Destiny Series 2:Destiny Reconfigured

by Stars Child
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Buffy sat dejectedly in the cave, Marko trying unsuccessfully to cheer her up. She sighed, blue eyes dull, face pale. She didn't want to go, but her mom said that they should, they were leaving tomorrow.

Her mom never seemed to notice that she never was at home during the day. And there was the problem that they were traveling during the day. Paul had advised her to wear clothes that covered most of her body, and to wear a liberal amount of suntan lotion.

David had said to wear a hoody as well.

When she had told them that she was moving they had been outraged. And why shouldn't they be? She was a part pf the Pack, and they couldn't just abandon her. They couldn't go with her directly, but they could at least follow during the night.

Sunnydale. That was where she was moving. The place mom had said they were going to spend the rest of their life there. Don't you mean undead-life mom?

Raking her fingers through her blond hair she sighed once more, leaning back to lean on Marko, who had now given up entirely. They both sat in silence, watching as Paul teased Dwayne and Dawn shamelessly. David was watching also, an amused smirk on his lips.

She didn't want to go, didn't want to leaver the Pack. Not even for the few days it would take for them to follow. But she had to. She had to stay with her mom. And even though she didn't want to, she would protect her.

Unknowingly, Joyce had been under the protection of the Lost Boys for some time now. After all, she was family.

Next stop, Sunnydale.

Chapter One

Buffy Summers sat in the back of her mothers car, wearing her HIM hoody and a baggy pair of jeans. Her hood was up, and her head was bowed down, gloved hands almost masking her face.

When asked why she was wearing so much clothing she simply replied that she was cold, and was ill. Fortunately her mom believed her, thinking her only child could do no wrong.

Buffy winced, smoothing more suntan lotion onto her face. It was going to take alot of foundation to cover up the slight burns. David had dug up a few of his sires' old spell books, and cast a spell on her so she wouldn't get burnt. Unfortunately the spell wouldn’t take effect for another three to four hours.

Dark glasses covered her blue eyes, as she watched the countryside go by. By now, however, the signs of a storm were beginning to show themselves. Dark black clouds hung heavily across the sky, and the rain started at a slow drizzled, but slowly gained momentum. Presently, the countryside turned into a cityscape and the mother and daughter were glad that the long journey was over.

The car pulled into the driveway of their new home, and scurried in before the heavy rain could soak them to the skin. Shaking off cold droplets of water, they spent the rest of the afternoon inspecting the small, but comfortable house.


Buffy smirked, the sunlight wasn't burning her skin now. The others had all used the same spell, so they could stay in the light. She looked about her room, now she was more punk and slightly more gothic than she used to be. What was she saying! She used to be a cheerleader!

The only thing that was remotely part of her old life was her stuffed pig Mr Gordo, who she had insisted she take along with her, and her picture of her and Pike. Pike was an old friend, their relationship never would have worked out anyway. And the first thing she did when she started a relationship with Marko was to tell him that nothing special went on between her and Pike. And it didn't, she didn't love him, not the way she did Marko anyway. She loved Pike like a brother more than anything.

She sighed softly, tacking up her giant poster of Nirvana onto her bedroom wall. Stepping back she admired the image of one of her idols. Kurt Cobain. It was Pauls fault really, he was the one to get her into that sort of thing.

She sat back onto her bed, shaking her hair free of the black ponytail band. She smiled, applying lip-gloss to her lips and a thin layer of black kohl under her eyes. She smiled, admiring her reflection in the full length mirror, twirling to add to the affect.

She wore black baggy combat trousers and a hooded velour top that read 'Vampire' in pink. Ironic really. Vans trainers completed her look. Now she really did look the part.

She ran down the stairs, missing a step at the bottom. Picking up her drawstring bag, she turned her discman on, skipping some of the songs until she got to her favourite, which just so happened to be Lithium.

The ride to school with her mom was a quiet affair, neither one speaking until they pulled up to Sunnydale High School.

Her mom gave her a warning look, "Try not get kicked out of this one, Buffy." Joyce said, looking her daughter in the eye. Buffy smiled disarmingly, "I wont mom, I promise." She replied, before entering Sunnydale High.

After bumping into a tall, gangly guy with dark hair she made her way to her first class. And this school year was going to be a blast, if she had her way that is...

Chapter 2

Buffy sat at the back of history class, taking notes into her black hardback notebook. She deliberately ignored the looks she got from many of her fellow classmates, ranging from curiosity to animosity, but she was not fazed. She was a vampire after all, and a retired slayer at that.

The history teacher told them to open their book, Buffy raised a slender eyebrow, conveniently noticing that she didn't have a textbook. Typical. However, she was saved by the girl sitting in the desk beside her. The girl leant over, sharing her textbook.

The girl was self-assured, and was tall with long brown hair. She introduced herself as Cordelia, and Buffy told the girl her name.

"If you're looking for a textbook, you can get them from the library," Cordelia offered, as they began to walk to 'said' library.

On the way, however, a red haired girl was seen to be drinking from the water fountain. For some reason this provoked Cordelia to become the nasty-bitch type.
"Willow! Nice Dress. Good to know you've seen the softer side of Sears"

Willows face was a mask of hurt, "Well, my mom picked it out." Cordelia quickly quipped a reply.
"No wonder you're such a guy magnet. Are you done?"

Willow looked hurt, instantly vacating the fountain. Cordelia stepped up, and looked tr Buffy. "You wanna fit in here, the first rule is, 'Know your losers'. Once you can identify them all by sight, they're a lot easier to avoid."

Before Cordelia could get very far however, a particular group made an appearance. Cordelia was stunned, and completely speechless. Even more so when each of them pulled Buffy into an embrace. The one with white-blond hair gave Cordelia a slow smirk, but turned his back soon after, resulting in Cordelia frowning.

Paul smirked, "Now, now. Frowning will give you wrinkles." he said, and Cordelia walked off in a huff. However none of the Lost Boys seemed to notice, they were too caught up in their reunion with a member of their Pack.

"I need to go to the library, anyone want to come with?" Buffy asked, after a few more bone crushing hugs from her family. The guys nodded and Marko and Buffy walked on ahead as Dwayne and Dawn followed, laughing with Paul as they went.

David though, had paused to look at the red-haired beauty that had been admonished by Cordelia, who Paul already like to call 'Spordelia'. He was captivated, she was beautiful, and he felt a tug at his heart. Sighing he shrugged it off, and followed his pack to the library.

They entered the library, surprised at the elegance of it. There seemed to be no-one around, bored Paul began to poke around the shelves, looking for anything to amuse him.

"I suggest you don't do that, theses books are very old and shouldn't be in the hands of vagrant children." the man said, he spoke in a British accent, and his expression was of quiet intensity.

Paul backed off, as the British librarian walked towards them, his eyes flickered to Buffy, pupils slightly dilating. Her removed his glasses, cleaned them for a second or two and then replaced them.

"I...I don't believe it....they said that....that you died and..."trailing off after his little stutter speech. Buffy's eyes widened, giving her a dear in a headlight look, "You're with the council..." she murmured.

Chapter 3

The librarian, vampires and ex-slayer stood motionless in the deserted library. None could speak, as most were wondering what the hell the 'council was'. David was the only one who knew however, what the English Librarian had meant. He'd heard tell of the Watchers Council through his sire, and he didn't like how they worked. Not one bit. According to his sire, they were corrupt.

 The librarian, who had just introduced himself as Rupert Giles, was currently still cleaning his glasses. Buffy, however, was seated on top of the desk, on the other side of the room.

 Buffy rolled her blue eyes, tiring of the stunned silence. "Look, Mr Giles, I left that life behind me in L.A. That me doesn't exhist anymore. I'm retired."

 Giles shook his head, placing his glasses back on over his eyes, "I'm afraid not Buffy. The Council did not see fit to call another Slayer. They may have believed you dead, but they believed you not entirely dead, if you catch my meaning," He said, pointedly glancing at the five other vampires.

 "And I believe that there is a reason that you are here. The Harvest is tonight, when the Master vampire will try to get enough strength to rise. And I think you're here to stop it." He added, folding his arms across his chest.

 Marko was getting increasingly annoyed, "I don't know who the hell you are, man, but I want some answers here." The others nodded in agreement, although they remained silent.

 Giles sighed, "Buffy is...uh, was... the Slayer. She defeated a Master Vampire named Lothos, but tragically, her first watcher died. She refused to carry on being the slayer. The council lost track of her when she moved."

 The silence was heavy. Every vampire, apart from David and Marko was stunned. Buffy was a slayer? Then why didn't she kill them when they first met? It didn't sound right.

 Giles, however, wasn't finished yet. "The council didn't know that you would be a Vampire Buffy. But it gives you an edge against the Master. Especially since you aren't a typical breed."

 Buffy was confused, "Breed? What do you mean by that?"

 "What I mean is, you are a different sort of vampire. The vampires round here lost their souls when turned, and are in effect, posessed  by a demon. But the demon still has the memories and characteristics of its host."

 Buffy raised a slender eyebrow, head cocking to the side slightly, "So you want me to stop this 'Master' guy?"

 "That would be a yes." Giles replied.

 "Fine," Buffy murmured, "But I'm not doing it alone," She looked pointedly at her boyfriend and the rest of the pack, eyes resting on each in turn. And each gave a smirk of agreement in return.

 Paul smirked. "Sounds like fun," He said, leaning on one of the shelves. "Lets kick a little vamp butt."

 David smirked his usual smirk. "So, what’s the plan, 'Ripper'?" His smirk growing as Giles began to pale.

 "Uhh, yes," Giles stuttered, "I believe his henchmen will be hitting The Bronze tonight, alot of people will be there, and they'll be easier to trap."

 Buffy nodded, twirling the dagger that was conveniently hidden in the pocket of her baggy combat trousers. She nodded, face set with determination, she smirked an uncharacteristic smirk and placed the silver dagger on the desk. "We're on it."

Chapter 4

Buffy Summers twirled the long-sword in her hands, admiring the balance of the weapon and also the fact that it was light, and sharp. Her long blonde hair was clipped back out of her face, and the she wore black shorts and an adidas tee.

Giles studied her from afar, surrounded by mythical books of all categories. Dawn was seated beside him, pouring through book after book for anything that might help them.

Buffy moved with a dancers grace, deadly and precise in her movements and thrusts of the sword. It was if the sword was just as extension to her hand. Marko was polishing the silver dagger that Buffy had had earlier, watching as the light glinted off of the metal.

Everyone knew what was to come, as it would happen tonight. And they had to be prepared. Tonight, the Masters henchman, Luke would be at the Bronze.

David and the others and trained tirelessly, remembering the weight of the sword and the crossbow in hand, the extension of the stake to the arm. They fought the good fight, just this once. After all, they didn't want the world to end, the loved it too much.

Dwayne vaguely wondered what the Master would think or say, when he found out that Buffy was a vampire. He shook his head gently, he really could not comprehend an answer to that.

He snorted softly, mesmerised by Buffy's perfect movements. Such cat-like grace. He smirked. Marko was definitely a lucky guy.

Dawn was seated in front of him, scouring through each page of each musty old book. He stifled a laugh as she scrunched up her nose and sneezed. He thought she looked so cute when she did that.

She caught his gaze and grinned at him, before returning to the books. Giles, shook his head. How on earth had the slayer met these...people? And was a vampire, no less. He didn't exactly expect that with his new slayer but...he had expected someone more like the slayers of the watchers journals. The loners and the good women.

But Buffy wasn't like that, she relied on her friends and now had added strength. She would be able to stop the Master. That he was sure of. And he would make sure of it. If his name wasn't Rupert Giles.

Chapter 5

There was no one outside when Buffy and the Lost Boys reached the Bronze. She struggled with the door, but it was locked from the inside, and when she pointed out that little fact, Giles looked almost sick.

"We're too late." he murmured, worry clearly evident in his voice.

 Paul winced, "Can you break it down?" he asked hopefully, he looked downcast when she shook her head in negativity. Paul sighed, aimlessly kicking the can at his feet. Dwayne was getting annoyed by now, eyes worried about how the night would turn out. "Will you cut that out!" he snapped in uncharacteristic anger.

 Paul looked vaguely surprised, and ceased kicking the can. He didn't need to be told twice, that was for sure.

 "I'll try another way in, you guys get in the back way, get everyone out safely," Buffy ordered, tying her long hair up into a ponytail so it wouldn't get in the way.

 The four vampires, and watcher, nodded in affirmation and were gone in a heartbeat. Buffy shook her head. Vampiric speed. Ya gotta love it.

The Master was steadily gaining more power from each feed the Vessel drank. He began to glow with strength, with eternal life. Stepping up to the mystical wall he placed his hands against it and began to push.

Very slowly the wall disintergrated at his touch, almost, he was almost free. With a yell he called to his vessel for more.

The Vessel obeyed, triumphantly he dropped the body and looked about at his hostages. They were all terrified, he could taste their fear on the very air. It pleased and exhilerated him.

No one saw Buffy slip through one of the windows, not even the vampire on guard. And no one saw her standing there, sizing up the situation. She looked about, the exits were few and far between. But she trusted Giles and the others to get them all out.

Her gaze turned the one one on the stage. Man, was he ugly. Her eyes widened as she saw the three pointed star drawn in blood on his forehead. "The Vessel" she murmured.

Unfortunately the vampire on guard heard her this time, he reached for her, but suddenly stopped and exploded into dust. She was standing face to face with Marko. If he hadn't got the vamp on duty, they would have lost the element of surprise.

Giving him a quick kiss in thanks she returned her gaze to the stage, where the Vessel was preapring to take another life. Unfortunately, the chosen one was Cordelia.

As the Vessel reached for the struggling teen, Buffy flipped onto the stage, landing directly ontop of 'said' vampire. 'Said' vampire being the Vessel. And the Vessel being incredibly angry.

"Oh, I'm sorry, were you in the middle of something?" Buffy quipped. The Vessel snarled, realizing that she was the slayer. He hissed, confusion etched into his rather ugly vampiric features.

"You're a vampire?" He murmured, head cocking to the side. Buffy smirked, flicking her hair over one shoulder.

"So what if I am?" she replied, kicking him in the chest.

Her vampiric senses were on her side this night, as her sharp eyesight saw that the windows at the back of the stage had been blacked out.

The Vessel was back up and angry. Buffy dogded the various and slightly sluggish hits he sent out, before tripping him up, sending his straight through the blacked out window. He was  temporarily blinded by the bright arteficial lamps.

"Theres one thing you forgot about," Buffy quipped, stake in hand, "Sunrise." The Vessels eyes widened, eyesight slowly coming back to him.

And the last thing he saw was the image of Buffy standing before him, and the stake thrust into his heart. And then there was nothing more.

Stepping away from the pile of dust that used to be Luke, the Masters Vessel, Buffylooked back through the window and into the Bronze. The hostages were no longer present, only Giles, and slightly behind, stood her Pack. Her family. She smiled, wiping the dust from her trousers as she slimbed back through the window.

"That was too easy." She said, embracing Marko. Giles, however was going to ruin the moment, "Yes well, Buffy, you may have stopped the Master rising tonight, but the threat is still there," he said sternly.

Buffy nodded, arms slung over Marko and Pauls shoulders. "Bring it on," she murmured, defiance resounding strongly in her voice, "We can take him."

David smirked, cerulean eyes sparkling, "We'll take him out together." he vowed. Silently the Pack agreed, another night, the Master would fall by their hands. And their hands only.

Chapter 6

Buffy ran her fingers through her hair, her window open and the cool breeze flowing in. She'd been having nightmares lately, but they weren't the usual ones Giles said that she'd have. These ones were different, her memories of Lothos and Merricks death were coming back to her more frequent and even now Marko lay beside her, after previously trying to comfort her.

Marko was one of the only constant things in her life, and she felt as close to him as ever, but these dreams-they were scaring her and there was nothing that Marko or anyone else could do to stop them.

Images of how Merrick died echoed in her mind. Staked in the heart by Lothos, he had died in her arms. But she had avenged him, killed Lothos. And now she was here, on the Mouth of Hell. And a half vampire no less.

She had no regrets really. David, Dwayne and Paul were all like brothers to her, and Marko was her lover. She snuggled into his arms as they lay atop the bedsheets, Buffy's long black nightdress shaped around her as she moved closer to him.

She smiled wickidly as she remembered the look David had given Willow. Her smile grew as Marko's arms tightened around her slender form, running his hands through her hair. David and Willow would make a sweet couple, her eyes flashed crimson and she'd made up her mind. Operation Matchmaker WOULD be a success.


The Master sat in his sunken church, severly pissed off. He had failed, again. Now there was no way that he could be released from his ancient prison.

"Who said that there was no way, old friend."

The Master almost jumped out of his undead skin as he greeted his old friend, a wickid smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes. He'd believed that his old friend was dead, his first Childe from so long ago. And he was back.

The vampire smiled, revealing his fangs. He'd returned for the sole purpose of revenge and to free his sire of course. He himself was never strong enough to free his strong-willed sire but he knew someone that was.

In the deep dark Lothos grinned, a plan forming in his twisted mind. His smile grew and thoughts were dark in his head -Resurrection and Revenge, a worthy combination for success.