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Um...this rp contains some scenes that may be of to your liking :P Enjoy!

Um, This Rp is rated "MA" for Mature Themes :P

'Song of the Moment'

by XTina

I'm leaving today
Living it, leaving it to change

Slowly drifting into a peaceful breeze
Tongue tied, twisted are all my memories
Celebrating a fantasy come true
Packing all my bags finally on the move

I'm leaving today
I'm living it, leaving it to change

As I'm driving I'm captured by the view
Of so much beauty, the road becomes my muse
The heat is rising and my head soars through the wind
Cool, calm, collective is a child that lost a thing

I'm leaving today
I'm living it, I'm leaving it to change
I'm leaving today
I'm living it, I'm leaving it to change
But somehow I'm missing
I think I really miss it

Don't walk away
And I'm feeling like I've never felt before
Turn down the memories of yesteryears and broken dreams
I'm free, finally free

Slowly drifting into a peaceful breeze

I'm leaving today
I'm living it, leaving it to change
See I'm leaving today
I'm living it, I'm leaving it to change
I'm leaving today (I'm leaving it to change)
Living it, I'm leaving it to change

Bobbi Wins Her Debut Match!
And Now Battling for the #1 Contendership

Raw Recap

Lita jogs down the ramp, touching fans outstretched hands as she goes then she sprints the last ten feet, sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. Lita hops to her feet and goes to climb up onto a buckle but is suddenly hit from behind by Bobbi, who then grabs Lita's hair and yanks her off the buckle by it. Lita flies down onto her back on the mat, Bobbi drops to her knees on the mat and smirks as she grabs Lita by the hair again, slamming her against the mat over and over. The Ref tells Bobbi to stop it and she does for a moment as she grabs a Trash Can lid sitting in the ring nearby then begins hittin Lita in the head with it. Lita's arms come up to block it then she seems to begin xtremely pissed and sends a vicious right hook up, connecting with Bobbi's jaw. Bobbi falls back onto her bottom and holds her jaw as Lita climbs to her feet and scoops up a kendo stick sitting on the mat. She grips it tightly in both hands before smackin Bobbi in the head with it, causing Bobbi to jerk back and lay on the mat. Lita tosses the kendo stick and picks up a folded steel chair, laying it over Bobbi's chest and stomach. The fans begin to chant "Lita, Lita" as she sprints over to a turnbuckle and climbs up onto the second buckle. She leaps off in an attempt to hit Bobbi with a leg drop over the steel chair but at the last minute Bobbi rolls outta the way, leaving the folded chair in her place. Lita lands on the chair and bounces slightly as she then holds the back of her thigh and sits on the mat. Bobbi gets to her feet and looks around her at all the objects placed on the mat about the ring. She picks up a trash can and holds it over her head then hurls it at Lita, it strikes her on the head and sends her down onto her back. Bobbi smirks and takes her lollipop from her pocket then sucks on it for a moment as the crowd boos her. She then puts it away and picks up the trash can again and goes to slam it down on a fallen Lita but Lita kicks her legs up and sends the trash can back at Bobbi. It hits her and knocks her down to the mat. Lita crawls over and rolls Bobbi up for a count12匩o Bobbi kicks out! Lita punches Bobbi in the gut, knockin the wind out of her then uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Lita pulls a ladder up then sets it up in the middle of the ring. Bobbi begins to sit up but Lita drop kicks her in the chest sendin her right back down onto her back. Lita quickly scales the ladder to the top then balances on the top a lil before flipping backwards off of it and hittin Bobbi with a massive Moonsault! The fans scream and cheer as Lita slowly gets back to her feet and tugs off her top. She picks up a mop and swings it back over her head, getting ready to smack Bobbi with it but from out of nowhere Mark Jindrak appears up on the ring apron and grabs a hold of the mop, ripping it out of a surprised Lita's hands. She spins around to face him and tries to punch him but he jumps back off the apron, reaches into the ring and pulls Lita's legs out from under her! Jindrak holds onto Lita's legs as Bobbi, who's gotten back to her feet by now, comes over and kicks Lita over and over in the side, the begins stomping her foot down into Lita's stomach. Lita kicks her legs wildly as she tries to free them from Jindrak's hold, all the while Bobbi continues stompin Lita then walks over to a turnbuckle, quickly unties the padding from the top buckle and pulls it off, exposing the bare metal buckle! Bobbi kicks Lita a few more times then she smiles and blows Jindrak a kiss. Jindrak smiles back, winks and lets go of Lita's legs as Bobbi pulls Lita to her feet , and gives her a boot to the midsection, she ducks Lita's head between her legs and hits her with the powerbomb, why doesn't she go for the cover? She wants to punish Lita. Bobbi pulls Lita to her feet over to the exposed buckle, slamming her head into it and busting Lita open a bit. Lita leans against the turnbuckle only to be rolled up into a schoolboy pin by Miss. Billard. The ref slides for the count 1...2...3! Bobbi wins! Mark Jindrak comes into the ring and celebrates with Bobbi. They both make their way out of the ring leaving Lita laying knocked totally out.

Number One Contender...
For the Gold?

|Scene|Bobbi's Hotel Room
|Quote of The Moment|"A Little...Action?"

The scene opens up from a commercial break showing Bobbi lying on her white fur carpet in her pink sweater and baige hotpants and her hair up in a messy ponytail. She stands up turning off the television set and walks to her kitchen refrigerator. The fans cheer as she pulls out a bucket of...something and sits it on the counter, then followed by some whipped cream. She dips her index finger into the bucket revealing that the substance is chocolate liquid fudge. She carries the bucket and the whipped cream with her as she leaves out of her hotel room with a smile on her face. She comes to a stop at the room labled "205" and knocks lightly. When no one answers, she takes out a key card and opens the door. When she goes inside, she finds the hotel room empty. She smiles, as she knows she wanted it that way. She then walks to the bathroom and looks at the jacuzzi...empty. She takes the large bucket and fills up the jacuzzi with the liquid fudge. The camera angle the cuts to her ankles as she begins to get undressed, and climbs inside of the jacuzzi. The fans go wild cheering as Bobbi sinks neck deep down into the fudge and begins rubbing it around on her body. She then takes the whipped cream and squirts a little into her mouth. She laughs as some of it squirts on the side of her face. She then wipes it into her mouth as she hears the hotel door room open. The camera angle then cuts to Torrie Wilson coming in from the patio from just getting a suntan. She stands there in her pink bikini and walks towards the bathroom. As she walks in, she jumps a little startled by Bobbi sitting in her jacuzzi filled with chocolate. Bobbi makes eye contact with Torrie, winking as she does.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Hey Torrie...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Playboy Goddess||Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX did you get in here?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Oh, I got an extra key from downstairs....-stands up- But that's not important Torrie, what is important is that you're here...I'm here...and you know...we could make that dirty thought of yours come true -raises eyebrow-

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Playboy Goddess||Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Dirty Thought? What dirty thought?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Oh...-rubs her body- I think you know what I'm talking about...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Playboy Goddess||Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -smiles- Oh...well, I don't see why not-but wait, you're my opponent for Raw.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX So? We could show every one that even opponents could be the best of friends...

Torrie looks a bit uneased at first and then unties her bikini top with her back to the camera. She then begins walking towards Bobbi as the door closes keeping the cameraman out. The fans boo as the camera just stays on the door. After about two hours, the bathroom door opens and out comes steam, from obviously a shower. Bobbi then appears, all cleaned up wearing a gold silk robe. She looks back with a smile as Torrie follows her to the bathroom doorway in her pink silk mini robe with her hair tied up in a bun.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I'll see you on Raw Torrie?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Playboy Goddess||Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Yeah...-bites lower lip gently- See ya...

Bobbi grins as she leaves the hotel room, leaving Torrie with a smile on her face. What the hell happened in that bathroom damnit?!

|Scene|McDonald's Restaurant
|Quote of The Moment|"A Little...Fun?"

Jenna Jameson is shown in the camera's view wearing a black tanktop with no bra on under it, and a black leather mini skirt with black fishnet stockings and black pleather pumps. She smiles as she looks across the room at Midajah and Bobbi Billard sitting at a table talking. She then takes her tray, which was just handed to her by one of the employees and makes her way to the table, joining them. Bobbis hair was flat ironed down with a lavender colored bandanna tied on her head and she has on a lavender mid drift velvet sweater with a fur collar and wrist ends and matching mini skirt with her black leather platform soled high heeled knee boots. Midajah is looking lovely in a black off the shoulder top and black mini skirt with black platform sole high heeled ankle boots and her hair up in a bun.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX gonna tell us what happened?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -raises an eyebrow- Um...let's just say Torrie Wilson had got something that Chris Jericho couldn't give her.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX My God! You didn't?!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I'm not telling! It's on tape anyways.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX's not like it's anything new...I've done it a million times.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Numbe One Freak||Midajah O' Hearn|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX My two are unbelievable...-grins-

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Oh what the fuck ever! 'Daj you've done worse from those lost tapes...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Numbe One Freak||Midajah O' Hearn|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX But-

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX  You think Torrie'd join in a foursome?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I dunno, she was pretty reluctant with just the two of us...but now that she's turned out, I've got her right where I want her.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Numbe One Freak||Midajah O' Hearn|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX How do you figure?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Well, let's just say I brought the freak out in Torrie Wilson, and believe me, she is not the quiet type. So...for our upcoming match on Raw, she's gonna feel a little weird going against the one...who showed her how to teach Chris Jericho on how to treat a woman in bed. But you know, I respect the girl, she's got heart.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX So does Mark know about this?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Nah, it was just a little fling thing, nothing serious.I'm sure Mark wouldn't mind...and nobody but myself and Torrie knows exactly what happened...but anyways, I can't believe you guys eat this shit...Blah!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX The fries are good enough for me...and Bobbi shut yo fat ass up, I know you eat some fast food.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Girl I am not fat! I'm just thick and not all boney like yo ass.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Bitch please, I am not boney, boney girls ain't got no fat-you know, and I definitely got that.-noticing a woman and child staring at them- The fuck yall starin' at?! Yeah yo' man love it too fat ass!-the woman stops staring and takes her child to another table across the room- Bitch...I swear I hate public people...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Jenna...try to act civilized...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Bobbi I'm tired of you actin' like you all pure and innocent! And from what happened earlier today...we all know that shit ain't true.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -smiling- Bitch I never said I was!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -as the same woman exhales heavily rolling her eyes- Shut the fuck up!-throws the fries at the woman nailing her right in the back of the head-Bitch!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Numbe One Freak||Midajah O' Hearn|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -standing up- Oh I think it's time for us to go...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I'm ready to go too!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Shocked Woman||Who Cares???|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I'm calling the police!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Call them then! See if I give a fuck!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Shocked Woman||Who Cares???|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Why I never!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Well you should cause you look like you need to!

Bobbi, Jenna, and Midajah rush out of the resturant and hop into Bobbi's Platinum Mercedes. Bobbi then speeds out of the parking lot as Jenna sticks her arm out of the window giving the entire restaurant the finger. All three of them begin to crack up laughing as they take off down the highway.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX You are so, bad!

|Scene|NWE Arena
|Quote of The Moment|"Rhyme on Time?"

"I've Got That (BOOM BOOM) by Britney Spears hits the P.A System as Bobbi Billard's Titantron video plays. Fuchsia colored strobe lights flicker throughout the arena as boos and cheers filled the arena. The entrance stage goes dark with a fuchis hue behind her as Bobbi Billard appears on the NWE Titantron with a smile on her face. She twirls the ends of her hair on her index finger. She smiles as she takes the other hand, and bites down gently on her fingernail tip. She stands up, and motions, 'Kiss My Ass' to the crowd. She then sits down in front of the camera blowing a kiss to the crowd. As more cheers start to come over the boos. She looks into the camera with a smile on her face. A few whistles and hoots are heard from the men in the crowd as Bobbi Begins to speak.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Last week, I did something that only a few divas in this federation could peak, I defeated Lita in my first debut match, I'm sure that you all did see. I know you guys have got your heart set on seeing your beloved Torrie Wilson defeating me on Raw tonight卋ut you know, and I know, that just wouldn抰 be right. Tonight, I抦 gonna give this match my all, and I抣l be damned if I let myself fall. Torrie, don抰 think that I抦 just gonna sit out here all night and call you Whorrie. That would be rude of me to say, but let me just say that this evening, I hope that you pray. Pray to the Lord Above not to let you be destroyed, by me and my friends in which I call my toys. Oh, you know who they are; Midajah and Jenna J, the Bitch抯 Revolution, whom along with me create the regime known as Maxxim Evolution. You know what? I can抰 wait to get my hands on that slut厃eah you know her name, the woman I will make sure to mame, Stephanie McMahon, the woman who should be the rookie and I should be the one to have the reign, the reign as the Women抯 Champion. I mean, what woman could ask for a better companion? That抯 what I thought. You See, I have no shame in my game, I抦 runnin a clean slate, what else in my life could there possibly be? I never have more than enough to carry on my plate. I am nothing like the rest, I excel over all and I抦 nothing but the best. I know it抯 killing you inside to hear this harsh reality. I mean, here I am, standing in this squared circle full of vitality. What抯 the difference between me and you? I never lose and you抣l be coming up as number two.

Bobbi then leaves the camera angle,clap clap clap is the sound her heels make as she comes back shortly after in a lavender bikini top and matching mini skirt. She then composes herself, fixing her attire.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX This isn抰 a game, everything I cherish is on the line. I knew that after blowing the company away the first time, I knew that this Number Once Contender ship is bound to be mine. Don抰 just see me as shameless boasting, see me, having your ass roasting, from the beating that you抮e bound to see, when you dared to come face to face with me. Torrie Torrie Torrie匢 know about your growing jealousy, jealousy that I could give my man every stage of ecstasy while you抮e still learning the ropes in the background. This is the N.W.E not WWE Smackdown. You've gotta do much more than parade around in a bikini, oh, and we all know that Chris Jericho's penis is teeny weeny. No wonder he couldn't give you an orgasm. Wow Torrie, you really know how to pick 'em. Thos intimate details you shared with me, will be, complete and utter hell for your personal life. I mean, who gives head and isn't even a man's wife? Oh that's right Torrie, you do. Such a shame, you could've had so much potential. I bet when you took the S.A.T's you barely passed with normal credentials. You抳e gotta work harder to establish your name, I know that you crave the glory, and all the fame. But unfortunately, so do I. Sorry I ain抰 perfect, sorry I don抰 give a fuck, Sorry I ain抰 no diva, sorry I don抰 know what I want. Sorry I抦 not a virgin, sorry I抦 not a slut, I won抰 let you break me, think what you want. Who would抳e ever thought, that they would see Bobbi Billard rhymin on time, just like Dr. Seuss when she was 25? The bottom line is, I抦 walking away with that Number One Contender ship. Not because I slept my way to the top, but it抯 because I know how to make the crowd pop.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX You want a piece of me Torrie? Well you know what? I actually find you quite boring. Your talents in the bedroom were below average, you've got the pace of an old woman, slow, and without passion. Keep that up and you just might end up waking up to Macho Man Randy Savage. That's what you are Torrie, old news. You'll be singin' the blues once I'm through with you. Yeah you may have pinned that joke of a champion. Oh, what's this I hear? Torrie Wilson deep throats like a 747 flying into the depths of the grand canyon. Sorry guys, but this bitch spits, Torrie on Raw, I'm gonna take you lower than I go to suck a dick. What the N.W.E needs is a chick like me. A chick that knows the ropes and knows how to get along with all the jealous common folks-laughs- I may not be the oldest chick, but you better believe that I抦 the baddest bitch. Stephanie McMahon ain抰 got shit on me, as she is to me is a chick that wants to pretend like she抯 the one that everyone wants to see. I know that boos erupt through the arena when the people hear this beat, 慖抳e got that BOOM BOOM yeah you bitches in the back better believe that too. Sometimes I feel like I just wanna get away, and tell all you bitches to save your silly ho bullshit for another day. But here I am, ready to see the world through the eyes of a wrestler, who would抳e ever thought that I used to be a Hollywood Hustler? You name it, I抳e just about done it all, from being a stripper, to an adult web-cam girl, and now to a woman paying for her own for her Loui Vutton at the local mall. Things have certainly looked up for Bobbi Billard, and no, you will never witness this angelic face gracing the cameras of Jerry Springer. Fuck what you think, I抦 not some porn star, on the side of being a gothic on top of seeing the local shrink. I抦 a woman who can make up my own mind, that never stands a step behind anyone.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX You know what's really funny? That Torrie hates to be known as a Playboy Bunny. Now why would that be? Because people hurl out names like Whore, Trick, and bitch, just because she took a picture of herself showing her tits. All women have them, so why is it such a big problem? Why of the thought of Playboy she whines like a little child? She says that she's proud on one hand and then gets offended when everybody mentions it. Well I'm gonna refrain from dogging you out about it, simply because it's not of importance. Well maybe it's because Torrie had a fling with one of the security guards on Girls Gone Wild. Yeah I saw you Torrie, getting pissy drunk having Stacy Keibler lick you in between, but it was nothing like what we shared together, you know what I mean? Mark Jindrak is mine, and for me only. But where is Chris Jericho? Sitting back looking at my photos getting horny. He's a man Torrie, when he looks at you, all he sees is a my face, and my body, you sure you wanna go there with me shawty? You know what I mean, I'm talking about our match. I'm gonna bury you six feet under, and weld down the latch. Whipped Cream? Yeah I like it, and bitch you do too. All the things, people never thought you would do. Talking Shit to a McMahon, will get you nowhere, enough bark, it's all out. I'm going for this thing, this time it counts. The clock is ticking Torrie, to the people, I hope that you liked what you saw. Because Bobbi Billard's gonna win, tonight on Raw.

Bobbi's music rehits as she smiles, blowing a kiss to the crowd again. She then stands up, leaving the scene as the NWE Fans surprisingly cheer, at the display of rhymes she's created about her opponent. So see Raw, you know you want it!

|Scene|The Muppets and Sesame Street (Adult Version)
|Quote of The Moment|"Kermit Coming Up Short?"

The NWE Cameras catch up to Bobbi Billard and Jenna Jameson walking along Sesame Street, wearing pleather low cut tight tanktops and matching hotpants and boots. As they hold hands while walking, all of a sudden, Kermit the Frog jumps out of the trashcan, scaring the both of them. The fans laugh as he is there with a blunt in his hand, smoking it. Jenna smiles as she and Bobbi walk over to him. He exhales slowly as Jenna and Bobbi stroke his little Muppet Body.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX What's up Kermie? You havin' a bad day?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Greenest of Green Frogs||Kermit//Chris Jericho|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -sighs- Oh Ladies, I wish that I could just...just...Oh nevermind!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Aww...what is it Kermie?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Greenest of Green Frogs||Kermit//Chris Jericho|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I wish, I wish I could just get my penis larger! I mean, Miss Piggy isn't satisfied with my performance in the bed room, and she might just go to Elmo for pleasure!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX poor must be devastated.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Greenest of Green Frogs||Kermit//Chris Jericho|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX I am! Miss Piggy doesn't even pay attention to me anymore!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Well Kermie, have you decided to do anything about it? I mean-

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Fattest Muppet||Miss Piggy//Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Do anything about it?! He's too small! So small...that I had to turn to another woman for affection!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The True Sexy Blonde Bombshell||Bobbi Billard|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Miss Piggy you didn't!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Fattest Muppet||Miss Piggy//Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Yes I did...and I achieved my first orgasm!-giggles- I know, I'm so naughty!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -grabbing Miss Piggy by the hair- Fucking bitch! Kermie is sooo hot and you decided to turn him away?! How dare you!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Fattest Muppet||Miss Piggy//Torrie Wilson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Don't hit me too hard or my silicone with burst all over the place!

The scene fades out as Jenna tries to rip Miss Piggy apart and Kermie just sits there, looking down into his pants shaking his head in shame.

|Scene|Chris Jericho's Locker room
|Quote of The Moment|"Jenna Doing What She Does Best"

The scene opens up showing Jenna Jameson walking down the backstage hallways, wearing a tight leather jacket, showing her clevage, and a red pleated mini skirt. She adjusts her chest as she steps up to Chris Jericho's locker room and knocks on the door. Jericho opens the door and smiles at the surprise of seeing Jenna standing there. She smiles as she leans her arm against the doorway and stares Jericho up and down.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX busy?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The King of the World||Y2J|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX No...why?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -walking in- Well...I just bought a brand new bag of toys and...I'm ready to try them out.

Xoxo +装<||.:: The King of the World||Y2J|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -clears throat- Toys? Um...can't you just-

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -unzipping her jacket- Oh come on Chris...I know you wanna play with me...-pulls her jacket off showing her chest- Come on could be fun...

Xoxo +装<||.:: The King of the World||Y2J|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX Uh--Uh-Put your shirt back on!

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX -grabbing him and shoving him onto the floor- No! I want you and I want you now!-climbs on top of him- I mean, why have Torrie Wilson when you can have me? Don't you think I'm hot Chris?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The King of the World||Y2J|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX  Hell yeah! I-Imean, yeah...but aren't you Bobbi's manager?

Xoxo +装<||.:: The Hardcore Heartbreaker||Jenna Jameson|| ::.ぐ+ oxoX So what? I don't give a fuck about some match, all I care about is getting with you...

As Jenna straddles Jericho, unzipping his pants, Bobbi is shown at the door, which is ajarred, recording the footage, as the NWE Fades out into a commercial break.