Crossover Challenges

Welcome to the challenges section! There seems to be a running theme :) Enjoy.

Challenge 1 - 7th Heaven

Don't know what possessed me to write this challenge: After gets booted from her LA high school (Hemry), social services takes Buffy away to live with the Camdeons (sp?). While there she becomes fast friends with Mary.

Challenge 2 - Anita Blake

Instead of moving to Sunnydale, Buffy and Joyce move to St. Louis. While attending a school there she gets into a fight with a were-lepard (perhaps Buffy's essence scared him/her) and is scratched or bitten. Her mother finds out and tells her never to "never think about coming back". Buffy starts to live on the streets, wheer she eventually Anita Blake and the then in turn the pard. (NO DAWN/GLORY PLOT)

Challenge 3 - Charmed

Joyce was a chaperone at a function at the high school (when Buffy torched it) where she dies in the fire. Hank sends Buffy to her half sister's house in San Francisco because he does not want anything to do with the magic or supernatural. Buffy is withdrawn and starts conflicts at school and gets home late (from patrolling). One night she saves the sisters from a demon.

Challenge 4 - Dark Angel

Set in season 4 Buffy. Instead of going to LA at the end of season2 / beginning of season 3 Buffy was in San Francisco. The initive is after Buffy because of a tip from Manitcore (or White's crew depending on the season). It turns out that Buffy is really Jondi - max's best friend from Manticore. At some point the initive should catch her because they think she is the slayer. Buffy escapes however, they now know she is an X5. She is forced to go on the run and ends up in Seattle and eventually meets up with Max. No Buffy/Riley, Dawn as sis or Buffy/Parker.

Challenge 5 -Highlander

Set just after season 2 in Buffy. When she leaves after killing Angel, Buffy runs into Amanda and learns that she is immortal.At first when Amanda tries to convince her, Buffy reveals she is the slayer. Amanda also teach's Buffy the art of thievery.

Challenge 6 -LA Femme Nikita

After Buffy torches Hemry, Section 1 picks her up and trains her as an operative. Nikita and Michale train her after section convinces Buffy that she was "made for this". One of her assignments is to get close to Willow Rosenburg because of her exceptional computer skills.

Challenge 7 - Stargate Sg-1

When Buffy runs away in season 2 the Goauld Seth catches her and make her a host (your choice if you want it to be a tokra or not). After Seth's host is killed, Buffy is taken to Stargate Command.

Challenge 8 - Sweep

Buffy moved to Windowsvale, and some how encounters Sky in the words doing a spell. They quickly become friends/a couple, and eventually it is revealed that Buffy is a blood witch. You can decide what to do from here. Please keep Buffy the slayer though. Pairings up to you, just keep Buffy on the side of good.

Challenge 9 - Underworld

Buffy goes on the run after she burns down hemry. She ends up in Budapest while trying to find the locate operatives from the watchers council. One night she comes across a fight between lycans and Vampires. She saves Selene from the Lycans, however Selene never realises this until the last minute forcing Selene to turn Buffy (with her permission of course). Buffy becomes loyal friends with Selene, however has trouble staying in control (perhaps her slayer side is amplifiying the vampire instincts). Giles finds her one night on the run from Kraven or Marcus on her way to meet Selene and Micahel.

Challenge 10 - Xena / Hercules

A Bachai comes through a portal in season one and bites buffy. Buffy and the gang thinking it is a regular vampire brushes off the bite. At the next full moon however, Buffy starts showing signs of Vampire behavior. These symptoms include: Blood-lustt, longing to hunt, territoral, and less inhibitions. Bacchus travels to their time and retrieves Buffy for his cause. The Scooby gang do not follow. What happens when Gabby and Xena come across a slayer Bachai?

Challenge 11 - Tomb Raider Movie

Setting: AU series for Buffy.
Rating: Doesn't Matter
Summery: What if the watcher's council realized that Buffy was a potential slayer just after she was born and they hired the Illumiarti to extract her. But that member double crossed the council and instead gave her to his/her good friend . . . Mr. Croft. Mr. Croft raises Buffy as his own (and keeps her name her Elizabeth) until he is murdered. Buffy and Laura are very close and occaisonaly go on expediations together. What happens when Buffy becomes the Slayer at 16 and the council comes after her so she goes to Sunnydale to find her uncle . . . one Rupert Giles ... Council Watcher.

Challenge 12 - Alias

Setting: AU season 2 for Buffy AU Season 1 for Alias.
Rating: Doesn't Matter
Summery: What if SD-6 kidnapped Buffy after she kills Angel. SD-6 interrogate her and run tests since she is the slayer then finally they somehow convince her that her family and friends were killed. She beomes angry and agrees to join SD-6 thinking it would be a good career.She befiends and trains under one Sydney Bristow.

Challenge 13 - Dark Angel

The Watcher's Council murdered their active slayer in the year 1981 in order to call a slayer under their control. The plan worked better than expected, the next slayer turned out to be a newly born Buffy Summers. Realizing this was the perfect oppurtinity to have a slayer under their control and "perfect" they kidnapp her from her family and give her to "Project Manticore". 9 years later she escapes with her fellow X-5's and lives on the run for 7 years. At the begining of teh 7th year on the run, she arrives in Sunnydale and saves one Rupert Giles. Giles recognoises Buffy as the slayer that the Council kidnapped and explains everything to her. Jenny Calendar and Giles somewhat become parental figures to her. Instead of Angel losing his soul, Spike and Druilla kill him (then Buffy kills them) when they are trying to raise Akathla. Buffy runs away and meets Max. 6 months after she returns, Max arrives in town (on the run from the initive), which she does under the disguise of being a Slayer. One night, the initive captures Max and one of the Scoobies (Oz or Willow) and Giles is forced to reveal their secret.

Challenge 14 - Stargate Sg-1

Rating: 14A or R (due to some torture scenes and stuff like that) preferably but doesn't really matter
Setting/Notes: Buffy is the "key" the enegry merged with her to make her stronger. Her first watcher dies during BUffy's fight against Glory, seconds before Buffy delivers the killing blow to the human host (Ben).Buffy still dives into the portal but instead of going to heaven or hell she is transported to a goauld controlled planet (200-300 years in the past).
Summery: A troup of Jaffa capture Buffy immediately and take her to find out what she is and why she is so strong. After many attempts to flee her captures, they take her to be a part of a new experiment. A jaffa soldier that does not have a poach (borrows in like a goauld), ages very slowly and increases all senses. Buffy is able to disguise herslef to be a gouald (but she is in control not infant). One day while fighting against the asgard or teh Nox she is "beamed" back to Earth.
For her a few century's went by but on Earth it only 2-5 months past. When she finanlly finds her old house Buffy finds her mother gone and her father moved out of teh country with his secretary. She begings to travel and finds her mother in Sunnydale. She hides her state from everyone and does not tell what happend...only that she was kidnapped and was set free by unknown people.
Fastforward 2 years to the Episode "Ted". Like in the show Buffy fears she killed Ted, but when she finds out that he was a robot she arrives to her house in time to save her mother (and destroy the robot). After witnissing this, Joyce begings to fear Buffy and asks for an explaination.
When she tries to describe what happened, her mother send her to a high security mental instition (who keep her on a high dose of drugs). A doctor who knows of the SGC hears her muttering about Goualds, Jaffas and something about "stupid powers" a call is placed to General Hammond to ask sg-1 check it out and bring this ... Buffy Summers back to the SGC.

Challenge 15 - X=Men Evolution

Setting: Buffy - after the season 2 episode "Ted"
Summery: At the end of the episode, Joyce doesn't kill Ted the evil robot Buffy does . . . but she did it because her powers suddenly got a lot stronger and 3 metals claws burst out of her knuckles. Joyce sees this and calls the police because she fears Mutants (forcing Buffy to go on the run). Months later, her cousin Scott Summer, finds her counfused in an alley and takes her back to the mansion where they find out that she was experimented on by the same people who created weapon X. The x-men help Buffy control her new powers and instincts (which seemed to have merged with her slayer powers), and when everything is under control she arrives back in Sunnydale. Joyce lied to everyone and said she ran away, but when Giles hears everything explained (via a spell) he finds out the truth. Buffy then stays with Giles & Jenny C. and the Scoobies are together once again . . . execpt Angel who went to LA after Buffy diappeared. Faith comes into town and her and Buffy still get along great, and this time Faith doesn't turn evil. They did a ploy to get close to the Mayor. When season 4 rolls around everything is going swell...until Buffy is captured by the iniative. When Xaiver hears Buffy's call for help, The X-Men and scoobies must work together to help Buffy escape. This also forces Giles, Jenny and the X-Men to explain Buffy's secret.

Challenge 16 - King Arthur

When Buffy is born, Joyce realizes Buffy is a potential, so she asks a wizard to send her back in time until when she is safe and the council can not get her. She is taken to Britan and is now being cared for by Merlin and his "Woads", who teach her everything they know and call her Guinivere. When she is on a mission she is kidnapped by a roman (priest??) which everything then happens like in the movie excpet Lancelot, Twistan and Diggity (Spp?) did not die. A few years after the war that unites Britan, Arthur is murdered by a council assassin and his vampires, trying to capture Buffy. Buffy passes the thrown to one of the Knights after Merlin tells her of her past.
Now it is a race against time to get back to the present and find her family before it is to late. Buffy came out of teh portal in Sunnydale. Joyce is the Computer teacher and runs the Gallery in her spare time. She originally kills the Master when she goes down to fight him, and she does not fall in love with angel. After the fight with the master, the Council wants to test Buffy's skills so they put her through the .... test (that they give slayers who are 18) a year early and the council gets scared because they realize they found who they were looking for (but Giles sticks with Buffy). After many attacks it is revealed that Giles is really her father. Faith does not go evil, and the initive still comes.
Pairings: Joyce/Giles, Buffy/Oz, Willow/Tara, Faith/Xander

Challenge 17 - Cat Woman

Setting: Just after Buffy killed Angel. Angelus appears in Sunnydale for the first time when Spike calls him to assist with Akathla. Jenny is still alive.
Summery: The initiative follows Buffy when she goes to kill Angeleus and capture her jsut after Angelus is sucked into Hell. The initiative tranqs her and transport her to a facility in New York, and run tests on her until they finally inject her with Cat Women's altered blood. This gives strengthens Buffy's powers and instincts like Cat Woman's. They initiative makes Buffy go on assignments for them until her and Cat Women meet during a major fight. Cat Women gets the upperhand and knocks her out and takes her back to her house (or to her dective friend) to be questioned. When it is realized that Buffy was being forced to work for the initiative, they try to help her get a hold on her powers. They become good friends and finally Cat Woman (or Patience or whatever) convinces Buffy to go back home ... at least for a visit. A few months after she returns, faith Arrives (but does not go evil).

Challenge 18 - Resident Evil 2 Apoc.

Setting: Alt Season 2 finale for Buffy, for resident evil, just after the 2nd movie.
Summery: The group that made experiments on Alice (at the end of 2nd movie) captures Buffy after she kills Angelus. They inject her with the T-Virus so that it merges with her slayer powers, but she does not die (think of how they experimented on Alice). Once she is successfulled experimented on, she is reprogrammed. Alice and Buffy were programmed to work with each other on assignments for the Hive. Once this is successful, they send Buffy back home with no knowledge of what happened.Just after defeating the Mayor with Faith, the Hive activates their programming. Everything is AU after season 3 finale.

Challenge 19 - X-Men

Setting: After Buffy kills angel.
Challenge: Buffy ends up at Xaviers Mansion, where she takes refuge. Eventually, it is discovered that she is Storms and Night Crawlers daughter. Buffy has all her parents powers, but her fathers are more domiant in her. However, Buffy is not blue.
Must Have:
1) A few lines suggesting that Buffy is similar to kurt and/or Storm.
2) Storm teaching buffy hw to control her powers of weather control.
3) Willow and Giles going to the mansion to find Buffy (or they were told informed of an injury she sustained while helping the x-men).

Challenge 21 - Anita Blake

Instead of going to live with her mother and older sister Faith in this fic, Buffy goes to St. Loius with her father because he promised to help her control her "inner Beast". Buffy (who is also the slayer) is a were leopard along with her father (Faith is one too). Unfortunatly, a few weeks after they get there, Hank abandons Buffy to be with his secretary in Spain. She lives on the streets, trying to stay in control, until she encounters one of the pard who takes her in and helps her control her "inner beast". After awhile, Buffy feels well and in control enough to go and live with her mother and sister.
Pairings: Bufft/were who found her, Faith/Oz, Willow/?, Cordie/Xander, Jenny/Giles