Alien vs. Slayer

By: Ashelin Rayne

Rating: PG13

A/N: I came up with this idea after I watched AVP....kick-ass movie, might I add.....and I was yappin all my ideas to my sister...poor her....she just nodded her head and looked at me like I was crazy. I'm not crazy.....I'm INSANE!!! MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! cough Anyway....for once, I have no pairings for this story....yet. Maybe later on, and I'll let you guys choose the pairings....whatever they may be. Well....enough of my yappin.....I should just get on with the story.

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Chapter One

Ancient Pyramids, Giant White Spider-crabs, and Invisible Alien Commandos! Oh My!

It was her seventh birthday and Buffy was spending it with her father. Her parents had split on account of her father's job, it left him absolutely no time to spend with her and her mother. He was an archeaologist and he was always traveling around the world; the most time he had spent at home since Buffy was born was barely even three weeks. So, having her father with her on her birthday was the highlight of her life.

Hank Summers had taken his daughter on one of his digs in Africa, somewhere in the Sahara Desert. There was an ancient pyramid that had been uncovered during a recent, gigantic sandstorm; it was one of the first pyramids built by the first civilization on Earth and Hank was leading the first expedition into it.

Buffy squeezed her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Gordo, given to her by her mother and father, closer to her as she held her father's hand. She looked up at the pyramid, it was huge, bigger than most of the skyscrapers she had seen when she lived in L.A.

"The structure of the pyramid is a blend of three different races of people: Egyptian, Mayan, and Cambodian," Buffy heard her father say to the rest of the group. She tuned the rest of what he was saying out as she studied the statues and carvings around her.

The statues must have been at least ten feet tall, they all had masks and wicked-awesome staffs that were two feet taller than them. Buffy heard her father saying the statues must have been the Gods they worshiped. The carvings on the walls were of the Gods and the people worshiping them. But there were some that depicted alien-like monsters with long skulls and second mouths coming out of their original mouths. The alien monsters were battling the Gods, who all had a type of gun sitting on their shoulders. Buffy decided that she didnt like these alien monsters.

The group was led into a round room with seven alter-bedsin a circle with the skeletons of sacrifices laying there, above their heads were holes leading somewhere. Buffy squeezed Mr. Gordo closer to her.

"This must be the Sacrificial Chamber," Bill, Hank's assistant and training archeaologist, said. Buffy walked into the middle of the room were there was a grate covering a hole, she tried to look down into it but only saw pitch black. There was another door leading out of the chamber. Hank ordered several people to stay in the Sacrificial Chamber while he led the reamaing people throught the door.

They entered a room with, what looked like, an alter at the top of a few stairs, the group moved forward towards it. Buffy stopped when she saw a light on the floor; she looked up and saw the same grate on the floor of the Sacrificial Chamber. The room they were in was directly under the Chamber.

"This looks like a Mayan calendar," Hank said as he looked at the symbols on the alter. "It also seem to be some sort of combination lock."

He examined it more closely. "The date set is July 24, 1887, 100 years ago." Hank began to move one of the pieces, he turned it until it clicked. Suddenly, a compartment on the alter-calendar slid open. They all jumped back. It seemed to be something like a drawer that had slid open, inside was a fog of dry ice. Hank peered inside slowly, as did Bill and a very large, mean and annoying man (to Buffy, at least) named Craig.

Inside were three objects that, to Buffy, looked very close to advanced guns, like the carvings on the wall.

"Let's pack these up and get them secured," Craig said as he picked up two of the guns and handed them to two people in the group. As he reached for the last one, Hank gasped, as if remembering something.

"Wait! Don't take them!" But Craig ignored him and lifted the last one. There was a louder click followed by, what suspiciously sounded like, gears turning.

- Sacrificial Chamber -

The sound of gears turning reached the ears of the group in the Sacrificial Chamber.

"What do you reckon that was, Woods?" A man asked a woman standing next him.

"I don't know," she looked around the chamber, "but I'm suddenly getting a bad feeling about this place." Just as she finished her sentence, there was a movement in the holes at the head of the alter-beds. Green, slimey, egg-shaped objects rose from them. "What the hell?" The tops of the eggs.

- Main Group -

The sound of gunshots and screams were heard from above them. Buffy looked up at the grate and saw something scuttle over it. It was pale in color and it rememinded her of giant spider-crabs with tails.

"Woods!" Craig yelled into his radio, "Woods! What the hell is going on up there!? Woods!?!"

"Woods, get out of the pyramid as soon as you can," Hank said into his own radio, "we'll meet up at the entrance." He switched his radio off and turned the the group. "Alright, something must have been triggered when we took the objects-" Hank sent a glare over to Craig. "-probably a booby trap, Egyptians were know for setting traps in their pyramids. So, we have to get out of here, now. Let's move." Craig handed the gun from the alter to Hank as he was picking up Buffy.

They made their way out of the room and towards the entrance as quickly as they could, but since the pyramid was so big, it was taking a long while. As they were making their way through one of the many halls just before the entrance, something grabbed one of the men. Everyone looked around but all they could see were the giant statues. Buffy saw a movement at the corner of her eye. She turned and saw a place on the wall where the image was rounded, like looking through a glass cup. It moved. They were suddenly under attack. Hank moved to a safe place and set Buffy down, he placed the gun in her backpack.

"Buffy, honey," he kissed her forehead, "I want you to run as fast as you can to the entrance, I'll get to you as soon as I can. Can you do that for me?" Buffy nodded her head. "Go!" She turned and ran up the flight of stairs leading to the next hall and to the entrance. As Hank watched his daughter dissapear over the steps, he heard a hiss coming from behind him. He slowly turned to face a set of deadly jaws, dripping with gooey saliva.

- Buffy -

Buffy was nearly at the exit, she was trying to haul her little body up the last flight of steps. As she neared the top, she heard a strange hissing noise. She stared at the top of the steps and watched as a long, slimey, brown head rise up. It was one of the alien monster carved into the wall. The rest of its body emerged as it began to climb to the top of the steps. There was a swinging tail behind it with a sharp, scorpion-stinger-like end. Buffy slowly backed away as it began to advance towards her. She abruptly stopped when she bumped into something, Buffy looked behind her. There was a very tall person clad in some sort of armor standing behind her, he had a metal mask, dreadlocks, and a wicked-awesome staff in his hand. He tilted his head down and looked at her. Buffy recognized him as one of the Gods. She smiled up at him, despite their situation.

The alien monster leapt at them, the God tackled it before it could get to Buffy and she quickly scrambled to the wall furthest from the two so she wasn't in the way. She watched as the alien monster knocked the staff from the God's hand. It slid to Buffy's feet. The two seperated but the alien monster leapt at the God again. He shot a net at it and pinned it to the wall opposite of Buffy. The alien monster whipped its tail out, striking the God in the chest and sending him flying into the wall, right next to Buffy. He hit it hard and slumped to the ground, motionless. Buffy watched as the net began to melt as it dug further into it's skin and it was nearly free. She shook the God laying on the floor, trying to awaken him but it was too late. The net fell around the alien and it prepared to leap at them. Without thinking, Buffy grabbed the staff and, using the wall behind her as a support, raised it up. The alien monster had jumped towards them and impaled itself on the staff, it snapped at Buffy but she was too small for it to reach.

After it had finally died, Buffy let it fall to the side. She turned to the fallen God, finding him sitting up and looking down at her. Buffy remembered the carving on the wall of the God with the gun on his shoulder. She reached into her backpack and pulled out the gun her father gave to her and offered it to him like a child offering someone flowers, innocently. He slowly took the gun and placed it on his shoulder. The God then took a claw haging on his belt, it was from another alien monster. He took of his mask, revealing an alien-like face with a set of mandibles that opened up, and pointed to a mark on his forehead that resembled a 'T.' The God made a motion of marking the T on his forehead with the claw and then pointed to Buffy's forehead. She waited for him to do whatever he was going to do. He raised the claw and slowly marked her with the T. Buffy didn't flinch as the acid ate away at the flesh it touched. The God placed his mask back on and turned to the dead alien monster, he quickly skinned it, being careful of the acid-blood, and made make-shift armor for Buffy's upper body. Now, she had shoulder armor, a chest-plate, an arm guard made from the alien monster's head, and a staff with the tail strapped down to the end.

The God looked down at Buffy and sort of chuckled. There she stood, in all her seven year old glory, with oversized alien armor, a staff that would have been twice her size if he hadn't shortened it, and a battle-ready smile so big, a whole horde of aliens couldn't swipe it off. Oh yes, Buffy was a born fighter.

Two other Gods de-cloaked next to her Ada, as Buffy named him. The two Gods looked down at the tiny girl, then at Ada; they seemed to be talking to eachother. As they talked, Buffy watched them. She called the taller of the other two Mike, and the other Ike, Buffy giggled at the choice of names. Mike and Ike turned and looked at her, they saw the mark on her forehead and seemed to take more interest in her.

Suddenly, a loud shriek-roar sounded through the whole pyramid. Ada, Mike, and Ike looked around in full alert, they looked at eachother and nodded. They turned to head towards the entrance. As Buffy began to follow them, the ground began to shake. The shaking came in a rhythm, like giant footsteps. Then, a pack of alien monsters began to fill the hall behind her. Buffy looked up at them, then ran to Ada and stood close to him. There was a loud crash as part of the ceiling at the entrance of the hall collapsed. When the dust settled, the figure of the queen-alien monster stood before them. She was huge. It would've taken three of Ada to reach the top of her head. Her skull-crown was much like that of a triceratops.

The alien monsters began to advance and Mike, Ada, and Ike began to fire the guns on their shoulders. Their weapons emmited a sort of blue, water-light ball that killed the alien monsters instantly. One by one, they fell, splatering acid blood on the floor. As the three Gods were busy, the queen took the opporitunity to attack. She charged towards them as they shot down her offspring. The queen almost smiled, as if sensing her victory close at hand from the beings that imprisoned her in a chamber, far below the pyramid. As she closed in on them, a staff pierced her throat, she shrieked and looked down at the tiny thing that had thrown the weapon. She lunged towards Buffy but three shots from the Gods' guns made short work of her. The queen fell, dead.

After finishing off the rest of the alien monsters and destroying the eggs, they prepared to leave. Just outside of the pyramid was a large ship, as a large door opened, several other Gods de-cloaked near them. The biggest god there was a little more than twice Buffy's size. He had a long cape and regal looking armor, he seemed to be the leader. His fierce gaze landed on the small girl and Buffy tried not to squirm under the piercing stare. The leader, Mike, Ada, and Ike began talking to eachother and by the way they kept looking down at her, Buffy knew that she was the topic of their conversation.

The four Gods seemed to agree on some decision. As the Gods began to board the ship, Ada stood facing Buffy, waiting. He motioned for her to follow him. Buffy looked back at the pyramid and knew she would never see her father again. She walked to Ada and held onto his large hand as he led her into the ship.

Chapter 2

Everything was so strange to Buffy. The rooms were strange. The objects in the room were stange. Heck, even the walls in the room were strange. She was sitting in very large room, a sort of living area. There wasn't very much furniture, at least ones she could identify. Buffy was sitting on some sort of cushion in front of a low, metal table. A few feet to her right was a door that led out to the corridor, to her left was a large window that covered almost all of the wall. The view was breathtaking. The ship was currently orbiting the Earth and the planet seemed to swell, taking up most of the window. Buffy turned away from the window to examine more of the room. She was facing a door leading to some unknown room. There was a set of double doors behind her, maybe leading to the sleeping area. To the left of the double doors was some sort of trophy mantle with skulls of various types of beasts on it. To the right was a weapons case, Buffy was immediately drawn to it. But before she could get up and examine it, the door leading to the corridor slid open.

Ada stepped in carrying a bundle of clothes in one arm and what looked like a sleeping bag in the other. Buffy looked up at him. Now even Ada looked strange, or at least different from what she was used to. He was missing his armor, instead, he was wearing loose, dusty-brown breeches and high, brown boots. He was also missing his metal mask, and although his actual face didn't scare her at all, she still wasn't used to it. Ada handed Buffy the clothes, then disappeared through the double doors. She followed him in the room and found, as she had expected, the sleeping chamber. Ada was rolling out her sleeping bag near the bed in the center of the room. Now Buffy understood the discussion Ada was having with the other Gods earlier on.

- Earlier On -

When Buffy had boarded the very large and very strange ship, the other Gods had tried to take her from Ada. But as soon as Buffy realized what they were trying to do, she ran to Ada and clung to his leg, refusing to let go.

Ak'ron, the leader of the Gods, chuckled at the comical scene before him. A few of his subjects were trying to get a human child off his son, Tlak'han's leg. He also found it amusing how fond the girl was of Tlak'han. But now he was curious as to how his son happened to stumble upon the child and how she had come to recieve the mark of a warrior on her forehead. Ak'ron called off his subjects and informed Tlak'han that the child would be under his care. Now that would be a formidable challange for his son who was barely into his adulthood.

The Gods, or at least that's what Buffy thought they were called, she would have to ask.....but how would she ask? She decided she would find out later because the other 'Gods' were leaving and Ada was signaling her to follow him through a door on her left

They walked down several corridors and up several ladders and Buffy was getting tired. Everytime they passed one of Ada's people, they would look at her as if she sprouted two other heads, turned a shade of neon pink, and had an Alien pop out of her chest. She began to grow nerverous and she, oddly enough, clutched the Alien head she used as an arm guard closer to her. Buffy started to quietly sing her favorite song, she always would to get her mind off of something that was troubling her.

"My bologna has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R,

my bologna has a second name, its M-E-Y-E-R.

Oh, I like to eat it everyday,

and if you ask my why I'll say.....

cuz Oscar Meyer has a way

with B-O-L-O-G-N-A."

As Buffy began to feel more relaxed, she began to sing louder. And she would say the last line faster everytime, errupting in giggles after, then starting the song over. Buffy smiled up at Ada who had been, for the whole time, staring at her with what would have most likey been a look nothing short of quizical. She couldn't really tell since he had his mask on.

"Ada?" She called up to him, knowing that he wouldn't understand, "What do you call your people?"

- Present Time -

Ada helped Buffy into the clothes he had brought her. First, she slipped into the undergarments, they were black and stretchy, much like a two-piece bathing suit. Ada then helped her into a layer of some sort of net that covered her torso, arms, and legs. The net-like material reminded Buffy of large fish nets and every once in while she would have a cartoon-like mental image of herself being pulled out of a river in a fish net, sending her into a fit of giggles and leaving poor Ada confused. When she had finally stopped giggling, he slipped a small, sandy-colored tunic that left her stomach uncovered and sleeves that reached just below her elbows over her head. Buffy slipped on a sandy-colored skirt that covered her front and back side, leaving the sides exposed. The skirt was too big around the waist so Ada pulled a belt with an assortment