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Traits of an alcoholic


There are several traits of an alcoholic. Over time you can recognize them.


1: Lies, to cover up their drinking, where they have been or whom they are hanging out with.


2: Denial: Denying theyíve been drinking even when you know it and have proof. They blame it on a buddy being with them and drinking. ďItís their friends empty bottles and cans.Ē


3: The cover up: Coming home with cinnamon candies or strong mints in their mouth to cover up the smell of alcohol. They think if you canít smell it, they have pulled one over on you.


4: They assume you are naive and wonít know the difference between a lie and the truth. As long as they smoother you with charm and Iím sorryís you should just forgive them and let it ride.


5: Iíll take care of the problem; you wonít have to worry about it again. Broken promises are an everyday thing.


6: They stay away from home as much as possible, find any excuse to go work, help a friend etc. You canít get them to help at home with things that are necessary. If they are home, they stay off to themselves and arenít active with the family. If they do particiapte its in short interverals.


7: They can talk to anyone else but they seem to have little to say to you. You walk on eggshells because they think everything you say is a put down even before you can say it. They are extremely sarcastic and defensive. They do things that donít make sense to the common person. Do things they know you donít approve of. Itís as if they are in self-destruct mode and taking every life they touch with them.


8: Agree to get help but resent it. Then you have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they take their meds. Which means you must get up before they do and watch them closely while they take the meds. Make sure they donít hide it in their cheek or under their tongue. They resent you and you resent having to treat a grown up like a child.


9: Selfish: What they want and their alcohol is more important than their family. They spend money like it grows on trees. They will take it from your checkbook without your knowledge. If you write the check for one amount, they will change it to a larger amount. Tell you they took one amount then when you get the check back, its usually double what they told you. They will tell you" I told you how much I wrote it for" and swear to it but they didn't tell you. If you hide your checkbook they will go to the bank and withdraw the money without your knowledge. Charge things, and then take them back for the cash. Sell things that belong to the family and keep the money. When they want something they will keep on till they get it one way or another wether you can afford it or not. Credit cards are a no no with alcoholics. They will max them out without you even knowing it. Then you get to deal with it, because they aren't capable of doing what needs to be done to correct the mess they have created. If youíre on a tight budget, it keeps your nerves ripped apart.


10: It can't happen to me syndrome: You can not make them understand that it only takes one time to loose everything, take a life, loose their life or wind up behind bars. Once second from now could be the beginning of a nightmare but that only happens to others, not them.