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Hardest things to have excuses for:

There are not that many ways to hide anorexia with out lying. So if you are a bad liar, you're going to want to find some other way to hide it. I'm a pretty good liar, I'm not sure what makes a good liar, but people rarely can tell the truth from the lies in what I say... So we'll start out with the hard things to hide.

You're home for dinner along with everyone else in your family (oh joy). You're eating something like mash potatoes or pasta. Something just loaded with carbs and calories. How do you get out of it?
EXCUSE 1: Say that you don't like that particular food.
EXCUSE 2: You have a sore throat. (use wisely)
EXCUSE 3: Only eat a little tiny bit and say that you had a big snack after school.
EXCUSE 4: Say that you can't eat that particular thing with out sauce/dressing/whatever. If it already has some, say that you don't like that particular kind.
EXCUSE 5: Say that you have to go for a run and that you don't want to eat to much before you go. But then you actually have to go for a run, so this also works for motivation!

Lets say that you have to eat lunch with your friends at school. How do you get them not to ask questions? This is really especially hard if you have friends that eat a lot.
EXCUSE 1: Just say that you don't feel well. Simple, Concise, and it always works. But use it wisely. People will start to wonder why you always get sick at lunch time.
EXCUSE 2: You ate a big breakfast. Also use this one wisely. You can get yourself into a whole heap of trouble if you always eat a huge breakfast. Be sure to have a list of the things you and and be able to recite it like you actually ate it.
EXCUSE 3: Say that you forgot your lunch. Be sure to disopse of it earlier in the day though.
EXCUSE 4: Say that ou found a hair in your sandwich/ whatever your eating. Be sure to make a huge deal out of it and refuse to eat it. This works everytime.
EXCUSE 5: Just drop your lunch on the ground. You can't eat it then. And this will help keep you from eating it too. Use this one wisely. People are not so stupid that they won't notice your lunch on the ground everyday.

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