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Chants & Spells

Justice  |  Balance  |  Consecration  |  Scrying  |  Empathy  |  Personal  |  Fear  |  Freedom  |  Location  |  Astral Gates  |  Separation  |  Power  |  Athena  |  Contact  |  Anger  |  The Goddess Prayer 


* Chant to Hecate (Caution - Hecate's justice knows no bounds. She sees to it ALL involved get exactly what they deserve.)

Hecate, dark one hear my plea

Bring justice now, I ask of thee!

Revenge the wrongs that have been done,

Avenge me now , oh mighty one

Turn misfortune back to those,

 Who cause my problems and my woes.

And heap upon them karmic debt

lest they all to soon forget.

Their wonderful actions, words and deeds

Don't let them get away scot-free

Bring them forth from where they hide

Bring swift justice, weld your knife.

Hasten, Dark one; Hear my plea-

Do what I ask of thee.



*Prayer to the Elements

Come to me air, so fresh and so clean, grant mental power – keep my thoughts sharp and keen

Bring creativity – Bring clarity, too. Lend your positive aspects to all that I do.

Come to me water, so flowing and free, lend compassion and love and gentility.

Grant understanding and tempers please soothe – and life’s little problems, please help me to smooth.

Come to me fire, so warm and so bright. As I walk through this life, my pathway, please light.

Please help me to live and to love with pure zest – standing up for the truth, when I’m put to the test.

Come to me earth, so rich and so moist, bestow, please, your gifts of serene peace and joy.

Grant your stability and ethical ways, so I may help others, the rest of my days.

Akasha, please come, and work with these four, and balance their aspects within me once more.

Transform my life, for you hold the key to changing me into that which I should be.

Please spin your spell in pure harmony – weaving the threads of my life with ease.

And stitching the fabric with blessed be’s.



* Use this for your ritual tools

(Diety/Dieties of choice), I ask that you add your power to this tool. Bless it in your sacred name and never let it power wane. I consecrate this tool to thee. As I will, so mote it be.



Crone of wisdom and dark skies let the shapes materialize. Show me clearly what’s to come. As I will, so be it done!



Goddess mother of compassion, help me now to understand how others feel, so I can help them. Guide me with your gentle hand.

Bring me their true emotions, bring their dreams, their hopes, fears, bring their hurts, that I may soothe them. Bring their laughter and their tears.

Help me to be more empathetic to the needs of others, please, and help me to nurture all around me. As I will, so mote it be!


Make someone leave you alone

            (Name of person) go away.

            Out of my life forever stay.


Chant to alleviate fear

Kali, Destroyer, Fearsome One, help me now to overcome this fear that has a hold on me and drown it in your bloody sea.

Consume this demon known as fright, lend your strength and help me face whatever comes into my space.

Aid me now, oh ancient one.

As I will, so be it done!


Personal Freedom

            Bondage has no hold on me.

            Darkest one, now set me free.


Locating lost items

            Keeper of what disappears,

            Hear me now – open your ears.

            Find for me what I now seek,

            By moon, sun, wind, fire, earth and sea.


Unlocking the Astral gates

Syn, good goddess of locks and doors, open the gates, I now implore, allow me to pass through the astral veil with speed; grant fair winds to my sail. And when I’ve gained what I can learn grant a hasty, safe return.


Peaceful Separations

As light from dark, as night from day, leave me now, love light your way.

Walk your path and I’ll walk mine, may peace and luck upon you shine.


Increase Magical Power

* empower a clear quartz crystal with this chant;

Magical power, rise and grow! Be housed inside this crystal stone, so I can use it as I need.

            As I will, so mote it be!


Chant to Athena

Athena, goddess of great insight, wisest one, take owl like flight.

Come to me stay at my side and let your wisdom be my guide.

Show me what I need to see, So I can solve efficiently. These problems lend your expertise and grant your wisdom unto me.


Have Someone Contact You

* While chanting focus on the person you need to talk to.

Hear me, call me, get in touch. We need to talk, please hurry! Rush!


To Dissolve Someone’s Anger Towards You

Visualize a pink heart on their chest. Divide the heart into 4 sections. Mentally remove the lower right hand quadrant. Hold image for a moment. This will make way for reasonable discussion.


The Goddess Prayer

* Good for uncomfortable situations or for protection from the lady

Gracious Goddess who art maiden, mother and crone celebrated be your name. Help me to live in peace upon your earth and grant me safety in your arms.

Guide me along my chosen path and show me your great eternal love as I strive to be kind to those who don’t understand your ways.

And lead me safely to your cauldron of rebirth. For it is your spirit that lives within me, and protects me, forever and ever. So mote it be!