Destiny Series 1:Changed Destiny

by Stars Child
Disclaimer: I do not own either Buffy the vampire slayer or the Lost Boys. If you sue me all you will get is a couple of pennies and a stick of gum.

Chapter 1

Buffy Anne Summers gazed out of the car window, watching as the multiple trees and houses whizzed by in a blur of colour. She sighed, flicking her long blond hair over one shoulder. Why the hell did I end up here? She thought, a slight frown on her slender face. Her heart sank then, it’s all my fault that Mom and Dad divorced. Her eyes welled, but she forced the new born tears away.

Joyce looked over at her daughter, worry creasing into the lines of her once young face. It was all the stress of the divorce that did it, and that was why they had to move.

Her tired eyes scanned the roads, waiting for the sign to come up. She clicked her tongue softly, but some how her only child heard her. Their gaze met and they quickly turned away from each other.

Joyce sighed under her breath, Buffy hadn’t been the same since her father left them. She seemed distant, and they were happy to get away from the place that held too many memories to handle. L.A. Way too many memories, and not all of them good.

At this exact time, Buffy was deep in her own thoughts, the defeat of Lothos, the death of Merrick. Her break-up with Pike. What she saw in him she did not know. Her eyes focused on the coming sign, after all, it was big enough. Santa Carla she thought, Now why does that remind me of Santa’a Little Elves?

Her eyes narrowed then as she saw the graffiti on the back. The murder capitol of the world, huh? She could cope with that.


The house was small, very small. But seemed homey, a tiny picket fence surrounded it, and the garden wasn’t all that bad. Inside though.

Was a mess. It needed cleaning badly, dust bunnies everywhere. The fifteen year old held in a sneeze as she inspected the old oak firplace. Upstairs was slightly better, and after setting up her stuff in her room, which was on the east side, she decided that she would go out. For a walk. With a smirk she left the house, after advising her mother not to go out at might. This was precisely what Buffy, herself, was doing right at this moment.

Her wanderings took her to the coast, where she walked onto the Boardwalk, with an air of misgiving. Not really wanting to be there at all, but it was something for her to do. The hustle and bustle made her feel slightly claustrophobic and she felt slightly nauseous so she stopped to rest near a carousel.

Leaning on a lamp post discreetly, Buffy watched the array of people go by, but she was deep in thought. So she didn’t seem to notice the approach of a gang. And just her luck. They were Surf Nazis.

“Heya, girl ya looking for a good time? I can show it to ya!” Said a particularly stupid looking one. Buffy shook her head.

“I don’t think so, besides I don’t think that you could handle me.” She said with a smirk.

Just as the guy she’d dubbed ‘Stupid’ was reaching for her, someone stepped in front of her. A guy, to be more specific. And man was he hot! White hair framing a good looking face with day old stubble. Complete with long black trench coat.

“I don’t think so.” He murmured, his voice caring an air of menace. The Surf Nazis backed of at the look in ‘Mystery Guy’s’ eyes and the made a break for it. Leaving Buffy with her rescuer.

“Who are you?” she asked, eyes narrowed. The Billy Idol wannabe smirked and held out his hand to shake hers.

“Im David. And you are?” His smirk grew as she took his gloved hand and he noticed that she was unafraid.

“Me? Im Buffy.” She replied, unafraid, but suspicious. As if sensing her suspicion he responded to them in kind.

“There’s no need to be afraid. I don’t bite. Much.” Buffy smiled, her spider sense tingling slightly, but she ignored it, pegging it to being just a newborn vamp that she could get later.

“Do you wanna ride?” he asked, and she realised that they were with three other guys. All cute and definitely hot. Her gaze then turned to David’s bike and nodded in agreement. It would be interesting.

David smirked and introduced the other guys, “The brooding one is Dwayne, the blonde one is Paul, and the little one is Marko.” Each nodded to her in turn. But Marko’s eyes were filled with something she couldn’t recognise…. Nah, it was just her, she smiled at him as David helped her onto the back of his bike, and the rode of into the night. Destination unknown.

Chapter 2

Marko grinned, the new girl that David had brought along had fit in with them perfectly, she was definitely ‘Pack’ that was for sure. And he had a feeling that David was going to let her stay, she was having an influence on them. They were all more careful during the hunt, and hid the bodies easier, and Buffy. Well Buffy, was the brooding type, but they were slowly bringing her out into the open. One night, one night she had been with them, and already they knew she was family.

Ever since she had accepted the ride off of David, she had been a part of them and what happened that night, he wouldn'd soon forget.


Buffy had accepted the ride from the hunk known as David. And she was regretting it. It was a thrill, and she had the urge to get a bike of her own. The other boys followed their leader, stopping on one of the cliffs.

Buffy hesitated as she gazed out onto the sea, waves crashing onto the shore. She smiled slightly, and was lost in her own thoughts until Paul startled her out of her reverie.

He grinned, tapping her on her shoulder, "Hey, girl. Your gonna catch a cold." He said to her, already a feeling of brotherly affection towards her. To him she was quiet, unfathomable. Like Dwayne used to get sometimes. Buffy smiled and proceeded to follow him down into the cave. A slight frown of disgust at the uncleaniness of it. David turned to her, signiture smirk on his lips. "This was the hottest resort in Santa Carla back about eighty years ago. Too bad they built it right on topof the San Adreas fault." He paused for a second, sharp eyes scanning her neutral expression. "In 1906, when the big one hit San Francisco, the ground opened up and this place took a header into the crack."

He turned to her then, his smirk growing, "Impressive, huh?"

Buffy raised a slender eyebrow, her own smirk poised on her lips. " Do I really have to answer that question?"

David stopped, and laughed under his breath (You know, that evil chuckle under his breath). "I dont suppose you do, after all, you are obviously unimpressed, Wendy dear."

Paul, Dwayne and Marko ubruptly stopped what they were doing, which Buffy had no idea, since they were behind her, and stared at their leader. Ignoring their looks, David continued. "Me and my Lost Boys need a little company, and we think you're the girl for us."

She raises the other eyebrow at the Peter Pan reference, thinking it strange that they would compare themselves to Peter and his Lost Boys.

Something clicks,and Buffy's eyes widen. Her breath stuttered out in gasps as she realised she was trapped, "You're...vampires...." she murmured. David hesitated, confusion etched into his features.

Marko stepped forward, expression as equally confused as David's, "How did you..?" he asked, placing a hand onto her shoulder. Buffy jumped at the sudden contact. Realising that she was out-numbered, and that these weren't ordinary vampires, she prepared her self for what she thought was her death.

When nothing proceeded to happen, she tensed, and stared at David, unwilling at forst to meet his gaze. "You...aren't going to kill me?" At David's expression she relaxed a little, but her guard was up once more when the smirk appeared.

"No, I dont think so, not yet at least." He smirked.Paul and Dwayne moved to complete the circle. Buffy was confused and she looked at them all, straight in the eye, to see if she could gouge their thoughts. Marko smiled, Paul had that insane grin on his face and Dwayne, was expressionless. Turning to David he said, "She's Pack, we wouldn't hurt our own." David nodded in affirmation.

"We wont hurt you Buffy, you're one of us." Marko whispered to her, and Buffy's stomach fluttered slightly.

Paranoia set in as she realised that they were all looking at her intently. She felt safe with them, alive, comfortable. And they were accepting her. Then her rebellious streak set in. What did it matter that are vampires? Her mind was made up then, "I'll join you."

David smiled, truly this time and Paul 'n' Marko whooped in joy. She was Pack, and she was theirs.


Marko sighed, ever since then, she was part of the Pack. She was still only a half vampire, as they believed that she wasn't ready fro the first kill yet. She fit in, Paul and Dwayne, acting like the big brothers, always nagging at her. David, genuinly concerned whenever she was hurt. Yes, she did fit in.

Lost in his thoughts he didn't notice the presence behind him, until a slender pair of arms snaked round his waist and embraced him from behind. He smiled as a kiss was placed on his cheek and turned to his love. Buffy returned his smile and they kissed passionately, unaware and uncaring of their surroundings.

Chapter 3

They moved around the boardwalk, graceful as hunters. And one huntress. David, Paul, Dwayne and Marko. They were her family now. Buffy smirked, and it was an almost-David type of smirk, as she watched the people of Santa Carla mill around. Generally having a good time.

Dwayne sighed, these blood bags would never understand them, and none of them would or ever will. He glanced at David, their leader and followed him into the video store, which was run by a guy named 'Max'.

Whilst wandering between the rows upon rows of videos, he caught a glimpse of a dark haired figure. Upon investigation, aka following her, he discovered that she was a petite, brown haired nymph. And was incredibly beautiful.

None of the other Lost Boys, or Lost Girl for that matter, had seemed to have noticed her. He didn't know why, she was very attractive and she had a Power, it was magnetic. It called to him.

Plucking up enough courage he approached the brunette nymph, catching her eye. She turned to him, a slight smile of her lips. And he had the urge to kiss her there and then. Her smile grew and her eyes sparkled.

"Hey," she said, that beautiful smile on her lips. He was enchanted.

"Hey, he murmured, a small smile on his lips, her smile was contagious that was for sure.”Do you want a ride?" he asked, indicating his bike outside.

She seemed to ponder an answer then, but a rebellious streak kicked in. "Sure.' she answered.

The boys didn't seem to mind that he had picked up a girl, and Buffy didn't mind either, infact she was almost friendly, she smiled at the younger girl as Dwayne helped her onto the back of his bike.

"Ya know you never did tell me your name, "She said, looking intently at him. Dwayne grinned, "I'm Dwayne."

She nodded, eyes looking in to his eyes, "Im Dawn."

Chapter 4

Buffy smiled at the antics of her friend Paul, who was flirting shamelessly with Dawn. Snuggling up to Marko, she giggled at the indignant look on Dwayne's face. He didn't look happy, that was for sure.

Dawn knew that Paul was just trying to rile up Dwayne, trying to get him to react. But she didn't mind the attention, after all she was only fifteen, and she had Dwayne. She had feelings for him, but it was too early to act on them, she decided.

David, as usual, just sat reading a book. Occasionally chuckling at the situation between the three. Buffy and Marko just cuddled up to each other, which was a bit too sweet for his liking. Marko didn't sleep in the miniature cave with the rest of them anymore. He slept with Buffy in the canopy bed. And lets just say that not all nights were spent in rest.

Dwayne was quickly getting angry, but didn't want Paul to know. Muttering that he needed a little air, he went and stood upon the cliff. After a few seconds of worrying, Dawn quickly followed.

Marko smiled, arm snaking round Buffy's waist, pulling her closer. "They're got it bad."

Paul rolled his eyes, "No kidding, man!"

All David did was smirk, as he seemed to do alot lately. (^-^)

Meanwhile, Dwayne and Dawn just watched the stars, simply enjoying each others company. He liked her, she liked him. But neither could pluck up the courage to tell each other. Typical (authoress sighs).

Dwayne sighed, unconsciously wrapping an arm around Dawn, as she was shivering slightly, smiling as she snuggled against him. Soon he'd tell her, and not just that he liked her, really liked her. How would she take it? Would she stay with him for eternity, another Marko and Buffy couple? Snuggle happy like Buffy and Marko? Or would she reject him, and the vampiric life?

He would tell her. Just not tonight.

Chapter 5

Marko and Buffy, as usual, were cuddled up together. And frankly, it was getting on Paul's nerves. Teasing the lovebirds was fun at first, but it quickly got old.

Now though, he was walking along the boardwalk, pretty much alone, but he felt like being alone tonight. Marko and Buffy were sickening him. For some reason, it really got to him that Marko and Dwayne both had girls, even though Dawn wasn't technically with Dwayne yet.

He sighed, long blonde hair blowing in the slight wind. As usual, it was crowded. And the scent of so many people was practically overwhelming. Even now he could feel the blood lust growing. But he shouldn't. Mustn't. Not without the other guys.

He almost ran from the boardwalk, now seeking seclusion. Atop the cliff he stood, a sense of loneliness welling up in him. Startled, he felt the presence of another vampire, the scent clearly not human. Turning he beheld the sight of a man in the shadows, dressed all in black.

"Show yourself, vampire." He called to the one in shadow. He said nothing, just stepped into the dim light. Short, dark hair framed an angelic face. He was expressionless, and looked as if he was always brooding. In a way, he reminded Paul of Dwayne.

The man stepped up closer, they were now almost touching. Paul now had a better look and what startled him was the raw amount of Power in this immortal. And he was definitely older than him. Maybe even older than Max.

"My name is Angel." the man said, expression still devoid, voice monotone. Paul's eyes widened, undead heart beating faster.

"Angelus" He murmured, fear in his eyes. Angel shook his head, a slight smirk on his lips. "No, I'm not HIM any more. It's just Angel now."

Paul nodded, the fear receding a little. But that fact still was, that he'd come face to face with the one with the angelic face, the scourge of Europe.

Angel frowned, "You've heard of me?"

Paul raised an eyebrow, "I've heard stories, you're quite popular, man."

"I see," Angel murmured, "Well, what are you waiting for, lets go meet the rest of your little 'squad'."

Paul did not disagree, and for that matter, didn't want to argue with one of the most benevolent Mast Vampires in existence, so, almost stumbling, he led the way back to the cave.

Chapter 6

The arrival of the scourge of Europe was, how can I put this?, something along the lines of, well, fearful. And why shouldn't they be? They still viewed him as Angelus. And he was not HIM anymore.

The vampires had been wary, especially the one they called David. He was fearful for the protection of his Pack. His Lost Boys and Lost Girls. They were definitely a tight-nit group, almost never leaving each other's sides.

And for some reason, David seemed to remind him of his own childe, Spike. Angel snorted softly. Maybe it was the hair.

The half vampire known as Buffy, now, she intrigued him. Just like she did when he first saw her first watcher 'Merrick' approach her, that day in high school. Yes, he had been watching. But she hadn't known, couldn't sense him. Which was why she didn't recognise him.

A pang resonated in his heart. She was too busy snuggling up to her lover. Marko, that was his name, young looking, with an angelic face. Framed by curly blond hair. Definitely the baby of the group.

David was looking at Angel suspiciously, eyes never leaving the dark haired older vampire's face. "What is it that you want, Angelus?" The words seemed bold, but there was an underline of fear in the white-blond vampire's voice.

"I'm here to warn you. There is a powerful vampire sorceress on the loose. And she is coming here to challenge you." The other vampires perked at Angel’s words, curiosity in their gaze. Especially in the young girl, Dawn.

"Her name is Dreya, and she has Power. More Power than even I have, I barely escaped her to get here and warn you." Silence after he spoke, but David seemed to agree.

"Yes," he nodded, "I've felt something for a few days, now. I just thought it was vibrations from my sires Power."

Angel was inclined to agree, "She can hide her Power, she has more than she lets on." he added, voice echoing in the cave.

Since Angel had first arrived, the Lost Boys, and Girls had been silent. And they were, even now. The blond, who'd led him here, Paul was the next to speak.

"When will she be here?" fear, dread and curiosity in his sharp voice.

"She will be here by next week, at the least. We dont have much time to prepare." Angel replied, fierce determination in his dark gaze.

David nodded to his Lieutenant, Dwayne and they silently communicated to the others. Glances were exchanged, nods of agreement were seen. And with that, the training began.

Chapter 7

Angel stood on the cliff above the Lost Cave, watching the waves crass upon the rocks. His dark eyes narrowed as he felt another surge in Power.

She was coming.

David was as worried as he was, and his Lieutenant, Dwayne as well. Marko and Buffy were taking it quite seriously, but not always. They were snuggling too much.

Now he knew why Paul always left the room after a few minutes of that.

Angel sighed. Dreya was powerful, yes. But together they should be able to beat them. They had enough Power. And with Buffy, who was still a half vampire, could act as a spy during the daytime.

And as for Dawn, she and Dwayne were closer now. But she wasn't ready to become a half vampire yet. It was too soon for her. So she assisted Buffy in her spy games.

And him? He was just standing here, overlooking the sea. With a sigh he realized that the real reason he was out here was because he was jealous. Jealous of Marko for having Buffy.

He'd loved her from the moment he saw her. All those years ago, outside Hemery High, her old high school in LA. Things went from bad to worse after that. After she had burnt down the school gym, she had been expelled, and then her parents divorce... Her life wasn't very fulfilling at the moment.

At least she had Marko. He loved her, and she loved him. Who cared if Marko was a vampire? So was he. And who had ever heard of a slayer falling in love with one? Not until now, that was for sure.

The preparation for Dreya's arrival was coming to a close. They were almost ready. Ready to face the witch that had destroyed almost ten thousand lives in one short week.

The Power swelled. And he knew that the time had come. Soon he was joined by David and Dwayne. Paul and the girls following after.

It had begun.

Chapter 8

Buffy closed her eyes, the Power was approaching, and man, was it fast. Angel had said for she and Dawn to stay in the cave. He said that they'd be safe there.

She doubted it.

This Power, was nothing like she'd ever felt. It was stronger than Lothos, that was for sure. She didn't think she'd be any help in this one.

Dawn felt it. Even though she was still only mortal, she felt it. It was a shimmer of Power, like a wave swelling and dissipating on a shore. It was strong, and this witch, well, she prayed that Dwayne and the others wouldn't get hurt. Buffy was worried, she could tell. Worried about Marko in the same way she was worrying about Dwayne.

With a surge in the ancient power, they knew that SHE had arrived. The witch, Dreya. Why she wanted to take over Santa Carla, neither could tell.


Meanwhile, outside the cave, the Lost Boys and Scourge of Europe waited. Nervously the stood, awaiting the arrival of Dreya. The surge in Power came. and with a flash, there she stood.

They didn't think that she'd be beautiful. But she was. Angel had warned them, that she used her beauty and charm to achieve what she wanted. And truly her beauty was dangerous.

Her face was veiled, and the long robes she wore were midnight black in colour, even her hands were gloved. Her hair, however, was a stark white. A sharp contrast to the colours she wore.

Despite her petite and vulnerable appearance though, they could sense it. A magick so strong, that it could destroy the world itself.

David narrowed his eyes. This wasn't going to be easy. Glancing at his Pack he sensed the underlying fear in them. Marko and Dwayne especially. Of course, they were worried for their loved ones, and not themselves. Paul was afraid of the consequences if they lost, Angel too.

But him? He was afraid of the safety of his Pack.

Dreya wasn't making a move. She simply stood, gouging the reactions and feelings of her opponents. She did not move. And neither did they. It seemed, that for the moment, there was indecision on both sides.

Angel was the first to move. He stepped forward and instantly the witch tensed. They circled each other, preparing to fight.

Which one would win? The Scourge of Europe or the Scourge of Mankind itself?

Chapter 9

Dreya struck first, white hair haloing behind. She arched her fingers, energy flowing to a point on her palm. The veil lifted slightly, revealing smiling lips.

Angel frowned, senses sharp as David and Dwayne stood in fighting stances, ready if she attacked. His undead heart beat faster as the energy grew.

With a shriek, Dreya threw the energy, colliding with Angel. He screamed, pain enveloping him, clouding his senses with a dark mist.

Beside him David growled, and struck the witch across the face, sending her staggering backwards, the veil falling from her face.

All present gasped as they beheld the face of the witch before them. Her eyes were completely black, lips pale and thin. She would've been pretty, if not for the dark purple-black bruises littering her slender face. She smirked, blood trickling from a split lip.

She began to glow, gathering dark energy into her petite from, black robes fluttering. Dwayne snarled, and changed into his vampiric face. Moving faster than the eye could see, he struck her across the back.

Angel winced as she screamed in pain, blood pouring from the large wound in her back, staining the thin cloth.

They circled her, Paul and Marko's faces set with determination. As one, the attacked, causing more screams of pain from the witch.

She was still gathering power, but suddenly, she stopped the flow of energy, and made a run for it, straight into the cave.

Momentarily, the Lost Boys and Scourge of Europe hesitated, but quickly followed, sensing fear from the two girls within.

Marko sprinted, worry lined on his face, he could feel it. She was in pain, the witch wasn't going to get away with this, he silently promised himself.

Once inside, they found Dreya with arms held around Buffy, a dagger held to the centre of her neck.

Buffy struggled, trying vainly to get free from Dreya's grasp.

Marko looked to Angel, and they exchanged a worried glance. Angel held his hands up, walking slowly towards them, "Leave her be Dreya, she is of no concern to you."

Dreya laughed, voice raspy. "If she is so unimportant, then why are you worried?" She laughed again and with one flick of her wrist, plunged the dagger into her neck.

Marko's scream echoed the cave. Tears welled in his eyes as Buffy slumped to the ground, blood pouring from her fragile neck.

And he saw red. Red flashing across is vision, taunting his with the image of his dying lover. Angrily, he rose again from the floor, where he had knelt before, in his grief, and he snapped.

An anguished cry escaped his lips, Dreya standing there, laughing. He rushed her, slashing his sharp nails across her neck.

She gasped, blood gushing from the fatal wound. The vampires watched as the witch choked on it, breath leaving her. She fell to the floor, slowly dying until Angel approached from behind, and swiftly snapped her neck. Ending her pain.

Marko ran to Buffy, carefully lifting her onto his lap. Tears streamed down his angelic face, but she wasn't dead yet. He looked at David, worry evident on their leaders face. David nodded, agreeing with Marko's unspoken words.

Marko slashed his wrist, gently placing to Buffy's lips, and let her drink from him. He winced, the pain was great, but she would need alot to heal the wound. Slowly, the bleeding stopped, and he removed his wrist from her lips. They bandaged the wound, laying her on the canopy bed near one side of the cave.

Marko sighed, he had given her alot, and now he felt weak. Angel and Paul helped him up, grim looks on their faces, as they gazed at the dead form of Dreya. Marko's anger had saved them, they knew then that he had achieved the power of a Master Vampire.

Dawn and Dwayne embraced tightly, glad that neither had been hurt. they smiled, and kissed gently, as David lifted up the witches body.

Carrying her outside her doused her body with gasoline, lighting it with his lighter. He watched the body burn, the flames licking at her form. He smirked. It was over. And he hadn't had much fun.

All that mattered was the safety of the Pack. And now Buffy was healing, she would be with them. And soon, so would Dawn. They were a pack together. And together they would rid the night of the mortal scum, leaving the innocent. Besides, the evil ones tasted better, he knew through personal experience.

Angel stood beside him, face grim. "More will come, you know. They will come for revenge." he murmured, gazing upon the flames. David nodded, features set. "Let them come, they will not succeed." he replied, turning towards the other vampire.

Angel smiled, placing a hand upon his shoulder. He nodded, and they both returned to the safety of the cave, to watch over the Pack. And here they are, the Pack in Santa Carla-the Murder Capital of the World. Two girls, five guys, the most Powerful pack in their in miles. And together, they would wipe the night clean of all opposing evil.