Buffy Fanfiction Challenges

Feel free to use a challenge from below. All I ask is an e-mail of where its going (or a copy of the fic). If you have any questions, comments or a repose please E-mail Me. In the future, I may post reponses to these challenges.

Challenge 1

Challenge Summery: Oz escapes from the cage in the library when he is a werewolf. Buffy tracks and trys to stun/knock him out when wolfie oz gets the upper hand and infects Buffy with the virus. The next night she turns into a werewolf but she is somewhat incontrol. Jenny Calendar is alive an does not die. NO angel, dawn, or riley.
Setting: After Xander and Willow cheated on Oz and Cordie. Instead of oz taking willow back he left her. Cordie could be dating anyone. Or could take place in season 1.
Pairings: Buffy/Oz, Giles/Jenny, Willow/Xander, Cordie/ ???

Challenge 2

Set in season 4. Faith did not side with the mayor since her and Buffy planned the whole thing. Buffy and faith get caught by the initive (but buffy never even heard of parker let alone dated Riley). The initive is trying to figure out what makes them slayers (or they can think they are demons). They are misisng for a or more year. The initive did all kinds of tests and tried to control them (kind of like listte's story Twist of Fate @ fanfiction.net).So when the scoobies find them B&F may be wild or out of control. Could be a B/F pairing. So no Dawn or Joyce dieing. No Angel, so Mrs. Calender did not die. In fact her and Giles married after Graduation. =) Buffy killed spike and dru in the season 2 finale.

Challenge 3

Setting: Just before season 1.
After buring down her old school's gym, Buffy finds out she is adopted and runs away from home ( and they don't look for her). She ends up in Sunnydale. She saves giles during one of her patrols and he lets her stay with him (he is her or a watcher). After awhile (maybe just after the episode the witch)ethan rayne comes into town and causes havoc for giles and buffy by using Eygon (the demon that attacks after ppeople who bear the mark of a certain tattoo).
Buffy does not have the tatoo but it attacks her anyways. This demon also attacks any descendants of a person who is wearing the tatoo. In other words Ethan is her real father. Eventually they work together to defeat the demon. But Giles and everyone begins to feel uneasy about Buffy because of who her father is. So she goes to live with him (and he teachs her magic and how to steal, etc) but she stays good.

Challenge 4

Setting: AU Episode Anne (Buffy never made it out of the hell dimension).
Buffy is cursed with some aspects of a vampire which include the need to feed, game face, but also has her soul and immortality. She travels through the hell dimensions until she finally arrives home. For her its been 1000 years and for the Scooby game only like .... a month.
Note: Dawn, Parker and Glory, or any new characters/plots found in do not show up in this fic. seasons 5 through 7 Riley does, however not as a boy friend (just a member of the initive). Somehow get Faith and Tara in this season together, without Faith or Buffy turning evil.

Challenge 5

Take any other character centric fic and make it into a Buffy centric fic. If you want brownie points, take two challenges and put them together.

Challenge 6

Setting: AU Season 1, just after the episode nightmares. Summary: Buffy was adopted by Hank and Joyce as a baby. No one knows she is /2 vampire and 1/2 human. Why was Buffy given up? Maybe this is why her father left, because he feared her. Did anyone else notice how much control Buffy in the season 1 episode titled "Nightmares" when other vampires are savage upon waking up?
Must have: Jenny Calendar must not die.

Challenge 7

Setting: Alternate Season One.
Pairings: Buffy/Angeleus, rest up to author.
Angeleus never received a soul when he killed the gypsies, instead he and his clan/family moved on to another city. What happens when he comes to Sunndydale and meets a hardly trained slayer (Buffy)? How would things be different. Would Jenny, Kendra and others still be alive? Would buffy still have even died at the hands of the master, would Angeleus have left town after graduation. If Angeleus stayed, what would have happened if he and Buffy were captured by the initivie? There are quite a few what if's. In this challenge the author can explore as many as he/she wants (like making it a series if they choose).
-Angeleus and Buffy fall in love (Buffy never dates any one else)
- I hated how Joyce treated Angel and Buffy so if you want her to be killed off and Buffy living with Angeleus I wouldn't mind 0=)
- No brody Angel ... Angeleus coudl take / say what he wants.
- no dawn, Glory or any thing from season 5 on (Dracula's arrival and Tara's family is an exception)/
- Bring the inivitve, the council in
- if you bring Faith in she is on the side of good never evil.

Challenge 8

Setting: Any Time AU
Pairings: Giles/Jenny, Xander/Willow, Buffy/OZ
Summary: What woud happen if Buffy never fell in love with Angel? Instead, she fell in love with Oz (and Xander and Willow love each other). What would have happened? Would Angelues still have been released, in turn killing Jenny and Kendra (and the countless others).
A twist: Oz gets out of his cage one night and he seeks her out and scratches/bites her, infecting her with the werewolf disease. The thing is, since Buffy is the Slayer, the curse affects her differently, yes she does turn into a werewolf but she has complete conrtol over herself. The curse also allows Buffy to change into a wolf at will not just during a full moon. In season 4 (AU of course - no Buffy dating Riley or Parker), what happens when the inivitve captures Buffy and Oz?
Requirements: Jenny does not get killed
- no dawn or season 5 onwards.

Challenge 9

What if the Council tryed to kidnap Buffy as a little girl because they found out she was a potential. Giles is part of the team hired to kidnap her but instead he manages to escape with her and go in hiding. They live their life on the run from the council, and when Buffy is called, they start to slay as rogue demon hunters.
Perhaps he teachs Buffy small spells, and teaching her how to steal. On their journey they meet up with Jenny Calendar, who eventually marries Giles and travells with the duo. They eventually make it toSunnydale where it could be in time for an AU season 1. What happens when the initive comes to Sunnydale?
Requirements: Just show some of Rippers past.
Pairings: Jenny/Giles, Willow/Xander, Buffy/oz????

Challenge 11

Setting: AU Season 2, Just after "Ted" or "Bad Eggs"
Summary: Buffy and Spike got togther in early season 2.What would things be like? Would Bjenny and Kendra still be alive? At some point have someone attach Buffy and try to make her a vampire (revenge against Spike for turning on his own kind). Her heart stopped beating long enough for Faith to get called but long enough for some of the blood to be ingusted intp her system making her a 1/2 vampire.
Other Things to Include: 1) All 3 Slayer in Sunnydale NONE are evil. 2) No plot lines from after everyone defeats Adam. 3) No Dawn, Buffy doesn't date, sleep with Angel, Riley, Parker, etc. 4) no ascension. 5) Inivitive plot, Adam Plot and "Cave Buffy" must have a part in the story.

Challenge 12

Based on a fic at Fanfiction.net by Knife Hand. Just before Buffy killed him, the Master reveals that Buffy's real father was a vampire (but a different breed than those in Sunnydale - that are similar to those found in the movie Underworld). This would make Buffy a half vampire. After the Mater's defeat, Buffy runs away in search for her true father and to learn how to control her "other half" before it emerges on her 16th /18th Birthday.
When she is with her father, Buffy learns that she is stronger, faster, and more agile, can be in sunlight and touch holy objects and has a reflection and soul as a plus . . . unfortunatly, her temper is a bit worse, she needs blood when she is very weak or to gain a spurt of power for a short time.
When she gets back in Sunnydale, she learns that Cordie and Angel got together and therefore Angelus made an appearance. Luckily Buffy made it in time to save Jenny and Faith (who was called instead of Kendra). Buffy and Faith MUST stay on the side of good. At soem point, the part of the gang who has super powers (Oz, Willow, Tara, Giles, Jenny, Faith) get captured by the initive. Buffy has to get them out (by temperarly strengethening herself by feeding on a scoobie {maybe one she likes or is dating}) and try not to fully lose control.
Musts: No Dawn, Glory, season 5 on. Buffy does not date or sleep with Parker, Riley, Spike, or Angel(us).

Challenge 13

Hank gave Buffy away as a baby, maybe he found out she was a potential or maybe he wanted a boy. As they years pass, Buffy is taken from foster home to foster home until she is 5. At 5, Ethan finds and befriends her (with no evil plans - he is good guy in this fic when he meets buffy - he tells her of his bad past) and helps her run away from the house she is in. As she grows older, Ethan teaches her many things - how to survive in the streets (stealing, hot wiring cars, etc), magic (small spells/wicca, how to shape shift into a wolf or jagar). When she is 9, Buffy and Ethan find out that she is a potential so Ethan trains her the best he can in order to prepare he.
As she gets older, Buffy sometimes lives with Ethan and other times in the streets. 7 years later the duo arrive in Sunnydale and meet one Rupert Giles (aka Ripper & Watcher) and his wife Jenny Calendar. Giles fears Buffy the worst when he see's a tattoo like Eygons on her forearm (and one on Ethan's), but later finds out that it is totally different. This tattoo will warn the individual if another wearer is in danger.
Must: 1) Include a scene in Sunnydale when Buffy and Ethan team p to steal something HUGE in Sunnydale from the Gallery owned by Joyce (but Ethan and Buffy do not know who she is). 2) Later on in the fic, Buffy reunites with Joyce 3) Show parts of Buffy Slaying 4) NOT include Dawn AS the key, Glory 6) Buffy not dating or slept/sleeping with Angel, Riley, Spike or Parker.
Pairings: Buffy/Oz, Joyce/Ethan, Jenny/Giles, Xander/Willow