Wild Buffy and Faith

Setting: AU Season 2

Pairings: Buffy/Faith

Summary: The initiative received their funding early, so they arrived in Sunnydale during season 2. The scoobies first see them during the Episode "Bad Eggs". The initiave becomes interested in the slayer so they capture Buffy and later on Kendra. However, before they realise slayers are at least partly human, their experiments kill Kendra and call Faith (who is also a captive with Buffy).

Faith and Buffy become closer friends, even as the iniative and their methods make the two slayers seem very "feral" and territorial becuase of some experiments that were run. They decided to see what would happen if they awoken dormat parts of the slayer in thehir genetic code. Turns out that the slayer itself was a packdemon before it become a slayer essence.

When they escape the Scoobies are scared and confused, and it takes BUffy and Faith awhile to trust them (it seems to me that the Scoobies excluding Anya and Tara always tried to control and Manipuate Buffy perhaps Buffy and Faith's instinct can sense this).

Please: No Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Parker, Buffy/Spike. NO Dawn or Glory at all. Also, not plots from season 6 on.