Child of the Gods

Author: Bellashade
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: This fanfic is the proerty of the author. This author does not own Buffy, Xena or Herc universes.
Summery: Buffy comes back in an AU Season 3 to help the scoobie swith the major. And thi stime she really knows who she is.

Buffy looked around it had been just a year since she left Sunnydale now she was back but no one knew it as her she was just the new girl in the senior year the only reason she was back was because of the mayors ascension and she had been informed that the latest Slayer a girl called faith had gone to the other side and was working for the mayor.

So here was Buffy of course she was wearing a glamour crystal so she wasn't recognized and her name was now Anne DeWinter she had long light brown hair and flashing green eyes and this was her first day so she headed towards the principals office and mentally psyched up to face Snyder.

Buffy went over to the secretary's desk and told her who she was and the secretary told her to sit down and that Snyder would be with her in a few minutes and a few minutes later she got sent into the principals office where Snyder was waiting "So you're Anne DeWinter?"

"Yes sir"

"Living on Crawford Street ?"

"Yes sir"

"At this school we do not tolerate people who cut school or misbehave this includes fighting and burning school buildings down," huh so he does remember me well Buffy, Buffy thought to herself.

"Yes sir."

"Get your timetable from Mrs. Fletcher then go to the library to get your books and no dallying," Snyder ordered and Buffy left as quickly as she could without actually running she got her timetable off Mrs. Fletcher then acting like she was lost asked a jock where to find the library.

"So you're new right?"

"Yeah just got to get my books then find the classrooms."

"Well I can show you around if ya like my names Greg."

"I'm Anne."

When they entered the library Greg called to Mr. Giles, "This is Anne she's new."

"Oh miss DeWinter? Snyder told me you'd be coming down for some books."

"Yeah I hope you know what I need cos I sure don't." Buffy smiled Giles hadn't changed much except he looked older and she noticed Willow Oz Xander and Cordy sat at the long table with prophecy books in front of them. She noticed differences in all of them. Xander looked more muscular now Willow had her hair cut into a bob and it was flame red, Cordy wasn't wearing her usual clothes instead she was wearing stuff that had easy movement and she could fight in them and Oz well Oz looked like he had changed the least but their was an aura coming from him.

When he looked at her his nose twitched and she realized that his heightened sense must be able to smell her sent and every sent is unique and the wolf would always remember and Oz's eyes widened and Buffy making a decision called out.

"Oz I'm ashamed that you haven't come over here and said hello to me yet but then it has been along time."

"Yeah," Oz got up and went to Buffy who enveloped him in a hug.

"Please don't tell them who I am not yet please Oz."

"Ok buff I mean Anne."

"Thank you," Buffy released him and said, "We'll have to get together sometime and talk."


"Hey when are the dingo's next playing."

"Tonight actually at the bronze where are you staying anyway?"

"I'd rather not say but I'll tell you later."

"How long are you staying?"

"I don't know until after graduation definitely but after that I'm not sure you know cos I just found my real parents and I want to spend a bit of time with them but cos there working I'm left in the house on my own."

"You mean you're on your own down here?" Greg asked.

"Yeah that's why I'm not telling anyone where I live except Oz but then I've known him for years."

"So what your first lesson?" Greg asked.

"Err history."

"That's my first as well," Oz told them, "I'll take you here cos I'm thinking we need to talk."

"Oz??" Willow called.

"Sorry Will, Anne this is Willow Xander and Cordelia guys this is Anne an old friend of mine."

"So how come we never got to hear about your gorgeous old friend" Xander asked.

"I didn't know she was coming down to Sunnydale."

"So how did you two meet?"

"I saved his cousin jordy's life." Buffy answered

"Come on I'll take you to history."

"Thanks Oz."

As soon as they were far enough away from the library Buffy said "I bet you want some answers don't you?"

"I wouldn't mind"

"Well lets start at the beginning you know why I let Sunnydale in the first place don't you?"

"Yeah you sent Angelus to hell through acathala"

"not quite I sent Angel through Willow did the spell too late he had already pulled the sword out and just as I was about to kill him Angel was back but the portal was open and only Angel's blood would close I so I put the sword through him and sent him to hell but he was so confused he didn't know what was going on so I left, this place just held to many memories for me good and bad. So I went to LA whistler found me a few months later and took me to see my parents."

"But that would mean coming back her to see Joyce wouldn't it?"

"No I mean my real parents and let me tell you that was a shock"

"Why who are they?"

"You won't believe me"

"Just tell me"

"My mother is Artemis and my father is Aries believe me it's a strange combination and the rest of my family have no idea either why or how they got together but they think Bacchus had something to do with it"

"Rest of your family?"

"Yeah the other gods well the Greek ones anyway"

"You mean like Zeus and Hercules?"

"Yup Hercules is I think an uncle Zeus is my grandfather well that's what I call him anyway"

"So you're a god?"

"Well yes but I don't know the full extent of my well powers"

"What do you know?"

"Well increased strength and healing ability well actually the only way I can die is the hind's blood dagger which has been lost for years so I'm well immortal."


"But didn't you get your strength when you were called?"

"Yeah but added with Aries' strength and ability and the ability of the amazons it's no wonder I was the best Slayer oh by the way you know Angel's old mansion?" Oz nodded "that's where I'm living"

"You're joking?"


"Is there anyway for you to get Angel out of hell now that you know you're a god?"

"I asked Zeus and he said I have to talk to Cerridwyn cos Angel's Irish and she's their goddess I've just got to find her and she's usually in Ireland but maybe I'll get lucky, and if I don't I have to go talk to great uncle Hades"

The day passed quickly for Buffy and at the end of the day she said bye to Oz jumped in her sports convertible and headed towards Crawford street as soon as she was in the mansion she took the glamour off Buffy looked around the room and decided it needed warmth and colour so she opened the curtains so that light flooded the room then set about making it livable making cushions and pillows which had been given to her and had been waiting to be moved when she had finished there was not a drop of dust in that room so she moved onto into the kitchen wrinkled her nose at the sight sighed and made the dust go away she then stared to fill the cupboards with pot, pans and other utensils and also plates and dishes and glasses she then headed to the grocery store and Wal-Mart to get food with the money she had 'inherited' from the rest of her family and that she had wished up herself.

Buffy put the food stuffs in the cupboards and the fridge/freezer she then headed for her bedroom and made new sheets appear on the bed and new pillows and put the clothes that were still in her bag in the large elaborately decorated wardrobe then grabbed another of her bags which contained some to her weapons the rest of which were being brought by whistler in his van and Buffy headed down to the basement and stared to set up a training room which had a thick mat covering the whole floor a large cupboard for weapons and also a trunk for cleaning equipment and also some more weapons punch bags and also dummies, targets for crossbows, and also a pile of small towels in the corner where there was also a bench and a small music centre

"It looks good" a female with a soft Irish accent said behind her and Buffy swung round into a defensive stance "I was told you were wanting to speak to me little cousin. I'm Cerridwyn"

"Yes I did want to speak to you do you want to come up stairs and I'll make us a drink?"

"Aye ok tea would be nice"

"Ok" Buffy said and led the way back to the kitchen and put the kettle on "the reason I've been wanting to talk to you Cerridwyn"

"Call me Cerri seeing as we are family"

"Ok Cerri the guy I am in love with is in hell his name is Angel"

"Aye I know who ya mean and ya want me to try and get him out?"

"Zeus told me that because Angel was originally Irish then only you could get him out"

"I see but what I don't understand is why Angel ended up in hell"

"Angel lost his soul the curse had a happiness clause that said if he ever got completely happy he would lose his soul Willow did the spell again but too late and I sent him to hell on the tip of my sword"

"Oh you poor child well I'll see what I can do and I'm not promising mind"

"Thank you for this Cerri"

"What's family for?" Cerri smiled "well it'll be a while but I'll come back and tell ya and if were lucky I'll have Angel with me good bye little cousin"

"bye Cerri" and with that Cerridwyn was gone Buffy looked at the time and decided to go to the bronze thinking that it had been too long since she had heard the dingo's play so dressing in a short leather skirt knee high boots and a red halter top and on the way out the door Buffy grabbed the glamour crystal put that round her neck then grabbed Angel's leather jacket and walked to the bronze she paid the cover charge and walked in "Anne you came" Buffy heard Greg shout and she turned to smile at him

"What did you think I wouldn't come?"

"Well you might have got lost on the way" Greg said and Buffy laughed lightly shaking her head

"Nah I spent yesterday looking around the town I think I know where most stuff is"

Buffy said smiling then led the way to the bar and asked for a rainy spring to which the bartender replied "you got id?" and Buffy pulled out her fake id which a friend of Aries had made for her "ok there ya go" and the bartender gave her he drink "thanks"

"Why did he ask for id?"

"Because the cocktail has both tequila and vodka in it"

"And he took your id?"

"Uh huh"

"Who made the id?"

"Oh a friend of my dads"

"Your dad lets you carry a fake id around with you?"

"Yeah" Buffy took a sip of her drink and smiled "mm haven't had one of these since I was in New York last month"

" New York ?"

"Yeah my parents travel a lot you know the major cities its fun seeing all the different people and leaning the different languages"

"How many do you know?"

"What languages?"


"Oh err 5"


"Yeah but I only know the basics so I could survive there"

"Which do you know?"

"Greek cos my parents are from Greece and spent a lot of time there, French, German, Spanish, and I just started to learn Gaelic"


"Yeah it's the language that was used in Ireland before they started to speak English it's their native tongue"

"So if they don't use it anymore why are you learning it?"

"A part of my family live in Ireland and they speak Gaelic"

"Geese so it's your family that makes you lean all these languages?"

"Nah not really I like it, it means I can talk to my family without having to wonder who is listening in"

"Like me ya mean?" a voice said behind Buffy and she turned to face him

"Kevin?" Buffy asked staring at Hercules' face "what are you doing here?"

"Doesn't your favorite uncle get a hug?"

"Yeah of course" Buffy said hugging Hercules "but who said you were my favorite"

"Well the rest of the family thinks so cos they've sent me to keep an eye on you"

"Your joking don't you have a shoot this week?"

"Well yeah but I'm not going to argue with your parents now what is that I see you drinking?"

"Rainy spring"

"Thought so"

"Hey man aren't you Kevin Sorbo?"

"oh I can't go anywhere without people recognizing me if your mother hadn't shanghaied me I wouldn't be here at all I know as well as anyone you can cope on our own I mean you did it in LA"


"But you did it was 2 months till whistler caught up with you and you were doing fine"

"Yeah then whistler dropped the bombshell about me meeting my real parents"

"must have been a shock for you to be suddenly be confronted with a whole family you knew nothing about that's not how we wanted it to be you were supposed to have been told when you were old enough to understand" Kevin looked Buffy over "and by the looks of you, you need to dance am I right?"

"You know me so well uncle dear"

"Would you do me the pleasure of the next dance milady?"

"Aye milord I think I will"

the next song unfortunately for Buffy was a slow song and Kevin pulled her onto the dance floor and pulled her in close "I know you need fast music to relive the stress in your muscles but I wanted to talk to you anyway who's he?" Kevin said looking at Greg.

"His names Greg he helped me around school today he's a jock and this time I need to stay with the 'in' crowd."

"This isn't about reclaiming who you were before Buffy who you were at Hemery things have changed and you can't go back to how they were."

"I know I saw the rest of the gang today Oz now knows who I am but I explained things to him and he won't tell."

Buffy and Kevin danced in silence for a while until Buffy asked "What's the real reason you came down her cos I know mom and dad wouldn't have sent you."

"They did send me but not to keep an eye on you but to help you, thing is I'm gonna have to travel also to keep in with the shoots."

"why don't you stay where the shoots are in the week and come back here on weekends at least up until graduation then we'll need you here"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes of course"

"Ok there was another reason I came down"

"Oh what's that?"

"I brought some presents for you from Hephaestus"


"Hephaestus he's the smith he's made you some weapons and Merlin came by and put some magic on them"

"Which weapons and what sort of magic did Merlin put on them?"

"4 daggers, 2 swords, 4 Chinese throwing stars, an axe, father has sent you a spear but in times of crisis you can use the spear to shoot out lightning, Merlin made them so they will kill demons and vampires you only need to strike the demon through the head or heart and vamp you only need to strike them a shallow cut will kill the fledglings. Thor has surprised us all and has sent you one of his hammers be careful with that though on hit to the earth will cause an earthquake. Hecate has sent you a cauldron, an athame, a chalice and other equipment and says she will be here in a few days and will continue to teach you to use wiccan magic, your mother has sent clothes, your father sent a ring for you he says that it will when you need it give you more strength and it will also allow him to keep an eye on you he's also sent you another car and a motorbike, Athena has sent books and a load of cd's Bacchus has sent you wine and other alcoholic drinks and there are a few gods that have sent you food from all over the world, and 'dite sent you some stuff but I'm not gonna ask what it is."

"Geese where is all this stuff?"

"At the mansion."

"Hey can I cut in?" Buffy turned to face Greg and sweetly told Kevin

"I'll see ya at home uncle."

"Ok and be careful you know as well as I do how many people want to get a hold of you if they found you who you were related to."

"I know Kevin and I'm always careful."

"I know oh before I go here's the ring you father sent" Kevin gave Buffy the ring which fitted on her middle finger perfectly it was gold with amethyst, tiger-eye, rose quarts, iolite, amber, bloodstone, and yellow quartz set into the ring.

"It's beautiful."

"Well I'll say one thing for your father he has taste I'll see you at home Anne."

"Ok Kevin" and with that Kevin left

"Is that really the guy who plays Hercules?"


"He's your uncle?"

"Yup but I only just found out about him cos originally I was adopted then a year ago my parents found me."

"And you found out you were niece to Kevin Sorbo."


Suddenly it was the end of that groups set and about 10 minutes later the dingo's came on and played some hard music and Buffy let her self go twisting and moving to the music her body totally in tune with the beat and everything else was forgotten as she danced and though she didn't realize it she was the centre of the attention of many lads and men and the jealous attention of their girlfriends.

"Hey Oz? Wasn't that the girl you were talking to earlier?" Devon asked Oz.


"Who is she man?"

"Anne DeWinter."

"Think she would go out with me?"

"Nah man she won't."

"Why not?"

"Just trust me."

"Common man you know more than your letting on whom exactly is she unless of course you’re going out with her."

"Cheat on Willow ?? Never."

"I'm not gonna get an answer am I?"

"No I gave her my promise and I won't break it."

"Ok, ok man" and they went back to watching Buffy who was still dancing wildly.

"Damn I hate to end this song when she's dancing like that but." and with great reluctance Devon finished the song.

Buffy looked around dazedly then headed to the bar and got herself another rainy spring leaned up against the bar and drank it. She watched as another took her place on the dance floor. Buffy recognized her as faith the newest slayer she had never met the girl but she had been shown images of her and would recognize her anywhere also she felt the power of the Slayer rolling off the girl Buffy finished her drink and went back to the dance floor and somehow she and faith ended up dancing so that they faced each other and Buffy smiled at faith the smile came straight from Angelus and faith smiled back. They carried on dancing suddenly Buffy was hauled backwards into someone's arms and she spun to hit whoever it was, looking at his face and realized it was Iolaus she smiled and carried on dancing she

"What name are you using this time?" he asked her.

"Anne DeWinter what about you Iolaus??"

"Gary Marshall."

"common lets get out of here I wanna beat something to a pulp" Iolaus chuckled and let Buffy drag him out of the club and they went on a patrol they killed 10 vampires that night and Buffy was a bit shocked.

"It's because there was no Slayer patrolling your friends try but their no Slayer and faith patrols only very seldom" Iolaus explained

"Why wasn't I told before?"

"Your family wanted to keep you close for a while let you get to know them common lets go home" Buffy nodded and she and Iolaus headed homeward to the mansion.

When they got their Buffy immediately noticed the weapons and piles of clothing on her table and went to them and looked though the stuff that her family had sent and felt the power and magic in the weapons she then gathered them up and look them into the basement and Iolaus followed her "wow you worked wonders on this place" he said looking around the modified basement, seeing the weapons, weights, and exercise machines

"Looks good doesn't it."

"Yeah" and he helped Buffy put the weapons in the cupboard then went back up stairs where they were met by Hercules "hey Herc."

"Hi Buffy Iolaus"

"Hey Herc"

"I didn't know where ya wanted me to sleep"

"In a bed" Buffy told him "it doesn't matter which do you two want a drink?"

"Thanks Buffy you got any tea?" Iolaus asked

"I'll check"

"I'll have coffee if ya got any Buffy"

Buffy went and made the drinks and poured tea for herself as well and Buffy and the 2 men sat and talked or a couple of hours until Buffy took them to their rooms and pointed at the beds giving them both new covers and pillows then headed to her own bed the rest of the week followed like that except for Wednesday when whistler came and gave Buffy the rest of her weapons


On Friday when Buffy jumped out of her sports she was greeted by Hecate "hello what you doing here?"

"Well that's a fine way to greet Me. " the dark haired goddesses looked really annoyed.

"Sorry Hecate wasn't expecting you."

"well I'm here so you can continue you studies in magic" Buffy smiled and the 2 went inside and Buffy and Hecate spent the rest of that day and night in the room which Buffy had made and designated as the 'magic room' in the room their was a circle drawn on the floor in chalk, an alter, a table in the corner which held her athame, chalice, cauldron and all sorts of herbs, stones , gems/crystals, a rage of colored candles and a range of incense.

The next day while Hecate slept Buffy left the mansion and went searching for lairs and in the warehouse district she found one and kicked open the door letting in a flood to light which killed any vampire in he way of it "hello boys I'm back" Buffy sang

"Who, who are you?"

"Your worst nightmare I'm the Slayer"

"You're lying the Slayer works for the mayor she doesn't hunt"

"Oh you think I mean faith oh no I'm not her I'm the original Slayer"

"The original Slayer is dead one dies the next is called you lie"

"No your wrong there is one who survived death"

"The only one I know who survived is Buffy Summers but she's dead and she looks nothing like you" an English voice came you of the shadows and Buffy recognized it

"Spike? How not nice to see you again where's the ho?"

"Why have you said you are Buffy?"

"Because I am I just wear a glamour crystal to hide it oh fine seeing as you don't believe me and you are an old enemy" Buffy took the crystal off and heard Spike swear profusely "hello cutie it's been along time"

"Yes it has Spike"

"Come into the shadows luv and face me one on one"

"okay" Buffy walked over to Spike and they started to fight it didn't take long until the other vampires stared to attack her at the same time and Buffy dusted each of them until only she and Spike were left "impressive" was Spike's only comment

"Ok this is ridiculous I can't stake you you're the only thing of Angels that I really have left"

"Oh luv that's so.......oh well I'll just eat you then"

"I wouldn't try it Spike my blood would blow you apart literally"

"Didn't blow the master apart so why would it blow me apart?"

"Because I hadn't come into my heritage"


"I'm a god Spike" Spike burst out laughing

"That's a good one luv" Spike stopped laughing when he realized he was 5 feet of the ground and was being shaken "ok, ok I believe you"

"Good" Buffy turned and stepped back into the light "and I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone I was back"

"Ok luv"

"You'd better not Spike because I will come after you and your death would be very painful you see me in public you call me Anne got it?"

"Got it Anne"

"Good" then Buffy left and Spike came crashing to the ground

"Well at least she didn't kill me" he muttered

Buffy hit 6 more lairs when she got back to the mansion she saw Oz's van out side and so she warily entered her home.

"Xander are you sure this is where Buffy and Angel last fought you know where she sent him to hell cos it looks like there is someone living here" Willow 's voice came to Buffy's ears

"What are you doing here?" Buffy asked from her position in the doorway


"Did Oz tell you where to find me?" Buffy said angrily

"No look were sorry to disturb you Anne we didn't know you lived here an old friend of ours used to live here and we came to see him"

"Well he's obviously not here, sorry I'm being rude but you did startled me would you like a drink?"

"Yeah that would be great" Willow said

"You don't happen to have food to go with the drink do you?"

"Depends on what you want Xander is it?"

"Yeah Xander is me"

"Xander, Xander Harris right you were best friend with a girl called Buffy yeah?"

"Yeah that right how do you know Buffy?"

"Willow Rosenberg Buffy's best friend and confidante Cordelia Chase you were not friends with Buffy but you helped her after you found out the true meaning of Sunnydale, and last but not least Rupert Giles Buffy's watcher and as near to a father she ever got, Buffy was known to the watchers as Slayer prime because she was the best and strongest Slayer that there has ever been she is now missing but presumed dead"

"Buffy's not dead we would know"

"Your right about one thing Willow Buffy's not dead but she is extensively training and fighting evil." Buffy lied

"So why are you here and living here what if Angel comes back"

"I'm here to keep this town safe with the mayor about to ascend they thought I should be here"

"Why you? Why not send Buffy back? And who's they?"

"They are the powers that be and I'm more powerful than your Buffy will ever be"

"What are you? Are you even human?"

"I'm as human as Buffy was," Buffy said cryptically though she was laughing inside "come with me it's time for me to start training and you may as well join me"

Buffy led them down to the basement and their mouth sagged open when they saw how big it was and how well furnished Buffy went to the cupboard and started to train with her new weapons running through kata's first at a slow pace to warm up her muscles then faster until she was going at a blinding speed and the others just stood there mouth wide open suddenly there was a shimmering behind Buffy and before anyone could shout a warning Hecate had stepped out with her sword drawn and went for Buffy who spun and caught the blade on her own and they fought at a blinding speed until Buffy had Hecate on the floor and stood over her with her blade at Hecate's throat

"Oh my god your Hecate" Buffy suddenly hear Willow 's voice ring out

"Yes Willow I'm Hecate"

"And I'm Iolaus"


"Oh my god uncles your back I didn't think you were coming this week"

"You forgot about me little cousin"

"Cousin? Uncles?" Xander asked confused


"Wait a minute I'm still stuck on the cousin and uncle thing"

"It's easy Xander I'm related to the gods"


"It is time for you lot to go home and not come here until we give you permission too. Leave." Hecate realizing they won't leave with out a fight waves her hand and they disappear to find them selves outside the mansion and when they try to go back find out that they can't while inside Buffy now dressed in leather trousers and halter asked

"So can I get him out?"

"Yes but I'm afraid you have to face a series of challenges to get Angel out of hell"

"Anything what do I have to do Cerri?"

"Do you have a sign of his love?" Buffy nods and hold up her hand showing her claddagh "good now the person who guards hell is Falkirk he will only let Angel out of hell if you prove your love for him and that he loves you only love is strong enough to get him out of there now I cannot tell you about all the test but I will say one thing take your sword the new one"

"When do I go and how do I get here?"

"I will take you and you" Cerri turned on the 4 people still stood watching

Leaves with Cerri to go to hell to get Angel back when they got to the gates of hell Cerri turns to Buffy and said "well this is where I leave ya little cousin trust in that sword and in you love of Angel and you'll be fine"

Buffy nodded and Cerri disappeared leaving Buffy to look at the iron gates took a deep breath and walked through them into hell or rather a waiting room "huh??" Buffy looked around and spotted a receptionist and walked over to her

"Yes?? Oh your not one of ours why are you here did you come through the iron gates?"

"Yes I'm Buffy Summers the Slayer and also daughter of Aries and Artemis and I want to get someone out of hell"


"The vampire with the soul Angelus"

"oh yes I know him you'll have to go through the trials" Buffy nods and the receptionist shouts "Kelvin show the lady to the trials" Buffy was shown to a door down several corridors then into another door which was closed behind her Buffy looked forwards and saw that this was a tunnel she followed it and soon heard the screams and growls that hell was known for suddenly 2 demons appeared in front of her and attacked Buffy fought and won then moved on down the corridor facing more demons then she stepped into a room which was empty but then she stared to hear voices the voices of her past taunting her and her love for Angel "what's wrong Buffy? Don't like what you're hearing? You don't really love Angel you killed him and sent him to hell would a person who was in love with him do that? If something terrible happens between the two of you, you will bail you will run you're too scared to face your responsibilities"

"Your wrong I know my responsibilities I won't bail and you know what I love doing? Proving people wrong and your the next" and with that Buffy walked straight on and rough another door and came face to face with Angelus "hello lover"

"Angelus" Buffy whispered

"I'm glad you remember me" he smirked

"How could I forget?"

"So your here to get your precious Angel out of hell well I wish you luck"

"That's it?" she asked puzzled

"Ah not quite you have to go through me first"

"Won't be so hard I did it last time and the only trouble I had then was that you were my Angel you Angelus? You I can kill easily"

Buffy brought her sword up and so did Angelus when the first blow struck Buffy's blade began to glow and they fought and again she had Angelus on his knees at her feet "goodbye Angelus" and Buffy struck slicing her blade through his heart and suddenly it was Angel and as he turned to dust she fell through the floor

"Well, well cousin you over came your fears and here you are now tell me why I should release Angel" Falkirk asked

"Because I love he and I need him"

"But I like torturing him he is just so............. soulful"

"He wasn't supposed to come here and you know that"

"Oh very well seeing as you plead your case so well but you must do something for me in return"


"Look after the vampire named Spike for me"


"yes he was a quite vicious vampire well before he met you now with Dru leaving him he's changed and I don't like it" Falkirk sighed

"Ok I'll look after Spike"

"Good, Raffy bring the vampire Angel to me"

A couple of minutes later Angel was thrown to at Buffy's feet

"Oh god Angel"

"Take him home little cousin and help him heal"

Buffy nodded and they disappeared appearing again in the mansion

"good you got him" Cerri's voice rang out Buffy was too tired to do anything but nod and sink down to the ground with Angel still in her arms Hercules and Iolaus came over and picked the two up and headed for Buffy's room putting them both their so they could recover Buffy slept for 2 whole days.

Buffy was awakened by Hecate on the Monday morning and sent to school and that day seemed the longest in her life and as she was about to leave she heard Willow , Xander, and Oz shouting her so she stopped and waited for them to catch up to her

"Ok we have a few questions" Xander said

"Fine ask but I've got to get home so make it quick"

"How do you know Buffy?" Willow asked

"I met her last year I helped her get through some stuff and promised to come here and help with the slaying and try to get Angel back"

"Why hasn't she come back herself?"

"She wills Xander but not yet this place holds too many memories for her both bad and good and with out Angel she thinks her life here is meaningless"

"What about us?" Xander asked

"You were her friends Angel was her soul mate Xander you couldn't understand what those two had"

"Hey did you talk to Cerridwyn Anne?" Oz asked

"Yeah and it's done"

"Will you need some help?"

"Yeah come round tonight Iolaus or Hercules will let you in and Oz bring some supplies with you" Oz nodded and Buffy heard harmony shouting "Anne what are you doing talking to these freaks?"

"They had some questions about the history of my place"

"You place?"

"Yeah my mansion"

"You live in a mansion??"


"Anne Cerri wants to see you double quick"

"Uncle Kevin what are you doing here?"

"You left your car at home and he's awake Cerri needs you"

"Lets go, I'll see you tomorrow harmony, aura" and then Hercules led Buffy back to her car, which he had borrowed to come and collect her and they went to the mansion

as soon as she was inside she took the glamour off and ran to her room where she knew Angel would be "Angel?" she asked as soon as she entered the room and saw him standing by her desk he spun round "Buffy? Oh god Buffy" Buffy walked over to him and fell into his arms and they hugged each other fiercely and Buffy stared to cry in his arms and he in hers Buffy distantly heard the door closing to the room and she and Angel sat down to talk which they did until Oz arrived with Angels blood and Buffy's stomach growled so they went down the stairs to get some food


The next day when Buffy got into school she got confronted by harmony aura and the rest of their gang "why didn't you tell us you own a mansion? And that Kevin sorbo is your uncle"

"Didn't think it was important"

"And that you have a fake id so you can buy alcohol"

"Why would I need to buy any I've got a cellar full?"

"You what? So let me get this straight you live in a mansion on your own because you parents work you have a fake id a sports car a cellar full of alcohol and you never told us?"

"well I'm not entirely on my own an uncle and two of my aunts and Kevin's best friend and my boyfriend who's recovering from an accident are staying with me mom and dad phones regularly and I own 3 sport cars and 2 motorbikes"

"Yeah but can't you get them to agree to a party?"

"probably it depends if I have a party then I'm gonna have to go around the whole house and lock the door you can't go in and get food and I have to make sure Angel's well enough to have a party he should be though then there's uncle Kevin and aunt's Cerri and Cate but Cate would love a party I think Kev and Gary would too I don't know aunt Cerri that well but if I can get the others on my side then party time"

"Cool I'll tell the others what about music?"

"We have a sound system that runs through the house but I don't have that much dance music"

"So party this Friday at your mansion"

"Hay this isn't definite ok"

"Yeah ok"


"Can I have a party here?"

"It's your house" Hecate answered "as long as we can stay"

"Yeah of course you can stay"

"When's the party?" Cerri asked

"This Friday"

"Well I'll see if I can be here but I need to get home now me Miss Ireland you and Angel will have to visit sometime"

"We will aunt Cerri"

"Good bye little cousin" and Cerri disappeared

Buffy went to see Angel who was working out his issues with a punch bag which had been special designed to handle supernatural strength


"Hey Buffy"

"Errm how you'd you feel about a party on Friday?"


"Here I got shanghaied when harmony heard that I own this place"

"Ok will Willow Xander and the other be coming?"

"I don't know maybe"


"Harmony it's a go"

"Really so party at yours on Friday oh err where exactly do you live none of us knows"

" Crawford Street "


"Yeah I know its number 42 called 'myth'"


"Yeah that's the name of my home"

"Why myth?"

"Well Kevin plays Hercules' and he's a myth his best friend plays Iolaus I know other people who play myths and I absolutely love them"

"The people?" harmony asked confused

"No the myths"

"Oh right"


the week flew by for Buffy and soon she Angel, Cate, Hercules, and Iolaus were getting ready for the party and for everyone's arrival harmony and aura with their 'dates' were the first to arrive then little by little everyone else arrived and the party really started until of course Buffy was walking past some people and she heard "hey man I've just been in the basement of this place you should see it it's huge and it's like a gym there's weights and weapons and everything"

"That's because my folks are martial art's experts and I was sure I had locked the basement who else knows about it?"

"I don't know their were several people trying out the weapons down there"

"your joking they could seriously hurt themselves if they don't know what their doing" Buffy immediately turned on her heels and the 2 guys followed her down to the basement and she saw several guys playing around and having a sparing match with her weapons "I wouldn't spa if you don't know what your doing"

"I do know what I'm doing" one of them answered

"Really? Well he doesn't look like he does so if you would kindly put down my weapons or would you like a match with me?"

"What level are you?"


"Master?? You joking"

"No I've learnt sword play since I was young so has the rest of my family it's a tradition"

"I thought you were adopted" she realized the boy that the 'swordsman' had been sparing with was Greg

"I was but my folks left specific instructions that I was to learn the martial arts and swordplay"

"Anne I thought we agreed not to bring anyone down here?" Cate said from the door way with Hercules behind her

"I know but someone forgot to lock it so they came down here and when I heard I came down to look"

"Hey Anne are you really a maser swordswoman?"

"We all are" Buffy answered gesturing to Hercules and Cate "wanna see?"

Buffy took her sword from the chest and unwrapped it and threw Hercules and Cate theirs and they stepped up to the middle of the training mats and brought their swords up and Cate immediately attacked Buffy and Buffy came back at her with a block then slash to the legs then swung her blade around to meet with Hercules' and kicked out to Cate who was coming up to her side sending Cate reeling backwards Buffy spotted Angel standing by the door "come and join in Angel" Angel nodded and grabbed his sword from the chest and attacked Hercules and they continued to fight and train and the 4 boys who were watching had their mouths wide open to find out that they weren't lying and they really could use the weapons and they watched with awe as Buffy somersaulted over Hercules' head Greg suddenly ran back up the stairs and told everyone to come down to the basement and watch the fight and as soon as he said fight everyone was interested even Willow Xander Oz and Cordy went to look and were shocked when they saw Angel except Oz who had already known Angel was back when Cate shouted "hey Oz come and play" everyone looked at him with shock the quiet guitar player could use a sword

"Nah Cate I'm not as good as you lot"

"Common it's good practice we won't beat on you hard you can go on Anne's side" Hercules said

"Does that mean I'm on yours?" Iolaus asked laughing as he got a sword and joined in the fight and going straight for Buffy's blind side which was stopped with a back kick to his stomach and Oz went and grabbed a sword and jumped in with a slash to Hercules' arm which was blocked by Cate and she high kicked him which he blocked.

"ANNE!!!!!!" a male voice rang out

"Uh oh hello dad"

"Why didn't you invite me to the party?"

"Sorry dad" Buffy said laughing "hey why are you here anyway??"

"Cos I wanted to see my favorite daughter and Cerri told me about the party"

"And I brought alcohol you can't have too much alcohol at a party"

"Uncle Bacchus I'm ashamed of you bringing alcohol to a party which has mostly minors"

"hmm and this come from the girl who got Kevin drunk just because he was supposed to be helping her train and has a fake id"

"Yeah well" Buffy shrugged and Bacchus laughed


Buffy yawned it was a couple of days after the party and she was in her French class she didn't even know why she was in the lesson since she could pass any French exam with her eyes closed "miss DeWinter would you please listen and refrain from yawning" the French teacher Mrs. Connelly said in French and Buffy answered in the same language "sorry miss I haven't been sleeping to well and I already know what you are teaching us"

"Well why didn't you tell me Anne?"

"I don't like to brag miss about the languages that I know"

"How many do you know?"

"At least 5"

"Oh and how have you learn those"

"My parents traveled a lot and I picked up the languages in each country I'm fluent in 5 languages but I can speak about 9"

The teacher looked at her in shock and the other people in the class looked on in interest but as they couldn't understand what was being said soon gave up

"Well Miss DeWinter I really don't see he point in you being in these lessons" the teacher paused "except if you helped to teach??"

"I'd like that" Buffy admitted and so that's what happened a few minutes after the end of the class the teacher asked her to stay behind and gave her a quite long test in French and was amazed when Buffy answered her question fluently and correctly the teacher was openly smiling when they had finished and asked Buffy if she would mind coming to the lesson a few minutes early so that she could tell her what she wanted her to do and Buffy agreed then left at lunch Xander Willow and the other scoobies caught up with her and sat next to her "well you sure know how to hide" Cordy said sarcastically

"I've learnt to"

"Why didn't you tell us about Angel??" willow asked

"Because it wasn't your place to know"

"I think we had a right to know" Xander spat "after what he did to us especially Buffy and Giles"

Buffy laughed "Xander your speaking from your own petty jealousies Buffy forgave Angel along time ago she realized that Angel and Angelus were separate beings Giles has a right to still be mad at Angelus he lost jenny but you? You don't have a right to sit here and talk to me like that what did he do to you Xander?? From what I was told you hated Angel long before he changed you were so caught up on Buffy that you couldn't see straight and If you were truly Buffy's friend then you would accept Angel and Buffy's love for him" Buffy stood and walked away leaving the others sat there with open mouths and was quite surprised when Oz caught up with her a few minutes later

"They won't accept you if you go back to them as Buffy"


"You've changed a lot in the last year" Oz commented

"Xander had it coming to him"

"Not just that you've grown harder"

"So have you lot you know the only reason I'm back is to stop the ascension"

"I know hey why you don't come to the Scooby meeting tonight find out how much we know how much you know and swap" Buffy nodded

"Hey Anne" Buffy turned to see Greg and lee walking up to her and Oz "hey what's up??"

"Coach Michaels wants to see you; he was mumbling something about seeing you running this morning and wants to know whether you would consider the team"

"Well I'll definitely think about it"

"Hey are you two going out??" lee asked suddenly

"Me and Oz??" Buffy asked then shook her head "no way he's with willow and I don't steal other girl's guys, talking about guys Oz Angel asked if you could go over there with some supplies"

"His medical stuff??"

"Nope I can grab that on my way home he wants errm clothes and really doesn't trust me with his credit card I have no idea why"

"Maybe because you would spend it and max his card?"

"Well yeah but, hey look ok we can all go together I am not having him dress like he did yes he looked gorgeous and so cute but there is more colors than black so we will"

"ok look do ya mind if I bring Willow she's kind of thinks there's something going on between us" Oz said cutting off Buffy who looked like she was on a roll and wouldn't stop for some time

"Sure thing see ya later Oz"

"Bye Anne"

"Okay boys where's Coach Michaels??"

"He's on the track with some of the runners"

"Well no time like the present to talk to him" Buffy said and headed towards the track

"Who's this Angel guy you keep mentioning??" lee asked

"Angel is my boyfriend"

"How come I've never seen him at school?"

"He doesn't go to school he left he sometimes works for my errm powerful relatives" yeah there powerful all right Buffy thought "coach? The boys said you wanted to see me?"

"Yes Anne errm I saw you out running this morning with 3 other people and well you seemed to be a very good athlete and I was wondering whether you would be willing to tryout for the team"

"Yeah sure"

"Really??" he sounded surprised

"Yes really when are the try out?"

"Well if you've got some gear we can see you run now if you like"

Buffy nodded "ok I've got some stuff in the back of my car"

"I'll come with you" offered Greg

Buffy shrugged and they walked to her now blue sports and she opened the boot and bulled out a small rucksack "do you always carry that much clothes?" Greg asked looking in the boot "yep just in case I have to split quick all my cars have some stuff in them" Buffy locked the boot again and went to the girls changing rooms and got into pair of shorts then over the top a pair of jogging bottoms and a sports top and tied a jumper round her waist then threw the bag in her locker and locked it made her jeweler disappear an then went outside to where coach was waiting she lined up on the track with the team and they raced Buffy kept just in front of them but not to far as to seem weird "my word that's amazing" coach said as he ran over to them and all 6 of the girls sat on the track Buffy looked up when the coach said that and saw Falkirk walking towards her "excuse me I'm sorry but you can't be here in school times"

"This is lunch I'm kert Adams the director of dale springs a home for surgical patients I'd just like a quick word with Anne"

"What up kert??"

"What's up? You ask me what's up you forgot your promise"

"My promise? Oh god Spike"

"yes Spike I can easily take Angel back to the dale now, tonight you will go and collect Spike he will know your coming and be ready to leave" Falkirk turned and walked away then turned back and said "don't disappoint me again Anne your uncle and I are very displeased at the moment and remember what I said about Angel"

"Yes sir"

"Good girl and say hi to your grandfather and Cerri for me it's been a while since I've last seen them"

Buffy nodded and Falkirk left "strange friend ya got Anne"

"He's not a friend he's a business acquaintance and one I will be glad to finish with"

"What's the business deal??" lee asked

"Ohh erm he saved Angels life and in return I have to look after his son Spike"

"How old this son"

"20 something but he's in trouble and at the mansion we can help to protect him"

"Is ya dad still there and that strange uncle of yours?" Greg asked

"Uncle Bacchus is yes but father left a few days after the party but Kevin, Gary, Cate and Angel is still there and my mom is supposed to be coming down soon"

"Sounds like your family visit you a lot" lee said

"They do but we've only had a year together so" Buffy shrugged "it's nice"

"Anne I'd like to do some training with you and the rest of the team now and how are you at other sports??"

"Depends which sports"


Later that day, after sunset Buffy went back to the factory were she had met Spike and found him waiting for her "hey Spike"

"Allo Slayer now can you explain to me what's going on??"

"You mean Falkirk didn't tell you?" And Spike shook his head "well I made a deal with the person who rules over hell that if Angel was to be let out than I have to look after you"

"Look Slayer I don't need anyone to look after me"

"Tell that to Falkirk "




a couple of days later Buffy walked into French 10 minutes early like she had agreed with miss Jones (the teacher) and was told that the class had a test so Buffy may as well use the time as a free Buffy nodded and headed for the library she had been warned last night of a demon coming to town the demon wanted the glove of myhnegon the demon was Lagos when she walked in she was greeted by the sight of faith sat at the table and a woman stood over her "hey you know where Mr. Giles is??"

"I'm right here Anne what can I do for you"

"First who's she?"

"I'm Gwendolyn post, Mrs."

Buffy turns to Giles "watcher?"

"Hey how'd you know??"

"I've been around you get to a point where you can just point watchers out by the way we haven't been introduced faith I'm Anne now Giles I need everything you can give me on Lagos"

"Errm Lagos I'm sorry Anne but I'm afraid I don't know that much on him"

" Lagos seeks the Glove of Myhnegon. No record of this glove's

Full power exists, but we do know it is highly dangerous and must not

Fall into the hands of a demon. Lagos must be stopped" Gwendolyn cut in and Buffy glared

"How do you kill it?"

"I don't know but we must find the glove"

"The gloves a non-issue it's safe"

"Oh where is it??"

"My family is looking after it"

"Your family?? I'm sorry but I think we need more than a human family looking after the glove if you would give it too me I can make sure it is safe"

Buffy shook her head "no you are just as human as you think my family is, if Lagos is a tough as I have been told he is then the glove is in the safest place possible"

"Anne where is it??" Giles asked warily

" Olympus " Buffy answered

"Isn't that the home of the Greek gods?" Gwendolyn asked amazed

Buffy suddenly stiffened as she felt a vampire "come out and play don't hide" Buffy called and Spike stepped out of the stacks "what are you doing here?"

"I got bored luv peaches isn't exactly good company and your family is annoying especially that drunk uncle of yours"

"Well if my cousin hadn't told me to look after you then you would be dust by now and anyway id thought you'd like my uncle and I think you'd defiantly like my father and you didn't answer my question"

"I came to see if the watcher needed any help researching"

"Are you sure you're Spike??" Buffy asked

"Shut up Slayer"

"Ooh is little spikey getting annoyed"

"Whoa there hang on he just called you Slayer" faith said

"Opps sorry Slayer I just dropped you in it"

"Thanks Spike I am a Slayer faith"

"But all the slayers are dead except one......... Buffy" Giles whispered her name

Buffy took the glamour off "hello Giles"

"Buffy" Giles walked over to Buffy and took her in a hug "why didn't you tell us?"

"I was scared hey don't tell the others ok after what I said to them a couple of days ago I don't think there gonna want to talk to me"

"You're the rouge Slayer??" Gwendolyn asked

"No I ceased being a Slayer when I met my real family"

"So what are you now??" faith asked and a voice behind Buffy answered

"She is a god faith"

Buffy turned "grandfather what you are doing here?"

"I've brought you some information on Lagos and a warning"

"Not another one" Zeus led Buffy to another part of the room

"That Mrs. Post doesn't trust her she wants the glove for herself" Buffy nodded and Zeus handed her several books and hugged her

"Excuse me but who are you and what do you mean she's a god?"

"Gwen I mean exactly as I say my name is Zeus she is my granddaughter and Buffy Willow and some of the others are coming" Buffy put the crystal back round her throat and changed into Anne

"I found it" Buffy had sat at the table looking through the first book

"What have you found?" Giles asked

"The way to destroy the glove"


"The living flame aunt Cate should know how to do it"

"I have to go Anne I'll see you some other time"

"Good bye grandfather"

"Hey Giles whoa disappearing people" Xander said as he walked in

"Hey Giles faith........... Anne" Willow greeted she didn't like the way she had spoken to them the other day but realized some of the things she had said were right about Xander

"Hey Willow Giles I'll talk to you later after the glove is destroyed"

"Ok Anne one question are you patrolling tonight??"

"Yep of course hey Spike you staying here or coming back to the mansion??"

"I'll stay here pet that is if the watcher needs help with anything"

"I could always use help"

"Giles don't worry he's been doctored he can't bite you without me and Cate knowing about it and him getting some serious ouchies"

"Ah right"

"I'll be back in a few hours I'd like to train with faith if I may faith would you mind training with me??"

"Sure Anne that would be cool seeing as your a god an all"

"I haven't coming into my full power yet I'm still a very weak god, but I'll talk more about me later after I kill Lagos and destroy the glove" Buffy said and disappeared

"Whoa" was faiths comment when she disappeared


"Hey Cate where are you??"

"I'm here Buffy, did you find out how to destroy the glove??"

"Yup we have to use the living flame, you know it?"

"Yeah I think so"


4 hours later she, Hercules, Cate Iolaus and Angel went to the library in Buffy's white convertible "Giles, you here?" Buffy called out

"He's in his office Anne" Cordy answered "hi Angel"

"Hi Cordelia and everyone" Angel greeted them all the gang were sat round the table including faith and Spike

"Allo peaches and Annie"

"Hey Angel"

"Dead boy"

"Hey your Angel right? Why didn't anyone mention how hot he is?"

"Faith, Angel is Buffy's" Willow said

"Hey man, and Anne" Oz said

"Ah Anne you're here" Giles said coming out of his office followed by Gwendolyn

"The glove??"

"Destroyed, me and Cate let it burn"

"And Lagos ?"

"We'll get him on patrol later I don't think you have all been introduced so everyone this is Hercules, Hecate and Iolaus guys this is Willow , Oz, Xander, Cordelia, Giles, faith, and the new watcher Gwendolyn post"

"The real Hercules Iolaus and Hecate??"


"Anne not to sound rude but whoa re your parents??"

"Artemis and Aries"

"Yikes" was Willows comment

"That's what we said" Hecate said "I mean who ever would have though Ari and Aries would hook up us all though they hated each other"

"Most of us are blaming Bacchus and his wine"

"Why are you here anyway?" faith asked

"To stop the ascension" Buffy answered

"How?" Xander asked "I mean we couldn't find out any information on ascensions"

"We have a large resource base and most of my family have seen ascensions before, the only way we can stop the ascension is by either killing the mayor before he becomes invincible or when he becomes full demon"

"So we've killed demons before" Willow said

"Not like this one" Cate said "you have fought demons which have lived on this world, the demon the mayor will turn into will be a true demon of hell"


"What's the difference?" faith asked "I mean a demon's a demon"



"A true demon is a lot stronger and a lot bigger, as a god though Buffy can have mortal champions" Hecate said before realizing what name she'd used

"You mean Anne" giles said

"That's what I said" Hecate said nodding

"No you said Buffy" Cordelia said

"No I said Anne" Hecate snapped back

"Cordy a word of advice don't piss off the goddess who can kill you with a blink if she says she said Anne even though we heard Buffy then that's what she said" Xander told his girlfriend

"But she said Buffy can have mortal champions, not Anne can have mortal champions" willow argued.

"Annie looks like Hecate let the cat outta the bag."

"Shut up spike" Hercules said hitting spike upside the head lightly though spike still lurched forward with the impact.

"Hey no hitting the guy with out godly powers"

"I'm not a full god spike I'm a demy-god there's a difference, when Anne gets her full power she will be stronger then I am."

"Don't you mean Buffy" Xander said snidely.

"Yes xan he meant Buffy" Buffy sighed and removed the pendent and everyone except her family and oz and Giles stared at her in shock faith just looked bored.

"You, you're really buffy"

"Yeah that's me"

"I can't believe you didn't tell us who's you were Buffy" Willow said hurt.

"I wanted too but there was always something stopping me, the fear of how you would react. And then there was what xander was saying about me and angel, and having to explain why i've been away so long, I couldn't take it if you told me you hated me for abandoning you"