly got out of bed throwing on a pair of pants and a Gryffindor hoodie. " You coming? "

" No, I think I'll take a shower and just see you guys at the game. " She nodded.

" Okay. B-but what if- "

" Go before you miss breakfast and ruin the game for everyone! " Buffy nodded and ran out of the room. Hermione rolled her eyes.

" Well that was easy. " With that she stood and went off to take a shower.


" Hey guys. " Buffy said approaching the table and taking a seat before stuffing her face.

" Hungry? " Ron asked Harry laughed. She glared at the two.

" Eating gives you metabolism which gives you enery which gives you- "

" Is Hermione rubbing off on you? " Her eyes widened.

" Oh no I'm starting to sound all smart and knowledge knowing and then I'll be wearing big glasses with the words dork-o on my forehead and- "

" Nah she's still all Buffy. " She closed her mouth and yet again glared at the two of them.

" Fine make fun. I'll get my payback just wait and see. " She threw a muffin at the both of them. They rubbed their foreheads. " See? I always win. " With that the three of them checked their watches and hurriedly stood and ran outside towards the Quidditch pitch for the big game.


" Oh close hit by Buffy Summers, nearly knocked Cho off! She lost the snitch and now they're back to square one. " She smiled triumphantly and smirked at Ron when he flew by and gave her a slight shove of aproval. She looked over and watched as a ravenclaw chaser rammed against a gryffindor one and hit another bludger. Her whized out of the way. There was a loud commotion and she turned just in time to see Harry surfing on his broom and catching the snitch before Cho. Buffy mouth flew open. ' Wow where did he learn how to do that?' She watched as her team zoomed down and she did the same she jumped off her broom and watched as Ron did a victory dance.

" Now that's amusing. " She suddenly felt arms engulf her and laughed as they raised her up and spun her around.

" That was wondeful! Great team work, and you were great! " She smiled as Harry shyly let go and back away.

" You weren't too bad yourself captain. " Before she could say another word they were dragging Harry off to celebrate.


Buffy laughed as she and Hermione walked towards the library. " Did you see Cho's face when Harry hugged me? Priceless! "

" She honestly is not that bad. "

" Yeah, yeah, yeah so... " She trailed off as they entered the library and saw some very familiar faces.

" Giles? "

Chapter 4 - Prophesy Girl

Buffy stood with wide eyes as she saw her watcher, two best friends, and... Cordelia and a guy with blue hair.

" Okay whats going on? " She asked confused. " Not that I'm not happy to see you guys or anything... " Hermione shifted from one foot to another.

" I'm sorry to interupt but, who are you people?"

" Oh I'm Rupert Giles the new DADA I was informed you all had a somewhat substitute teacher and was asked to fill in. This is Willow Rosenburg, she's a witch and will be attending here, and these are my assistants Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase, and Oz he's- "

" He's my boyfriend. "

" You have a boyfriend? How great Wills! " Buffy gushed before realizing what she had just said. " Okay pretend I didn't do that. "

" How do you know each other? "

" They went to my old school. " She raised her eyebrows.

" Didn't you go to a muggle school? "

" Yeah well remeber how I told you I kinda knew about the paranormal? So do they. We all did together. With the you know paranormal togetherness, that so didn't come out right. " Hermione rolled her eyes.

" Well um its very nice to meet you- "

" Hermione Granger. "

" Miss Granger, but we need to speak with Buffy... Alone. " The bushy haired teen frowned but nooded nevertheless.

" Well then I suppose I'll see you later? " Buffy bit her lower lip.

" Actually, don't wait up. " Hermiones frown deepened but again she nodded anyways. With that she exited the library and Buffy noted that it was completely empty.

" You guys keep kicking everyone out? "

" We were trying to track you down it didn't turn out so well so we figured we'd stay in here for awhile before heading out and just finding you at breakfast tomorrow. " Buffy nodded at the red-headed witch.

" Right. Now, tell me what's really going on. "


Buffy stormed in through the portrait hole and quickly made her way to the steps only to be stopped half way there.

" Hey, Hermione told me what happened. We were curious what- Are you crying? " She pulled away from her semi crush wiping at her tears ferociously.

" I just need some time alone okay? " She whispered backing up until feeling her heel at the foot of the steps. She turned and quickly ran up them. She closed the door behind her sliding to the floor. She sniffled and slowly made her way to her bed snuggling into it before letting herself sob into her pillow hugging Mr Gordo close to herself.

Flashback to the Library

" Buffy, we... it... The last thing we were expecting was for you to be sent here. We honestly never thought it to be an issue. There's a prophesy- "

" Nothing new there- "

" Buffy this is very serious! There is a master vampire here in London, hes joining alliances with V-Voldemort and... We never thought it could happen I mean how could it be feasible when you were in California and he was in London? "

" How could what not be feasible? " Giles sighed taking his glasses off and polishing them.

" This Master he's stronger then any normal vampire he's older and wiser and well- "

" Uglier. " Cordelia supplied. Giles merely glared at her before continuing on.

" - Scarier to be honest, have you been having nightmares lately. " Buffy nodded slowly. " You're having them for a reason. "

" Giles, what are you babling about?! "

" Well- "

" He's supposed to kill you. " Cordelia said bluntly earning glares all round. Buffy stared at them before begining to laugh.

" Funny one- "

" She's not lying Buff. " Xander whispered. She looked around again and saw they all looked grim. Her eyes filled with tears.

" You are to fight the master Buffy and die trying. " Giles told her sadly. Willow had tear glazed eyes and Oz was rubbing her shoulder.

" No I'm not. " She watched as they all looked over at her.

" Its not exactly unavoidable. "

" Of course it is. I quit. If I don't fight him I won't die. "

" Yes you will and so will everyone else. " She shook her head furiously.

" Its over, they can go find someone else. Things are finally starting to look up Giles, I can't... I won't. " She turned and ran towards the library door opening it before turning back around to face them again.

" I'm 16 years old Giles, I don't wanna die. " With that she ran out. (I know its a lot like the show but I loved that scene so... deal!)


" Buffy? " Buffy looked up seeing her cousin entering the dorm room. " Are you alright Harry told me- "

" I'm fine. Just a little emotional. " Hermione took a seat on her cousins bed.

" Are you sure? I could take you to the hospital wing if you'd like- "

" No, really I'm fine. " Hermione nodded slightly.

" Harry's really worried. I think he might have a crush on you. " Buffy looked away.

" Probably be best if he didn't. "

" Why's that? "

" You know how Trelawny keeps predicting my doom? " Hermione huffed and nodded.

" She's just some loony though. Wouldn't know a prediction if it bit her in the arse. " Buffy smiled softly.

" Maybe. Maybe not. "

" She keeps predicting Harry's death. " She then merely shrugged.

" Its different... He's not me. "

" You're not planning suicide are you? " Buffy broke into another smile.

" Would you stop me? "

" Not so sure. " They both began gigling slightly. Buffy sobered quickly.

" No. You know, I think Ron likes you. " Hermione went a bright pink.

" Do you really? " She asked softly. Buffy smiled and nodded.

" So, anything gonna happen? " Hermione sighed and shrugged.

" Only time can tell, its good we still have a good bit of it. Time that is. "

" Must be nice. "

" What are you talking about? You're going to be here for the rest of the year right? " Buffy looked up into her cousins eyes fighting away her tears.

" You know it. " She promised. She didn't know how, but she would keep that promise.

Chapter 5 - Good Time?

Buffy woke up early that morning stretching out languidly and yawning. She looked over at her watch and smiled hopping out of bed and taking a quick shower after which she applied makeup and dried her hair leaving it to cascade down her shoulders. She skipped down stairs smiling at the Dream Team.

" Hey guys! " She greeted sitting next to Harry Hotter (my friend said that the other day, she doesn't like him much, and it was hilarious! I guess you had to be there...)

" You're much cheerier this morning. " Harry commented.

" What do you mean? " She asked obviously confused.

" Last night, you know you were a bit upset? " She continued to give him a confused look until it dawned upson her. It hadn't been a dream.

" Oh. " Her smile was long gone.

" I'm sorry I shouldn't have- "

" No, no It's okay I'm just I thought it was a dream, a nightmare, I guess not. " They all exchanged quick glances.

" What were you so upset about? " She breathed in deeply.

" I can't... I don't wanna talk about it. " They sat in silence. " I don't know about you guys but I'm kinda hungry. " Rons stomach growled on que. " Well, okay now I know. " They broke out and began laughing.

" Coem on lets go before before everyone else vaccumes up the food. " Hermione said standing up and making her way to the portarit hole.

" Don't have to tell me twice. " Ron replied. And with that they were out the door.


" Oh, I wasn't expecting to see you guys. " Buffy said when Willow and Xander walked up to her.

" Xander likes food, you do remember that right? " This earned a small smile from Buffy.

" Hard to forget. So... What is Cordelia doing here? " She asked suddenly when seeing the girl conversing with her crush. " She isn't telling him something completely embarrassing is she? " Willow shrugged.

" Perhaps, but a little after you left... well she and Xander began to get along VERY well. " Buffy's eyes widened.

" But... He hates her, you hate her! " She said turning to Xander who merely shrugged.

" She's a good kisser. " He replied making the two girls faces turn repulsed.

" Right too much info, what about smurf boy? " Buffy said her and Xander laughing at the joke. Willow scowled.

" He's not a smurf. " She replied pouting.

" No? He's blue and small. " They both burst back into gigles.

" Laugh it up. He's sweet, oh and he's a werewolf. " Buffy blinked at the girl.

" Huh? "

" He was babysitting this kid who liked to bite, turns out he was all grrr-y. So once he was bit he was grrr-y too. "

" That explains it all. So, are you guys here to stay? Or was it just a stop by to tell me, ' hey you're going to die see you never ' thing? " They both frowned.

" We're here to stay. Giles wasn't lying when he told Herhiney- "

" Hermione- "

" All that stuff. " She rolled her eyes.

" Well, you guys are going to love it here. " She said looking back at her other friends who were listening to Cordelia saying something.

" If she tells them something bad she'll regret it sooo bad. "

" You like that guy? " Xander asked incredulously. He still had a slight crush on the blonde.

" No! ... Okay maybe a little. " Willow's eyes lit up.

" Oh great! I get to set you up! " Buffy crossed her arms.

" That's not such a great idea. My life is a bit complicated, I don't want to drag him down with me. Especially since... "

" I don't care what Giles say's, there has to be someway to get around this prophesy. " Buffy opened her mouth. " Other than you quiting. " The blonde sighed.

" We can do research I guess... Lets not talk about it I just want to be happy today if that's not too hard to ask? Come on lets go interupt their convo before Cordelia convinces them I'm some social outcast. " They walked towards the Gryffindor table and Buffy nodded towards Cordy.

" What has she told you? "

" That you attacked her with a stick. " Hermione replied. Buffy's eyes widened.

" It was an accident. "

" It was awful, my life flashed before my eyes! So, Harry, you play any sports I mean you'd have to being your shape and all. "

" I thought you were my girlfriend? " Cordelia rolled her eyes at Xander.

" Actually I play Quidditch, Buffy does too she's great at it. "

" Your making me blush. " She replied.

" Am I the only one who has no idea what you guys are talking about? "

" No. " Came 3 replies. Buffy smiled at Harry.

" I love how I'm the one who actually knows what's going on! " Harry smiled at the blonde knowingly before launching into an explanation about his favorite subject Quidditch.


" Wait? So, we're going where? "

" Hogsmeade. " Hermione replied trying on one of Buffy's shirts.

" Riiight... But as long as I can dress to impress I won't complain. " With that Buffy began going through her closet searching for the right outfit. She pulled out a dark red halter top and a mini leather black skirt.

" You like? " She asked the other teen who nodded.

" Very you. "

" I'm leathery? " She asked jokingly earning a slight glare. She put it on and pulled on a pair of her slaying boots and checked herself in the mirror. " Now for your perfect outfit. " Hermione smiled slightly.

" As long as its not too much. " Buffy smirked.

" No need to worry about that! Hm... I honestly think pink is your color so... " She pulled out a light pink halter top with sparkles and a pair of hip hugging jeans with a pink outline to them. Hermione tried them on and Buffy handed her strappy pink high heels.

" Definately hot cous. " Hermione smiled shyly.

" Won't we freeze to death? " Buffy sighed.

" That's the point. "

" To die?"

" No, to get the guys to offer their coats or put their arms around your shoulders. You really are out of the manipulating thing aren't ya? " Hermione blushed and Buffy smiled.

" Now I get to do your makeup! "


30 minutes later the two girls came into the common room earning many stares and two guys in particular to drop their jaws.

" Hey guys. " Buffy said casually. " Ready to go and show me this Hogsbeer? " Harry snapped himself out of his reverie and nodded standing and blushing ferociously when the blonde took his arm.

" Bloody hell. " Was all Ron could say staring at the not so bushy haired girl in front of him.

" Ron Weasley no cursing! " He only smiled and stood offering her his arm.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah. " She smiled as she took his arm and the 4some made their way out of the room. Willow and the rest of the scooby gang couldn't come because they had too much work with catching up, they weren't as lucky as Buffy to have the smartest witch in school teaching them.

" So, this place as cool as everyone's telling me? " Buffy asked the wizard.

" Just wait and see. "


" Oh my gosh this place is so cool! " The blonde said twirling around in the middle of the street. The trio laughed at the girls excitement.

" You haven't seen much yet. " Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

" Okay where to first?! Come on guys we don't need to be wasting time! " The trio sighed and led her around the place. Her favorite place was Honey Dukes, she went crazy and began buying whatever she saw. It took all three of them to drag her out. It wasn't a pretty sight.

" Okay now that I'm sugar high, lets go drink. "

" .... Okay... " They went to the Leaky Couldron and Harry ordered them all butterbeers.

" Aren't we kinda young to be drinking? " She asked ina hushed tone. Ron smiled.

" Its not real alcohol. " She nodded and took a sip of the drink a bit apprehensive of how it might taste. Needless to say it was gone in less then a minute. The three of them, Buffy Ron and Harry began discussing Quidditch and Hermione would comment now and then. Someone came over and interrupted them.

" Harry? " Harry looked up into the eyes of his crush and felt himself begin to blush. " Can we talk? " Cho asked giving him her sweetest smile. He nodded and stood and she made sure to give Buffy a look which showed victory. They walked off and Buffy was afraid she'd run after them and beg Harry not to fall for the witch! (gigles I meant the witch thing as an insult)

" Did you see that?! She gave me a look! " Hermione nodded.

" She definately did. " Ron looked at the 2 obliviously.

" She did? "

" Yes. " They replied simultaneously. Buffy was practically fuming when Harry came back.

" So? " She asked calmly.

" So what? " She felt like hitting him.

" What she want? " She asked casually.

" We have a halloween dance this year and... she asked me to be her date. " Ron smiled at his friend, Hermione bit her lower lip, and Buffy choked on her 3rd order of Butterbeer.

" And? " She urged after a minute of coughing.

" And what? " She took a deep breath and counted to 10 forewards and backwards.

" You said? "

" I said that I'd love to. " The blonde nodded rigidly.

" Oh... Um, congrats I guess. " He smiled.

" Thanks. " He replied watching the small blonde stare back down at her butterbeer and for some reason he felt like going and telling Cho to F off and and dance with the blonde. He didn't.


After the four arrived back at the castle Buffy retired and went up to bed. The Dream Team all sat in the common room enjoying the company of one another when hearing the portrait hole open. They looked up and were shocked to see Dumbledore. They all stood and noticed the grim look on his old face.

" What is it Dumbledore? " Harry asked slightly alarmed.

" Not here. " They followed him out and continued to walk silently after him as they made their way to his office. They took their seats looking at their headmaster with concern.

" I'm afraid we have some grim news. You know of the prophesy Harry? " The boy nodded. " We've come to learn it will be happening sooner then we thought. You see, there's a vampire, a master vampire, who's come and joined alliances with Voldemort. He's stronger then we hoped for with the new help and will strike soon. And with this vampire here, chances of you being the victorious one are sliming. " Harry sat and took all this new information in.

" I'll have to fight a vampire too? "

" We're not sure. We were seeking the slayer for guidance but she is unreachable. We had predicted that the battle might be soon, but not this soon. "

" How soon are we talking? " Dumbledore sat in silence for a moment before speaking.

" By the end of this school semester."

Chapter 6 - Costumes and Realizations

It had been two weeks since the trio found out about what might be their last day, they reacted as well as any teenager could but Buffy quickly noticed the difference in them.

" Hey guys it's a Hogsmeade weekend wanna come and help me show around the scoobies? " She asked trying to help them perk up but they merely shook their heads. She frowned. " Hermione come on you have to come and get a dress for the dance."

" Well... I guess I could. " The blonde smiled brightly.

" Great! You wanna go now or wait till later? " Hermione shrugged.

" I guess nows fine. "

" Great we can get Wills and Cordy and be on our way! See ya later guys. " They waved bye and continued on with their game of chess.


" How bout this Wills? Brings out your eyes. " Buffy said holding it up to Willow who shrugged and went to try it on. Cordelia was already trying on some black leather dress.

" Sooo, you gonna tell me whats up? " Hermione looked over at the concerned blonde and sighed.

" Its a bit hard to explain, not really my place to do so... We just are a bit scared I guess... " Buffy looked at the girl slightly suspiciously.

" Look, being scared is okay, its human. Everyone gets scared... If someones done something- "

" No, its not that. I like this dress, so I'll be doing what I came here to do. " She walked off clutching a red dress and hurrying off. Buffy smiled and walked around the Halloween store searching for the perfect outfit. She decided not to go with anyone and head there solo to the dance just as Hermione planned on doing. Willow came out in a green frog costume causing Buffy to burst into a fit of gigles.

" I like it. " Willow said a small pout on her lips only making Buffy laugh harder. Cordelia came out in tight black leather outfit.

" What are you a hooker? " She asked amusement etched on her face. Cordelia glared at the Slayer who in turn gave her her most innocent face.

" Actually I'm... A... um... Fine, I'll change. " Cordelia said picking up another outfit causing Buffy to roll her eyes. Hermione came out of the dressing room and Buffy whistled. She was wearing a short red dress and a devil horns.

" I couldn't possibly- "

" You're hot cos! Come on, dressing up is all about doing something not of the normal. Its about being a whole different you. " Hermione frowned and sighed miserably.

" Its easy for you to say now isn't it? You're gorgeous. " Hermione said staring into the mirror frighteningly.

" Well yeah. " She laughed. " No, Hermione I'm not "gorgeous" you're the one with a cute redhead after your heart. " Hermione blushed. " Only guy I really like is... Well, he sure as hell isn't looking in my direction. " She said looking over at Cho Chang with her friend Mary, she was wearing the playboy outfit and was adjusting the bow tie.

" Harry likes you...He just doesn't realize it yet. No, Buffy really he talks about you! I really think he cares about you. " Buffy sighed as she looked through the clothes and stopped her eyes widening and a soft smile grazing her lips.

" Wow. " Hermione breathed. Buffy picked it up and went to the counter paying for her costume.


Harry and Ron were making their way to the Quidditch pitch for practice. Harry hadn't really spoken to Buffy in a long while so he hadn't told her of the prophesy or anything for that matter. He hated keeping her in the dark but knew that in the long run her safety was what really mattered. He also found that he was falling for the blonde, he knew he had liked her but in no way had he ever imagined anything deeper. Now that they rarely spoke he mainly watched her and she wasn't that complete cheerful bimbo she liked to pretend to be...

She was actually quite somber. At night she sat beside the fire staring into it no smile visible on her usual bright face and when she did smile it was usually strained and never met her eyes with that sparkle she'd have when they first met. Something had happened and she didn't look like she'd be admiting it anytime soon. She still did have that cheerful sarcasticness when she spoke, like she could forget all about it when attempting to brighten up everyone else's day. She reminded him of himself surrounded by