Buffy Fan Fiction Challenges

Challenge Number 10 is from a good friend of mine, PJ. PJ would love to see the results of any attempt.

Just a reminder, please e-mail the author(s) of the challenges if you are interested. If you have a question, comment or a challnege, please e-mail me. Challenges 1 - 7 were found at TWISTING THE HELLMOUTH and used WITH PERMISSION.

Challenge 1

Author: Angeluslover
Title: Hermione the vampire slayer
Description: I know it said hermione but it\'s different hermione -> buffy. At the end of their fifth year the watchers took hermione away because she was the slayer. they gave her a new name : buffy summers. (buffy is called when she\'s 15) from their it's just the btvs line. the pairings: buffy(hermione)/Angel after season 3 of buffy, and in the 7th year of HP

Challenge 2

Author: Angeluslover
Title: Btvs/Harry POtter crossover
Description: It's a buffy is james and lily's daughter challenge, but a different one. Buffy doesn't find harry, but james and lily and harry end up finding buffy.
Spoilers: order of the phoenix, season 4 (NO RILEY or SPIKE pairing)
Pairing: buffy/angel or not. (if not, than no angel in the story) James and lily came back to help in the order of the phoenix. They tell that they had a daughter before harry and gave her up for adoption. So they all go looking for her. think of the rest yourself. Buffy goes to england with them.

Challenge 3

Author: OwenJedi
Title: Angel Buffy
Description: At the end of season 1 of Buffy, Buffy is changed & joined with the spirit of a warrior angel, having been warned on a great growing darkness on Earth, & that the Final End of Days had begun over a hundred years ago, & the armies of mankind needed her as a general. Optional: * Council lied to her, she was never a slayer, her father being senior partner in Wolfram & Hart, has been adjusting her DNA to turn her into the perfect host for hell\'s general, watcher\'s council, being part of the Circle of the Black Thorn. Giles knows & is involved. * Darius from Highlander is brought back to life as a her general. * Metatron (Dogma), being the one to warn Buffy. * Demon possession of Xander, either during the story or before. * Joyce is some sort of guardian sent to protect Buffy before, becoming the host & is either fallen under the control of W&H (mind control etc), or having had herself & Buffy threatened, believed it maybe be best to co-operate for the moment. Other possible crossovers: HP, Gargoyles, Charmed, Hackers? Please contact before writing, as i am answering the challenge myself, & would like to see what other think.

Challenge 4

Author: dawn
Title: Slayer Creation Myth
Description: Crossover between BTVS and Stargate:Atlantis
Premise: Buffy at the end of Season 3 goes off to Northwestern while Faith takes over Hellmouth duties. Buffy tries to learn the origin of the Slayer. Requirements: Buffy becomes something of an expert in ancient civilizations and is asked to join the Atlantis mission. Some technology of the Ancients only being access by Buffy. Before she agrees to go on mission she has a talk with Giles about possible connection. Buffy/Sheppard friendship
Option: Possible connection between Wraith and Vampires. Slayer may have been an experiment to deal with Wraith.

Challenge 5

Author: Tals
Title: Buffy and the Sentinel
Description: Hi, I would like to see a crossover story with btvs and the sentinel. -Remember the episode in season two, the on with the career day? Buffy´s career test recommended a job in law enforcement. Aka a cop. -You can start this at any point in the series, perhaps Buffy decided to leave for college after all when Faith showed up. Faith was after all the next in the Slayer succession. Or perhaps after the events of chosen. She is not really needed with all the slayers running around. Or you could make it AU. (She should still be the slayer, but maybe you could kill off Faith at a convenient time, and put in a new Slayer, who would actually function as such, leaving Buffy free to pursue her career as a cop.) -Does Dawn exist? It is up to you. Buffy might take the job as a cop in Cascade to put Dawn through college. Or she might do it simply because she wants a real life for herself. - Cascade is NOT overrun with vamps or demons. Jim would have picked up on it, and he has not. Maybe it is because it is so far away from the hellmouth. Maybe the supernatural element can sense the presence of a Sentinel and stay away. -Though you can have Buffy´s friends from Sunnydale in this story, and even a supernatural plot, I would like it to focus on Cascade and detective/police work. -Will Buffy be suspicious about Jim? Will she notice that he picks up on stuff he should not be able to? Is this set before the ep "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" or after? Who in the police force know about Jim? Can Buffy´s Slayer sense pick up something from Jim? Does Jim feel something from her? Will he pick up on her being stronger and in better shape than she should be? I want a fair amount of suspicion. -Will they end up knowing each others secrets? Or will they just be left with a feeling that there is more to the other person than what meets the eye? -I would like this to be without a pairing, but if you want one, go ahead, just try not to make it the main focus of the story. Also I would like to have some kind of criminal case in this story. One that has Jim, Blair and Buffy working together. Supernatural or not. I would love a longer fic. I hope this sparks some ideas. Feel free to use any or all of the above as a starting point for a fic. Heck, if this makes you wanna write a Jim/Anya pairing, go right ahead. I would just love to see some more Sentinel/btvs/ats stories out there. If you do write something in the lines of Sentinel/btvs/ats perhaps with a third show crossover, I would love to read it. btw, Sentinel transcripts can be found on the tth forums under writing resources. Tals.

Challenge 5

Author: queencyane
Title: slayers, amazons, and stargates
Description: (In Stargate season 8, Jack is 54, Buffy is 23, and Daniel is 34) Buffy/Stargate crossover Jack is Buffy's real Dad and when Buffy's mom dies, Buffy goes To live with Jack . Something happens and Buffy get badly injured. She'll be fine b/c she's a slayer but Jack doesn't know that. He takes her to the base doctors. The doctor examines her and discovers her physiology is more advanced than humans. She has the genetic link that Jack has. (Which is why she is more powerful than other slayers. Not only is she a slayer, but she is a slayer with a more advanced genetic code, a slayer of the next stage of human evolution.) SG-1 explains to Buffy the code thing and believes that's why Buffy is so advanced. The link Jack passed to her, advanced her more. They may or may not contact the Asgard. Something happens on the base (up to you) and Buffy gets pulled into the gate. For whatever the reason, they are unable to determine exactly where she went, but Sam calculates a group of worlds that she most likely wound up. After several worlds and no luck, they start to give up hope. Then they stumble across a world of Amazon women. They are discovered by a hunting party and are taken to see the Queen. When they get to the palace, they find Buffy (aka Amazon name) in the throne room. When she arrived, she was found by a hunting party and taken to see the queen, but the party was attacked. The princess was shot and Buffy was injured trying to save her. The princess died but not before giving Buffy her right of cast. Buffy is now their princess. Jack is less than thrilled about this. Sam is delighted b/c the planet is rich in triennium and naquada. Something happens and the Amazon nation must go to war (with who up to you) and as princess, so must Buffy. Jack and SG-1 aren't happy about this. In the end, Buffy must use her battle skills and slayer powers in front of her dad. Here's the real kicker. What if Daniel fell in love with Buffy....Jack's daughter. (she is 23, He's 34. It's viable) Buffy is Jack's daughter has been done and Buffy and Daniel has been done, but not both. That would make things very interesting.

Challenge 6

Author: Iceflame55Di
Title: Hell's Slayer
Description: This challenge is dedicated to and inspired by Excedo Inferi by Philip S., that can be found at: http://buffy.shadow-dancing.com/Fiction/Excedo.html

Unfortunately he's put all his Buffy WIP (including this incredible series) on indefinite hold, due to his waning interest in Buffy and Angel. I recently talked with him about some things he hinted at in his Spoilers section, and this challenge is the result. This challenge assumes everything up to Becoming pt. 2 has happened, though if you've got other Ideas, that's cool :). Summary: Buffy saves the world from Acathla, but takes a trip to Hell in the process.
Must Haves:
1. Buffy paired with someone with supernatural traits (Vampire, Werewolf, Demon of some kind, Witch or something similar). If you feel you have to have someone without such a trait feel free to add such a trait (being Vamped, Bitten by were creature of some kind, or being demonized). If you want a Buffy/Xander pairing I request it be a threesome between Buffy/Xander/Willow, Buffy/Xander/Anya, or Buffy/Xander/Faith.
2. Buffy defeating at least one of the Big Bad's from Seasons 3-5 (The Mayor, Adam, or Glory) in a one on one battle to the death. Bonus points for massive property damage (Like the High School, Initiative Base, or something equally sized). 
3. Buffy going through Acathla's portal; whether it's needed to close it, or her being pushed, shoved, pulled in your option. How she returns is your choice.
4. Buffy having spent at least 600 to 1,000 years in Hell.
5a. The battles Buffy fights to return home include a savage battle against a Pure Vampire Demon. The Slayer wins the battle, but becomes infected by the Vampire's blood splashing into the wounds it inflicted upon her. Since  she was a Slayer, instead of being an ordinary human, it changed her into the Slayer's version of Turok-Han. While this will give Buffy what she needs to fight her way out of Hell, it comes with several side-effects:
5b.Required Effects:
a. Immortality. As she gets older she will gain greater strength like a Vampire.
b. Buffy requiring blood to survive; the blood must be human or vampire only.
c. Buffy having a different form. this can be a permanent effect, or can be an alternate form she changes into at will. Since she is fighting in Hell, she will likely have fangs and claws at the least.
d. When she gets home, Buffy finding herself looking at things more from a predator's POV *MY Territory, MY Pride, MY Mate(s), etc. :)*
e. Optional Effects (Choose 1 or 2 at most):
e1. When Buffy's feeling strong emotions, her eyes glow amber-green (like sunlight seen through a tree's leaves).
e2. Buffy being able to detect anything supernatural or demonic in sight (she won't get much in the way of details, but she would know when magic was in use, or when someone who looked human was actually a demon, if not what KIND of demon). e3. Buffy being able to Turn Slayers like Vampires Turn humans.
e4. When Buffy gets home she finds her eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, enough that she will require sunglasses even on cloudy days. As a result she is irritable when outside during the day.
Bonus Points:
1. Angelus's permanent death.
2. Buffy scaring an Master Vampire from out of town so badly he commits suicide by drinking Holy Water, and should have at least one scoobie present; extra Bonus Points for detailing Giles' reaction to a Master Vampire known to be powerful choosing to kill himself that way rather than fall into Buffy's hands. 
3. Riley dying from a demonic parasite. More points for death being painful and/or messy.
4. Traver's reaction to Buffy's Return ends in his death. Traver's replacement striving to retain Buffy's allegiance to Council. Travers does NOT die by Buffy's hand.

Challenge 7

Issuer: Iceflame
Title:BtVS/LXG Challenge -- Dracula's Gift
Description: Buffy's encounter with Dracula brings changes to Buffy's life.
1. Buffy acquiring the abilities of Dracula (like Mina Harker in LXG). This includes the ability to walk during daylight hours, and all the other neat tricks Mina pulled in the movie. She also has the downsides like the need/lust for blood.
2.Pairing: Anyone who has a supernatural nature. If there's someone that you want to pair her with, have them acquire a supernatural ability/curse/etc. or have it be a threesome with the third have the supernatural abilities. Two pairings I want to see in the worst way is either Buffy/Tara, or Buffy/Mina Harker!!!!
3. If Buffy's love is mortal, she either Turns them, or she finds a way to make them immortal.
4. If you want Dawn in this choose ONE of the following:
4a. She's Buffy's sister, but NOT the Key (In other words she\'s always been there).
4b. She's the Key, but is Faith's sister.
5. have an epilogue that shows Buffy and her love(s) at least a century in the future.

NOTE: You can space these requirements across multiple stories.
Things I'd LIKE to see, but not required to fulfill the basic challenge:
1. Having Dracula enter the picture before Season 5. Maybe he hears of Buffy defeating the Master or Angelus (or maybe even after beating Lothos!) and decides that she's interesting enough to come looking for her.
2. Buffy facing at LEAST two of the Buffyverse Big Bad's after her change (like the Mayor or Glory, etc.); Bonus points for large amounts of property damage resulting.
3. having Buffy Turn one of her friends into her kind of Vampire.
4. Having the heros and/or villains from LXG in the story(s).

Challenge 8

Issuer: Michael Garrett
Title:BtVS/Terminator Challenge
Description: A Terminator (perhaps the one from T3 would make things REALLY interesting) appears in Sunnydale with the mission: Kill Buffy.

Challenge 9

Issuer: Michael Garrett
Title:BtVS/Predator Challenge
Description: A Predator ship arrives in Sunnydale. Finding that piles of vampire dust make poor trophies, the predator decides to go for the toughest pponent around: Buffy.

Challenge 10

Issuer: Ice Flame
Title: Buffy/Matrix crossover
Description: This challenge is simple. What if it was BUFFY rather than Angel that left? How would things turn out?
You can do this either as an Angel/BtVS Canon rewrite, or you can go A/U, or any mix of the two. The longer you make the story the happier I'll be; if you can't see yourself as doing this by yourself, feel free to stop; though if possible, set it up so that someone else can pick up where you left off.
Things I'd like to see:

Challenge 11

Issuer: Pocket Jericho
Title: Buffy/Matrix crossover
Description: Neo, Trinity and Morpheus appear in the graveyard when Buffy is on patrol. They tell Buffy that Sunnydale isn't real, that she is in The Matrix. She doesn't believe them at first.
Requirements: Must have Neo and Buffy joining forces to fight something. Must have Xander annoying Morpheus in a funny way and must have Giles trying to prove it's a trick, Willow can help. Can be set in any season but season 2 pre-Angelus is my preference. The ending must be non-predictable with a very intriguing twist

Challenge 12

Issuer: Anne-Marie H.
Title: Buffy/Angel crossover
The characters are:>
Miracle Angel Summers (the daughter of Buffy and Spike)
William Summers (the son of Buffy and Spike, brother to Miracle)
Connor (son of Angel and Darla)
Natalie (daughter of Angel and Cordelia)
Damon (Dracula’s son)
Note: Usual characters as well as the former potentials i.e.: Kennedy, Vi and Rona.
Setting: AU of Season 7. Buffy and Spike slept together in Season 5. They conceived Miracle and William. The Powers that Be froze the pregnancy when Buffy died in ‘The Gift’. Now Buffy is back and pregnant. Now in Season 7 Buffy has given birth, Angel and Co. has arrived, and The First is back.
That is the basic plot, you need to add why Angel and Co. is in Sunnydale and how Natalie was conceived.
The character Damon is basically a cooler version of Angel and doesn’t brood about his past. He meets Miracle and they become friends. Even though Miracle has a bit of a crush on Connor, she falls in love with Damon. It’s a younger version of the B/A pairing.
Cordy, Kennedy and Rona bashing. (I really don’t like them)
Sunnydale is not destroyed
The chapters must be titled as an episode i.e.: Chapter 22 = Episode 22: Chosen
You can put anything in you like.

Challenge 13

Issuer: Anne-Marie H.
Title: Buffy/Harry Potter Crossover
Description: Buffy's daughter Miracle goes to Hogwarts with her stepbrother, Connor and her parents Angel & Buffy.
Pairings: Miracle/Harry, H/Ron, Buffy/Angel and any others.
- Miracle turning Snape's hair red.
- Connor losing his clothes in a lesson
- Buffy and Angel being caught kissing or whatever by Miracle and Connor
- If you want a sex scene that’s fine and if you can't do it, then please come to me and I'll help.

Challenge 14

Issuer: Bellalover
Title: Buffy/Harry Potter Crossover
Description: Joyce sends Buffy to live with her aunt .(summmer of season 2)
- Mcgonagall as aunt
-Buffy and spike are like brother and sister(best friends)
Pairing: BUFFY/DRACO!!!
Sirius not dead both Snape and sirius like an uncle/father to her. HP is in 6th year. Buffy must do her sexy dance for Draco. Ginny turning purple banana/strawberry
- You can chose the house she's gonna be in. I prefere Slytherin but the choice is your's.
- Angel(us) coming back.(hope not)
- You can chose the title

Challenge 15

Issuer: Lauren
Title: Little Dawn Fic-Pre show
Eight-year-old Dawn has to have her tonsils out and she turns to Buffy for the comfort and reassurance she needs. But in order for the surgery to be performed, they’re gonna have to separate Dawn from her sister first. Buffy might have Slayer strength, but Dawn is strong too.

I thought the story could take place a day before the surgery and end after Dawn wakes up.

Challenge 16

Issuer: Lauren
Title: Takes place in Season 3-but Dawn has been there all along.
Joyce goes away for a weekend, leaving eighteen-year-old Buffy in charge of Dawn, who is twelve. Joyce tells a reluctant Buffy that this is her chance to prove she can be the sister Joyce knows she is deep down.

Buffy accepts her mother’s challenge and promises her she’ll take care of Dawn and protect her from anything supernatural. But it’s not supernatural Buffy has to worry about.

Buffy thinks she's got everything under control. But she must confront her fear of hospitals once again after Dawn becomes sick in the middle of the night and starts complaining of pain on the right side of her stomach. Anyone who wants to write this story can add anything they want to it.